A Surrey University study implies that millions of trees would have to be cut down to ensure continuous signalling for self-driving buses, cars and trains.:

Brown, Tim, Michael Fitch, David Owens, Simon Saunders, Andy Sutton, and Stephen Temple. 5G Whitepaper: Meeting the Challenge of “Universal” Coverage, Reach and Reliability in the Coming 5G Era. Publication. Institute For Communication Systems, University of Surrey. 5. Accessed February 5, 2019. https://www.surrey.ac.uk/sites/default/files/2018-03/white-paper-rural-5G-vision.pdf.

“Having adjacent trees and or building at comparable heights to the mast can reduce coverage by as much as 70% in that direction, which is not in the interests of the operator, the local planning authorities and more importantly the mobile phone user. This is the source of many of today’s mobile coverage issues. for consumers in many rural locations.”

3.1 Mast height at tree level as a limiting factor on reach and reliability New ways for local planning authorities to work with mobile network operators offers huge future opportunities for local communities to benefit from a leap forward in rural coverage. In the past the priority for planning authorities has been to reduce mobile mast heights so that masts are visually screened by buildings and/or trees – with trees being the highest and more likely obstruction. However this also screens the RF signals and has defeated the objective of reliable coverage as illustrated in figure 3. The curves plotted in the diagram show how increasing the tree height above the line of sight from the base station and further into what is known as the “Fresnel zone” of the propagation channel will cause substantial diffraction or shadowing loss. To avoid this shadowing loss and be outside of the Fresnel zone, it is necessary for the tree height to be at least 3m less than the base station height.

A Freedom of Information request by the Sunday Times found that more than 110,000 trees had been cut down by UK councils between 2015 and June 2018.

Reasons given range from the well-intention ed (preventing wheelchairs from passing, need to put in a new bus lane) to the dubious (it’s cheaper to cut the trees down than not to) to the inane (they were getting in the way of our lawnmowers).

It is NO surprise that the three areas named are also the areas that were having 5G testbeds and trials.

A company called Amey have cut the trees down in Sheffield.

In a background paper on smart cities put together  by the United Kingdom’s Department for Business Innovation and Skills, ARUP estimates that the global market for smart urban systems (including transport, energy, sanitation and healthcare) 

 It is already a £280m market that will grow to £1tn by 2020, according to UK government estimates. The UK’s share of this global market is estimated at 10%. other words, it’s a huge market opportunity.

One such company is Design for Social Change. (D4SC) is an urban innovation company based in London, Bangalore and Berlin. It develops collaborative urban technologies to co-create smarter cities. It was incorporated in the UK in 2013.

City authorities in Malaysia, Portugal and Denmark are exploring using D4SC’s citizen engagement and smart city planning.

According to D4SC founder Priya Prakash, one of the company’s most successful initiatives has been Changify SmarterStreets, a next-generation data platform that combines bottom-up citizen data – what he calls “little data” – with top-down statistical and historical city data (big data) to co-create smarter cities in real time.


“We are technically piloting this in Plymouth with an active local community of cyclists and local Amey maintenance crews to co-create intelligent service provisioning for road infrastructure through real-time feedback loops using social media,” says Prakash.

“This pilot is trialling a new bottom-up, citizen-driven approach using crowdsourcing, sensor data and voting. It could change the way that highways issues in cities can be managed.”


Proof that the same company is chopping down trees in Sheffield.

The fellings are part of a 25-year, £2.2bn PFI contract. Signed in 2012 between the Labour-led council and a private company, Amey, the Streets Ahead programme is intended to upgrade “the condition of our city’s roads, pavements, streetlights, bridges …” – no small feat in a place that was known as “pothole city”.

The contract has serious implications for the city’s 36,000 roadside trees, which have in effect been privatised until the late 2030s. Amey, a subsidiary of the massive Spanish company Ferrovial, has so far removed around 5,350, including oaks, elms and limes.

Urban Institute and Amey join forces for Smart Urbanism Experiments 


On the 17th June 2019 Amey won funding from Innovate UK, the agency financing the Smartcity/5G roll out in the UK to  collect real time data from the railway infrastructure with Network Rail using AI drones.https://www.amey.co.uk/media/press-releases/2019/june/ameyvtol-set-to-revolutionise-robotic-data-capture-from-the-skies/
Network Rail planned the  chopping of trees (which is a  proposed five-year ‘enhanced clearance’ programme) which could see  trees chopped along 20,000 miles of track.  https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/may/09/revealed-network-rails-new-800m-scheme-to-remove-all-leaf-fall-trees?CMP=share_btn_fb 

The public is being asked for views on proposed changes to the planning system to allow 5G equipment to be installed on the Isle of Man.

