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Quite simply, 5G is an over-hyped “bait and switch” tactic by the Wireless Industry to deploy 4G/LTE so–called “Small Cell” cell phone towers everywhere. “Small Cells”are just a marketing/branding lie because “Small Cells” are full-power cell phone towers that the Industry wants to deploy much too close to people and other living organisms in residential neighborhoods — as close as 10-15 feet from 2nd story windows.

William Webb: The 5G Myth And why Consistent Connectivity is the Goal

Some have suggested that 5G will be whatever interesting developments happen from 2018 onwards. There is much political capital expended in claiming that 5G will be deployed early in a country. MNOs and Governments will simply claim from 2018 onwards that they have 5G even though all that has been deployed is evolved 4G. For all the debate, 5G could be a label, not a technology.

End users will be told that they now have 5G even though they have not changed their handsets nor received any improvements in service. Or alternatively, in the case where 5G is the label applied to the introduction of IoT, consumers may be told that 5G is not about their handset but about the ability to connect their devices. In the US, the term 5G might be applied to fixed wireless deployments, with “5G to the home:. Given the confusion around what 5G is, this second “label whatever we have as 5G: approach could be used in Europe and the US alongside the first “limited millimeter wave deployment” approach happening in Asia Pacific.

This is the chilling observationthese planning documents for the recently installed 4G Palo Alto Small cells, show that even though the RF/MW radiation calculations were made for 6 watts of input power, the actual input power for each small cell antenna is 300 to 500 Watts and the “associated equipment” power supply cabinet is 17.5 cubic feet — one for each antenna!

Similar documents for a 2017 Verizon 4G Small Cell deployment in Weston, MA state that each antenna outputs 1,257 Watts of Effective Radiated Power (ERP), a significant RF/MW radiation exposure. These military-grade RF/MW radiation exposures do not belong in residential zones not matter what over-the-rainbow promises are being made about 5G by those who wish to profit for 4G/5G Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) installations everywhere.

As SB.649 contains no language for real-time monitoring of the levels of RF/MW radiation and no warning or detection systems if the RF/MW radiation reaches hazardous levels, then the equipment is already in place to easily increase the power input from 6 watts to 500 watts, which constitutes a Microwave Radiation weapon on every block in downtown Palo Alto — not unlike weapons the Federal Government has already designed and deployed.


There will come a time when man and machine will merge into a zombified drone and we may be a lot closer to that reality than you think! Nanobots are now the norm as microscopic machines are now integrating themselves with our bodies turning humans beings into total slaves. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth shows you the latest in nano tech that can be swallowed and last for days collecting all sorts of data.

This British Medical Journal Study shows that between 2010 and 2017, there have been 120,000 excessive deaths due to Government cutbacks. What a Disgrace!

This study demonstrates that recent constraints in PEH and PES spending in England were associated with nearly 45 000 higher than expected numbers of deaths between 2012 and 2014. If these trends continue, even when considering the increased planned funding as of 2016, we estimate approximately 150 000 additional deaths may arise between 2015 and 2020. Combining these projected excess deaths and the observed deaths prior to 2015 translates to around 120 000 excess deaths from 2010 to 2017. Contemporaneous reductions in life expectancy and excesses in measures of preventable death both validated our mortality findings.

The excess deaths observed in our study corroborate recent evidence highlighting the reversal of declining mortality trends observed in England and Wales in the past decade.13 Similar to findings reported by Hiam and colleagues,13 we observed that those aged ≥60 years are most susceptible to the observed excess mortality burden, as compared with those aged <60 years. We added to this evidence by additionally evaluating PYLL and life expectancy as outcomes, projecting excess deaths to 2020, determining potential mediating factors which may explain the observed excess deaths, and testing different hypothetical scenarios of funding and efficiency improvement which may be able to close the mortality gap.

Full Findings here:

Genetic, Economic & Political Destruction is being forced on America & the World
This writing is from over 800 pages of notes I have written over the years and is a result of 20 years of research looking for truth/political reality on multiple fronts.
I began writing this in 2010 and finally finished in 2017.
My purpose in writing this is simply to pass on to others essential information and knowledge I have gained, historical, recent and international in scope regarding the extent of Technologies, Governments, Banking, Medicine, Food, War and Entertainment as being used on the people in America and around the world.
Explained herein is how every mass information source and belief system is controlled to focus on strategic domestic deception by manipulating belief systems and flow of information to the mainstream. 
The result is a false sense of reality exists to control America’s population, control the direction of America, its foreign policy and increasingly the direction of the entire world as efficient and precise framework for a future world government.
By Jeff Chiacchieri

Revealed: DWP’s full list of 87 Job centres to be axed across Britain over the next 7 months – and the dates they’re due to shut down

The government has confirmed plans to close a total of 87 Jobcentres across the UK over the next seven months on top of 15 already axed in August and September.

