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Vaccines Spread Disease

“Yet another documentary proving vaccines are part and parcel of a very clever covert voluntary holocaust. An ancient holocaust model, fortified with propaganda and disguised as free will. How many documentaries proving vaccines are not safe or effective need to be produced? Millions more every day are discovering the truth and once a critical mass is reached very soon, the current systems of government, medicine and science will be wiped from the face of the earth overnight. Documentaries below proving vaccines 1) aren’t safe 2) aren’t effective 3) do not improve immunity and 4) permanently damage each person vaccinated, if they survive the injection. All narrated by medical doctors, scientists, health advocates and outraged parents.” – Jason Christoff (2min 36s clip)

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Queen Elizabeth,s Birthday and Sacrificial Connections

All work and research by Bessie Totten

Please read and share to allow the public to understand the connections being played out.

Green, the color of spring when nature ‘springs’ back to life. On Monday, the day before the first day of the Beltaine ritual ceremonies, which culminate in May Day celebrations, the Green Party thought it would be a good idea to climb onto various statues and put masks on them, protesting against air pollution. This is a bit of a joke, considering the Green Party refuse to acknowledge the chem trails which pollute our air everyday! And now the word is that they are raining down flu virus from the poisoned rain.

Anyhow, this was going on on Monday, note Luke Jones place the mask on Nelsons face. Luke is of course Light, as in Light bringer, as in Lucifer.

The map image is the line from the queens London home in Buckingham Palace, and goes through queen Victoria, who was also masked, who sits under a golden image of the goddess of Victory, Nike, on up the mall, through the majestic pillars of Admiralty Arch and across to Nelsons column, which stands in Trafalgar Square, and where in front of him was placed the Palmrya arch, which was unmasked/unveiled the day after Nelson and Victoria in much pomp and ceremony. The next day queen Victoria died, Victoria Wood, the queen of comedy, and that brought her onto the front pages and news along side Queen Elizabeth on Thursday, the day of her 90th birthday. But then… Shock of all Shocks… Nelson dies!! Prince Roger NELSON died in Paisley Park beside Lake ANN. The singer Prince was known to have spoken out about chem trails, and sang about purple rain, the same poisoned rain that is supposed to be going to give us flu… And they tell us he had FLU! And today while the media share all their images of the queen on her walk about DRESSED IN GREEN.. We will also see images of Prince. It’s a psychological mind f**k… And the masses are its victims… Not to mention the fact that we are ALL unwittingly taking part in their sick birth death rituals. Seriously, what are the chances of this being a coincidence???

We know the significance of the number 33. This is Princes 33rd album, called Lotus flower, which signified an awakening, rebirth. And guess what? It was release on digital on 24th March 2009 (which is an 11, (2+9). It was released in France on 7th September 2009. Any historians recognize these dates? 24th March 1603 was the day Queen Elizabeth l, the Virgin/Serpent queen died, 406years before the release of the Lotusflower in the USA, and it was released in France on 7th September, 476 years to the day from the day she was born in Greenwich (green witch?) London! She died aged 69, which is also the symbol for cancer.

Take a good look… What do you see? What will millions of people across Britain see today as they pass newspaper stands and listen to the media? Two queens, one of comedy, and another of those who allow Elizabeth Windsor into their minds as their queen. Also, one dead and one alive. Victoria Wood was a brilliantly funny and much loved comedian, who brought much laughter to so many since her career began in the seventies. Perhaps it really is sheer weird coincidence that she shares the consciousness of the nation on the day the highest ranking female Freemason in the world has her 90th birthday, but I’m afraid I think it perhaps too much of a coincidence. You see there is a pattern that few have realized, in fact it might just be me, but we have been subjected, subconsciously to birth and death rituals for many years, as I pointed out in my Lilith, the Royal family and the missing children blog four years ago, and since then there have been countless correlations between famous and much loved personalities and anniversaries and birth/death dates of the Royal family.

