By Cory Morningstar

Full Article : working class and citizenry at large will pay for the billion dollar oil giants to extract more oil from deleted reservoirs – to be consumed and burned – under the guise of saving the planet. The citizenry pays for it (without consent), while the corporations reap the profits (and tax breaks). The public assumes the majority of risk.Full Article : 

This is what a decarbonised economy looks like in practice. An enormous increase in fossil fuel extraction, land clearing, mining (up to nine times as much as current levels), pollution, resource wars, exploitation, and extinction. All the money XR is demanding that governments invest in decarbonisation is going straight to the oil, gas, coal and mining companies, to expand their industries and add to their profits.

Fossil fuel companies have been advocating net-zero for some years, as it is seen as a way to save a failing coal industry, and increase demand for oil and gas, because solar, wind, biofuels and carbon capture technologies are all dependent on fossil fuels for their operation.

Anyone claiming that a carbon-neutral economy is possible is not telling the truth. All of these strategies emit more greenhouse gases than they capture. The second demand directly contradicts the first. Full Article:

Abstract. In this paper we will prove that GCM-models used in IPCC report
AR5 fail to calculate the influences of the low cloud cover changes on the global
temperature. That is why those models give a very small natural temperature
change leaving a very large change for the contribution of the green house
gases in the observed temperature. This is the reason why IPCC has to use a
very large sensitivity to compensate a too small natural component. Further
they have to leave out the strong negative feedback due to the clouds in order
to magnify the sensitivity. In addition, this paper proves that the changes in
the low cloud cover fraction practically control the global temperature.

According to the UN the places named below will be under water in a very short space of time due to climate change, someone forgot to tell big business that then!

If claims that places such as the Maldives are reportedly going to be under water in a few years, then why are those in the hotel market in that area, expanding to include a further 11 resorts?

Claims that areas such as Bangkok will be disappearing very soon, whilst some of the biggest construction projects are underway, or  are due to start soon are in Bangkok?

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok is one of the best luxury hotels in the world.  In 2019 there will be a huge Mandarin Oriental Bangkok Hotel renovation, which will bring some fresh look to the River Wing. 

mandarin oriental bangkok swimming pool
Do you really think that business people would be investing in some of these pricey building works if the area was doomed to a watery grave?

Places such as  Osaka –Japan, have had claims by UN that it  would disappear beneath the water. Really? Someone should tell that to Universal studies who are currently expanding  Osaka Universal park and Resort that will be ready by 2020.

Do you really think a corporation like this would invest millions to expand if they believed that the area would be underwater in less than 12 years?

Alexandria, Egypt

Claimed by the UN to be heading  for total flooding yet  according to forecasts, the construction industry is expected to grow by just under 11% this year, with an average growth rate of over 10% until 2023.

So, ask yourself? Why are these business people and Industries not sold on the global flooding about to take place?

Shanghai, China

According to the UN, the coastal city is one of the world’s most vulnerable. 


Explain why Adidas, which unveiled a new Asia-Pacific and China headquarters in Shanghai earlier this year, plans to open 1,000 new retail outlets by the end of this year and gear up its digital growth momentum in the country.

Miami, US

According to the UN, Few other cities in the world have as much to lose  from rising sea levels as Miami,yet  in June 2019, MIAMI — The five airports that make up the county of Miami-Dade received the thumbs-up to a $5 billion improvement plan by the Miami-Dade County Board of Commissioners.The 15-year expansion plan also includes smaller-scale upgrades on the four other airports of the county, with a projected completion date of 2035.


Not to mention  14 Jan 2019 – 14, 2019, with the initial stage of the $800 million redesign of I-395 project.

$6.7 Million to expand and renovate in Miami.

One only has to look at the business and construction taking place in these areas to know that the claims of them being underwater in a short time are as fake as the science behind the CO2 myth!