The seven-week public consultation on the Telecommunications Development Order launched earlier this week.

The consultation document says the changes are needed to allow for the delivery of fibre optics and 5G mobile to Manx residents.

Full article :https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/consultation-seeks-views-on-installing-5g-equipment/?fbclid=IwAR3BbqZs12y_M2ijXbTNKROOnFGJjk97141Mh3fPA 

Early last year I contacted David Webb, I asked him his thoughts on Gateshead lampposts emitting 5G signals. Davis Webb was a member of an organisation called BEMRI. He had been carrying out electrical surveys since the 70s. 

That correspondence was shared in a  YT video that I created.

Now while it is true that I did not contact the organisation via their website, all correspondence with this individual were always on behalf of the organisation according to Mr Webb and he even went as far as to ask me NOT to make his name public but to only use BEMRI in public as this would help people understand what the organisation were about.


These test results were made public in May 2018.  They shown that the lampposts were NOT 5G as Steele claimed and it was also noted that the equipment used by him was insufficient for the task. Some six months later and I contacted Mr Webb to ask him to give me the full summary of the survey as up to that point (as can be seen in the video) he stated that he wanted to keep it simple.

During the time of this survey  he informed me that he had written up a report for BEMRI and he read it out to me on the phone.

He agreed to give me that. The very next day on  the 17th October 2018 he emailed me 

After discussing this with the rest of the group it was decided it was not in the best interests of Bemri to make any public comments regarding Mark Steel. Therefore I must ask you not to publish any of the content I have just written. Sorry about this but I can’t go against the wishes of other members.

As you can clearly see he is informing me that BEMRI have asked him NOT to comply with my request. I informed him that I did NOT want any comments about Steele, just the report and that if he refused to give it then I would just make all the emails public.

In March 2019, it was brought to my attention that BEMRI had issued a public statement saying that they were NOT responsible for any survey in Gateshead.

I wrote to the founder and asked her why she had done such a thing when Mr Webb had corresponded with me as a member and also if he was acting on his own behalf, or as an independent person, why did BEMRI feel that it was in their best interests to ask him NOT to allow any public statements?

Surely they could have stated that he could release that information but only as an independent survey and NOT advised him to refuse to cooperate with me?

I was advised that should I say anything detrimental against BEMRI that I would face legal action, I am not saying anything detrimental in public, I am merely showing the emails that show that Mr Webb, as far as he was concerned was surveying as a member of BEMRI and was liaising with the group.

The request for the full survey results that he had given BEMRI was NOT met with,”What results?” It was met with, I cannot comply as the group do not wish me to.

Further emails with the founder of the group were answered with, there was no recollection of any survey results being given to them. So if there were NO survey results given to BEMRI, why was Mr Webb advised  not to comply?

I was also informed that this woman did not know who Mark Steele was.

This was an email that the founder of BEMRI was CC,d into in March 18th 2019.

Sent: Monday, March 18, 2019 2:33 PM

Subject: Re: 5G specifications


Hi Joseph,


 I believe as did Alasdair with reference to his previous outburst [email enclosed] it is best to ignore him.


We have nothing to retract unlike him who claims Bemri is  part of WHO and also connected to Cancer UK and these part of a number of false statements he personally made. Each time,  he and his brother hide behind dark specs. What are they hiding from?


Anyone viewing our website and my leaflets can  see where we stand on 5G and rest of EMF pollution which he so far  fails to mention.  One thing for  sure he is no RF expert as he claims, being unable to use a basic RF meter. His on line video of him using a meter clearly proves that part.  Anyone’ calling themselves expert in any field is suspect in my book.


He will likely get caught out eventfully, but frankly he is not worth the effort of confrontation.



So emails to me on the 29th March 2019 which is some 11 days after this email was sent,claiming that this woman does not know who he is seems rather odd. In this email Mr Webb clearly states that BEMRI have nothing to retract.


Mr Webb also sent this:

   This email arrived soon after a loud abusive and quite ridicules phone call from Mark Steel this morning. He more or less accuses Alasdair and me of being responsible for the harm and deaths 5G cause or have so far caused –  a slanderous statement [among others] from someone who had before suggested  Alasdair or I didn’t  know what we were talking about.   


 Alasdair and I have nothing to retract as we didn’t suggest 5G is not  harmful or at any time suggest it’s not tested within the UK.  The information within the attachments we sent Mark last May  contains details of the LED lighting Mark had claimed produced 5G. and incidentally, I had not denied sending it as he suggests.  It appears he listens to those who agree with him but discussion is not on the table.  