It comes after the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) revealed one in 10 Jobcentres around the UK were to be closed this year – with the loss of up to 750 jobs.

However, this has now jumped to a further 58 in 2018 – including five in Glasgow alone.

The shake up will put a total of 500 roles at risk – although the DPW says the “majority of staff will remain in their current offices with others moving to another DWP site nearby”. Some staff will be placed on its voluntary redundancy scheme.

The DWP told Mirror Money the closures will see some smaller jobcentres merge with larger ones, while others will be co-located with local government premises to deliver multiple community services in one place.

A further 40 to be moved into local authority buildings under ‘efficiency’ savings while four will be moved to new premises.

It said the changes will save more than £140 million a year over the next 10 years and will offer better value for the tax payer – it added that 80% of Jobseeker’s Allowance and 99% of Universal Credit applications are now made online.

According to Citizens Advice, 24% of new claimants are having to wait longer than six weeks for a payment – which could make matters worse if they’re unable to visit their local branch.

The charity also warns that a third of people that have had difficulties with the system have made more than 10 calls to the Universal Credit helpline, often having to wait more than 30 minutes to get through.

To counteract issues with length wait periods for payments to come through, the government has said people will now be able to get advance payments to help cover rent and bills – however with closures imminent, these claims may have to be processed online or via the phone only.

In January, the DWP published a full list of Jobcentres earmarked to be “divested” in the year to December 2017 – these are the closures that have now been confirmed for the next seven months.

