Astroturfing the way for the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Chapter 1

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Introducing Gail Bradbrook, professional activist

In order to understand an organisation or entity, one must first come to an understanding of its founders. Dr Gail Marie Bradbrook, along with Julian ‘Roger’ Hallam, appear to be the two primary instigators of the Extinction Rebellion (XR) movement.

The following is an investigation into Bradbrook, her background, professional associations, ideology and influences.

Screenshot from the transcript of a speech given by Dr Gail Bradbrook at a joint IPPR & Oxford 
Internet Institute conference, 12/4/04, entitled ‘Whose Responsibility is Digital Inclusion?’. [Link}
Gail’s profile on, now taken down as of late 2018.

Gail and the other budding public figures involved in XR have chosen to enter the public eye by asking millions of people to stand with them in a campaign of non-violent civil disobedience, aimed at making profound changes to an economic and political system which millions of people rely on to stay warm, and obtain basic things like food and water. Due to the serious nature of the changes they are proposing (albeit without mentioning that they’re all taken straight from the UN’s ‘Sustainable Development Goals’), they should welcome criticism and scrutiny of their activities. If they are sincere, they should demonstrate integrity, and not dismiss dissenting voices, but instead engage openly with people who question their motives and stated objectives.

The Mother of Extinction

Often called “the Mother” by members of Extinction Rebellion, Gail is a molecular biophysicist by training, though she hasn’t worked in that capacity for quite some time. Not long after finishing her post-doctoral research into ‘protein saccharide interactions’, she became a consultant for several ‘political charities’ and has, for the past 18 years worked exclusively as a professional campaigner – a role which, during a talk at Off-Grid Festival, she admits is “mostly about securing your own pay-check.

Gail epitomises the new generation of ‘professional activists’, having positioned herself at the epicentre of the revolving door between big business, government bureaucracies and establishment-friendly NGOs, campaign groups and charitable organisations, all of which increasingly function as the public face of international corporate and financial power.

Acting through proxy organisations permits these forces to obscure the fact that government policies are being swayed by corporate entities that fund entire networks of charities and non-governmental organisations to interact with government on their behalf. NGOs and charities tend to be seen as more caring and less corrupt than their corporate sponsors; and are presented as such in the media, even when their staff and financials reveal them to be entirely monetarily dependent on the corporate entities and supranational bureaucracies that they covertly campaign on behalf of. There appears to be no remedy or legal redress we can use to reveal the true nature of these NGOs and charities, or hold them to even the most basic ethical and moral standards.

As described in our introduction, corporate entities have previously paid firms such as Stratfor to disrupt and neutralise inconvenient campaign groups. It would seem that in recent years they’ve increasingly taken to the expedient of simply funding the ‘right ones’ into existence in the first place, and then nudging less amenable competitors out from (as they no doubt see it) the ‘marketplace’ of causes. Worse still, these ostensibly ‘independent’ NGOs, charities and professional ‘campaign groups’ are increasingly tasked with stewarding government policy and objectives.

It is unclear precisely when, or more importantly how Gail transitioned from molecular biophysicist to collecting causes like a declining civilisation accumulates laws; but what we do know is that for the past two decades, she has been a favoured ‘activist’ of the British State, at least when it comes to their ‘digital inclusion’ and ‘universal internet access’ agendas. These euphemisms today refer to the 5G / Internet of Things roll-out; aimed at making sure that absolutely everybody, without exception, gets plugged-in to the emerging smart-grid, which incorporates both military hardware – used for crowd control, as well as psychological operations with next-generation mind-control, surveillance and communications systems. In other words, a full-spectrum cybernetic control apparatus which “if fully exploited could make Orwell’s 1984 seem like a benevolent utopia” (-William Burroughs, “Limits of Control“).

The 5G network is primary to this apparatus, an essential component for the ‘scientific management’ global society; as envisioned and now being assembled all around us by an international oligarchy of techno-industrial and financial elites – the very same people who stand behind the UN, and are positioned to become its beneficiaries.

-Gail Bradbrook; taken from the same speech as her ‘secret agents’ quote.
Still available (at the time of writing) on the IPPR’s website, here.

As well as having the ear of government, many of the directors and trustees of Gail’s Citizens Online charity just so happen to be people whose companies stand to make an absolute killing from the 5G roll-out – which is covertly promoted by Extinction Rebellion, due to its coming under the auspices of the United Nations’ Agenda 2030 (the current rebranding of Agenda 21), which is most often referred to with deceptive simplicity, as ‘Sustainable Development’ [SD]. Indeed, the smart grid / 5G infrastructure roll-out and the United Nation’s ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDG) are entirely inseparable.

[SD] When you hear governments or NGOs use the phrase ‘Sustainable Development’, they do not simply mean development that is sustainable – they are, in fact, referring to a very specific series of policy documents, all of which were designed by the United Nations. Climate policies are one aspect of the UN’s SD goals.

