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5G means the “5th generation” of the communications technology that are used for the mobile phones, but its a mis-nomer cos its really the infra-structure for all the digital information for smart meters, phones, mobile wifi (connecting to the internet by mobile phone}, but also its digital saturation because the 5G is a massive expansion of the range of frequencies being emitted and used by the devices, and it is connected with fibre too … which is where the smart meters and smart everything are being connected together in a two-way constant-communication system between the smart-chips in all electric devices, from automobiles to toasters and washing machines and fridges and heating etc and dolls, toys, robots, TV’s, X-Box’s etc … and security systems and government surveillance, as well as “smart dust” and sensors being used for civil engineering and climate measurement etc etc …. which is whats called the IOT, internet-of-things, now being called the Internet-of=everything, which includes what is being called the Internet of Farming …. so, because the band-width being used by the 5G is full-scale of frequencies from the low-frequency that our phones have already been using, to the highest frequencies- which only the military had been using till now …. …. these higher frequencies band-width travel faster than low-frequencies but can not travel so far and are disrupted and blocked by trees, hills, buildings etc, so the “massive roll-out” of new antennae and “phone-masts” are needed to direct the digital energy waved into every nook and cranny, starting with “SMART CITY’s” in every country, and then also intended to cover every bit of rural lands in between … 5G is being implemented all over the world, all at the same time, by every country and regime around the whole world, even Syria and Iran and Russia and Korea and China etc, who are supposed to be at war, but are all actually signed-up to the same world governing technocracy system running all developments in the technological and financial world … so overall, the entire planet will be covered in an energy system that electro-magnetically shrouds the “energy-body” of the actual planet “earth” and will obviously affect every living being on our planet ….

There are new arrays of many-but-smaller-but-smarter satellites being launched into near-earth-orbit, entirely surrounding the whole planet in an actual net … 5G seems to be a very sudden development in technology, but the military milli-meter {tiny high-frequency} waves have been used by the military since WorldWar2 … what’s going on is a massive “up-grade” of the whole techno-logical control-system … this 5G system is needed for the “full-spectrum dominance” which the world-wide-military needs for automated vehicles and driver-less vehicles, which are not just Tesla cars on the motorways, but also the drones and robots and smart-bombs, every spying sensor and measuring-meters, every-human, every home, every message- all in-forming and enhancing the Artificial Intelligence’s study of humans and Nature, all towards technology being able to replicate the Nature of everything that is living, all directed by the same “rulers” that “newsfeed” constant propaganda about war and crime and climate-change scary-sci-fy movies…. hence, why I put the link, below, to the trans-human-ist youtube channel, cos what they are doing is so science-fiction, it is un-believe-able, so it’s better to hear it from their own mouths ….things such as: the “trans” movement is a sub-set of the trans-human movement, though the kids don’t know it …. 
and here is a trans-humanist youtube channel


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