A Freedom of Information request on the OS link to 5G via Bournemouth Council.

The Budget statement on Bournemouth was a surprise to us, but has been handed to DCMS to carry it out. It
is not a 5G trial, but a proposal to trial mapping of the terrain, overlaid with buildings, trees and even weather
data and radio propagation models to predict the best sites for 5G infrastructure, as a roll­out tool.
We are currently firming up details of how this might be procured. Bournemouth was someone’s idea of a
suitable site, given a mix of terrain, buildings &c and a trial would not necessarily be there, for instance a
bidder might have a different / better place in mind

Full FOI link : https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/365465/response/921707/attach/3/Attachment%20FOI%20292510.pdf

By Devra Lee Davis

Tired of your lack of connectivity?  Embarrassed that South Korea has internet speeds 200 times faster than we do? There are 800 cities across the nation that are building their own municipal wired fiber-optic networks to bring lightning-fast connections straight to their homes. With their city-owned cabled system, Chatanooga, Tennesse provides internet access to the […]


Devra Lee Davis, PhD, MPH, Founder & President of Environmental Health Trust & Visiting Professor of Medicine The Hebrew University.

Telecom touts tech to “bridge the digital divide” but in reality, companies are slow to bring internet to rural communities. In her important new book, Fiber, the coming tech revolution and why America might miss it, Harvard Law Professor Susan Crawford, calls for a concerted national effort to build a wired open fiber network infrastructure for all cities. Currently, she notes, we have a duopoly with fringe–AT&T and Verizon, with other providers playing lesser roles. In fact, Bruce Kushnick, a former telecom specialist, reports that the telecom industry collected more than $400 billion under the guise of building cabled systems and misappropriated those funds to build out wireless systems. In introducing, “Re-Inventing Wires: The Future of Landlines and Networks” Frank Clegg, former President of Microsoft Canada, concluded that we now have “indisputable technical, economic, and sustainability reasons why wired technologies portend the best and highest future.” 

Despite this, companies are bringing the same types of microwave wireless radiation already shown to be harmful to experimental animals and humans.

Full Article : https://thriveglobal.com/stories/cabled-municipal-broadband-a-solution-to-5g-and-everything-else/?fbclid=IwAR2bNH45RSxmwEZu88SR-WMGftlbU70ILVa1xiuMPi44IKvUpwfHj8L4TSk


🔥 5G is a violation of our Public Health & Safety Rights 🔥
🔥 5G is a violation of the Environment & all Ecosystems🔥

With the abrupt & brutal implementation of 5G infrastructure without ANY PUBLIC CONSENT and despite our many requests for local councils & Government to honestly answer our health questions & FOI’s – it is becoming absolutely EVIDENT that our public health rights are being ignored, abused & violated. As the number of aware & concerned citizens continues to grow (and we continue to be fed the same standard ☢️ Gov/Industry-favouring ☢️ answer that 5G falls under the safe limits of radiation exposure) we know it is now time to initiate a legal case on behalf of THE British PEOPLE. We are calling on lawyers and law firms who will be able to aid, guide and represent us in advancing with this landmark HUMAN & ENVIRONMENTAL RIGHTS case.

🍁🍁🍁For respecting the security and privacy of people -please (((PRIVATE MESSAGE))) us with details of lawyers and firms that you think will be interested in representing either of these cases 🍁🍁🍁 Thank you 🙏

🌿Draft Environment (Principles and Governance) Bill 2018



Article 11
1. Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and to freedom of association with others, including the right to form and to join trade unions for the protection of his interests.
2. No restrictions shall be placed on the exercise of these rights other than such as are prescribed by law and are necessary in a democratic society in the interests of national security or public safety, for the prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of others. This article shall not prevent the imposition of lawful restrictions on the exercise of these rights by members of the armed forces, of the police or of the administration of the State.



This letter I am sending to the British Authorities local and national WIRELESS POLLUTION + 5G DEVELOPMENTS

Through exposure to wireless traffic children and young people especially are being exposed to risk of jamming of their brains. The very low frequency pulses which carry information and pictures correspond with brain wave frequencies and may interfere with normal functions or affect the brain development of children and young people. People react individually but the stress caused is inevitable and universal – everyone is inhabiting an environment prejudiced by invisible pollution traffic.Everyone is being bombarded, strafed and invaded by the pulses and the microwave carrier beams. Some people according to constitution are having their brains seriously interfered with, disrupted in normal function and are being in effect taken over – they are losing their minds under the fact of assault. This can accentuate personal and temperamental traits and lead, perhaps, to loss of control of temper or sex drive and produce aggression and violence; or, in another type of person, mental confusion, states of anxiety, depression and crippling introversion.