Huawei: Accelerating Sustainable Development Goals through ICT (Information & Communications Technology). Note item 9: “Digital solutions for the SDGs could generate $2.1 trillion in new annual revenue for the ICT sector by 2030”.

“Government must enact legally-binding policy measures to reduce carbon emissions in the UK to zero by 2025 and take further action to remove the excess of atmospheric greenhouse gases.” – XR demands.

Extinction Rebellion’s demands (above) were in-fact taken straight from the objectives laid out by Hallam and Bradbrook in their Campaign Overview document of October of 2018, back when the pair were still calling themselves the “coordination group coordinators”.

Download the document, here.

We’re curious to know which “legally-binding policy measures” you had in mind, Gail? (And by the way, what kind of arrangement were you imagining where the “Government” is to be “work(ing) alongside the media”?)

There is only one policy framework to this effect, developed by the UN’s technocratic ‘global governance’ bureaucracy; and it involves establishing world-wide CO2 taxation – which we’re being told (by the corporate-industrial elite), is ‘necessary to save the planet.’

‘Fast Forward Together’ graphic from the International Telecommunications Union expanding on UN SDG number 11, ‘Sustainable Cities and Communities’

We’ll explore these topics more, and expose the treasonous and subversive activities of the UN and their vast networks of industry sponsored ‘change agents’ later on. For now, let us return to that spear-head of ‘Sustainable Development’, Dr Gail Bradbrook.

Much of Gail’s career seems to have been spent sat in air-conditioned corporate conference centres with the likes of John Varney, Chief Technology Officer of the BBC, and any number of government and industry talking heads. Here’s the guest list from a standard ’roundtable’ meeting, the kind which Gail has spent nearly two decades attending. The document begins, “On Monday 7th June 2004 the IPPR’s Digital Society team hosted a private roundtable seminar to discuss forthcoming reforms to central Government IT.” (Original)

Gail even had dinner at Number 10 Downing Street to ‘brainstorm on digital inclusion’.

Don’t know about you, but we tend to socially exclude ‘revolutionaries’ who previously worked 
for the Cabinet Office, and get invited around for dinner at the Prime Minister’s house…

The fact of the matter is, Dr Gail Bradbrook is one of the UK State’s go-to ‘experts’, chosen to give (the right kind of) evidence at various parliamentary hearings and committees (which we’ll get to). Her job also has her attending high-level private sector meetings where she frequently rubs shoulders with telecommunications oligarchs, international business moguls and the whole autocratic circular-jerkular of highly politicised ‘scientists’ and other ‘experts’ who are invariably presented to us in the media as impartial and unbiased, but who (in reality) float like a layer of congealed scum on the surface of the EU and UN gravy-boat [*].

[*] Gravy-boat: “it’s bigger, slower and you can help yourself as often as you like.” -Sir Greville McDonald, The New Statesman (TV Series).

Sustainable compliance and inclusive surveillance

Before she was engaged in (pre-approved) rabble rousing, or pretending to glue herself [*] to the Department of Energy Headquarters, Gail was more likely to be found attending meetings held under Chatham House Rules, sat alongside people like Anthony Walker, former communications officer for the American Chamber of Commerce, who previously worked for the European Commission’s PR firm Rowland Company (owned by Saatchi & Saatchi)

[*] Gail admits she only pretended to super-glue herself to the department of energy HQ, in an interview with Margaret Klein Salamon, the ‘fundraising director’ of XR and founder-director of the Climate Mobilization group. Salamon has written a book entitled ‘Leading the Public into Emergency Mode’ and describes herself as a ‘climate psychologist’.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Antony Walker “was responsible for providing PR and communications consultancy to the European Commission on environment, information society and social fund policy areas. I was also responsible for supporting DG[*] Environment’s Local Agenda 21 sustainable development initiative.” [*] DG refers to the EU’s Directorate-General for Environment.

As you’ll see, there’s a fine line between Agenda 21/ 2030, or ‘Sustainable Development’ as they like to call it, and the techno-corporate oligarchy behind the 5G roll-out. When Gail met him, Walker was CEO of the Broadband Stakeholder Group; and he remains deputy CEO of TechUK (the Trade & Industry Association of GCHQ and the wider ‘information technology industry’).

Here’s Walker promoting Greta Thunberg’s ‘School Climate Strike’:

Walker’s Broadband Stakeholder Group (BSG) recently published a report tellingly entitled ‘Lowering barriers to 5G deployment’, which makes ‘recommendations’ to industry, central government and local authorities. Seeing as how the BSG is comprised of all of the biggest telecommunications and mobile network providers, you can be sure that their ‘recommendations’ are going to be enshrined in policy by the central government. The BSG report even suggests a dedicated ‘task force’ to hunt down any non-complying local authorities and to make sure that they’re all keeping in line with the government’s desire for the UK to be a ‘5G leader’.