The royals believe they have a divine right to rule, due to their bloodline, it’s not a secret, it was laid out in her coronation. Armies take oaths to protect her and her heirs… Not their country. She is gods representative on earth… At least she thinks so. Though out her reign we have seen avatars, people who have died when the queen reached a certain symbolic age. It’s as though their deaths somehow rejuvenate the power of the goddess. For example, at the age of 36 a woman is entering into her final mother goddess years, and preparing for life as an old crone from 39 onwards. 36 = 6×6 or 6+6+6 6+6+6. The death of the goddess at this age is very symbolic, and therefore we had the deaths of Diana and Marilyn. Marilyn was born 40 days after the Elizabeth on 1st June 1926. She died when the queen was also 36 therefore. I intend to write much more about her connection to Marilyn in a forth coming blog, but just wanted to make the connection briefly here, and try and explain the concept of spiritual energy vampirism via the use of celebrity lives and death. During the first week of September 2014, two strange deaths occurred, the death of the ‘queen’ of comedy in the USA Joan Rivers, who died after having a throat operation that went wrong, and so her throat we must assume had been cut, and the death of Palmira Silva in London, a lady who we were told via screaming headlines had been beheaded. This led me to investigate Palmira, which it turns out was an ancient city where in a famous temple to the god Baal stood, and the city was sacred to freemasonry. For a detailed analysis of the city of Palmyra I highly recommend the work of researcher and author Ralph Ellis, who realized that the city was built by the exiled, but very wealthy descendants of queen Cleopatra. The bloodlines in charge today believe themselves to be the descendants of her Pharoanic dynasty.

This week saw, literally in a line from the queens London home, the erection of a replica arch from Palmyra standing between the National gallery and Nelsons column. … But back to The first week in Sept. 2014. As I said, the deaths of two women (and this was also the time missing/murdered Alice Gross was in the news), what else was happening? Well it was also the 481st anniversary of the birth of Queen Elizabeth l, the infamous “virgin queen”, whose mother was the beheaded Anne Boleyn. Queen Anne was murdered by her husbands orders on 19th May 1536 (note the 36 again) and historians are not exactly sure of her age at death, but have guessed it to be…. 36! Anne lies under the alter of the church with in the Tower of London, where her body was placed in the Victorian era, and on the 52nd anniversary of the death of Marilyn, Duchess Kate tiptoed through the sea of blood red poppies that surrounded the body of Queen Anne.

One month later, and in the first week of September, along with Joan, Palmira and Alice, we had the announcement of Kate’s pregnancy which produced Princess Charlotte, who is also featured on the queens knee across the nation today. And Victoria Wood? Well Victoria not only had the name of the goddess/Empiress Victoria, which means Victory, she just happened to have been born on the 417th anniversary of the beheading of Anne Boleyn!! I have written before about the significance of the numbers 4 & 8, in relation to the goddess, four and its multiples being goddess numbers, and 417 is a 4 (1+7) 8. Note Victoria was also 62, which is a reversal of the year the queen was born 26. 417 just happens also to be the birthday of Victoria Beckham, born on 17th April, and who is also in the news frequently. Princess Charlotte was born on the 40th birthday of her husband, Jesus David Beckham. Speaking of famous David’s, David Bowie’s last birthday was the day before Kate’s 34th and he died the day after! Let’s not also forget that there were two kings of comedy who died for each of the queens. Robin Williams died just a few weeks before Joan Rivers, and on Monday Ronnie Corbet was buried, and so the uk mourns the loss of the King and queen of comedy, the ultimate fools, as we focus on the old witch in the castle turning ninety!

Well we have Obummer weighing in now! He has come over to stoke up the Staying in Europe debate, which has provoked a response from Boris, who is for leaving, it’s all play acting of course. We won’t be allowed to leave. But let’s also remember, as Obama is in London during this mega ritual week, and no doubt will see the Palmyra arch, as it was cancelled in New York, that he is also an Old King. His days are on the wane, as is his power. This is the year his successor will be put in power. Note the arch of Triumph, contains the name Trump. Note also the name of the underground station that is below the arch, Charring Cross, as in Charred Cross… As in burning cross. I have no doubt, that it will be more than statues of Nelson and Victoria will have masks this week. There will be blood sacrifice underground with the powers that be in cloaks!

Added Info via Sandra Barr.

