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Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)  can take advantage of the capabilities provided by 5G technology. In particular, UAVs are expected to be an important component of 5G networks implementations and support different communication requirements and applications.


According to companies such as Qualcomm, when 5G gets to your neighbourhood, you might be getting your packages – or even pizzas – delivered by drones. The network will enable a multitude of autonomous drones to navigate your local skies safely, and even send notifications to your devices announcing their arrival.https://www.qualcomm.com/news/onq/2016/11/14/drones-5g-skys-limit

UAVs working together with 5G can potentially facilitate the deployment of standalone or complementary communications infrastructures, and, due to its rapid deployment, these solutions are suitable candidates to provide network services in many scenarios.

This research article covers:

An NFV-Based Energy Scheduling Algorithm for a 5G Enabled Fleet of Programmable Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. 


Meanwhile a company called http://www.psibernetix.com/ have overcome one of the main obstacles to artificial intelligence getting inside a human’s decision cycle: its ability to accept enormous amounts of data from a variety of sensors, process it and make decisions rapidly.

Software called  ALPHA  can handle over 150 inputs including “all positional, velocity, and acceleration states, estimated missile range data, visibility of each platform, bogey ratio, and number of shots taken by hostile platforms.” The system also controls “the motion and firing capabilities of each  drone/aircraft, with control over more complex sensors planned for future work.”

Drones are becoming more and more powerful. In recent years the possible altitude, range, endurance, air speed and precision of navigation has risen appreciably. In addition, they can transport increasingly more mass.


Most drones are radio-controlled and can be detected with radio sensors. But there are also self-sufficient drones that are automatically started by timers and therefore cannot be detected by means of radio sensors. Apart from visual-optical and infrared sensors, radar technology can also be used, as in the ORAS project of the Fraunhofer FHR. Millimetre wave radar is ideal for monitoring in the immediate vicinity. Unlike cameras, radar is an active sensor that “illuminates” the scene independently and therefore works reliably even in the dark, rain, fog, dust or smoke. Such a system can be permanently installed or employed on a mobile basis. https://www.fraunhofer.de/en/research/current-research/defense-against-drones.html



Drones can also be used  as a way to monitor what we do and where we are. North Yorkshire County Council intend to use drones to spy on people to see if they breach any planning controls and many other councils are following suit. https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1120511/drones-councils-North-Yorkshire-council-spy-on-homes-Gatwick-Heathrow-airport

Is 5G about to enable a ‘dystopian’ ‘Big Brother’ nightmare?

In November 2018, an  Israeli Technology show at the 5th International Homeland Security and Cyber Exhibition exhibited technology that can listen to private conversations when dozens of others are talking in a room, and pick any presence through thermal imaging.

Out of the top 500 cyber companies in the world, 354 are American but Israel is second with 82 – 40 of them registered in the US for tax reasons but nevertheless working in Israel.


The latest US Pegasus drone version is  practically invisible to the naked eye once it’s up in the air. Once programmed it can take off, fly thousands of miles, kill whoever, fly back and land itself without any human interaction.

It’s been coded to be able to bypass laws which state that a human must give a “kill” order in an adaptive situation (as it’s been deemed less likely to make a mistake) and on top of that they receive supplemental orders and information directly from other machines in which to based their actions upon that totally bypasses any chain of human command.

How long before this same technology is used in drones  to wipe out whole areas of people deemed to be renegades?

5G brings with it a whole plethora of dangerous technology that benefits only those in control. Allowing a corrupt and immoral system to thrive with no dissidents.








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