In the course of its 65 pages, the report mentions neither the mounting scientific evidence pointing to serious health implications of microwave exposure for both humans and animals, and especially those used by the 5G infrastructure, nor the multiple surveillance and privacy concerns.

Why? Because the scientists studying and raising awareness of the dangers of the millimetre and microwave radiation used by 5G, are simply the ‘wrong sort’ of scientists – meaning those without their biscuits in the gravy-boat.

They’re getting away with pushing 5G and military-grade ‘smart-grid’ surveillance hardware, by wrapping it up in platitudes about ‘Sustainable Development’ and claiming that we need these technologies for environmental monitoring. Everything from air-quality control to climate prediction and modelling (a quack science if ever there was one). What they fail to mention, is that these applications are secondary to the mass-surveillance and electronic warfare capabilities; and that 5G uses the same hardware (just re-branded) as is currently deployed by coalition forces in the Middle East as crowd control weaponry.

Inclusion = there is no escape!

The Orwellian ‘Digital Inclusion Unit’ (DIU), comprised of Gail, J. D. Fisher (the former Air Force officer who started Gail’s ‘CitizensOnline’ charity) and their whole cadre of industry-sponsored activists and academics, have previously suggested that they, as the DIU, be given powers to “influence the funding streams” of Local Authorities (already strapped for cash and struggling to provide front-line services, like housing and waste collection) as punishment for non-compliance with the central government’s Digital Inclusion Agenda. An agenda, largely written by NGOs and charities like Gail’s who’re funded by internet and mobile phone infrastructure providers.

No doubt similar penalties await any Local Authority who dares to resist the roll out of military-grade surveillance hardware and ‘crowd-control’ weaponry into the residential areas of their constituents.

“A ‘weapons grade’ phone technology (5G) being tested in Cornwall is sparking health concerns – after a spate of suicides at Bristol University.”

Astroturfing for Justice and Money

Professional activism also works in the inverse: lobbying and campaigning within the ‘corporate world’ on behalf of governments and supranational bureaucracies. Gail’s career effortlessly transitions from industry-funded roles to government ones, and more often than not, there is no meaningful separation between the two. An example of this is her involvement with the EU/ UN proxy known as the ‘Tax Justice Network’ (TJN). We’ll be delving much deeper into this subversive economic ‘think-tank’ later on in ‘Red Gail and the Borderless Tax Collectors’; for now, a brief overview of the organisation will serve as a good example of how ‘astroturfing’ works. 

  • A star-struck Gail alongside astroturfer extraordinaire John Christensen.
  • John Christensen, described by the ever-critical Guardian as “the unlikely figurehead of a worldwide campaign against tax avoidance.”

The reason the TJN provides such a good case study is because, whereas many such NGOs go to the trouble of disguising themselves, with the TJN there isn’t even a pretence of separation between them and the EU/ UN, whose people brazenly sit on its board as Trustees and Directors alongside ‘tax justice activists’ who audaciously present themselves as ‘reformed tax avoiders’ – owing to the fact that they previously held high-ranking positions within some of the world’s largest ‘offshore’ accountancy firms.

The TJN’s founder, John Christensen, previously worked for the offshore financial services firm Touche Ross & Co; and for 11 years he was economic adviser to the government of the British Channel Island of Jersey. This is another reason why the TJN and its subsidiary organisations provide such a clear example of what has become known as ‘controlled opposition’ – the process whereby an entity, be it an industry giant or government agency, actually creates and funds its own opposition groups.

Take, for example Greenpeace, whose two largest donors are the Rockefellers (whose money paid for the land on which the UN headquarters in New York was built), and the foundation of Ted Turner, media mogul, largest land owner in the U.S., and creator of Captain Planet, who in 1997 donated 1 billion dollars to the UN. Or the 100+ ‘environmental’, ‘social justice’ and ‘sustainable development’ groups that are funded by the oil barons and arch-eugenicists of the Rockefeller clan.

The most advanced and pernicious form of these tactics is known as ‘astroturfing’, which is the creation of fake ‘grass-roots’ (hence, astroturf) campaigns, then used to push for, or smother authentic opposition to industry and/or government policies and agendas. Astroturfing uses networks of paid, ‘professional activists’ who operate through the various proxy organisations. We hope this demonstrates the cold, calculative efficiency with which these people operate. Anyhow, there’s much more to come on the TJN, in the strand entitled “Red Gail and the Borderless Tax Collectors.”

Throughout this investigation into the creators of Extinction Rebellion, we’ll be delving deep into world of the ‘professional activist’. Along the way we’ll explore many of the think-tanks, NGOs and campaign groups involved in astroturfing the environmental movement, as well as dredging up some of the sharks and bottom feeders that lurk in their depths.