I have just had a look on Google Earth to see where Prince died. He was found early this morning at his Paisley Park Studios, right next door to the studios is the Temple of Eck! Its a large pyramid topped building, under the pyramid is the Inner Sanctum, with an illuminated 6 pointed blue star…emmm let me think…who else uses a 6 pointed blue star as their main symbol…oh, it will come to me!

From a side angle the blue star looks like a depiction of Baphomet!

The Temple of Eckankar web site sums up their beliefs in this statement: “Your Spiritual Toolkit

Each of us is connected to God through Divine Spirit (the ECK), which can be heard as Sound and seen as Light. Eckankar offers a spiritual toolkit to help you experience the Light and Sound of God.”

Eckankar web site http://www.eckankar.org/whatis.html

On 31 August 2015 the world was told that ISIS had destroyed the original arch in Syria. 31 August 1997 was the day the world was told that Diana was dead, I could write for a week on the links to Diana and ISIS, her one and only official perfume was called ISIS, a huge statue of ISIS in bird form overlooks her memorial in Kensington Gardens.

31-08-1997 – 31-08-2016 = 18 years (6x6x6) The arch was destroyed by ISIS on 31-08-2015, 234 days later the replica arch was erected in Trafalgar Square. 117 + 117 = 234

The official explanation for them erecting this blatant homage to Baal in Trafalgar Square is that the ancient city of Palmyra was liberated by the Syrian army last month, and ISIS was defeated!

Like why would Islamic fundamentalists, who hate everything Pagan, name their army after the most revered Pagan Goddess in the history of the world?

Looking through the replica arch in Trafalgar Square the dome of the National Gallery is viewable from one angle, the dome represents the womb, the sacred feminine, from another angle the huge phallus which is Nelsons column is viewable, so from one angle you see the sacred feminine, and from another the male phallus.

So, on the day that they made this huge statement in London, Prince Rogers NELSON is found

How can one company have so many links to the French Attacks?


Irrefutable evidence points to the Involvement of one company with many subsidiaries in the French Attacks of 13th November 2015. Lagardere is a multi-national company spanning 40 Countries and employing over 30,000 people. It has links to the US Govt, the French Govt,the US Ambassador to France, Qatar, Military defense contractors, Entertainment, including theater, music,actors,journalists, photographers, records, films books, radio stations, TV stations, magazines, Psychology Today, Renault, EADS,Sports sponsorship including many European football teams, TV sponsorship and coverage rights, in fact, every single aspect of the French attacks has links to Lagardere.

The property magnate, financier and publisher Arnaud Lagardère , at the helm of the huge group of the same name (whose main shareholder is none other than the Emir of Qatar), which includes publishing brands as Hachette or Larousse . Lagardère – man of the Rothschild – was also Chief Executive Officer of France Telecom and Louis Vitton (property of Lazard , allies of the powerful bankers-relatives), as well as one of the leading names of the board of Le Monde . The famous Baron Edmond de Rothschild was, since 1989, honorary president of Hachette owned by the father of Arnaud, Jean-Luc Lagardère , who due to his death (in 2003), left to his son his gigantic financial empire, and among other things, was a member of Berlusconi’s property La Cinq , which then Lagardère acquired the entire control.

Arnaud Lagardere is a major donor to the IDF, the notorious Israel Defence Forces who actually exercises the military control of the Occupied Territories in Israel. Just one of the leaders of the IDF has been, for over thirty years, General Daniel (Danny) Rothschild, important heir of the powerful family of Jewish bankers, former right hand man of Moshe Levy and current Director of IPS, the Institute of Policy and Strategy of the Israeli Defense Ministry.

The Bataclan was bought by Lagardere in September, the Bands advertisers, Bandsintown are sponsored by Lagardere.

Quote here “Bandsintown is a concert discovery platform. We exist to let music fans uncover concerts happening by their favourite artists in their own cities. Because of our position in the music industry, we have direct ties to what has happened in France: Eagles of Death Metal are one of our own artists; Bataclan is owned by one of our shareholders, Lagardère group;”

The Football stadium is managed by Sportfive, owned by Lagardere and the broadcasting rights on the night were by TFI, owned by Lagardere. The French and German teams are also linked to Lagardere.

Lagardere is linked to Editis after acquiring 40% of Editis in 2004, formerly known as Vivendi/Universal. Two TV crews, TFI and M6 both linked to Lagardere were embedded in the two fire stations located in the area of the attacks, in Chaligny and Landon during the attacks, why?