Wi-Fi transmission at 2.4 GHz even at very low power densities affects the water molecules in our tissues and particularly in the brain and central nervous system. It causes accelerated wear and tear on our cells and dissolution of cell membranes. The result of this inevitably is illness and provocation of chronic maladies both physiological and psychological. This effect is on top of the traffic interference at 10hz from Wi-Fi transmission which disturbs and inhibits the Alpha wave resonance of the brain. What this means is – it is difficult for the person being irradiated to relax leading to stress, fatigue, cognitive inefficiency etc etc.

If the 5G deployments – already proceeding – continue without remission – we can expect rapid deterioration in the conditions described above. There will be exacerbation of brain and CNS malfunctions, accelerated cell paralysis and morbidity and thus intensification of all the pathological effects already happening – especially to children, young people and women of child-bearing age. There will be intensified synergy with the other toxic agents assaulting babies, toddlers, infants and teenagers.

We can expect increased incidence of manias and mental heath destruction, cancers and Autoimmune diseases, heart and cardiovascular debilities and progressive signs of degeneration in all biological systems – and most grievously, perhaps, of the reproductive systems in children and women of child-bearing age.

The children surviving in this pollution flood are likely to receive genetic impairments which could deliver many of them into Autistic Spectrum conditions; and in the case of females to suffer corruption of their ovaries with chromosome derangement which eventually will produce offspring with either Autism or other new conditions affecting both psychological and physiological expression. There are likely to be defects in all the biological systems of the individuals submitted to the toxic environment now being manufactured. Scarcely anyone will be healthy in the sense of the word as it was understood. Human beings are creatures of their environment. When the environment changes so do we. We are now in the process of imprinting into the human genome disorder, distortions and a consequential future where sickness and pain are ever present and inescapable.

On our present course we are heading towards a time of manifold and relatively infinite conditions of malady where our normal state will exhibit chronic pain and be marked by a consequent and irredeemable experience of both physical and psychological torture. It may then be the case that “men shall seek death and not find it and desire to die and death shall flee from them.”

The new transmission signified by the title 5G will allow irradiation of the public with so-called millimeter waves up to 60, 80 or 100 Ggz. This commission cannot other than be experimental. It is quite possible the new environment created by a millimeter wave bath in addition to the present microwave deluge with compound effect in the radiation field – will in all probability generate new diseases and new abnormalities in the expression of the subjects being treated – us humans – with pathogenic agents.

Needless to say – such a proposition in the first place and in any degree of commission transgresses the Nuremberg Code. Everyone proposing such a future – conceiving, constructing or executing plans or omitting to oppose it where they have a duty to speak – everyone of them is guilty of crimes against Man and Nature either directly or in complicity.

Paul Ursell April 1 2019

Back in April 2018

As a concerned member of the public I wanted to find ‘experts’ who could explain to myself and others, exactly what was happening in Gateshead, with claims being made that the lampposts were operating with 5G signals.

I contacted a man who was a member of an organisation called BEMRI which stands for Bio-Electromagnetic Research Initiative.

That man was named Mr David Webb.

I sent him this email.

To which I received the above reply.

As you can clearly see, this reply shows that this man was replying as a member of BEMRI.

He also states that himself and another member of that group had phoned Steele on several occasions to offer their services freely.

I then arranged in May, for this man to meet up with a lady who lived close to the area that had been tested in Gateshead, her name is Lizbeth.

She spent several hours with the man from BEMRI and the lampposts were tested with equipment that was professional and up to the job.

This email was sent to me after David had visited Gateshead and Stockport.

This email states ” Please mention BEMRI and people can find out more about us”

That email clearly states that I should mention BEMRI but not David personally.

So why am I mentioning his name now? Because last month, March 2019 which is nearly a year after these tests were completed, BEMRI have issued a public statement to Mark Steele in which they state that BEMRI is NOT responsible for any of the test results, and that anyone who makes claims that BEMRI are involved are misleading the public.

David has since retired from BEMRI.

Does that negate the fact that he corresponded with me as part of BEMRI?

I do not feel that it does. So after hearing of this latest development, I wrote a letter to the founder of BEMRI and informed them that David had conducted the tests on behalf of BEMRI, which I have in writing. I also told them that I believed that they had acted inappropriately to release a public statement claiming that it was nothing to do with BEMRI.

