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Not been on the internet much because I want to enjoy each day whilst it is still enjoyable. There is no doubt in my mind what is going on with the CV BS, this will play out in stages.

Firstly they are putting into force, plans they have had for some time, for instance, the idea of no groups of people being allowed to be together in any one place, this is something that have been after for a long time, imagine, no more protests or the possibility of any uprising!

I mean, how is rationing the amount of people who come into any big shop supposed to have any effect?
If what they say is true then it is on surfaces for up to 28 days? Which means that keeping the numbers down is to get people used to being in queues for everything.
Its all BS.
CV will be used as an excuse to get rid of many of the small and medium businesses so that everything becomes produced and created by a very small group of people.

They have been wanting to crash the economy for ages but not wanting to blame the real culprits, the banks, this is the ideal time and with the stupid oaf in number 10 claiming that they only need 12 weeks, er excuse me what?
Has he somehow gained powers of clairvoyance?
Or is this a slip up that they expect to put all their changes into place by 12 weeks?
Apparently, its now impossible to find out how many people die of flu in the UK? Why would that be? Is it because they do want to admit that more die of the flu than CV?
Or will they claim that flu deaths are CV?

This hysteria is being spearheaded by the WHO – part of the UN.
They have wanted their agenda 20/30 for a long time.
Are you not in the least bit suspicious that on the last day of 2019, WHO declare this CV so that 2020 begins with the start of the changes that will bring in the long written agenda?

G. Brock Chisholm was the first Director General of the World Health Organisation (WHO).
Here’s a quote. “To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism and religious dogmas.”

A cashless society is also on the cards… no pun intended! Helped by claims that money spreads disease!
What about the poor elderly people who are being forced to stay at home? How many are going unchecked with no way to access food etc
This is NOT the way to react to a cold/flu folks!

And then there is the vaccine agenda!
They said some 20 years back that the only way for people to accept mandatory vaccination is by world pandemic panicking and that vaccine is now being plugged and will soon be mandatory.
We will all have a certificate to show we have become a fully fledged cattle branded slave to the matrix, if we survive the vaccine that is!


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