The biggest shareholder of the Lagardere Empire is the Sultan of Qatar who it is reported, funds Isis.

The Band involved, Eagles of Death metal, are linked to Lagardere, the advertisers are sponsored by Lagardere, the singer is known as the Devil, his new documentary is called ” Redemption of the devil” and it has been reported that he was singing ” Kiss the Devil” when attacks happened.

EODM also recorded a song called ” San Bernadino Sunburn”.

The Christmas push to get EODM,s cover of Duran Durans, “Save a prayer” to number one is in full swing, the company who have released the tune is UMG a subsidiary of Vivendi of which Lagardere has a 40% stake.

It has been reported that the opening band at the Bataclan was called White lies, they were formed in 2007 and were contracted to Fiction records, which is also owned by Universal. Their first single was “Unfinished business” and “Death” and their debut album was in 2009, called “To lose my life”, the second album was named “Ritual”.

Witness statements from those claiming to be at the Bataclan and other areas attacked that night include:

Sophia Doran: Editor in chief of Luxury society and hospitality events, her managing director is Bertrand Otto, Rothschild’s director of non-banking activities.

Julien Pearce: Radio journalist at Europe 1, owned by Lagardere.

Antoine Leidis; Claimed to have lost his partner, he is an actor and also linked to Europe 1.Was on the news for leaving a personal message to the bombers on FB although he has not been on FB since July.(Lagardere linked)

Julia Molkhou; Reported Witness statements, Also linked to Lagardere via Radio France, actress and looks like the person seen in many False flag attacks.(Lagardere linked)

Daniel Psenny: journalist for Le Monde, provided the footage for the Bataclan.He was reported to have sustained an injury while rescuing a man called Matthew. Matthew was on the road below the World Trade Centre when a plane smashed into the iconic building in 2001 -The 36-year-old, who moved to Paris with his family in July. (Lagardere linked)

Full name is Matthew Goff,(Possibility that he is the manager at Google) Psenny 55, is a TV and media Industry member who specialises in TV fiction. (Lagardere linked)

Patrick Pelloux: columnist for Charlie Hebdo, first doctor on the scene, was given the journalist award in front of Hollande by Lagardere this year, (Lagardere linked)

Helen Wilson: Reportedly survived Bataclan (with Nick Alexander who died. She was shot in both legs). He worked for Universal.

Her catering company just bought her a huge mercedes the day before (pic on her fb page) Her catering company was doing the catering for U2 which is Mercury records. Justin Beiber in March.Madonna in July This was posted on her fb page 12 Nov! (Links to Lagardere via Universal)

The GF of Nick was stated to be Polina (Volkova) Buckley, 25 – who was seen in a touching performance for the cameras at the French Consulate in New York. The Actress is a student at the revered Lee Strasberg Institute of Theatre.( Lagardere link)

Marion Ruszniewski: Claims to be the first person shot, she was the pro rock photographer credited with some pictures of the EODM concert at the Bataclan that night.On her Facebook page, she is writing “Oui, ça va!” – (i.e., that she’s ok) … at 22:40 of November 13. That is to say, within about 45 minutes after she was allegedly shot in her lower back. Plus while the shootings were still on-going! (Lagardere linked)

Journalist Jean-Marie De Peretti is a veteran board member of the “Reporters Sans Frontières” organization.Mr De Peretti claims to have lost his daughter Aurélie in the ‘Bataclan attack’.(Lagardere linked)

Michael O Connor 30 yrs old survivor with GF Sara Badel Craeye, from South Shields, works for Entertainment One and TFI International.(Lagardere linked)

Patricia San Martin Nunez, reported to have died along with her daughter, Elsa Veronique Delplace, claims that they took a five year old to the concert who escaped. Patricia is reported to be the niece of the Chilean Ambassador to Mexico.