I was then threatened with legal action If I pursued this.

Back in May I also sent this email.

This is the reply that I received, even though David had told me that he had made a report to BEMRI.

The above is a copy of the original report sent by David. He informed me on the phone previously that he made made a report for BEMRI as he does with every test he carries out.

I then received this email.

I have no choice but to make these emails public because of the actions of BEMRI in releasing a public statement claiming that they are not in any way responsible for the tests carried out by their own member, a member who has consulted and communicated with both myself and the lady who accompanied him whilst the test were being carried out, and has done so and clearly informed us that he was testing as a member of this group and NOT as an independent person.

Alasdair is a renowned scientist and expert who has links to BEMRI but is not a member.

After asking David to give a more updated and comprehensive report he stated that he was very busy so I summed it up and asked for his approval.

Here is his reply.

Do you see? I tried to sum it for him as he was too busy, I specifically stated that I had contacted BEMRI, I shared his original report again, (written by him) and had summed up that BEMRI wished to cease contact in any further matters relating to Steele and his findings, and he replied that this was fine.

He offered to provide more information when he had the time.

Some months went by with us both corresponding on different aspects of 5G and he often sent me information to include on my website.

5 months later, I was being asked to provide the report that was official, so I contacted David again.

He agreed to provide a report on the phone, then sent me this.

So after communicating with myself and Lizbeth and testing Gateshead lampposts and doing so as a member of BEMRI, he then informs us that members of BEMRI do not want this information to be shared and he cannot go against the rest of his group.

This was my reply.

This was his reply.

He then sent the test results to Lizbeth who had accompanied him on the day of the testing but not to me.

As you can see from that report it clearly states that BEMRI visited Gateshead to test, so where does that leave us?

BEMRI spokesperson is insisting that it was never done by their organisation, the member of BEMRI who corresponded on their behalf has retired and I am being called a liar.

So, you can decide for yourself and I will gladly face any legal action that members of BEMRI decide to take on this matter because as far as I am concerned, the testing was carried out by a member of BEMRI which clearly is shown by the correspondence.

Plans for a pilot project to provide high-speed 5G wireless internet in Brussels have been halted due to fears for the health of citizens, according to reports.In July, the government concluded an agreement with three telecom operators to relax the strict radiation standards in Brussels. But according to the Region, it is now impossible to estimate the radiation from the antennas required for the service. 

“I cannot welcome such technology if the radiation standards, which must protect the citizen, are not respected, 5G or not,” Environment minister Céline Fremault (CDH) told Bruzz. “The people of Brussels are not guinea pigs whose health I can sell at a profit. We cannot leave anything to doubt,” she added.

FULL ARTICLE : http://www.brusselstimes.com/brussels/14753/radiation-concerns-halt-brussels-5g-for-now?fbclid=IwAR3jGx1UksRQYELo1eycE4vfJdkXnBhMGYEABE1UOU_eqQg5LnP9A_kYINc

Astroturfing the way for the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Chapter 1

[N.b. If for some reason you missed our introduction, click here to read]

Introducing Gail Bradbrook, professional activist

In order to understand an organisation or entity, one must first come to an understanding of its founders. Dr Gail Marie Bradbrook, along with Julian ‘Roger’ Hallam, appear to be the two primary instigators of the Extinction Rebellion (XR) movement.

The following is an investigation into Bradbrook, her background, professional associations, ideology and influences.

Screenshot from the transcript of a speech given by Dr Gail Bradbrook at a joint IPPR & Oxford 
Internet Institute conference, 12/4/04, entitled ‘Whose Responsibility is Digital Inclusion?’. [Link}
Gail’s profile on citizensonline.org.uk, now taken down as of late 2018.

Gail and the other budding public figures involved in XR have chosen to enter the public eye by asking millions of people to stand with them in a campaign of non-violent civil disobedience, aimed at making profound changes to an economic and political system which millions of people rely on to stay warm, and obtain basic things like food and water. Due to the serious nature of the changes they are proposing (albeit without mentioning that they’re all taken straight from the UN’s ‘Sustainable Development Goals’), they should welcome criticism and scrutiny of their activities. If they are sincere, they should demonstrate integrity, and not dismiss dissenting voices, but instead engage openly with people who question their motives and stated objectives.

