Mark Steele is the Chief Technology Officer at a company called Reevu, he is a weapons sights system and signal processing systems expert.

When I first began campaigning against 5G, I was interviewed by Richie Allen. I had seen Marks videos and asked Richie to interview him, I told Mark that I had done so.

Mark went on to have many more interviews but for some reason wanted nothing to do with the 5G campaign, he was only interested in getting people to join his political party, SUN.

Never the less I had already changed the 5G leaflets to include his political party, expecting his approval meant that he would help the campaign too, even if it just meant mentioning it on FB let alone in interviews.

He never did.

I contacted a EMF research group to ask about Gateshead and the 5G connection.

I was informed that they had offered to go to Gateshead after talking to Mark, that they had offered to test the lamp posts and the people who had been affected, all free of charge.

This was offered several times and was refused by Mark.

They informed him that the equipment that he was using was not sufficient.

Some people offered to help Mark with his campaign against 5G and he declined.

Others mentioned that it would be a good idea to keep a log and test intermittently, he declined.

I then put the research group into contact with a  a local from Gateshead, this woman had also supported Mark and even got him several interviews and they were able to pinpoint the  same areas that Mark tested. There was no 5G coming from the lamp posts.

This leads me to the conclusion that Mark and his brother, Graham,  who has been on my FB friend list under a false name of Ben Travis for some time, are not to be trusted.

Others are entitled to draw their own conclusions.

The fifth generation of communications infrastructures, or 5G, is the future network infrastructure supporting the digitisation of the economic and societal activities worldwide. The European Commission strongly supports a cooperation and seeks for a global consensus and cooperation on 5G.

The future of telecommunications and computing will see a world of fully interconnected users and devices, requiring more efficient technology to be able to overcome booming traffic and security issues. The key ICT drivers need to rely on common global definition of 5G, its service characteristics and standards. Only then can we ensure (optical and wireless) seamless communications, common ways to store and access information and computing power (cloud computing), sensing the world at large (Internet of Things) and ensuring the highest security and energy efficiency standards.


UK – Inside Bristol’s urban 5G experience showcase – Mobile Network, 16th March 2018

This weekend, Bristol, UK, is playing host to live demonstrations of 5G “experiences”. The demos are hosted by the University of Bristol’s Smart Internet Lab, which received funding for its 5G test bed project from the UK government in July 2017.

The demos – called the Layered Realities Showcase – will allow the public to get an early taste of what 5G could enable.

Professor Dimitra Simeonidou, Director of the Smart Internet Lab at the University of Bristol, said, ” We took the decision from early on that in order to complete our mission we were not going to do a lab demo. We were going to bring the network out into the public, to be enjoyed by the public. So what you are seeing today is Britain’s first urban 5G network…”


Phone Zombies Swarm UK Cities In Scenes Reminiscent Of Flying Ant Day

I kept seeing the same social media posts all week. They went like this; “Only three more sleeps til I get new phone.” “New phone on Friday whoop whoop!” Did you notice them too? They were everywhere. My personal favourite was a Facebook post from a Waterford girl (I’d reproduce it but I’d probably get sued) that went “Jesus girl if Friday doesn’t come quick I’ll wet myself lol!!” I hope she’s not a listener! OK, if you haven’t guessed already, there is a new smart phone out today. It’s the Samsung S9 and the Samsung S9+. The phone is being delivered to the homes of hundreds of thousands of UK customers via special delivery today, with up to a million more people expected to shell out in excess of £800 to buy theirs online or on the high street over the weekend. It’s quite something to witness the frenzy generated by these mobile phone release days. Tech journalists review the devices on YouTube videos that get hundreds of millions of views. Read that line again. If you’re driving in town today, be careful. I’m not kidding. Zombies will be unpacking the bastard things, firing them up and walking around while marvelling at the new features.

Mobile phones have replaced television as the methadone metronome, not quite pumping out 150 channels 24 hours a day as Michael Franti memorably sang in 1992, but controlling the user in ways that early telly pioneers could only have dreamed of. No invention has had a more negative impact on humanity than the smart phone. I’ve written previously that 66% of the population has some form of Nomophobia. Nomophobia being the fear of not being able to use your cell phone or other smart device. Last year, researchers at Korea University in Seoul published a very important paper which claimed that smart phone usage impedes brain function. Peer reviewed studies show that 80% of the worlds population has a smart phone within arms reach all of the time. There are endless academic papers (just google key words like cell phones brain activity) that show how smart phones are having a profoundly negative effect on our ability to concentrate, to think, to study, to work and most importantly to interact with one another face to face. Studies on children who possess smart devices (most do) reveal that the kiddies pick up their phones to check them several hundred times a day. Parents haven’t a clue. The media is absent while children are being biologically re-engineered.

