The mathematical disciplines were  Pythagorean, divine reminiscence at which symbols, geometry and diagrams were a way to use a technical language  to convey their ideas to each other.

Symbols and  universal language was used to disclose their intentions to the wise, not to declare or conceal but to signify.

This is still evident in modern day secret societies who use mass media/film and ceremonies that reach millions of people  to portray intentions or future plans.

Many people who are not familiar with the  link of modern day secret societies and their historical counterparts would consider this ‘conspiracy’ and refuse to accept the imagery even exists!

This article is not for you if this is the case.

In articles and videos via social media, I have attempted to show such symbols in relation to the claims of viruses and microbiology.

Despite evidence to suggest that science behind the claims are flawed, many still accept the main stream views and approaches to the subject.

In this article I will share further images that suggest that the recent ‘Corona’ virus claims have been shown to us in imagery in ceremonies once again.

First of all, it should be noted that Israeli researchers were the first to characterise the clinical presentations West Nile fever in the 50s.

Prior to this West Nile fever was isolated and claimed to be a virus in 1937 via the Rockefeller Research lab in Uganda.

Before this lab was set up, West Nile Virus had never been heard of!

Reported epidemics occurred in Israel during 1951-1954 and in 1957. The virus was first described as the cause of a West Nile fever epidemic in people in Israel in 1951.

An altered strain  was reportedly introduced in 1997 making it pathogenic for poultry and birds  when flocks of young geese in Israel were affected with a neuroparalytic disease. 

Reports claim that chickens were used as sentinels to monitor WNV presence.

Eggs have been used to manufacture vaccines for more than 70 years. It is a slow, cumbersome process. For up to eight months, more than 500,000 fertilized chicken eggs per day are used as “mini-incubators” to grow crops of cultured viruses. 

Three types of chicken tissue are used to manufacture egg-based vaccines.

The candidate for the Israeli European song contest in 2018 was seen to use ‘mimicry’ of chickens during her performance. 

Noone could quite understand why?

 She also dressed as someone from the Far East  with hundreds of Maneki Neko cats in the background, the Chinese Lucky Cat, or Maneki Neko Cat as it’s called in Japanese, is a feng shui item that needs to be situated in the right place in the home to maximise its lucky powers and bring you good fortune and wealth.

Why would an Israeli be singing at the Euro vision song making chicken noises whilst showing imagery of Asia?

This image were are told reflects Corona.( Notice they are never real images?) 


This winning song then gives Israel the opportunity to hold the Euro-vision song contest.

These are scenes from the opening ceremony performance.

Where have we seen bicycles used in imagery before?

The Economist cover with its rainbow coloured bicycle wheels just prior to the Florida nightclub reports of a shooting at a gay club.

The Economist cover for the year 2018 shows a purple bike in the very centre of the cover, the only icon coloured purple signifying a ‘Royal False Flag’.

 The 2018 front cover was telling us what was in store for 2020.

So back to the Euro-vision and its opening ceremony.



Pictures of Drones!



Yellow dots everywhere pictured in front of an aeroplane!

Could not possibly be indicating the spread of a virus blamed on travel now could it?

Then a dance with airline personnel and a singer clothed  in a dress with obvious yellow dots.


How much more blatant is this going to get? A flight announcement simulation  with dancing airline personnel whilst a circle of yellow dots encompasses.

The yellow dots now encircle the pyramid whilst the airline personnel dance.


It was at this point that I noticed that each airline crew dancer flapping those yellow dots everywhere was doing so with the different flags of many countries, nice touch Choreographer!

Then came the interval act!

Could not possibly be compared to this image at the Olympics could it?

Wonder what they meant with all the cardboard cutouts of all the nationalities?

Surely not this?



Sometimes even shown like this in ceremonies!

Or this!

So back to the ceremony.

And then they bathe they audience with yellow whilst once again showing images of the Chinese Lucky Cat! 


Of course it does not end there! Oh no… Then we have Madonna.

Performing with dancers  who have their mouths covered in masks whilst she blows on them and they all fall down.

Whilst singing about not making it into the future!

Here is a link to two of my videos that show the imagery shown in other ceremonies including the Wuhan military games.

In 2017, after the Red Cross federation failed to account for $100 million in donations, the World Bank under the depts of IDA and IBRD set up a Pandemic bond apparatus in conjunction with the Pandemic Emergency Financing  Faculty Framework which collaborated with WHO.

IDA is the International Development Association and IBRD is the International Bank for reconstruction and Development.

The bonds were first introduced in Beijing, China in 2017.

The issue was lead managed by Swiss Re Capital Markets (which also acted as co-structuring agent), with Munich Re as co-manager and co-structuring agent and GC Securities as co-manager.

GC Securities is a division of Marsh and Mclennan.

When reports of the twin towers being attacked on 9-11 occurred, claims were made that the plane hit floor 93, owned by Marsh USA.

Marsh and Mclennan are the parent company of Marsh USA.

This is a global risk assessment and Insurance firm that also established a ‘crisis consulting practise’ specialising in terror.

What are the odds that this would be the same floor that gets hit during 9-11?  And now involved with pandemic bonds? 


And of course, Marsh are using this ‘event’ to encourage businesses  to spend more money on insurance to mitigate losses due to this, another win win for an investment company no doubt! 


And pension funds are also being affected.


So how do Pandemic bonds work?