The Mother of Extinction

Often called “the Mother” by members of Extinction Rebellion, Gail is a molecular biophysicist by training, though she hasn’t worked in that capacity for quite some time. Not long after finishing her post-doctoral research into ‘protein saccharide interactions’, she became a consultant for several ‘political charities’ and has, for the past 18 years worked exclusively as a professional campaigner – a role which, during a talk at Off-Grid Festival, she admits is “mostly about securing your own pay-check.

Gail epitomises the new generation of ‘professional activists’, having positioned herself at the epicentre of the revolving door between big business, government bureaucracies and establishment-friendly NGOs, campaign groups and charitable organisations, all of which increasingly function as the public face of international corporate and financial power.

Acting through proxy organisations permits these forces to obscure the fact that government policies are being swayed by corporate entities that fund entire networks of charities and non-governmental organisations to interact with government on their behalf. NGOs and charities tend to be seen as more caring and less corrupt than their corporate sponsors; and are presented as such in the media, even when their staff and financials reveal them to be entirely monetarily dependent on the corporate entities and supranational bureaucracies that they covertly campaign on behalf of. There appears to be no remedy or legal redress we can use to reveal the true nature of these NGOs and charities, or hold them to even the most basic ethical and moral standards.

As described in our introduction, corporate entities have previously paid firms such as Stratfor to disrupt and neutralise inconvenient campaign groups. It would seem that in recent years they’ve increasingly taken to the expedient of simply funding the ‘right ones’ into existence in the first place, and then nudging less amenable competitors out from (as they no doubt see it) the ‘marketplace’ of causes. Worse still, these ostensibly ‘independent’ NGOs, charities and professional ‘campaign groups’ are increasingly tasked with stewarding government policy and objectives.

It is unclear precisely when, or more importantly how Gail transitioned from molecular biophysicist to collecting causes like a declining civilisation accumulates laws; but what we do know is that for the past two decades, she has been a favoured ‘activist’ of the British State, at least when it comes to their ‘digital inclusion’ and ‘universal internet access’ agendas. These euphemisms today refer to the 5G / Internet of Things roll-out; aimed at making sure that absolutely everybody, without exception, gets plugged-in to the emerging smart-grid, which incorporates both military hardware – used for crowd control, as well as psychological operations with next-generation mind-control, surveillance and communications systems. In other words, a full-spectrum cybernetic control apparatus which “if fully exploited could make Orwell’s 1984 seem like a benevolent utopia” (-William Burroughs, “Limits of Control“).

The 5G network is primary to this apparatus, an essential component for the ‘scientific management’ global society; as envisioned and now being assembled all around us by an international oligarchy of techno-industrial and financial elites – the very same people who stand behind the UN, and are positioned to become its beneficiaries.

-Gail Bradbrook; taken from the same speech as her ‘secret agents’ quote.
Still available (at the time of writing) on the IPPR’s website, here.

As well as having the ear of government, many of the directors and trustees of Gail’s Citizens Online charity just so happen to be people whose companies stand to make an absolute killing from the 5G roll-out – which is covertly promoted by Extinction Rebellion, due to its coming under the auspices of the United Nations’ Agenda 2030 (the current rebranding of Agenda 21), which is most often referred to with deceptive simplicity, as ‘Sustainable Development’ [SD]. Indeed, the smart grid / 5G infrastructure roll-out and the United Nation’s ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDG) are entirely inseparable.

[SD] When you hear governments or NGOs use the phrase ‘Sustainable Development’, they do not simply mean development that is sustainable – they are, in fact, referring to a very specific series of policy documents, all of which were designed by the United Nations. Climate policies are one aspect of the UN’s SD goals.

Huawei: Accelerating Sustainable Development Goals through ICT (Information & Communications Technology). Note item 9: “Digital solutions for the SDGs could generate $2.1 trillion in new annual revenue for the ICT sector by 2030”.

“Government must enact legally-binding policy measures to reduce carbon emissions in the UK to zero by 2025 and take further action to remove the excess of atmospheric greenhouse gases.” – XR demands.

Extinction Rebellion’s demands (above) were in-fact taken straight from the objectives laid out by Hallam and Bradbrook in their Campaign Overview document of October of 2018, back when the pair were still calling themselves the “coordination group coordinators”.

Download the document, here.

We’re curious to know which “legally-binding policy measures” you had in mind, Gail? (And by the way, what kind of arrangement were you imagining where the “Government” is to be “work(ing) alongside the media”?)

