What are DEW? 

directed-energy weapon (DEW) is a ranged weapon that damages its target with highly focused energy including laser,microwave and millimetre waves, particle beams and has the potential to target people,missiles, vehicles and many other devices.

According to Inside Defense website, the Air Force Research Laboratory was looking to contract with industry for research on the bioeffects of radio frequency, high-power microwaves and particle-beam, directed-energy technologies and weapons in March 2019.

AFRL says it is looking to award a contract on August 30 worth $44 million, which will be distributed between fiscal year 2019 and FY-25. The program is being run by AFRL’s Radio Frequency Bioeffects Branch.


Here is a detailed copy of the AFRL research : https://www.fbo.gov/?s=opportunity&mode=form&id=6ee858c17251e99aa0994b51a5036c8b&tab=core&_cview=1

PDF document showing that the US Govt are studying  the full RF Spectrum, full spectrum of bioeffects. 


In the UK,  In 2017, the MoD awarded £30 million (US$37 million) to the British Dragonfireconsortium to build a Laser Directed Energy Weapon (LDEW) Capability Demonstrator, which is expected to begin testing this year, and now three more demonstrator projects have been given the green light.

As well as lasers that can destroy targets with heat and thermal shock waves, the new contracts will include radio-frequency weapons that can disrupt electronics and disable computers. According to the MoD, Britain has been researching radio frequency DEWs for over 30 years and is a world leader in the necessary power generation technologies.


In July 2019, the MOD announced it is seeking to develop three new DEW demonstrators to explore the potential of the technology and accelerate its introduction onto the battlefield.


Considering that the development of remote wireless ultrasound and microwave internal voice transmission, human tracking technologies and the use of such technologies against humans has been substantiated then remote manipulation techniques are in need of scientific and legal investigation with protection.

Whilst the effects have been fully understood and practised for many years,  one has to wonder to what aim is research to the tune of $44 Million between now and the next 5/6 years actually for?

Lowrey patent # 6052336 “Apparatus and method of broadcasting audible sound using ultrasonic sound as a carrier” clearly focuses on non-lethal weapon application against crowds or as directed at an individual.

Normal brain wave patterns can be changed (or entrained), which “may cause temporary incapacitation, intense feelings of discomfort.” Entrainment technique is detailed by Monroe Patent # 5356368 “Method of and apparatus for inducing desired states of consciousness”, as accomplished by an auditory replication of brainwave patterns to entrain the EEG.  Interstate Industries licensed this patent.

The Norris patent # 5889870 “Acoustic heterodyne device and method” produces sound particularly within cavities such as the ear canal.  An individual readily understands communication across a noisy crowed room without nearby discernment. Sound can also be produced from mid-air or as reflecting from surfaces.

Rowan Patent # 4893815 “Interactive transector device commercial and military grade” describes the acquisition, locking onto, and tracking of human targets. Stated therein: “Potentially dangerous individuals can be efficiently subdued, apprehended and appropriately detained.” The capability of “isolating suspected terrorists from their hostages . . . or individuals within a group without affecting other members of the group” is stated. Laser, radar, infrared, and acoustic sensor fusion is utilised to identify, seek, and locate targets. Locking illumination upon the target until weapons engagement accomplishes tracking. Among available non-lethal weapons is an incapacitating electromagnetic painful pulse. Tracking data automatically aims weapons, and the system even provides remote physiological stress assessment during attack. Granted 16.1.1990.

Given the quote by the US Airforce Lt Col John Forsythe reported in the Defense Daily that ” we are not in a war against nations or big armies, we are in a war against individuals” and the spoken words from the former CIA Director David Patraeus who declared at the CIA venture capital firm In-Q-tel conference in 2012, ” items of interest will be, located, monitored and remotely controlled through radio frequencies” and how it will allow them have to have, “near continuous monitoring virtually anywhere they choose which has made them diabolically clever”… then one can only assume that it is the public themselves who are the intended victims of such powerful and dangerous weaponry.https://www.vigiliae.org/759-2/


Allowing a more controlled and directed society dominated by a power elite willing to use the latest modern techniques for influencing behaviour without hindrance.

Dangerous times indeed! 

And in the words of Edmund Burke “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” 






In recent articles, I have pointed out the links between ‘reports’ of mass shooting and the link to the testing or implementation of 5G in its many forms.

