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A letter written by Ingrid Dickinson, a member of Bemri.

On 14 Jun 2018, at 10:55, Ingrid Dickenson  wrote:

Dear All

I think we should `all’ be aware of what’s coming for Londoners! I have participated in the Mayor’s consultation process and raised the subject of 5G as a health hazard but the aggressive stance of the 5G/AI industry coupled with the Mayor’s complete ignorance of the health consequences and eagerness to make London the `test bed’ has triumphed. The health effects of the 5G/AI roll-out have not been considered which means that the Mayor’s consultation process is based on incomplete and missing evidence, thereby `informed’ decision making was impossible.

Just listen again to Tom Wheeler’s aggressive stance on and his complete dismissal of `waiting’ for standards and testing . It seems that the Mayor and the UK government agree with him: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5AYRWvjiVg

It really is alarming how we are being railroaded into a future which leaves us powerless, controlled and soon unable to breathe. Forget Climate Change ! 5G with its 60GHz backhaul signal will directly affect the Oxygen molecules in our air and the body’s ability to produce Vit D. It will have a devastating effect on Nature and all wildlife and soon we will experience the `Silent Spring’!

THERE HAS BEEN NO PRIOR TESTING regarding these effects, now also highlighted by wildlife experts ! Isn’t it the public’s right to demand proper testing `before’ such a massive roll-out of the AI/5G system begins ? Are the 180 International Scientists and experts in the field of health who signed the appeal for prior testing not worth listening too? WHERE ARE OUR ENVIRONMENTAL GROUPS and what are `their Experts’ doing other than follow whatever government/industry demands ? Is there no concern amongst them ?

The Mayor makes it very clear inhttps://www.london.gov.uk/what-we-do/business-and-economy/supporting-londons-sectors/smart-london/smarter-london-together

We see London’s future as a global test-bed city for innovation where the best ideas – eg from the AI sector – are developed here with the highest standards for privacy and security, and spread around the world.

This sentence alone is totally misleading! I refer to the recent `Panorama’ program where Fiona Philips demonstrated how the `smart’ system can easily be hacked. Where baby alarms and security cameras can be watched `remotely’ by unknown third parties. Children can be watched in their beds as well as couples in their homes. It was demonstrated that `someone’ in Poland watched an elderly couple through their `security’ camera in their home for FIVE hours. So much for privacy and security !

Has `Public Health England’ conducted `any’ trials re the safety of the smart system when we already know about the health effects of smart meters from International `Health Experts’, disregarded by PHE? Given PHE’s stance on Wi-Fi in school there is little hope that PHE is in any position to conduct proper safety trials before the Mayor unleashes his Frequency Armageddon on all Londoners.

Are we all going to stand by or are we going to speak up and demand prior testing? Those of us who have children/grandchildren owe it to them to speak up!

Ingrid Dickenson
Bio-Electromagnetic Research Initiative

This is the Scariest 3-1/2 minutes you will hear ALL…


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