You’ll see many individuals cropping up again and again, with some members of the NGOligarchy presiding over vast constellations of charities, think-tanks and lobby groups, all designed to create the appearance of an organic ‘ground-swell’ of concerned citizens, academics and ‘thinkers’ who all (coincidently enough) push for near-identical policies and reforms; most of which mirror, perfectly, the objectives and policies of the EU, UN and their foundation, trust and funding body puppetmasters. One merely has to look at who funds these NGOs and charities to conduct their ‘research’ and to promote their toothless campaigns or quack economic theories cum technocratic, globalist ideology. Follow the money, as the saying goes!

We’ve traced the development of these ideas within the academic-intelligence apparatus, back to (at least) the early 90s, and to a new generation of internet-savvy intelligentsia – keen to leverage their understanding of emerging technologies by studying their sociological and political implications, and then ‘selling’ what they learn back to the corporate-state (as a means of preserving their monopoly on cultural and intellectual expression, increasingly threatened by the advent of more horizontal, network orientated information technologies). Gail, her mentors and employers, have been on the peripheries of these concepts since their genesis. We will explore these networks more in the strand entitled: Digital Citizenship in the New Dark Age.

BITC’s corporate sponsors from when Gail first joins.
Citizens Online ‘partners’ just before Gail starts to work for them.

Gail Bradbrook has spent the past 18 years on the pay-roll of charities, NGOs and political ‘think-tanks’ (like the Blairite/New Labour IPPR), being funded by J. P. Morgan Chase (which happens to be the UN’s bank), BT, Shell, Microsoft, CISCO, Panasonic, Goldman Sachs, BAE Systems, NEON Communications (whose ‘Director of Global Sales’, Lord Anthony Tudor St John, is heavily invested in 5G technology and also sits as trustee of Citizens Online), IBM, Unilever, N. M. Rothschild & Sons… you name it: the whole ‘in the club’ of corporate funny-handshake hegemony – to give ‘independent advice’ to government and help develop government strategies, policies and to define their objectives.

This, we can prove beyond any doubt: the paper trail exists and will be presented throughout this series – the question which yet remains unanswered is whether or not Gail’s latest project, Extinction Rebellion, should be seen simply as a continuation of this work, or whether she has genuinely ‘gone rogue’ and is now biting the hand that has been (and still is) feeding her, quite handsomely, for the vast majority of her adult life.

This is just the beginning: stay tuned.

Article two, coming soon…
Political Charities and Professional Activism: NGOs for hire.

UN Extinction

It does not matter whether you voted to leave or remain in the EU, we have ALL been conned, lied to and manipulated.

Brexit has also been used as an opportunity to forward the next planned stage of the agenda for globalists.

Our political system is being dismantled to the advantage of the rich and powerful and the detriment of majority. MP,s and people in positions of power have been deliberately chosen and shown to be incompetent, untrustworthy and in some cases, downright criminal in their activities, for a reason. So that the public welcome the disintegration of the political system in favour of a new system.

TruePublica published an article in October 2017 entitled: How Brexit Was Engineered By Foreign Billionaires To Bring About Economic Chaos – For-Profit. Its opening paragraph was:

“far from being the result of representative democracy, this is in fact, a campaign of covert intervention by foreign billionaires to bring about economic chaos in Britain in order to create the circumstances for making huge profits. This is not the stuff of mere conspiracy theories. Clear evidence has emerged that Brexit was engineered and is already proving to be a catastrophe.”

Many voted for or against because they held strong beliefs in one way or another, none could have been aware of the deregulation programme that is about to hit us which will replace the British Constitution.

Brexit was sold to the general public as freedom from EU bureaucracy, but the erosion of public protections put in place over decades to ensure civil liberties was the real goal of the think tanks and billionaires behind the scenes.


The whole sham can be seen by the fact that this referendum broke the EU guidelines on referendums which the UK signed up to in Venice in 2007 on three key counts. 
1) Governments are explicitly instructed to provide detail information laying out all the implications of the vote in full detail long before campaigning begins, so that voters know fully what they’re voting for. This should be in all official languages plus all significant minority languages. This is not a matter of whim but a key requirement.

There were 10 weeks from the call for a referendum to a vote whilst the Scottish referendum was debated in detail for two years

2) In a referendum initiated by the executive (ie the government), Parliament must make it absolutely clear well in advance the course of action it recommends to the public. (Since 500 out of 650 MPs were in favour of remain, it should have been clear what they recommended)

3) The government must also make it very clear to the public whether the result is legally binding or simply consultative.

What has become crystal clear is that the public are being programmed to accept that the only way forward is to riot.

According to the votes, the public is nearly 50/50 in opposition. Divide and rule is the order of the day.

Yet, when we examine the voting process, who was behind it and what it points to, we realise how sinister this whole Brexit agenda really is.

I would like to draw your attention to this video in which I point out that the company behind the voting software, Civica, are also the same company involved in many other ‘reported’ events such as Grenfell, Manchester council during the reported attacks, Brussels airport during those attacks and Westminster council during those reported attacks.