Here is a link to that article : https://www.vigiliae.org/false-flags-undeniable-links-to-5g-testing/

Despite concerns from Virginia Beach  leaders about 5G  antennas,dozens of small cell tower applications are currently being approved each month in Virginia Beach. More are expected.

Virginia Beach has five wireless provider franchises and was one of the first cities to adopt laws to allow the roll out.https://www.govtech.com/network/Virginia-Beach-Leaders-Have-Concerns-About-5G-Antennas.html

The office that oversees the applications and permits for the roll out of the small cell towers has 60/90 days to allow the permit for small cell towers and after this any delay means that it can be granted under state law.

Cue the need to stall for time!

The very office that grants the permits was reported to have a mass shooting that slowed down the process for some time afterwards.

The lengths they will go to, to get 5G rolled out?


And we have the obligatory drill taking place at the same time! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmT_T2_Mzuk&fbclid=IwAR2zMq_yl0WmROCCa0Ma0muRt2MBXbn6wjjBbLsqW961O2LYN9cJJvoCfSs

Meanwhile the top 3 executives of the Virginia state government were being investigated at the same time. Avoiding resignation in order to be complicit in a false flag event. And using the media to  put more coverage and attention on mass shootings to help them push their anti-gun agenda?

Clearly the timing of this event was crucial for political reasons but the venue? An obvious bonus for the 5G pushers !


Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)  can take advantage of the capabilities provided by 5G technology. In particular, UAVs are expected to be an important component of 5G networks implementations and support different communication requirements and applications.


According to companies such as Qualcomm, when 5G gets to your neighbourhood, you might be getting your packages – or even pizzas – delivered by drones. The network will enable a multitude of autonomous drones to navigate your local skies safely, and even send notifications to your devices announcing their arrival.https://www.qualcomm.com/news/onq/2016/11/14/drones-5g-skys-limit

UAVs working together with 5G can potentially facilitate the deployment of standalone or complementary communications infrastructures, and, due to its rapid deployment, these solutions are suitable candidates to provide network services in many scenarios.

This research article covers:

An NFV-Based Energy Scheduling Algorithm for a 5G Enabled Fleet of Programmable Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. 


Meanwhile a company called http://www.psibernetix.com/ have overcome one of the main obstacles to artificial intelligence getting inside a human’s decision cycle: its ability to accept enormous amounts of data from a variety of sensors, process it and make decisions rapidly.

Software called  ALPHA  can handle over 150 inputs including “all positional, velocity, and acceleration states, estimated missile range data, visibility of each platform, bogey ratio, and number of shots taken by hostile platforms.” The system also controls “the motion and firing capabilities of each  drone/aircraft, with control over more complex sensors planned for future work.”

Drones are becoming more and more powerful. In recent years the possible altitude, range, endurance, air speed and precision of navigation has risen appreciably. In addition, they can transport increasingly more mass.


Most drones are radio-controlled and can be detected with radio sensors. But there are also self-sufficient drones that are automatically started by timers and therefore cannot be detected by means of radio sensors. Apart from visual-optical and infrared sensors, radar technology can also be used, as in the ORAS project of the Fraunhofer FHR. Millimetre wave radar is ideal for monitoring in the immediate vicinity. Unlike cameras, radar is an active sensor that “illuminates” the scene independently and therefore works reliably even in the dark, rain, fog, dust or smoke. Such a system can be permanently installed or employed on a mobile basis. https://www.fraunhofer.de/en/research/current-research/defense-against-drones.html



Drones can also be used  as a way to monitor what we do and where we are. North Yorkshire County Council intend to use drones to spy on people to see if they breach any planning controls and many other councils are following suit. https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1120511/drones-councils-North-Yorkshire-council-spy-on-homes-Gatwick-Heathrow-airport

Is 5G about to enable a ‘dystopian’ ‘Big Brother’ nightmare?

In November 2018, an  Israeli Technology show at the 5th International Homeland Security and Cyber Exhibition exhibited technology that can listen to private conversations when dozens of others are talking in a room, and pick any presence through thermal imaging.

Out of the top 500 cyber companies in the world, 354 are American but Israel is second with 82 – 40 of them registered in the US for tax reasons but nevertheless working in Israel.


The latest US Pegasus drone version is  practically invisible to the naked eye once it’s up in the air. Once programmed it can take off, fly thousands of miles, kill whoever, fly back and land itself without any human interaction.

