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Dr. Magda Havas (Environmental and Resources department, Trent University, Ontario, Canada), has written an excellent precautionary paper, prepared for the Board of Supervisors, City and County of San Fransisco. This 51 page document covers a wide range of literature and scientific findings on RF research, and presents them in a logical and progressive manner.

The following pages present guidelines for radio frequency radiation in various countries;
scientific studies that document the adverse effects of living near cell phone antennas (it is the
closest we have to Wi-Fi antennas) for both humans and animals; and laboratory studies that
demonstrate the harmful effects of radio frequency radiation. The levels showing adverse
biological/health effects are compared to FCC guidelines and to calculations of likely exposure in
San Francisco attributed to the Earthlink Wi-Fi Network as discussed in “Earthlink-Proposed San
Francisco-Wide Wi-Fi Network: Observations and Calculations for Relation to Exposure Limits”
prepared by Mitch Maifeld of Zenzic Research.
Many jurisdictions have had to deal with this issue and some of their recommendations regarding
placement of radio frequency transmitters are also presented. While these apply to cell phone
antennas they are relevant to Wi-Fi antennas. Physicians and scientists from around the world
are asking governments to review the existing guidelines and to revisit the use of this technology
to ensure its safety. These resolutions are summarized in the text and are presented in full in the Appendix.



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