October 2017

  • Broxburn, 97 East Main Street, EH52 5EE – 6 October 2017
  • Mountain Ash, New County Road, CF45 4HU – 6 October 2017
  • Plaistow, 3-9 Balaam Street, Paistow, E13 8EB – 6 October 2017
  • Pyle, Ffald Road Shopping Centre, CF33 6BP – 6 October 2017
  • Hornchurch, Pioneer House, North Street, RM11 1QZ – 20 October 2017
  • Wilmslow Venture House, 46-52 Water Lane, SK9 5AH – 20 October 2017
  • Clay, Cross Bridge Street, S45 9EF – 27 October 2017
  • Manchester Atherton, 129 Market Street, M46 0DF – 27 October 2017
  • Port Glasgow, 6 Scarlow Street, PA14 5EY – 27 October 2017
  • Thetford, Townsend House, Guildford Street, IP24 2DT – 10 November 2017
  • Abingdon, Torus House, 38 -44 Stert Street, OW14 3QS – 17 November 2017
  • Fort William, Waverley House High Street, PH33 6XX – 17 November 2017
  • Liverpool Aintree, 70 Walton Vale, L9 4RQ – 17 November 2017
  • Glasgow Anniesland, 21 Herschell Street, G13 1HT – 24 November 2017
  • Highgate, 1A Elthorne Rd, Highgate Hill, N19 4AL – 24 November 2017
  • Liverpool 20, Williamson Square, L1 1PW – 24 November 2017
  • Leyland, 71 Towngate, PR25 2LR – 1 December 2017
  • Batley, 26 Wellingotn Street, WF17 5HZ – 8 December 2017
  • Clevedon, 28 Old Street – 8 December 2017
  • Edgware, Middlesex House, 29 -45 High Street, HA8 7DX – 8 December 2017
  • Bristol Central Eagle House, 1 Street Stephens Street, BS1 1EN – 15 December 2017
  • Lewisham (Catford), 9-19 Rushey Green, SE6 4AZ – 15 December 2017
  • Newcastle, Condercum House, 171 West Road, NE15 6PL – 15 December 2017
  • Wick Girnigoe Street, Caithness, KW1 4HJ – 15 December 2017
  • Bristol, Easton 442 – 450 Stapleton Road- 5 January 2018
  • East Ham, 473 Barking Road, E6 2LL – 5 January 2018
  • Shipley, Wainman Street, BD17 7DN – 5 January 2018
  • Finchley, 40 Ballards Lane, N3 2BL – 12 January 2018
  • Glasgow, Maryhill Road, G20 9DH – 12 January 2018
  • Rotherham, High Street Goldthorpe, S63 9LQ – 12 January 2018
  • Totnes, Westward House, New Walk, TQ9 5WA – 12 January 2018
  • Dagenham, Chequers Lane, RM9 6P – 19 January 2018
  • Glasgow, Langside 152 -158 Battlefield Road, G42 9JT – 19 January 2018
  • Liskeard Bell House, 7 -9 Church Street – 19 January 2018
  • Spalding, Broadgate House, Westlode Street, PE11 2BQ – 19 January 2018
  • Andover, 6 London Street, Hampshire, SP10 2PA – 26 January 2018
  • Haverhill, 65 and 67A High Street, CB9 8AH – 26 January 2018
  • Skipton, Cavendish House, Newmarket Street, BD23 2HN – 26 January 2018
  • Southall, 68 The Broadway, UB1 1QD – 26 January 2018
  • Blackpool, South South Tyldesley Road, Blackpool, FY1 5DJ – 2 February 2018
  • Glasgow, Bridgeton 9 Muslim Street, G40 4AZ – 2 February 2018
  • Hull, Market Place South Church Side, HU1 1RU – 2 February 2018
  • Huntingdon, 2-6 Hartford Road, PE29 3PB – 2 February 2018
  • Kidderminster, 12 Lower Mill Street, DY11 6TT – 2 February 2018
  • Kingston, 3 Brook Street, KT1 2EY – 2 February 2018
  • Newton Abbot Sherborne House, Kingsteignton Road, TQ12 2PG – 2 February 2018
  • Bargoed, 44/46 High Street, CF81 8RD – 9 February 2018
  • Blackpool, 43 Queen Street, FY1 1HQ – 9 February 2018
  • Brixton, 12 Stockwell Ave, SW9 7AY – 9 February 2018
  • Glasgow Easterhouse, Shandwick Shopping Centre, Shandwick Street, G34 9DR – 9 February 2018
  • Mansfield Hill House, NG18 1LN – 9 February 2018
  • Woking, 15-29 Goldsworth Road- 9 February 2018
  • Coleford, 1 Mushet Walk, Derby Forester, DE1 1NW – 16 February 2018
  • Derby Forester, DE1 1NW – 16 February 2018
  • Leeds Eastgate, 529 York Road, LS9 6TF – 16 February 2018
  • Neasden Chancel House, Neasden Lane, NW10 2XH – 16 February 2018
  • Glasgow Parkhead, 1181 Duke Street, G31 5NW – 16 February 2018
  • Wythenshawe, Simon House, Wavell Road, M22 5RA – 16 February 2018
  • Blackwood, Newbridge House, 75-77 High Street, NP12 1YY – 23 February 2018
  • Brighouse, Owler Ings Road, HD6 1EH – 23 February 2018
  • Clapham Maritime House, Old Town, SW4 0JW – 23 February 2018
  • Derby, Normanton Road, DE1 2GW – 23 February 2018
  • Oxford Floyds Row, Aldates, OX1 1SS – 23 February 2018
    • Kilburn, 3 Cambridge Ave, NW6 5AH – 2 March 2018
    • Lanark, Atholl House, 55-57 Bannatyne Street, ML11 7NR – 2 March 2018
    • Liverpool, Edge Hill, Kinglake House, Shenstone Street, L7 3PF – 2 March 2018
    • Boston, Crown House, PE21 8SJ – 9 March 2018
    • Hammersmit,h 22 Glenthorne Road, W6 0PP – 9 March 2018
    • Herne Bay, 22 -26 Bank Street, Kent, CT6 5EA – 9 March 2018
    • Wellington, 67 New Street, TF1 1NW – 9 March 2018
    • Whitstable, 133 High Street, Kent, CT5 1AP – 9 March 2018
    • Winsford High Street, CW7 2AH – 9 March 2018
    • Croydon, 17 -21 Cherry Orchard Road, CR9 6BX – 16 March 2018
    • Liverpool, Wavertree, 92 High Street, L15 8HQ – 16 March 2018
    • Telford, Church Street, Madeley – 16 March 2018
    • Tunbridge Wells, 88 Grosvenor Road. Kent, TN1 2AX – 16 March 2018
    • Coventry Tile Hill, CV4 9GR – 23 March 2018
    • Kings Lynn, Lovell House, Street Nicholas St, PE30 1LR – 23 March 2018
    • Wandsworth, Jessica House, Red Lion Square, SW18 4LS – 23 March 2018
    • Leytonstone, Robart House, 1-3 Lemna Road, E11 1JJ – 30 March 2018
    • Redditch, St Stephens House, Prospect Hill, B97 4DL – 30 March 2018
    • Hounslow, 10 Montague Road, TW3 1LE – 6 April 2018
  • 5G New Radio connection with 2 gigabits per second 
  • Live transmission of ultra-high-definition video over 5G
  • 5G for Augmented Reality: Slot car track with real-time interaction
  • Four radio cells in the Deutsche Telekom network are demonstrating the future of communication right now. The antennas in Berlin are the first in Europe with a live 5Gconnection in a real world setting. Using pre-standard 5G New Radio (5G NR), the future mobile communications component of 5G, the network is achieving throughput of more than two gigabits per second to a single customer device, as well as a latency of three milliseconds on commercial sites in Berlin’s Schöneberg district. Extremely high throughput and very short network reaction times are the key capabilities of 5G, which is set to drive forward the development of exciting new applications.