It’s been coded to be able to bypass laws which state that a human must give a “kill” order in an adaptive situation (as it’s been deemed less likely to make a mistake) and on top of that they receive supplemental orders and information directly from other machines in which to based their actions upon that totally bypasses any chain of human command.

How long before this same technology is used in drones  to wipe out whole areas of people deemed to be renegades?

5G brings with it a whole plethora of dangerous technology that benefits only those in control. Allowing a corrupt and immoral system to thrive with no dissidents.







Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport
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Government to boost 5G and simplify planning to support mobile deployment


£40 million is to be invested in 5G testbed and trial projects across UK industry as part of Government plans to improve mobile connectivity.

Previous investment in the 5G testbeds and trials programme has driven work in the healthcare, tourism, transport and broadcasting sectors. The latest investment will support similar work in the logistics and manufacturing sectors.

Projects will trial ways which can help these sectors increase their productivity and output, boosting the UK economy. The trials could cover different manufacturing processes as well as across road, air, and sea based freight logistics.

The funding was announced by Digital Secretary Jeremy Wright at the 5G World Conference as part of London Tech Week. The latest round of investment is through the £200 million project to test 5G technology that’s up to ten times faster than 4G and able to support more than a million devices per square kilometre.

Digital Secretary Jeremy Wright yesterday said:

As part of our modern Industrial Strategy, we’re making sure that Britain has a telecoms infrastructure that is fit for the future.

5G is about more than mobile phone consumers having a fast and reliable connection anywhere in the country. It’s a vital piece of technology that can be used to improve the productivity and growth of our industrial sectors. That’s why we’re excited to develop new trials in areas such as manufacturing and logistics that can really benefit from 5G.

In addition to the new funding, the Government has confirmed that it will consult on proposals to simplify planning processes in England to both support the further roll-out of 4G and aid the faster introduction of 5G.

Hamish MacLeod, Director at Mobile UK, yesterday said:

Getting the planning system right for future 5G and today’s 4G networks is critical to ensure the UK continues to lead the world in digital connectivity. It is right that the Government has announced it is to look at simplifying planning processes and we stand ready to work in partnership to ensure this can happen as quickly as possible to aid the continued rollout of mobile networks.

This is part of the Government’s long-term strategy for meeting its digital connectivity targets, outlined in the Future Telecoms Infrastructure Review.

The plans involve tackling barriers to deployment and creating the right conditions for investment to deliver better network coverage that supports the way we live and work today.

A key part of this is making new spectrum available to increase capacity for mobile connectivity. The Ministry of Defence, in partnership with DCMS, has committed to making 168MHz of new spectrum available to facilitate the deployment of fixed and mobile networks.

This means the Government has already exceeded its target to make 500MHz of public sector spectrum available for commercial use by 2020, and will continue to work with departments to explore opportunities for more spectrum to be made available.

Notes to editors:

  • We expect a public competition to launch later this year for bids to be made for the next testbed and trials in 5G. The competition will be open for bids from across the whole of the UK.
  • The recent release by the Ministry of Defence of 168 megahertz in the 8 gigahertz band, puts the total spectrum released under PSSRP at 552 MegaHertz.
  • The Government has undertaken a thorough, evidence-based and hard-headed review of the 5G supply chain to ensure the secure and resilient roll-out of 5G. Throughout the review, we have consulted extensively with industry and have been clear from the start on their need to comply with the government’s final decision which will be published in due course.



In this Ofcom document, they clearly state that the dangerous Millimetre waves technology using 26 GHz will NOT mention what applications it will be used for.

Enabling 5G in the UK
1.15 High-frequency (mmWave) spectrum which, to date, has not been used to deliver mobile services, is likely to be used to support new 5G applications, in particular those that require high capacity and very low latency by both MNOs and other players.

6 Latency is the amount of time between a command and its corresponding action, 5G will make this delay unnoticeable.
1.16 While responses to our 26 GHz call for input indicated that the band is likely to be become important for 5G, many suggested that it is too early to say how the band will be used, and for what purposes. We will continue to collate evidence from stakeholders across different
sectors and continue our engagement internationally to inform our understanding given the wide international interest in using high frequency spectrum for mobile. We are particularly keen to encourage trials at 26 GHz, the 5G mmWave pioneer band.