The RF meter Mark had used to supposedly ‘specifically’ measure 5G cannot pick up millimetre waves or ‘specifically’ register it as 5G-4G- 3G or 2G but simply monitor a range of  RF frequencies [app., 50MHz – 3.5GHz]   Therefore, apart from registering power density from the strongest signal, one cannot claim it came from a particular source or at which frequency.


Suggest Mark listens to others with far more experience, controls his ego –  but  keep up the good work!



So Steele is then seen to try and get the person who tested the lampposts to retract his statement in the email below.


—– Original Message —–

From: Mark Steele

To: David Webb

Sent: Monday, March 11, 2019 11:37 AM

Subject: FW: Info


David Here is the e mail that you have denied.

I demand a retraction.   5G is an indictable offence and the people will have justice. The continued deception shows INTENT to harm. The retraction so that we can post this to the public so that the statement made and now used by industry to attack our campaign to stop 5G can be halted.

No retraction from you and Alisdair will prove either way what your intentions are in relation to this..


It was during this time that BEMRI made a public statement that they were NOT responsible for the test results.

Anyone who wishes to challenge what I have written here is quite welcome to, all the emails are going to be forwarded to a legal representative.

Mark Steele and John Kitson are now making it known in public that BEMRI were NOT involved in the survey results after getting a retraction from them, and Mr Webb  retired just days after these emails.

I will leave it up to the viewer to make their minds up about what has just occurred, needless to say, no matter who was or was not involved, tests proved that Gateshead lampposts were not 5G and the equipment that Steele used was insufficient, of that there is no question. 

In the meantime 5G is being rolled out all over the place and yet all the focus is on Gateshead which is NOT 5G, now why is that? Why do all the places that ARE being tested with 5G get ignored? We have a very succesful campaign that is highlighting the dangers of 5G via leaflets etc on FB : https://www.facebook.com/groups/103607877050676/ and this website is full of info on who is responsible, where it is rolled out and who is financing it and yet Steele and co call me a 5G denier?

They claim I work for MI5 even though I have shown the work that I have been involved with for the past decade which includes charity and awareness.

Steele has been involved in selling his Smart wares on the Israeli Homeland Security website and openly advertises the agencies pushing the smart agenda and has collaborated with the local council on a smart specialisation programme for funding for 2014-2020. Does not take many brain cells to work out what is REALLY going on here. 

Posted by Ann Marie Carey on Monday, 1 April 2019



The World Health Organization has listed Nipah virus as an emerging pathogen likely to cause major epidemics or even pandemics and stated that “A therapeutic treatment for Nipah virus disease is urgently needed.”

Meanwhile Gilead Sciences, a California based Biotech company is conducting phase 2 trials of Remdesivir in Liberia and Guinea on supposed Ebola victims. They now claim that this same drug is also a good candidate to be used on the Nipah virus.

By injecting some monkeys with the Nipah virus and claiming that the ones who did not have Remdesivir died, now constitutes a new breakthrough?


In 2017,they collaborated with these partners to conduct nonclinical and clinical research advancing the development of investigational agent remdesivir (GS-5734):

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) We continued an existing collaboration with NIAID in Liberia on testing remdesivir in Ebola survivors. The study expanded to Guinea in early 2018. United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases In collaboration with the United States Department of Defense, we have demonstrated the efficacy of remdesivir in the lethal nonhuman primate model of Marburg infection with similar efficacy as against Ebola. We filed an Investigational New Drug application with the FDA to conduct clinical trials for Marburg virus infection in February 2018. United States Centers for Disease Control In collaboration with the CDC, we have published a full broad-spectrum antiviral profile using in vitro data of remdesivir that includes not only Ebola, but also other pathogenic filoviruses (namely Marburg), coronaviruses (MERS, SARS) and paramyxoviruses (measles, Nipah, Hendra)



This company is no stranger to law suits for false claims involving secret and unapproved ingredients. In which the Federal Govt purchased for $5 Billion. https://www.forbes.com/sites/erikakelton/2017/09/26/revival-of-gilead-whistleblowers-lawsuit-should-stoke-fear-in-big-pharma/

Gilead also had two whistleblowers who spoke out about the ingredients in HIV medications and yet ironically, one of the directors, Richard Whitley, is the chairman for the NIAID HIV vaccine data safety and management board.

