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In a recent article, I shared the links to what I believe will be a false flag event on 22nd June 2019 which will occur at Broadgate circle in London. I came to this conclusion by looking at predictive programming by main stream media, an online cartoon in a newspaper depicting the event and many other dots that I have connected.

For the full article please read here; https://www.vigiliae.org/black-jack-and-june-22/

Since publishing this article, I have looked at some of the architecture used at Broadgate circle and compared it others and have found what I believe to be a theme, which makes me suspect even more that this is a site that is destined to become a memorial site of its own.

You can make your own mind up.

The San Juan Holocaust Memorial, completed in 2012, stands directly across the street from the Capitol. The joint project between the government and Jewish community features a sculpture designed by New York-based artists Michael Berkowicz and Bonnie Srolovitz entitled In the Shadow of Their Absence.

At Liverpool Street station in London.

Frank Meisler, the sculptor has his work at Liverpool Street station that was co-commissioned by the Association of Jewish Refugees (AJR) and World Jewish Relief.

This station is 4 mins walk to Broadgate Circle.


Broadgate Circle
EU building resembles Broadgate Circle.

In Prague this statue is also a war memorial.

The statue was created by Ales Vesely and is called the gate of infinity.

It is a 20-metres long statue made of rails. It is a paraphrase to Jacob’s ladder, so there are 36 steps. It is standing on the site from which the Prague Jewish transports were reportedly departed.

It was also commemorating those reportedly exterminated in 1944.

Prague war memorial

Compare this to a tower that has popped up in Broadgate Circle, it is also 20 meters high called Chromorama. It has 35 illuminated light boxes which face strategically in all directions by London-based artist David Batchelor. The tower sits on another box which gives it the same number, 36.

Set within Sun Street Square at the key intersection with Crown Place, this is a new Gateway to Broadgate.

Chromorama at the entrance to Broadgate is 20 metres high and 35 + 1 steps/boxes

British Land, part owner of Broadgate who commissioned the tower, are part of the Global agenda for sustainability.

Another strange sculpture at Broadgate – this features neon pulses.

Notice the two tower -like structures.

According to popular science, this is how you build a Jacobs ladder

Liverpool Street station

The Masonic Temple of Liverpool Street. https://londonist.com/2009/12/in_pictures_the_masonic_temple_of_l

Why are we seeing all these references to war memorials and Jacobs ladder at Broadgate and it,s nearest station Liverpool Street station?

Could this be why the predictive programming points to an event here on June 22nd 2019?


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