There is only one policy framework to this effect, developed by the UN’s technocratic ‘global governance’ bureaucracy; and it involves establishing world-wide CO2 taxation – which we’re being told (by the corporate-industrial elite), is ‘necessary to save the planet.’

‘Fast Forward Together’ graphic from the International Telecommunications Union expanding on UN SDG number 11, ‘Sustainable Cities and Communities’

We’ll explore these topics more, and expose the treasonous and subversive activities of the UN and their vast networks of industry sponsored ‘change agents’ later on. For now, let us return to that spear-head of ‘Sustainable Development’, Dr Gail Bradbrook.

Much of Gail’s career seems to have been spent sat in air-conditioned corporate conference centres with the likes of John Varney, Chief Technology Officer of the BBC, and any number of government and industry talking heads. Here’s the guest list from a standard ’roundtable’ meeting, the kind which Gail has spent nearly two decades attending. The document begins, “On Monday 7th June 2004 the IPPR’s Digital Society team hosted a private roundtable seminar to discuss forthcoming reforms to central Government IT.” (Original)

Gail even had dinner at Number 10 Downing Street to ‘brainstorm on digital inclusion’.

Don’t know about you, but we tend to socially exclude ‘revolutionaries’ who previously worked 
for the Cabinet Office, and get invited around for dinner at the Prime Minister’s house…

The fact of the matter is, Dr Gail Bradbrook is one of the UK State’s go-to ‘experts’, chosen to give (the right kind of) evidence at various parliamentary hearings and committees (which we’ll get to). Her job also has her attending high-level private sector meetings where she frequently rubs shoulders with telecommunications oligarchs, international business moguls and the whole autocratic circular-jerkular of highly politicised ‘scientists’ and other ‘experts’ who are invariably presented to us in the media as impartial and unbiased, but who (in reality) float like a layer of congealed scum on the surface of the EU and UN gravy-boat [*].

[*] Gravy-boat: “it’s bigger, slower and you can help yourself as often as you like.” -Sir Greville McDonald, The New Statesman (TV Series).

Sustainable compliance and inclusive surveillance

Before she was engaged in (pre-approved) rabble rousing, or pretending to glue herself [*] to the Department of Energy Headquarters, Gail was more likely to be found attending meetings held under Chatham House Rules, sat alongside people like Anthony Walker, former communications officer for the American Chamber of Commerce, who previously worked for the European Commission’s PR firm Rowland Company (owned by Saatchi & Saatchi)

[*] Gail admits she only pretended to super-glue herself to the department of energy HQ, in an interview with Margaret Klein Salamon, the ‘fundraising director’ of XR and founder-director of the Climate Mobilization group. Salamon has written a book entitled ‘Leading the Public into Emergency Mode’ and describes herself as a ‘climate psychologist’.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Antony Walker “was responsible for providing PR and communications consultancy to the European Commission on environment, information society and social fund policy areas. I was also responsible for supporting DG[*] Environment’s Local Agenda 21 sustainable development initiative.” [*] DG refers to the EU’s Directorate-General for Environment.

As you’ll see, there’s a fine line between Agenda 21/ 2030, or ‘Sustainable Development’ as they like to call it, and the techno-corporate oligarchy behind the 5G roll-out. When Gail met him, Walker was CEO of the Broadband Stakeholder Group; and he remains deputy CEO of TechUK (the Trade & Industry Association of GCHQ and the wider ‘information technology industry’).

Here’s Walker promoting Greta Thunberg’s ‘School Climate Strike’:

Walker’s Broadband Stakeholder Group (BSG) recently published a report tellingly entitled ‘Lowering barriers to 5G deployment’, which makes ‘recommendations’ to industry, central government and local authorities. Seeing as how the BSG is comprised of all of the biggest telecommunications and mobile network providers, you can be sure that their ‘recommendations’ are going to be enshrined in policy by the central government. The BSG report even suggests a dedicated ‘task force’ to hunt down any non-complying local authorities and to make sure that they’re all keeping in line with the government’s desire for the UK to be a ‘5G leader’.

In the course of its 65 pages, the report mentions neither the mounting scientific evidence pointing to serious health implications of microwave exposure for both humans and animals, and especially those used by the 5G infrastructure, nor the multiple surveillance and privacy concerns.

Why? Because the scientists studying and raising awareness of the dangers of the millimetre and microwave radiation used by 5G, are simply the ‘wrong sort’ of scientists – meaning those without their biscuits in the gravy-boat.