It appears that there were two varieties in which investors could buy into, the first bond paid an annual 7% interest annually while the second bond paid out 11% annually.

The idea was that poor countries that were part of IDA would be able to access funds in the case of pandemic emergencies.

Here is a list of those countries.


An activation criteria has to be exceeded in order for those countries to receive any funds and in doing so, the initial investors would lose 80% of their bond price.

Curiously the model for this Pandemic Bond structure was based on a corona virus outbreak in China!


So WHO not only gets to report on the numbers, spread and countries involved but also gets to receive the funding ? Bit of a conflict of interest!

Especially given the controversy that already surrounds WHO and it’s past claims of calling ‘Pandemics’ when non existed!


According to this article, the 3 yr term was about to expire in July 2020.

In this interview, a a former economist at the World Bank with significant pandemic experience claims the bonds are not helpful to any outbreaks and the reasons why!

The Insurance provider of the 2017 pandemic bonds has recently drawn up a new insurance policy dated February 2020.

The new policy includes insurance for a US named storm AND an ‘extreme mortality  event in UK, Canada and Australia!


This has been shown as two separate events with two separate cash amounts.

Extreme mortality events from 2020 to 2022?


Vaccines are being financed and pushed on so many fronts!

The 33rd International Vaccine and Immunisation Conference which boasts that it will be an event to witness:

A valuable scientific occasion

Meanwhile a ‘not for profit’  vaccine organisation in the UK  that was to open its doors in 2022, has created a ‘for profit’ company just prior to the reported outbreak, December 2019! 

Meanwhile GAVI are set to begin a new fund raising donation drive in the UK.


I have documented the event that occurred in Wuhan just a short time before the ‘alleged’ Corona outbreak.

The 7th Military Games was held and featured a strong UN and military connection in the opening ceremony.

Here is a link to that article: 

This is not the ONLY event that took place during the games.

The Wuhan  military games was also attended by 20 defence ministers as well as more than 10,000 soldiers from 109 countries who participated in a record 329 sporting events over 10 days. This is the first time China has hosted the quadrennial games in its 24-year history.

During the military games which took place from the 18th October 2019 to the 28th October, another meeting took place.

The 9th Xiangshan Forum.

 This event took place  from Oct. 20 to 22, the principles and objectives of the UN and the UN charter at its core!–KWbX9Xt0hW/index.html


 Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Chad Sbragia became the highest US defense official to join the Beijing security forum. His 20-man team was also the biggest delegation the US dispatched for the event. Russia also sent its highest defense official, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, to attend.

Military to military relations and security cooperation?

Involving 76 countries!

And as if by magic…a virus reportedly appears, to bring about said  security cooperation!

During this military event, the standards were set for 5G hospitals!

And shortly after this event a world wide 5G conference was held.

So, military games in Wuhan showcasing the UN and the military, a military meeting involving the UN core objectives and a world wide 5G conference all held weeks before this reported outbreak?

Now can you see what is really going on?

The UK pushing through the rounding up by police of anyone who they ‘suspect’ of having the virus?

Whilst the man who has signed this into place has also been in charge of the 5G agenda and has also sold off large swathes of the NHS in England to private contractors like Branson.

It is clear that the UN agenda is being adhered to and we can see by  what means!  


Coronavirus Decoded



“There is no America. Everything is just one vast corporation, an association of corporations. There’s no Britain. There’s no America. There’s no Holland. There’s no China. There’s no Russia. It’s one conglomerate of corporations. Money runs the thing.”

— Peter Finch as character Howard Beale, in the movie “Network”

The timing of the ‘Corona’ outbreak is no coincidence, it coincides with the implementation of the 5G medical network that China is promoting.

As of October 2019, the chinese national health commission and others joined forces with more than 95 hospitals and the telecom industry providers to release China,s first 5G hospital network standard.

This came on the 21st October.

It is also NO coincidence that Huawei have a R & D production base in Wuhan since 2018.

Under the direction of the China National Health Commission, China’s healthcare and communications industries began a collaborative effort to establish an industry standard in early September 2019. The process involved the China National Health Commission, the China Association of Medical Equipment, 95 leading Chinese hospitals, the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, and China’s information and communication tech giant Huawei.

It is also NO coincidence that the worlds first 5G convention was held on the 20th to the 23rd November 2019 in Beijing, China.

Nor is it a coincidence that one of the topics covered was 5G and Smart Medical health!

Contract signing and strategic cooperation, during the 20-23rd November?

Couldn’t possibly have anything to do with  the ‘contracting’ of many countries for the corona virus  could it? Which just coincidentally happened ON THE SAME DAY! 

Application granted on the same day yet filed in 2015, contracted by many countries? 


China had the 5G World convention, whilst the military games was held in Wuhan which was kept quiet, even though it was  a world wide event and showcased the UN and the military, including signs showing a ‘New World’

Whilst Wuhan has been chosen to become a Smart City!


This is CLEARLY showcasing 5G capabilities using this fake epidemic to pursue it and they openly admit that the eyes of the world are watching to see how 5G can be utilised to push the smart agenda!

Another company is heavily involved in the Corona ‘event’.

So who are ZTE?




No surprise that money was sent via Slovakia to help the corona ‘event’ when there is billions to be made! 


Its all about the Smart cities/5G!

China implemented forced vaccinations in December 2019.