    “We are demonstrating 5G live here, in the middle of Berlin, rather than in a lab. This is a very decisive developmental step on the way to the global launch of 5G, which is planned for 2020,” said Claudia Nemat, Member of the Management Board responsible for Technology & Innovation at Deutsche Telekom. “If everything is connected to everything else, customers need a high-performance, reliable and secure network. Industry in particular will benefit from 5G as a powerful enabler for a wide range of applications. We are ready for 5G.”

    Deutsche Telekom demonstrated the network’s high performance by showcasing some early application ideas that are enhanced by 5G. The augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications benefit from 5G’s super high data rates and real-time responses. A particular highlight was the live transmission of an ultra-high-definition video stream over 5G NR to a VR device. 

    The next communication standard

    5G is more than the next mobile communications standard; 5G is the future telecommunications standard that will bring mobile and fixed network communication together. A new network architecture and design will also play a significant role. 5Gnetworks will be controlled by software, will be programmable and will be managed end-to-end. This creates the enabling platform for the provision of a large number of different services. 

    5G New Radio, the new 5G air interface, will work in combination with the evolution of 4G/LTE technology, which means that this will also play a decisive role in future communications. A key technology in 5G NR to increase capacity and data rates is the use of advanced antenna techniques: Known as Massive MIMO (multiple input/multiple output), it increases the number of antenna elements deployed at both the base station and in the subscriber device, which can increase capacity through a much more efficient use of the frequency spectrum. 

    First step on the way to 5G for all

    5G New Radio in Berlin is the first major step towards 5G for everybody,” said Deutsche Telekom CTO Bruno Jacobfeuerborn. “As soon as the standard is defined and is available, we will proceed in 2018 to lay the foundation for large-scale build-out. This is how we are driving the technology development in Europe and demonstrate our innovation power.”

    Deutsche Telekom is using the frequency spectrum in the 3.7 gigahertz range coupled with Huawei equipment for its implementation in Berlin. The four Huawei antennas are located at three different sites: Winterfeldtstraße (two cells), Martin-Luther-Straße and Pohlstraße. 

    5G is getting close to prime time. The successful live transmission over 5G is an important technical contribution to the 5G community for the two companies. Huawei will continue investing in Research & Development and enhance its cooperation with partners to make progress in 5G technology and the development of an industry ecosystem,” said Deng Tai Hua, president of the Huawei Wireless Network Product Line.

    5G pre-standard system is the technical basis for the network in Berlin. This means that the specifications in the Huawei equipment used are following the progress of the global 3GPP specifications for the 5G New Radio standard. It is anticipated that the specifications of the system used will be completed by 3GPP in December 2017. 

    5G live in Berlin

    In Berlin, Deutsche Telekom demonstrated how the 5G network’s multi-gigabit data rates and low latencies can enrich, for example, an AR application around a slot car track. For this, the 5G network delivered additional context information from an edge cloud in real time using the AR glasses. Thanks navigational prompts and race position, as well as other real time information, the user can experience really interactive and immersive AR. 

    The example makes it clear how the 5G enabled offloading of computational and power hungry tasks to edge clouds will enable lighter AR glasses with longer battery lives and will at the same time open up a vast range of new possibilities. 