Reports that Gilead are having financial problems just months ago https://www.barrons.com/articles/gilead-sciences-stock-is-sinking-after-its-earnings-fell-short-of-expectations-51549383772?refsec=biotech

And who decides who IS an EBOLA victim or who has died from Ebola in these countries?
A point-of-care test developed by OraSure with support from BARDA, and authorised for emergency use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

These rapid diagnostic tests provide results in minutes, giving responders the information they need to make more effective decisions.

OraQuick® HCV Rapid Antibody Test
OraQuick® HCV Rapid Antibody Test

The OraQuick® Ebola Rapid Antigen Test has been granted an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for the following two uses:

A. For presumptive detection of Ebola Zaire virus in whole blood specimens from individuals with signs and symptoms of Ebola virus infection in conjunction with epidemiological risk factors (including geographical location with high prevalence of Ebola infection)

B. For detection of Ebola Zaire virus in cadaveric oral fluid specimens to aid in diagnosing Ebola Zaire virus as the cause of death in order to make informed decisions on safe and dignified burial procedures to prevent transmission of the Ebola Zaire virus in the community.

The OraQuick rapid Ebola antigen test is the first point-of-care Ebola virus testing device to receive BARDA support.

The contract was awarded under Solicitation Number: BAA-13-100-SOL-00013

So once again, the reported numbers of Ebola victims will be claimed using test equipment that has been funded by BARDA.

Many people in and out of the medical community were shocked to read in an articlepublished in 2015 in the medical journal the BMJ that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) takes funding from industry.

Both Gilead and Orasure are corporate members of the Viral Hepatitis Action Coalition along with other pharma companies formed with the CDC Foundation which donated $26 Million dollars to the CDC.
CDC’s recommendation that everyone born between 1945 and 1965 be screened for the hepatitis C virus has been challenged because every corporate member produces products to test for or treat hepatitis C infection. https://www.minnpost.com/second-opinion/2015/05/revelations-cdcs-industry-funding-raise-questions-about-some-its-decisions/

These levels of industry funding and influence within agencies that declare pandemics is a total conflict of interest.

The revolving door of pharma executives and Govt agencies is also highly suspect.

The chief patent officer of Gilead serves on the US Govt Industry Trade Advisory committee and other advisory boards.

Another director, George Shultz is an ex US Secretary of State whilst John F Cogan holds positions in US Govt as Assistant Secretary for policy in the US and deputy director in the US office of management.

This was the headline in an Indian newspaper today. 5-6-19

Kerala confirms 1st Nipah infection in India this year. A 23 yr old student reported to have tested positive, 5 more are suspected to have Nipah due to being in contact with him including nurses whilst 311 people have been identified as being indexed to have had contact. (Yes, they do love their numbers!)

Read more at:

I have pointed out in research at the beginning of the year that 2019 would be the year of another fake pandemic and also the links to the Nipah virus encoded into the London marathon.

Expect to hear a lot more from the new kid on the block called ‘Nipah’.

The vaccination programme in the very state that Gilead operate in, California, has now made vaccines mandatory with fines and jail sentences.


There is an organisation called Gavi: Global Alliance for vaccines and immunizations that was founded by Bill Gates, So countries and organisations pledge millions to GAVI to roll out vaccinations programs worldwide.

The UK govt pledged about one and a half million from about 2000 to 2015, for 2016 to 2020 they have pledged a billion pounds! Yet after that from 2021 to to 2032 there are no pledges. Other countries have quadrupled pledges in that same period, and some countries like China, Saudi,Italy and Qatar, have all pledged money for that period only, 2016 to 2020.

The JCVI : Joint committee on vaccines and immunisations advises the UK govt and in 2009 they passed a new law to say that the govt HAD to act on any proposals that this group pushes, and of course they are linked to big pharma.

Of course we all know that viruses are manufactured -genetically modified to create sickness in the body which is why Jane Bergermeister went to court and blew the whistle on Baxter International who had contaminated swine flu vaccines with the swine flu.

A man called Dr Joseph Kim, who teamed up with his university lecturer called Professor Wiener, who is the leading DNA technology inventor, created a few companies one was called Inovio, in which the Professor was the chairman.

Dr Kim was funded by Merck for his education, he produced something called PCV2 which is Porcine Circovirus, they were working on a veterinary drug that would help pigs escape a wasting disease.

So this was evaluated by the Dept of Homeland Security and Plum Island animal research, this DNA plasma for pigs had approval in 2005, in the same year, the swine flu vaccines were filing for a patent.
In 2009 Dr Kim’s company was filing with FDA to start trials on humans for the swine flu.

What is crazy is that his partner Prof Wiener is not only the worlds DNA technology expert but he is also a special employee and adviser to the FDA.

