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It does not matter whether you voted to leave or remain in the EU, we have ALL been conned, lied to and manipulated.

Brexit has also been used as an opportunity to forward the next planned stage of the agenda for globalists.

Our political system is being dismantled to the advantage of the rich and powerful and the detriment of majority. MP,s and people in positions of power have been deliberately chosen and shown to be incompetent, untrustworthy and in some cases, downright criminal in their activities, for a reason. So that the public welcome the disintegration of the political system in favour of a new system.

TruePublica published an article in October 2017 entitled: How Brexit Was Engineered By Foreign Billionaires To Bring About Economic Chaos – For-Profit. Its opening paragraph was:

“far from being the result of representative democracy, this is in fact, a campaign of covert intervention by foreign billionaires to bring about economic chaos in Britain in order to create the circumstances for making huge profits. This is not the stuff of mere conspiracy theories. Clear evidence has emerged that Brexit was engineered and is already proving to be a catastrophe.”

Many voted for or against because they held strong beliefs in one way or another, none could have been aware of the deregulation programme that is about to hit us which will replace the British Constitution.

Brexit was sold to the general public as freedom from EU bureaucracy, but the erosion of public protections put in place over decades to ensure civil liberties was the real goal of the think tanks and billionaires behind the scenes.


The whole sham can be seen by the fact that this referendum broke the EU guidelines on referendums which the UK signed up to in Venice in 2007 on three key counts. 
1) Governments are explicitly instructed to provide detail information laying out all the implications of the vote in full detail long before campaigning begins, so that voters know fully what they’re voting for. This should be in all official languages plus all significant minority languages. This is not a matter of whim but a key requirement.

There were 10 weeks from the call for a referendum to a vote whilst the Scottish referendum was debated in detail for two years

2) In a referendum initiated by the executive (ie the government), Parliament must make it absolutely clear well in advance the course of action it recommends to the public. (Since 500 out of 650 MPs were in favour of remain, it should have been clear what they recommended)

3) The government must also make it very clear to the public whether the result is legally binding or simply consultative.

What has become crystal clear is that the public are being programmed to accept that the only way forward is to riot.

According to the votes, the public is nearly 50/50 in opposition. Divide and rule is the order of the day.

Yet, when we examine the voting process, who was behind it and what it points to, we realise how sinister this whole Brexit agenda really is.

I would like to draw your attention to this video in which I point out that the company behind the voting software, Civica, are also the same company involved in many other ‘reported’ events such as Grenfell, Manchester council during the reported attacks, Brussels airport during those attacks and Westminster council during those reported attacks.

They are also funding the 5G/Smart City agenda, fracking, smart meters and have more financial interests in the UK Infrastructure than in their own country, Canadian Pension funded Organisation- see YT video here –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLhsrVJqODY

Now it transpires that Civica bought the Electoral Reform Services Ltd in December 2018 which manages millions of online votes and petitions .https://www.information-age.com/civica-acquires-ers-group-…/

So the same company can affect the EU referendum votes AND the petition that is being reported to have had 4 million Anti-Brexit votes in just days.

The same company has recently created the Civica Innovation Partners programme which was open to UK SMEs with an innovative solution in the area of machine intelligence, including analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), automation and connected devices. “These emerging technologies are recognised as being critical for the transformation of public services, and form a key part of the Government’s Transformation Strategy”

Do you see how one organisation can not only dictate the overall outcome of the EU referendum, but they can use AI software to create a petition to claim that 4 million people signed an online petition.

By purchasing the Electroral Reform Services just 4 months ago they are in control of Govt online petitions.

Whilst Govt officials claim that leaving Brexit could lead to food shortages, medicines shortages and chaos, the overall plan is to cause the very same, this in turn will put people at loggerheads as to who is to blame, protests could turn to social unrest and hey presto… the plans to bring in foreign troops will be viable, meanwhile all the hard fought rights that we have relied on to ensure our protection from an evil and manipulating minority will be eroded and the global agenda of those who wish to control humanity will be realised.

Do not let them play you like a fool, be aware, community based groups need to discuss in safety, what is REALLY going on and stop our descent into chaos, courtesy of those who plan to bring chaos to further their agenda.


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