They are also funding the 5G/Smart City agenda, fracking, smart meters and have more financial interests in the UK Infrastructure than in their own country, Canadian Pension funded Organisation- see YT video here –

Now it transpires that Civica bought the Electoral Reform Services Ltd in December 2018 which manages millions of online votes and petitions .…/

So the same company can affect the EU referendum votes AND the petition that is being reported to have had 4 million Anti-Brexit votes in just days.

The same company has recently created the Civica Innovation Partners programme which was open to UK SMEs with an innovative solution in the area of machine intelligence, including analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), automation and connected devices. “These emerging technologies are recognised as being critical for the transformation of public services, and form a key part of the Government’s Transformation Strategy”…/

Do you see how one organisation can not only dictate the overall outcome of the EU referendum, but they can use AI software to create a petition to claim that 4 million people signed an online petition.

By purchasing the Electroral Reform Services just 4 months ago they are in control of Govt online petitions.

Whilst Govt officials claim that leaving Brexit could lead to food shortages, medicines shortages and chaos, the overall plan is to cause the very same, this in turn will put people at loggerheads as to who is to blame, protests could turn to social unrest and hey presto… the plans to bring in foreign troops will be viable, meanwhile all the hard fought rights that we have relied on to ensure our protection from an evil and manipulating minority will be eroded and the global agenda of those who wish to control humanity will be realised.

Do not let them play you like a fool, be aware, community based groups need to discuss in safety, what is REALLY going on and stop our descent into chaos, courtesy of those who plan to bring chaos to further their agenda.

In a recent article, I shared the links to what I believe will be a false flag event on 22nd June 2019 which will occur at Broadgate circle in London. I came to this conclusion by looking at predictive programming by main stream media, an online cartoon in a newspaper depicting the event and many other dots that I have connected.

For the full article please read here;

Since publishing this article, I have looked at some of the architecture used at Broadgate circle and compared it others and have found what I believe to be a theme, which makes me suspect even more that this is a site that is destined to become a memorial site of its own.

You can make your own mind up.

The San Juan Holocaust Memorial, completed in 2012, stands directly across the street from the Capitol. The joint project between the government and Jewish community features a sculpture designed by New York-based artists Michael Berkowicz and Bonnie Srolovitz entitled In the Shadow of Their Absence.

At Liverpool Street station in London.

Frank Meisler, the sculptor has his work at Liverpool Street station that was co-commissioned by the Association of Jewish Refugees (AJR) and World Jewish Relief.

This station is 4 mins walk to Broadgate Circle.


Broadgate Circle
EU building resembles Broadgate Circle.

In Prague this statue is also a war memorial.

The statue was created by Ales Vesely and is called the gate of infinity.

It is a 20-metres long statue made of rails. It is a paraphrase to Jacob’s ladder, so there are 36 steps. It is standing on the site from which the Prague Jewish transports were reportedly departed.

It was also commemorating those reportedly exterminated in 1944.

Prague war memorial

Compare this to a tower that has popped up in Broadgate Circle, it is also 20 meters high called Chromorama. It has 35 illuminated light boxes which face strategically in all directions by London-based artist David Batchelor. The tower sits on another box which gives it the same number, 36.

Set within Sun Street Square at the key intersection with Crown Place, this is a new Gateway to Broadgate.

Chromorama at the entrance to Broadgate is 20 metres high and 35 + 1 steps/boxes

British Land, part owner of Broadgate who commissioned the tower, are part of the Global agenda for sustainability.

Another strange sculpture at Broadgate – this features neon pulses.

Notice the two tower -like structures.

According to popular science, this is how you build a Jacobs ladder

Liverpool Street station

The Masonic Temple of Liverpool Street.

Why are we seeing all these references to war memorials and Jacobs ladder at Broadgate and it,s nearest station Liverpool Street station?

Could this be why the predictive programming points to an event here on June 22nd 2019?

Many people have heard of Mark Steele, seen his YT video,s and listened to his many interviews in which he claims that he is fighting the council in Gateshead, has an ongoing Crown court case and that Gateshead lamp posts are emitting 5G.

What if you learn through evidence that none of this is true?

Before you question my views on 5G, I have been keeping this website specifically to share research on the dangers of 5G, updating it to show which areas have been testing, which companies are involved, which Govt and EU agencies have been pushing it and who has been financing the roll out of this Smart Agenda, which we all know is far from Smart and is a danger to us all.

I have also been running a 5G Mass Action campaign on my website and FB in which over 200 areas around the UK have been reached with over 50,000 leaflets. So I can hardly be called a ‘5G denier’ which is the term used by Steele to try and discredit me, but, forget about he said, she said etc, as the following Information can be verified with evidence and facts.

5G Mass Action Leaflet available for download on this website

I first came into contact with him at the beginning of my campaign, at that time he was challenging the council in a YT video, I thought that it was great that someone was standing up to them, I made contact with him and after my Ritchie Allen interview, I mentioned this man to Ritchie as someone he might want to talk to about 5G.