They’re getting away with pushing 5G and military-grade ‘smart-grid’ surveillance hardware, by wrapping it up in platitudes about ‘Sustainable Development’ and claiming that we need these technologies for environmental monitoring. Everything from air-quality control to climate prediction and modelling (a quack science if ever there was one). What they fail to mention, is that these applications are secondary to the mass-surveillance and electronic warfare capabilities; and that 5G uses the same hardware (just re-branded) as is currently deployed by coalition forces in the Middle East as crowd control weaponry.

Inclusion = there is no escape!

The Orwellian ‘Digital Inclusion Unit’ (DIU), comprised of Gail, J. D. Fisher (the former Air Force officer who started Gail’s ‘CitizensOnline’ charity) and their whole cadre of industry-sponsored activists and academics, have previously suggested that they, as the DIU, be given powers to “influence the funding streams” of Local Authorities (already strapped for cash and struggling to provide front-line services, like housing and waste collection) as punishment for non-compliance with the central government’s Digital Inclusion Agenda. An agenda, largely written by NGOs and charities like Gail’s who’re funded by internet and mobile phone infrastructure providers.

No doubt similar penalties await any Local Authority who dares to resist the roll out of military-grade surveillance hardware and ‘crowd-control’ weaponry into the residential areas of their constituents.

“A ‘weapons grade’ phone technology (5G) being tested in Cornwall is sparking health concerns – after a spate of suicides at Bristol University.”

Astroturfing for Justice and Money

Professional activism also works in the inverse: lobbying and campaigning within the ‘corporate world’ on behalf of governments and supranational bureaucracies. Gail’s career effortlessly transitions from industry-funded roles to government ones, and more often than not, there is no meaningful separation between the two. An example of this is her involvement with the EU/ UN proxy known as the ‘Tax Justice Network’ (TJN). We’ll be delving much deeper into this subversive economic ‘think-tank’ later on in ‘Red Gail and the Borderless Tax Collectors’; for now, a brief overview of the organisation will serve as a good example of how ‘astroturfing’ works. 

  • A star-struck Gail alongside astroturfer extraordinaire John Christensen.
  • John Christensen, described by the ever-critical Guardian as “the unlikely figurehead of a worldwide campaign against tax avoidance.”

The reason the TJN provides such a good case study is because, whereas many such NGOs go to the trouble of disguising themselves, with the TJN there isn’t even a pretence of separation between them and the EU/ UN, whose people brazenly sit on its board as Trustees and Directors alongside ‘tax justice activists’ who audaciously present themselves as ‘reformed tax avoiders’ – owing to the fact that they previously held high-ranking positions within some of the world’s largest ‘offshore’ accountancy firms.

The TJN’s founder, John Christensen, previously worked for the offshore financial services firm Touche Ross & Co; and for 11 years he was economic adviser to the government of the British Channel Island of Jersey. This is another reason why the TJN and its subsidiary organisations provide such a clear example of what has become known as ‘controlled opposition’ – the process whereby an entity, be it an industry giant or government agency, actually creates and funds its own opposition groups.

Take, for example Greenpeace, whose two largest donors are the Rockefellers (whose money paid for the land on which the UN headquarters in New York was built), and the foundation of Ted Turner, media mogul, largest land owner in the U.S., and creator of Captain Planet, who in 1997 donated 1 billion dollars to the UN. Or the 100+ ‘environmental’, ‘social justice’ and ‘sustainable development’ groups that are funded by the oil barons and arch-eugenicists of the Rockefeller clan.

The most advanced and pernicious form of these tactics is known as ‘astroturfing’, which is the creation of fake ‘grass-roots’ (hence, astroturf) campaigns, then used to push for, or smother authentic opposition to industry and/or government policies and agendas. Astroturfing uses networks of paid, ‘professional activists’ who operate through the various proxy organisations. We hope this demonstrates the cold, calculative efficiency with which these people operate. Anyhow, there’s much more to come on the TJN, in the strand entitled “Red Gail and the Borderless Tax Collectors.”

Throughout this investigation into the creators of Extinction Rebellion, we’ll be delving deep into world of the ‘professional activist’. Along the way we’ll explore many of the think-tanks, NGOs and campaign groups involved in astroturfing the environmental movement, as well as dredging up some of the sharks and bottom feeders that lurk in their depths.