A couple of years after they were given the patent for this pig DNA vaccine using PCV2 that same ingredient was found to be in Merck’s Rotarix vaccine for diarrhoea and GSK vaccine rotateq for diarrhoea.
Now how does pig virus magically turn up in a vaccine for diarrhoea?It doesn’t! It gets put there. And what is unbelievable is that even though both vaccines were suspended and it transpired that all the vaccines for 2 years had been contaminated , the FDA suspended them for a few months then let them carry on.

The Information about the two drugs being suspended was found on the
Med worm website and the article was written by Dr Kim.

So we can see how geneticists using scientists are tampering with the building blocks of our existence and what is disturbing is that Prof Wiener is a HIV pioneer and we know that soon after the Polio vaccines were given to millions in Africa that HIV emerged.

They have perfected the art of injecting animal or bird DNA into human chromosomes which alters our DNA and causes things like haemorrhaging, fever, cancers and even death.
With Polio, genetic analysis has shown that mutated viruses from the vaccines has caused 7 separate outbreaks of polio in Nigeria, when polio could be wiped out easily by cleaning and removing sewage from water and the environment. The Polio vaccines paralysed the kids in Africa.

The Spanish Flu of 1918 was the after affect of the massive nationwide vaccine campaign. It suddenly struck just after WW1 ended.

It is clear that Govt agencies, pharma companies and so called scientists and doctors are creating the conditions for the next pandemic called Nipah and it is best that we NIP that in the bud!

Wi-Fi transmission at 2.4 GHz even at very low power densities affects the water molecules in our tissues and particularly in the brain and central nervous system. It causes accelerated wear and tear on our cells and dissolution of cell membranes.

The result of this inevitably is provocation of chronic illnesses both physiological and psychological. In assessing the potential health risks of 5G, the government has safety guidelines which claim that:

1. There are no proven health effects from current levels of radio frequency radiation.

2. There are no health effects other than thermal effects. From these positions, the government concludes that radio frequency radiation, including 5G RF radiation, poses no perceived

threat to health. this is totally incorrect and that it has been scientifically proven, repeatedly, that radio frequency radiation well below guidelines, and related to non-thermal effects, can inflict biological harm.

A large body of research, going back at least as far as the 1950s, has shown that RF radiation causes negative biological effects.

With 5G antennae… ‘We can expect humans to suffer from massive increases in blindness, from cataracts, macular degeneration and retinal detachment. and a host of health related problems such  as hearing loss, very large increase in male infertility, melanoma skin cancer; peripheral nervous system impacts with neuropathic pain. Impacts on immune cells; impacts on red blood cells leading to very low oxygen in the tissues and impaired transport of nutrients in the tissues. The impact on insects, including bees and other pollinators, on birds, small mammals, almost all the plants, will be even more severe than the impact on humans.’

The Electronic Communications Code was replaced on 28 December 2017 with a brand new Code, designed to support the rollout of a  telecommunications network throughout the UK,the government has reformed the existing Code and introduced the new Digital Economy Act 2017.

  1. The new Code expands on the rights already granted to telecom operators.
  2. The new automatic rights for operators to upgrade, assign and share the use of apparatus.

Aside from the lack of financial benefit, landowners will also face various practical challenges if operators choose to exercise these rights. This could include problems with roof overloading if extensive additional kit is installed, security issues with maintenance personnel trying to access parts of their properties and, generally, a feeling of a lack of control over who is occupying their property.



The addiction to mobile phones is the hook that they are using to get this smart city agenda up and running, people are under the mistaken view that there is no other way than to use 5G to deal with faster downloads and better connectivity, but this has been proven to be false information as shown by the ex Director of OfCom,  Prof William Webb.


There already exists, software called Odent, which stands for Optimized Data Environment for Network-Centric Operations-T that is available from a company called TIMMES,  which is a mobile data compression and transport acceleration technology designed to improve the efficiency of the RF spectrum and reduce the wait time at the cellular handset.

At minimum they have the capability to make the average of 15 customers (Android mobile phones) Data Footprint requirements on your network look like ONE cell phone on average.


CIA Involvement.

The CIA are responsible for funding many of the companies that have created software and hardware for 5G applications https://www.vigiliae.org/759-2/

The CIA uses its venture capital company In-Q-Tel to fund 5G companies, a partnership between the CIA and private companies.

Qualcomm is the leading developer of microchips and processors for mobile communication networks, they developed the first generation of 5G after buying out an Israeli company called DesignArt in 2012. Qualcomm is just one of many companies connected to the CIA.