    Piloting 5G

    To accelerate the development of new applications for 5G, Deutsche Telekom recently launched the Low Latency Prototyping Programs at its hub:raum sites in Berlin and Krakow. The programs are aimed at innovative developers who want to develop products benefitting from Edge Computing, as well as 5G network performance as it emerges. 

    Deutsche Telekom is piloting the use of 5G for industry at the Port of Hamburg. The aim is to tailor the 5G network to meet the diverse requirements of the port. Traffic control data, reliable traffic light steering and environmental monitoring are the first application scenarios for 5G. This enables the digital transformation of the port to support its future growth. 


Just been reading a white paper created by Uni of Surrey on 5G, at the moment the UK has approx 40,000 base station sites to cope with Wi-Fi, If they get the 5Gnetwork up and running, that will mean that the City of London would require that many alone. The Urban areas would need tens of thousands of small wireless cells as they only cover 100-200 meters!

This new 5G system will use Millimetre waves, the same waves used by the US Army to disperse crowds, using a beam that burns, studies to date show that MMW causes a host of health problems including skin and eye injuries,cancers, heart problems even affecting our DNA. Also the Eco system.

Despite safety concerns by many Scientists, Doctors and Biologists in which they have conducted 10,000 studies and are speaking out about the dangers, Govts and Multi national companies are pushing this new technology for all its worth.

The cover up of this dangerous technology is very deep, the 5G will use pulsed Millimeter waves and yet studies on the safety aspect are misleading as they do not pulse the waves.

Think of how many times that Governments have claimed something to be safe before, Agent Orange,Asbestos, Lead paint, just to name a few.

We know that they have hidden health aspects for profits many times before,can you imagine the health implications of having these Electromagnet waves pulsed at us every few hundred yards? 

To put it into perspective, we are now aware of masts causing cancers,presently at a maximum of 6 GHZ, imagine what 6GHZ to 100GHZ would do?

Medical experts world wide are calling for action.

I think we should be educating ourselves and putting a stop to this before it rolls out, don’t you?

I propose that people make themselves aware of this technology then join your own community in condemning this now, before its too late.

If the useless eliters have their way, it will only be a matter of time before the ability to connect to others of like minds will be removed. Under the guise of protection from all things anti-Govt(terrorist) related. Let us be honest, this war is on us, the public. 

The Intention is to imprison us in a techno prison, that is why it is so important to connect on a community level and to get the cooperation of larger groups of people. 

The 5G networks are the net that the Kontrollers will try to use to enslave humanity. If you take the time to read about this (not from those who wish to roll this out for power or profit) from experts with nothing to gain from speaking the truth, you will realise that we need to make this a catalyst for real action. 

If every area organises community based groups who can share relevant Information on the dangers of 5G and strategies to combat the dangers to life and health, we may have a chance of changing our future.

Even if you do not know people in your own area who may agree with your concerns, that does not mean they are not there. 

Use social media to ask for like minded people to come together. Create leaflets or make posters to connect to others. 

Or take the initiative in any way you can, to get back to face to face solutions, every single town and community needs to be aware of the dangers they are facing with 5G and be willing to make a stand. Share responsibility, organise, do whatever you can. It really is make or break for humanity.

During the time that the Parsons Green event happened, the IBC were holding their annual Conference which included thousands of companies and a demonstration by the BBC Research and Development team, who were reported to be demonstrating their work on a new broadcasting system. 

Newtec Dialog were also showcasing their new equipment which has been utilised by the BBC just days before the Parsons green event.

According to the Conference magazine, the attendees were asked if they thought TV would be around forever, 80% said no, it would be defunct in ten years time.

It also stated that the UK was the most disruptive market, so, what better way to make a statement, than to organise an event that would get the attention of the world wide media, during the Conference?And proving to all the Tech Industries that TV was still important.

And using the new Newtec equipment that allowed it to be reported on a massive scale. This is the real reason why the Parsons Green fake event happened!

This event is an International Broadcasting Conference over three days which coincided with the Parsons Green event.With 1,700 Companies in 15 halls, now, ask yourself this question,how is it just a coincidence that a new system was being demonstrated at the same time?

We know that that system was the Newtec technology as I have already proven that, they upgraded to it three days before, it stands to reason that the only way to demonstrate how it allows world wide coverage of an event is to provide a world wide event and then cover it. Yes?