He had many interviews after that,although he seemed reluctant to mention the leaflet campaign which was promoting his new political group called Save Us Now or SUN.

I often commented on the issue of ” how could a political party actually save us now, given that it would take a long time to establish and 5G was already upon us and in many areas.”

I decided that I should get some experts involved so I contacted members of   an EMF research group to ask about Gateshead and the 5G connection.

To my astonishment, I was informed that they had offered to go to Gateshead after talking to Mark, that they had offered to test the lamp posts and the people who had been affected, all free of charge.

This was offered several times and was refused by Mark. He called them Charlatans and was aggressive on the phone claiming later that they had made claims that were untrue, he claimed that this well know Anti EMR had stated on the phone that Gateshead was not 5G, even before they tested it so he used that as his reason for disrespecting them.

He was abusive to them on the phone and called them Charlatans, he also accused them of working for the Govt. I would like to share with you, who these people are and evidence that they DID not state in advance that Gateshead was not using 5G. In fact quite the contrary is true.

Firstly, I will share with you, who this group are.

Alasdair Philips is one of the UK,s leading voices on Electro-Magnetic fields  and RF, he has run Powerwatch which has been researching the links between electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and health risks for about 30 years, and is completely independent of government and industry.

Alasdair Philips is also a member of SSITA, Safe Schools Information Technology Alliance which addresses the concerns of Wi-Fi in schools.

He is also known to members of BEMRI although not a member.

The Bio-Electromagnetic Research Initiative (BEMRI) has been formed to create a research portal, for the scientific community and interested members of the lay public, which helps to rapidly disseminate international research findings, best practice measures and scientific hypotheses on matters related to electromagnetic (EM) phenomena.

He is also an advisor to Radiation Research Trust and was once the news letter editor for Electronics and Computing for peace. He has also been involved in investigations into the misuse of electromagnetic weapons by the military.

Alasdair Philips is a scientist who has been involved in research in this area for the past 50 years.

He also is involved in two companies that supply equipment to test EMR and RF and protective shielding items.

Here is Alasdair Philips being interviewed by Dr Mercola on YT.

In June 2018, he had a study published in the peer reviewed Journal of Environmental and Public Health, in which he studied the rise of brain tumours between 1995 to 2015 and concluded that one possible factor is the widespread use of cell phones.

Alasdair Philips has chaired and presented at international conferences on these topics.

EMFields was established to provide high quality measurement equipment and screening products to protect people from the ever-increasing levels of Electromagnetic radiation, or electrosmog, in our environment designed by Alasdair  Philips.

Alasdair Philips is also one of the 230 scientists and doctors who have signed a moratorium to stop the 5G roll out.

And yet when reports came out from Mark Steele in Gateshead that the lampposts were emitting 5G, Mark was contacted by Alasdair Philips.

Does this man and his background come across as a charlatan to you?

Steele claimed that they had stated that Gateshead lampposts were NOT 5G, and that is the reason he did not entertain them.

Here is a copy of the email that shows this is NOT the case.

I have been in contact with Mark Steele and also offered to visit Gateshead with a range of more professional test equipment than he used. He used a very basic “broad band” [isotropic] meter that would pick up any signal within 50MHz – 3.5GHz coming from all directions. He would need equipment that includes a Log Per [Directional] antenna and indeed covers a wider range of frequencies. Did you see the video clip of waving his meter pointing towards a street light he claimed was producing 4,000 millivolts,  but  afraid not possible coming from the small transmitter where he was pointing his meter. [Not suitable meter for the particular task]

Along with another member of our group, have phoned him several times to offer my services freely if he could arrange for me to carry out a free survey for members of the public of whom he has contact who are suffering heath issues that is suggested are coming from these lamp post transmitters that he claims are 5G.   Mark may be correct about 5G, but until proper measurements are carried out I cannot make comment. We would like to take measurements at Gateshead,  though  must ensure we have with  contact someone like Mark and  most importantly independent folk who suffer the effects of ELF pollution living in close proximity to  these transmitters.

We find it very strange he has not taken us up on our offer. I told him it could help him with his very worthy campaign and we certainly need more people like Mark to bring about  awareness.

If you know of anyone living in Gateshead please let me know.  As a scientific research group [] we welcome people such as you sharing information mutually beneficial.

Of course, I found this information rather startling and questioned Steele, when he lied about the experts and what they had actually said, alarms bells went off for me. Why not get as many experts on side as possible?

At this point, I made contact with a member of the public who lived near Gateshead and arranged for her to meet with the expert to measure the very same lamp posts in Gateshead.

Areas tested by Steele and BEMRI for 5G

A private report was sent on the findings,here is a copy of that report.

Report on Gateshead Lampposts to investigate alleged 5G signals

In May 2018 Bemri visited Gateshead at locations where it had been suggested 5G transmitters’ were mounted on lamp posts and were operating and producing around 4,000 m/V. [4 mV/m] These were said to be found at locations such as the shopping arcade [by bus stop] at Whickham from video recordings by a certain third party. The instrument used by the third party was an isotropic RF meter that records signals received from all directions not simply the direction the meter is pointing.

