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In this article I will expose the fire at Cwm Deri farmhouse in the village of  Llangammarch Wells, Powys, as a huge fraud with many levels of deception and involvement which must be reported to the public at all cost. 

I will show you how the house in question was not only empty but actually an abandoned building site which may be linked to Seema Khan, 44, wife and mother who moved away from the house after leaving alleged dead father of the children, David Cuthbertson, 68.

It Is stated in mainstream news articles she left the family home after she had a stroke in 2014.

The levels of deception are seen when looking into Seema Kahn who has a history of stripping the guts and wrecking the “historic fabric” of grade two listed buildings to quote a judge at Westminster Crown courts after finding her guilty for her role in stripping a 1830’s Georgian property of its roof, walls, floors, and chimney breasts despite warnings from the courts to stop all illegal work on the protected building in 2013.

She was held trail and find £93.000 in total with two other people, her then, or still, real husband and a building engineer they used to wreck the protected £1.3 million building in London.

A very similar picture to what we see in the house in Wales when simply observing it. I will highlight the fraudulent JustGiving donations and why they should be stopped instantly.

I will explain government connections to the fire and how it links to Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service who are also complicit in this incident with a new 5G technology tests centred around automated responses which is the key motive in this drill and staged hoax.

The article will show you the rental and purchase information on the property detailing even more concerns about the legitimacy of the claims made by mainstream news and people claiming to be either victims or friends of the alleged victims. I can prove this is an emotional control tactic which our government and mainstream news agencies use to sway public perception in order to gain new laws and regulations which are then used against us and our freedom, this is treason, fraud and highly inhumane and I will do all I can to teach people the truth about our surroundings and manufactured environment which enslaves us all more and more with each so called tragedy. When truth be told the world is a stage and these people are acting out the foundations to a totalitarian police state.

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Philips Lighting and American Tower Corporation have partnered to extend 4G and 5G connectivity and accelerate U.S. smart city transformation. The companies have intend to create what they are calling a smart pole, a pole for a wirelessly connected LED street light that also serves as an antenna and radio to extend 4G and eventually 5G coverage in cities. The smart pole may also integrate sensors.

American Tower supplies wireless infrastructure including high capacity receivers and transmitters installed in towers. The companies intend for the smart pole to help meet capacity and coverage needs of multiple wireless carriers from a single pole. The smart pole will extend 4G and 5G coverage to permit a broad range of evolving IoT-based smart city applications.

Notably, the 5G wireless standard necessitates the use of more small cell receivers and transmitters in an area compared to the requirements for 4G. One way of accomplishing this with minimal impact on the urban landscape is putting 5G small cell receivers and transmitters in light poles.

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List of 155 Reviews on Non-thermal Effects of Microwave/Intermediate Frequency EMFs by Martin L. Pall

Among the scientific reviews documenting these various non-thermal health effects are 155 that follow.  Each of these reviews cites at least a dozen primary literature citations showing non-thermal effects, with many citing 100 or more going up to the 3rd reference which cites over 1000 such citations.  It can be seen from this that the primary literature citations supporting the existence of various non-thermal health effects cited in these reviews go into several thousands.  This list is not and is not intended to be a list of all important such reviews.  However it gives some measure of the size of the literature that contradicts the industry contention that there are no non-thermal effects of microwave frequency EMFs.


The communications industry could use 20% of all the world’s electricity by 2025, hampering attempts to meet climate change targets and straining grids as demand by power-hungry server farms storing digital data from billions of smartphones, tablets and internet-connected devices grows exponentially.

The industry has long argued that it can considerably reduce carbon emissions by increasing efficiency and reducing waste, but academics are challenging industry assumptions. A new paper, due to be published by US researchers later this month, will forecast that information and communications technology could create up to 3.5% of global emissions by 2020 – surpassing aviation and shipping – and up to 14% 2040, around the same proportion as the US today.

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In 2006/7 Thames Water was bought by a group consortium under the Australian Infrastructure bank, Macquarie.

It was to be sold for £5.8 Billion.

They got a loan for £2.8 Billion to pay for this. Whilst they are owners of Thames water they pay that debt off by getting new loans of £2Billion from one of their own companies.

So now they have literally bought a company and paid for it by making the company they have purchased borrow from one of their own companies with a low interest rate and no repayment due till 2037!

Whilst they are owners of this company, they pay themselves £1.6 Billion in dividends, pay NO corporation tax and sell their shares between 2012-2017 raising between £2.5 and £.3.2 Billion. They are aslo paying themselves a higher rate of return yearly, twice as much as other utility companies.

Then in March 2017, they get fined £20 Million for polluting the Thames with untreated sewerage.

So, they sell their remaining shares for £1.35 Billion that same month and leave Thames Water with the debt they incurred for buying it in the first place, plus a £260 million pension deficit and over £10 Billion of debt, and what has the water regulator done in this instance? Absolutely nothing!

So, a company can purchase a pre owned public company that has been robbed from the people, make that company take on the debt occured for buying it, make profits of billions of pounds while they run it, sell their share for more £3Billion, even though they never actually paid anything for it and leave it with £10 Billion worth of debt and that is fine, but if you are homeless and sleep rough they fine you £1000, are we all just idiots or what?

They have literally robbed the country via this company, of billions and left us with a pile of shit !…/thames-water-hit-with-record-…

If that is not bad enough, whilst they owned Thames water, they gave a contract to Arqiva to cover millions of homes with smart water meters. Arqiva has 7 shareholders, one of which is Macquarie. So despite the past corruption of Macquarie, the Govt has given Arqiva the contract to build the 5G networks infrastructure in 13 areas in the UK.

Pilot Study Shows Dramatic Difference In Brain Activity With EHS (Electrohypersensitive) Cases As Compared To Controls (Non EHS).


This is the first known published study to show pictures of EHS on an fMRI.

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The Peoples Initiative Foundation has announced the conclusion of a pilot study they organised, headed up by Dr. Gunnar Heuser, showing EHS on an fMRI. This study was originally published by Degruyter in July of 2017, but was absent pictures of the controls.  The company waited until the pictures were placed in the study to issue this press release, as the visual difference between the cases and controls is quite dramatic.

Exposure to wireless devices and infrastructure is believed to have been the cause of the EHS in the cases.

The large white area on the left side of the left picture shows hyperconnectivity in the brain of a case (EHS person). The same small white area in the picture to the right shows normal brain activity in a control (non EHS person).

EHS or “electrohypersensitivity” in civilian terms, “microwave radiation poisoning” in military terms, is an RF (radio frequency) or microwave radiation induced illness who’s very existence is hotly debated by government and wireless industry scientists and personnel.  This study provides evidence that abnormalities exist in the EHS brain that are not present in the non EHS brain and could put an end to the debate on the existence of EHS.  It also defies the widely held governmental and wireless industry stance that wireless devices and infrastructure have no consequences to human health and could impact the prevailing opinion of wireless radiation being deemed safe. 

The Peoples Initiative Foundation will be holding a tele-press conference to take questions from the media Thurs. Dec. 7th @ 12 noon PST.  The study’s principle author, Dr. Gunnar Heuser will be on the call to take questions about the study, as well as Liz Barris, study organizer and one of the EHS cases in the study to take questions about EHS.

Journalists on deadline who RSVP by emailing: with the # they will be calling in from will be given first priority in the tele-press conference queue.