Today’s new Samsung S9 comes equipped with retina scanner, fingerprint scanner (standard sadly) and a brand new feature, a blood pressure monitor. I kid you not. Business Wire ran a story on this development yesterday afternoon;

Researchers from the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and Sage Bionetworks announce the launch of “My BP Lab” a research study that uses surveys and sensor data collected from participants’ phones to quantify and understand their daily stress. The study leverages an optical sensor embedded in the newly-released Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ smartphone to derive estimates of heart rate and blood pressure. With My BP Lab, participants can track variation in their blood pressure relative to daily experiences over the course of the three week study. 

“This study potentially will provide the largest dataset ever obtained on stress levels, health behaviors, and physiological responses during the course of one’s daily life,” said Wendy Berry Mendes, UCSF Professor and Principal Investigator of the My BP Lab study. “By collecting subjective experiences, behaviors like sleep and exercise, and blood pressure levels across a three week period, we can identify the most important triggers of stress physiology.” 

Nothing sinister about that then eh? Using the pretence of looking out for your health, they’ll actually be gathering data to help them tighten their grip on you and your grip on your device. So what are we going to do about it? I don’t know. It seems that these devices are more addictive than smack and as you know a smackhead will murder his granny to get to a fix. Don’t forget the 5G rollout either. See Annie Logical Uncensored website  Barrie Trower and Max Igan on Youtube for more info on the horror of 5G. Share this info with your friends, especially those with children. It can’t be too late. Like I said, google the key words, the studies are there to help you assure them that you are not some tinfoil hat wearing nutter.



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Richie is the host of The Richie Allen Show and has enjoyed a long, and varied, broadcasting career.

Govts around the world in a race for 5G and smart technology are in a race for death!
Being pushed as the next generation from 3/4th generation technology with better connectivity and faster speeds is misleading and skirts over important issues.
The sales hype from politicians and Industry insiders who rely on those hooked on wi-fi technology are complicit in bringing a dangerous technology regardless of its effects on our health, our environment, our children and our eco system.

Do we really put all of these second to technology?

No, this is not just the next generation on from what we have been used to which is 3/4th generation, this technology is a thousand times more dangerous.

3/4th generation technology uses between 1/5 Ghz, whilst 5th generation uses frequencies of anything from 5 to 100,s.

Whats the difference you may ask, well, 5Ghz is 5 billion electro magnetic waves hitting the body PER SECOND, whilst frequencies of 24-90 will mean up to tens of billions more.

And because the waves are shorter distance travelling and higher intensity, they would require small cell towers every 100 to 300 metres EVERYWHERE! That includes utilising lamposts and other structures also.

And guess who the financial costs will ultimately fall upon?
Also the waves will be pulsed which the body is not able to cope with well, so many health problems will ensue.

The pulsed waves will affect our skin,eyes,reproductive organs,studies even show they cook mens sperm!

We are not stupid, we know that despite the safety studies claimed back in the 80,s by the American ICNIRP that this is not harmful radiation,( headed by Dr Rapocholi, who was a known Industry Insider who ignored any studies that differed from the Industry claims) that non ionizing or non thermal radiation is very harmful,thats why there are cancer clusters round cell towers, thats why there are cancer levels sky rocketing and thats why we have tens of thousands of studies that prove the case of many health problems, especially for young children.(see my website at for over 10,000 studies).

So 40 yrs down the line with healths problems from this radiation ignored, even though the World Health Organisation admitted that it was a possible stage 2 carcinogenic, they want to bombard us with thousands times more even deadlier waves all in the name of progress!

Experts in the UK, like Prof William Webb, ex director of Ofcom, have stated that it is no panacea for connectivity issues and wi-fi expert Nick Hunn claimed that money should have been spent on improving 4G and that the large investments will not muster the services that justify the vast expenditure.

Unless of course you consider a driverless car as progress, which will have to rely on powerful radar and sensor systems on the outside spewing out radaition up to 250 meters,multiply by hundreds of thousands of cars!.

Not suprising that this system can be also used as a massive surveillance system too as the CIA has its venture capital company In-Q-tel financing all the software and hardware companies creating this technology.

Do we really need the ability to see the milk go off in our IoTs fridge whilst on the other side of town?

Its not progress,its not smart, its stupid!

Upgrading safety studies,up to date with independent non Industry related facts is smart, making schools hard wired for the sake of our children is smart, having a technology that uses millimetre waves, the same that is used to disperse rioters in USA or fend of wild boars that threatened the winter olympics is just dumb! And highly dangerous!