Mattieu Hoch reported to have been killed, 37yr old cameraman for France 24 and Channel 7.(Lagardere linked)


As the story goes, 5 other TV journalists / employees lost their lives in the Bataclan:

-Cédric Gomez: journalist at TV Monde

-Mathieu Hoche: journalist at TV France 24

-Grégory Fosse : journalist at TV Canal D17

-Fanny Minot: journalist at TV Canal+

-Maxime Bouffard: TV technician / filmmaker

Germain Ferey reported dead, 36 yr old photographer and film artist.(All Lagardere linked)

Ginnie Watson : Reported to survived Bataclan,Actress, made a record with Universal, (Lagardere linked)

Mark Colclough. A Psychoanalyst witness to Caffe Bon Biere. Claims to have been to a conference, is a member of EFPP which is a Federation for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in Public health Services. Lagardere owns the website and magazine Psychology today.

The Lagardere group has appointed Susan Tolson on its supervisory board in 2014. Her husband is Charles Rivkin who was the former Ambassador of US in France,he also was an Intern at Renault which was owned by Lagardere. He was made a Commander in Legion by Hollande.

He was the Finance chairman for Obama,s 2008 presidential campaign, he was awarded the rank of commander in 2013 by Hollande, he is now the Assistant Secretary of State for Economic and Business affairs in US. Here is a clear link between Lagardere and the US Govt.

On October 6th, the French magazine, Elle, which is owned by Lagardere and the US owned Elle, shared a birthday party at the home of Jane Hartley who is the current US Ambassador to France.

Jane Hartley is married to Ralph Schlosstein of Evercore.

Evercore jointly owns six newspapers in the USA named AMI. American Media Inc.

Evercore partners was founded by the Blackstone group.It was involved in the Bio Attacks Anthrax scare, Swine Flu and Big Pharma.The Senior Managing Director is also the Vice President of the Save the children fund which is asking for people to give money to keep Syrian kids warm.

They also have links to Matra which is a defence contractor.

Lagardere bought out Blue entertainment in 2010, giving them full TV rights to the Boston marathon coverage.

Why has every witness and all the people reported to have been injured or died, have links to this company? Either through Sport, TV, Radio,Entertainment or Govt.

How is it possible that this company has links to the venues, the media, the football stadium, the sponsors, the band, the bands advertisers?


This link proves that Qatar has invested in St Denis since 2012, hence linking Lagardere with St Denis.http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/3…


Occult symbology, Celeb deaths and Steel

To those who do not believe in the connections to Saturn death cults, worship and the celebrity death connections, I suggest you pass this note by. It will not resonate with your thinking in any way, shape or form. Unlike the Saturnalia death cults who rely on dates, shapes and forms to portray an event that symbolizes their agenda and beliefs.

I would first like to bring your attention to the fact that films, media, music etc have always been used by those so called, Illuminated ones, to portray their intentions or rituals. Never more so than during the celebrations of the supposed Christian holidays. Many are already aware that the dates and rituals so frequently used by the unsuspecting masses, are, and always will be, nothing more than an overlay of the rituals of those pagans and Saturn worshipers who have very conveniently encompassed the story of Jesus as the savior, to allow the unsuspecting masses to partake in their own brand of Saturn worship.

This is by no means a conspiracy theory; a little bit of research will soon uncover such a truth.

Stands to reason then, that the same Illuminated ones will use this period to portray to those deemed, in the know, messages through code and through events portrayed in the media.

A media that has been long owned and manipulated by one and the same group.

I would first like to draw your attention to a film created in 2013 called, Man of Steel, another Superman sensation,( the original superman was written by two Jewish writers called Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in 1934) the film has been reported and recognized as a religious allegory of Jesus.

For instance, Superman, real name Kal(EL) which means man -god, leaves his home, starts his mission at the age of 30, is tempted by Lex Luther and is sent to save mankind, ring any bells?

Superman’s father, who was long dead, was said to have sent him to Earth to save humanity, he was named Jor-EL which comes from the Greek name Georgios meaning Earth worker or Earth god, so then we have the death of Greek,George Michael on Xmas day, X being the letter for Saturn.

Why George Michael? Well apart fom the obvious fact that this is symbolic of the death of God, GM also fell out with Sony, hmm, now who else do we know who has fallen out with Sony and died in rather suspicious circumstances?

GM also had hits called Faith and Father Figure, not to mention Last Christmas.