You’ll see many individuals cropping up again and again, with some members of the NGOligarchy presiding over vast constellations of charities, think-tanks and lobby groups, all designed to create the appearance of an organic ‘ground-swell’ of concerned citizens, academics and ‘thinkers’ who all (coincidently enough) push for near-identical policies and reforms; most of which mirror, perfectly, the objectives and policies of the EU, UN and their foundation, trust and funding body puppetmasters. One merely has to look at who funds these NGOs and charities to conduct their ‘research’ and to promote their toothless campaigns or quack economic theories cum technocratic, globalist ideology. Follow the money, as the saying goes!

We’ve traced the development of these ideas within the academic-intelligence apparatus, back to (at least) the early 90s, and to a new generation of internet-savvy intelligentsia – keen to leverage their understanding of emerging technologies by studying their sociological and political implications, and then ‘selling’ what they learn back to the corporate-state (as a means of preserving their monopoly on cultural and intellectual expression, increasingly threatened by the advent of more horizontal, network orientated information technologies). Gail, her mentors and employers, have been on the peripheries of these concepts since their genesis. We will explore these networks more in the strand entitled: Digital Citizenship in the New Dark Age.

BITC’s corporate sponsors from when Gail first joins.
Citizens Online ‘partners’ just before Gail starts to work for them.

Gail Bradbrook has spent the past 18 years on the pay-roll of charities, NGOs and political ‘think-tanks’ (like the Blairite/New Labour IPPR), being funded by J. P. Morgan Chase (which happens to be the UN’s bank), BT, Shell, Microsoft, CISCO, Panasonic, Goldman Sachs, BAE Systems, NEON Communications (whose ‘Director of Global Sales’, Lord Anthony Tudor St John, is heavily invested in 5G technology and also sits as trustee of Citizens Online), IBM, Unilever, N. M. Rothschild & Sons… you name it: the whole ‘in the club’ of corporate funny-handshake hegemony – to give ‘independent advice’ to government and help develop government strategies, policies and to define their objectives.

This, we can prove beyond any doubt: the paper trail exists and will be presented throughout this series – the question which yet remains unanswered is whether or not Gail’s latest project, Extinction Rebellion, should be seen simply as a continuation of this work, or whether she has genuinely ‘gone rogue’ and is now biting the hand that has been (and still is) feeding her, quite handsomely, for the vast majority of her adult life.

This is just the beginning: stay tuned.

Article two, coming soon…
Political Charities and Professional Activism: NGOs for hire.

UN Extinction

It does not matter whether you voted to leave or remain in the EU, we have ALL been conned, lied to and manipulated.

Brexit has also been used as an opportunity to forward the next planned stage of the agenda for globalists.

Our political system is being dismantled to the advantage of the rich and powerful and the detriment of majority. MP,s and people in positions of power have been deliberately chosen and shown to be incompetent, untrustworthy and in some cases, downright criminal in their activities, for a reason. So that the public welcome the disintegration of the political system in favour of a new system.

TruePublica published an article in October 2017 entitled: How Brexit Was Engineered By Foreign Billionaires To Bring About Economic Chaos – For-Profit. Its opening paragraph was:

“far from being the result of representative democracy, this is in fact, a campaign of covert intervention by foreign billionaires to bring about economic chaos in Britain in order to create the circumstances for making huge profits. This is not the stuff of mere conspiracy theories. Clear evidence has emerged that Brexit was engineered and is already proving to be a catastrophe.”

Many voted for or against because they held strong beliefs in one way or another, none could have been aware of the deregulation programme that is about to hit us which will replace the British Constitution.

Brexit was sold to the general public as freedom from EU bureaucracy, but the erosion of public protections put in place over decades to ensure civil liberties was the real goal of the think tanks and billionaires behind the scenes.


The whole sham can be seen by the fact that this referendum broke the EU guidelines on referendums which the UK signed up to in Venice in 2007 on three key counts. 
1) Governments are explicitly instructed to provide detail information laying out all the implications of the vote in full detail long before campaigning begins, so that voters know fully what they’re voting for. This should be in all official languages plus all significant minority languages. This is not a matter of whim but a key requirement.

There were 10 weeks from the call for a referendum to a vote whilst the Scottish referendum was debated in detail for two years

2) In a referendum initiated by the executive (ie the government), Parliament must make it absolutely clear well in advance the course of action it recommends to the public. (Since 500 out of 650 MPs were in favour of remain, it should have been clear what they recommended)

3) The government must also make it very clear to the public whether the result is legally binding or simply consultative.

What has become crystal clear is that the public are being programmed to accept that the only way forward is to riot.

According to the votes, the public is nearly 50/50 in opposition. Divide and rule is the order of the day.