We used professional Gigahertz RF test meters and spectrum analyzer and the strongest signal recorded at this location was 1.4V/m emitted from an array of mobile phone transmitters located a few hundred yards down the opposite side of the Main Rd from the shopping arcade. After testing around a five mile radius from Whickham readings ranged from 0.25 V/m to 6.5 V/m.

It could be seen from the video recordings of the said third party RF meter readings consistently ranged around a 4V/m mark wherever any measurements were taken, even from the inside of a car travelling along a main carriageway, which is really not possible unless perhaps a Smart phone was nearby or used to video the RF meter readings. Trying to monitor signals from the inside of a car [especially moving vehicles] is a rather pointless exercise.

A Smart phone easily produces readings around levels shown in these video recordings, even when it’s not in transmission mode. All RF meters monitor frequencies from sources with the highest power density, not lower, or accumulation of other signals.

We could not find 5G signals coming from street lighting at any location we surveyed.

Bemri is an independent self funded research group strongly apposed to 5G and other electromagnetic pollution, of which long proven causes harm to all biological systems.

I then contacted a lady who was part of the 5G campaign and who had also supported Steele in his early days, she was instrumental in getting him online interviews. Living very close to Gateshead, she agreed to meet up with the experts to test the same lampposts that Steele had shown in his YT videos.

The following is a statement from Lizbeth, the lady who accompanied the researcher.

At this point, an argument ensued between myself and Steele and I decided to use my skills as a researcher to find out more about him, his twin brother Graham who goes by the name Ben Travis and their company known as Reevu and Reevu Worldwide Ltd.

This is when I discovered that his company had been one of the many companies consulted by the : North East Local Economic Partnership Smart Specialisation Report.

The North East LEP covers the local authority (LA) areas of County Durham, Gateshead, Newcastle, North Tyneside, Northumberland, South Tyneside and Sunderland.

In this context, ‘smart specialisation’ has been described as “a process of developing a vision, identifying competitive advantage, setting strategic priorities and making use of smart policies to maximise the knowledge-based development potential of any region, strong or weak, high-tech or low-tech”. This report seeks to assist the North East LEP and its partners to define a starting point for developing a smart specialisation process and build on this foundation through ‘smart’ intervention strategies to bring the ‘international exemplar’ ambitions to a credible fruition.
The smart specialisation research project has been part-financed by Technical Assistance through the North East of England European Regional Development Fund Programme. This is part of a Technical Assistance project supporting the North East LEP to prepare for the 2014-2020 programme of European Funding.

Here we have a copy of that report and we see that Reevu Worldwide were mentioned as one of the collaborators named by the council.

This is a report

This document names Mark Steele,s company as one of the collaborators that the council consulted on this Smart Specialisation report on page 55.

Page 33

According to the document, the report states the exemplars, (those companies that have been consulted, one of which is Steeles) have been assessed in light of their strategic fit with the national industrial strategy, the national innovation and research strategy, the economic development priorities of the seven local authority (LA7) and Horizon2020. The EU,s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

So, if Steele has his own company as a collaborator with the council on the smart agenda, a company that is run by himself and his brother, then this raises many questions. How can he be a collaborator on the Smart Agenda alongside Gateshead Council whilst fighting them about 5G?

It also raises questions on his story about how he came to be charged by the council which involved two female councillors, one of whom was the deputy leader of the council. He claims to have not known the identity of the women which prompted him to go back indoors twice to google who they were whilst they patiently waited outside? This is same woman who he stood in front of during his very first YT video that was filmed, of himself confronting the same council in the council chambers?

So, are we to believe that this man has been collaborating with the council on the Smart Specialisation programme yet is in dispute with them over 5G?

Now it appears that not only is he unwilling to get expert help to test Gateshead lampposts but he is actually known to have collaborated with the the council. The North East Local Economic Partnership also states that it is also part funded by the EU development fund which is Horizon2020.

This project was to prepare the North East Region to prepare for the 2014-2020 programme of EU funding for the roll out of the Smart agenda.

Horizon 2020 is the EU funding body that is pushing the Smart agenda.

Horizon2020 is the EU funding body  that has over 2300 UK organisations,agencies govt bodies,councils and education centres on its payroll.

This is part of a Technical Assistance project supporting the North East LEP to prepare
for the 2014-2020 programme of European Funding.

The payroll includes the North East Combined Authority which Newcastle and Gateshead are part of.

Horizon 2020 is no stranger to Steele, it appears, his Linkedin profile lists it as one of his chosen groups.

See his profile here:

So, whilst we have Horizon2020 being the EU,s biggest funding body for 5G and the Smart City agenda, Gateshead council are holding meetings with companies (exemplars) to discuss how to implement the next stage of funding and Steeles company is included?

This now prompted myself and many others to question his stance.

