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Cisco is  the leading telecommunications leader in the world, a company whose beginnings blossomed in 1984 when a husband and wife team working at a University, stole the software to begin the monopoly on commercial routers.

Since the early days they have become the owners of many other companies, and have shares in many areas of financial profitability. They are particularly  invested in start up companies that will kick start the next progression of the Internet as we know it, namely the Internet of Things.Cisco’s telecommunications technology was one of the biggest tech breakthroughs of the 20th century.

A well known commentary by Tom Wheeler of the FCC, can be seen to have been repeating this report by  Cisco created in 2011 in which Cisco talk of the ‘The Internet of Things How the Next Evolution of the Internet Is Changing Everything’. https://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en_us/about/ac79/docs/innov/IoT_IBSG_0411FINAL.pdf

According to the Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG), IoT is simply the point in time when more “things or objects” were connected to the Internet than people.

The White paper above talks of the benefits to humanity with this progression of the internet, for the elderly, who can wear a device that monitors their vital signs and alerts health care professionals to any dangerous changes.

Many other benefits are constantly banded about, driverless cars that stop crashes happening, breakthroughs in mobile connectivity and download speeds,lampposts that will alert you to a parking space and many advances that will help our lives to become easier.

The FTC, in its January 2015 report “Internet of Things: Privacy & Security in a Connected World,” acknowledges that there is still no widely accepted definition of the IoT and offers its own interpretation: “devices or sensors-other than computers, smartphones, or tablets-that connect, communicate or transmit information with or between each other through the Internet.”https://www.red-gate.com/simple-talk/cloud/cloud-data/

Agenda 21, the United Nations’ nefarious plan for world domination though social engineering at the local level calls this “smart growth.”

The United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) was set up to review progress in the implementation of Agenda 21 and other UNCED documents. The Commission meets every year and more than 1,000 N.G.Os are accredited to participate in the Commission’s work.

Earth Summit Agenda 21 is a 40 page document to control the world.Section IV states that one of the ‘ Means of Implementation’ is technology.

This is our Smart City future. The driving force behind Agenda 21 is a form of government central planning called “smart growth.”

The United Nations has recently created a new document which is an update of and an extension to Agenda 21. This new document is called, “Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development“. It entails control of additional parts of our lives that are not included in Agenda 21.

This agenda is being played out by local councils and govt agencies with the help of small companies and large corporations, all in it for a slice of the  ‘Smart’ pie.

Horizon2020 is the EU funding body  that has over 2300 UK organisations,agencies govt bodies and education centres on its payroll.

Whilst companies like Cisco, use their power and far reaching claws to involve many on local and govt levels to further this agenda being part of  the ‘technology’ behind the hidden hand.

The City Council, along with the University of Manchester, Cisco, BT, Siemens and many other organisations, contributed to the now ended IoT-focused demonstrator CityVerve https://www.information-age.com/the-uks-current-smart-city-developments-examined-123474013/

Newcastle City Council partner with Cisco. https://www.smartcitiesworld.net/…/the-city-with-the-smarte…

They partnered with  Newcastle to show the Great Exhibition of the North.Cisco is working with several partners in Newcastle to help create ‘smart places’.

Salford City Council https://www.ans.co.uk/app/uploads/2017/06/Salford_City_Council_Case_Study.pdf

Southend on sea Council https://www.itpro.co.uk/strategy/29763/southend-to-deploy-smart-city-initiatives-with-cisco

Hull https://www.connexin.co.uk/2017/10/investment/

Swindon https://emear.thecisconetwork.com/site/content/lang/en/id/7096

To name but a few, so which public procurement process was followed to allow this company to partner with so many local councils? It seems that in claiming that these are ‘pilot’ studies and partnerships that the procurement process is by-passed.

Cisco were involved in many areas when terror related events have been reported.

The Chairman of innovateUK is Phil Smith a former CEO of Cisco.

InnovateUK are the agency pushing the 5G agenda and who are also working with the Defence supplies UK.
Last years testbeds had Cisco as one of its lead collaborators.

InnovateUK also sponsored the UK-Israeli test hub technology Conference in January 2018.

Phil Smith is also director of IQE Plc, a manufacture of Smart technology.

Las Vegas had partnered with Cisco last year and were testing 5G using connected cameras for a number of platforms including crowd control, security, and lighting amongst other things.
A document online discussed testing in small pilot areas in real life environments. A short time later we were faced with the Las Vegas Mandalay hotel incident.
Mandalay Hotel was also the venue for security conferences held yearly.

Cisco also signed up with the French Govt in 2015 to push and test for smart city innovations in Paris, just months before the Paris attacks.

They also signed up with Berlin just prior to the attacks in Berlin.

The Brussels attack that happened in March 2016 came just months after the Brussels Digital Commissioner called a meeting with the ten largest telecommunication groups to speed up the implementation of 5G.https://www.ft.com/con…/899d3540-b87d-11e5-b151-8e15c9a029fb
It is obvious that 5G testing has been ongoing either weeks or months prior, in all the incidences of terror related attacks and Cisco has been one of the many companies deeply involved. https://www.vigiliae.org/?s=false+flags








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