Yet, when we examine the voting process, who was behind it and what it points to, we realise how sinister this whole Brexit agenda really is.

I would like to draw your attention to this video in which I point out that the company behind the voting software, Civica, are also the same company involved in many other ‘reported’ events such as Grenfell, Manchester council during the reported attacks, Brussels airport during those attacks and Westminster council during those reported attacks.

They are also funding the 5G/Smart City agenda, fracking, smart meters and have more financial interests in the UK Infrastructure than in their own country, Canadian Pension funded Organisation- see YT video here –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLhsrVJqODY

Now it transpires that Civica bought the Electoral Reform Services Ltd in December 2018 which manages millions of online votes and petitions .https://www.information-age.com/civica-acquires-ers-group-…/

So the same company can affect the EU referendum votes AND the petition that is being reported to have had 4 million Anti-Brexit votes in just days.

The same company has recently created the Civica Innovation Partners programme which was open to UK SMEs with an innovative solution in the area of machine intelligence, including analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), automation and connected devices. “These emerging technologies are recognised as being critical for the transformation of public services, and form a key part of the Government’s Transformation Strategy”

Do you see how one organisation can not only dictate the overall outcome of the EU referendum, but they can use AI software to create a petition to claim that 4 million people signed an online petition.

By purchasing the Electroral Reform Services just 4 months ago they are in control of Govt online petitions.

Whilst Govt officials claim that leaving Brexit could lead to food shortages, medicines shortages and chaos, the overall plan is to cause the very same, this in turn will put people at loggerheads as to who is to blame, protests could turn to social unrest and hey presto… the plans to bring in foreign troops will be viable, meanwhile all the hard fought rights that we have relied on to ensure our protection from an evil and manipulating minority will be eroded and the global agenda of those who wish to control humanity will be realised.

Do not let them play you like a fool, be aware, community based groups need to discuss in safety, what is REALLY going on and stop our descent into chaos, courtesy of those who plan to bring chaos to further their agenda.

In a recent article, I shared the links to what I believe will be a false flag event on 22nd June 2019 which will occur at Broadgate circle in London. I came to this conclusion by looking at predictive programming by main stream media, an online cartoon in a newspaper depicting the event and many other dots that I have connected.

For the full article please read here; https://www.vigiliae.org/black-jack-and-june-22/

Since publishing this article, I have looked at some of the architecture used at Broadgate circle and compared it others and have found what I believe to be a theme, which makes me suspect even more that this is a site that is destined to become a memorial site of its own.

You can make your own mind up.

The San Juan Holocaust Memorial, completed in 2012, stands directly across the street from the Capitol. The joint project between the government and Jewish community features a sculpture designed by New York-based artists Michael Berkowicz and Bonnie Srolovitz entitled In the Shadow of Their Absence.

At Liverpool Street station in London.

Frank Meisler, the sculptor has his work at Liverpool Street station that was co-commissioned by the Association of Jewish Refugees (AJR) and World Jewish Relief.

This station is 4 mins walk to Broadgate Circle.


Broadgate Circle
EU building resembles Broadgate Circle.

In Prague this statue is also a war memorial.

The statue was created by Ales Vesely and is called the gate of infinity.

It is a 20-metres long statue made of rails. It is a paraphrase to Jacob’s ladder, so there are 36 steps. It is standing on the site from which the Prague Jewish transports were reportedly departed.

It was also commemorating those reportedly exterminated in 1944.

Prague war memorial

Compare this to a tower that has popped up in Broadgate Circle, it is also 20 meters high called Chromorama. It has 35 illuminated light boxes which face strategically in all directions by London-based artist David Batchelor. The tower sits on another box which gives it the same number, 36.

Set within Sun Street Square at the key intersection with Crown Place, this is a new Gateway to Broadgate.

Chromorama at the entrance to Broadgate is 20 metres high and 35 + 1 steps/boxes

British Land, part owner of Broadgate who commissioned the tower, are part of the Global agenda for sustainability.

Another strange sculpture at Broadgate – this features neon pulses.

Notice the two tower -like structures.

According to popular science, this is how you build a Jacobs ladder

Liverpool Street station

The Masonic Temple of Liverpool Street. https://londonist.com/2009/12/in_pictures_the_masonic_temple_of_l

Why are we seeing all these references to war memorials and Jacobs ladder at Broadgate and it,s nearest station Liverpool Street station?

Could this be why the predictive programming points to an event here on June 22nd 2019?