Steel has been in the news rather a lot lately, the so called Berlin market Lorry was carrying a load of steel, the Birmingham, German market was reported to have thrown a ring of steel around it and London was reported to have a “Mile of Steel” planned due to the Berlin attacks! It was even reported in the media that GM celebrated the Blue Triad of steel in his Freedom 90 tour, with three models.

Funnily enough the director of the next “ Man of Steel 2” was reported to have been George Miller (he of Mad Max) who declined the offer.

The Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme was also the Norwegian Minister for International Development and Environment in 2009. His name is Erik Solheim. In 2009, he brokered a deal with the Guyana President,Jagdeo.

Encouraged by Prince Charles, the deal was to create a Low Carbon

Development Strategy that would give Guyana a $250 Million payment to stop Deforestation, which was seen as a measure to combat Climate Change.

Why Norway chose Guyana was a mystery because they had no links nor did Norway have any one on the ground in the Country, it was also a strange place to choose because Guyana had an historically ‘High Forest-Low Deforestation’ record. But Norway did not choose Guyana, Erik Solheim did!

This Strategy involved the building of a Hydro Power Plant Amaila Falls.

The building of which would cause the Deforestation 0f 4,500 Hectares of Forest!

The Strategy was also to involve World Bank, UNDP and the Inter-America Development Bank. The Project was to be developed by Blackstone Group, using their company Sithe Global.

By 2012,$69 Million had been transferred from Norway and $63 Million was still sitting in the World Bank. By 2013, Blackstone had pulled out of the deal when the Opposition Govt in Guyana realised that the Dam would cost somewhere in the region of $1 Billion.

In the meantime, the access road has been built at a cost of $20 Million by a Company who had no experience of building roads, part of which has collapsed, and a report by a consultation group states : The road has led to increased Deforestation with Loggers and created easier access to mining and the exploitation of the Forest, the Dam proposals do not meet the Standards required, does not meet the requirements for low Carbon development and the Community living in the area were never informed of the plans and just removed, while the President of Guyana lied claiming this was something that he had done.

Meanwhile Norway changed its normal policy of taking the money back after a set period of time of non- use, seven years after the initial plan and in 2016 opted to leave the plan in place for three more years.

Meanwhile in 2017, a US Geological Survey on the Guyanes Coast reports that it holds recoverable oil reserves of 13.6 Billion barrels and Gas reserves of 32 Trillion Cubic Feet, production of which is due to begin with Exxon Mobile in 2020.

A clear example how the UN, Govts, Banks and NGO,s use Climate Change as a means to further their agenda and front exploitation of resources.

NB- An Internet search of the UN Executive Director, Erik Solheim, who was responsible for this and the words-NEW WORLD ORDER- show exactly what these people are all about and it has nothing to do with protecting the Environment.



Humanity must join together and rid the planet of this evil parasitic hold that’s destroying not just only our freedoms and free will but all life on Earth as we know it.

  • Hundreds of thousands of species becoming extinct every year.
  • Depletion of the planets natural resources.
  • Radiation still leaking into the planets seas, oceans, land and skies at an alarming rate globally.
  • Destruction of the atmosphere under the guise of saving the planet using the cloak of GEO ENGINEERING and global warming.

When there is simply no need, because the technology is available to provide safe, environmentally friendly solutions and is being suppressed.

There is a dark force at work here, a hidden hand, a hand that is controlling things from the shadows with ill intent.

Controlling the decision makers, decision shapers and leaders of this poor excuse of a society, a society that seems hell bent on the slavery, murder, mind control manipulation, and inhalation of the human race alongside every living thing on earth.

If only the people knew their true power, the power of oneness and perception, the power that every single one of us has within.

World without war, a world without the corporate enslavement of mankind, a world that lives in harmony and balance with nature and all living things, a world that has no fear of tyranny and evil, a world that loves thy neighbour instead of wanting kill them.

Imagine a world free from that!

That’s a world worth fighting for, a world worth fighting for the future generations yet to come!

So just for a moment stop and have a word with yourself and ask yourself this, while your only here for that short dash in time, maybe your purpose In Life is to make the world a better place than to pass it on to the next generation, while enjoying the paradise it once was and can be again. And maybe just maybe humanity can and will find the true nature of itself. (Words written by Jason Nota-founder of REAL CHANGE)