Upon further investigations, links between Gateshead council and Mark Steele were undeniable. Fo instance, Steele also shares the group Civitas Urban Mobility on his Linkedin profile.

Another Horizon2020 project funded by the EU

Gateshead Council and Steele both share a link to this

So the Civitas Initiative supports demonstration and research projects to implement innovative measures on Smart Cities and Communities.

So, is Steele part of a research initiative?

Civitas has many research initiatives.

And in an extraordinary coincidence one of the initiatives is called the SUNrise project.

And the following is an extract from the Sunrise project.

SUNrise Civitas project involving living labs that use street furniture.

One of the initiatives of the Civitas projects funded by Horizon2020 involves local councils and local partners, trialling the concept of ‘Living labs’ integrating research and implementation processes. They even state that they intend to create a campaign around the project using street trial events which will involve the use of street kit. To enable local stakeholders to test the solutions of the project.

With both Gateshead council and Steele proven to be linked to this same EU funded Horizon2020 project called Civitas Urban Mobility and its agenda using neighbourhoods as street labs with street furniture to test solutions, his credibility as a 5G campaigner is now open to dispute.

And the following information should also be shown.

According to the SUN rise initiative, which stands for Sustainable Urban Neighbourhoods,

In this passage it states that each of the core group can share a similar logo resembling the mother-logo.

Then we have Steele creating a political party called SUN, Save Us Now as a platform to fight 5G.

Rather reminiscent of the SUN mother-logo in my estimation.

I then began to question the validity of the political party known as SUN. Why does Steele hardly give it a mention in his numerous interviews? Why does his party political group website never discuss all the many areas that 5G is being trialled and tested in? Why only Gateshead? (Even after the experts have shown there is NO 5G in the lampposts in Gateshead)Why is Mark Steele,s twin brother Graham, named as a candidate for the party yet he appears on FB as Ben Travis, is that not illegal? Why does Steele have another SUN party candidate who also uses several different names and verbally attacks anyone who dares to question Steele or the narrative of the non verifiable claims made by him? How can a political party establish itself within the short period that the roll out of 5G is due?

One of the noticeable traits of those who wish to complicate and create false opportunities for activism is the sharing of advice on how to campaign against it, this is apparent in the websites FOI letter that is being foisted on people to enable them to question our local councils.

This FOI letter contains requests for information that no council would even be able to answer to without massive amounts of time and manpower involved, just one of the many questions asked for every email, letter and correspondence for 2,3 and 4G, which has now been removed from the FOI as a bit too obvious in its ruse. Needless to say, people have contacted this website to state that they have been met with blanks from their council who have replied to them stating that they do not have the manpower to answer such a long winded request. Jobs a good un!

FYI There are many letters that can be utilised by this website that are short and precise and can be sent to your local council and more importantly, they are not fobbed off as being too much work for any council employee.

Here is proof that the brothers have smart technology on sale on the Israeli Homeland Security website.

And here is proof that they also have the same merchandise for sale on UK Defence Supplies who are openly affiliated to InnovateUK who are behind 5G technology.

The Court cases

Many people have fallen for the ‘initiative’ because of the reported court cases that this man has laid claim to.

Firstly, let us return to the Gateshead/Steele Horizon2020 connection.

Recently Steele has claimed that he is only affiliated to Horizon2020 Framework because he won an Innovation award from them, one look on the Horizon 2020 project information and now also report summaries are available on CORDIS. All H2020 projects can be downloaded from the EU Open Data Portal . Shows no mention of Steeles company. Nor his name. Even though over 8000 are listed.

Horizon2020 has over 2300 institutions, govt agencies, councils, health depts, local authorities, universities, police etc on its payroll in the UK.

It transpires that the Durban,Gateshead,Newcastle upon tyne, Northumberland and Sunderland Combined Authority are on the payroll of H2020 as are the Home Office, Newcastle County council, Tavistock and the MET office, so organising a court case would not be beyond the realms of impossibility.

In the first instance, a case was heard in the magistrates court and was reportedly adjourned because the magistrate was familiar with the local councillor, a witness in this case claimed that his counsul was Ian Crane although this has never been reported.

A second case was then reported in which he was reportedly fined for his actions against the councillors. In this case he reports that he earns only £5000 a year, really? A man with his own company?

And this is where it gets highly unbelievable, he then asks for the same case to be heard in a Crown court case,which is reportedly heard in front of Judge Nolan who proclaims that he is a 5G expert.

According to Ian Crane, whom I corresponded with about the authenticity of this case, when I asked for the crown court case number, he sent me this.

Now, the problem with this information is that this is NOT a Crown court case, in fact, every Crown court case has to be listed in the law pages, this case nor any other case involving Steele is listed for the date they claim that it occurred. It also transpires that the Judge in question is also a known advocacy trainer named Judge Nolan, which means that he is used to sitting in front of cases that are used as training exercises.

And let us be honest here, why would a Crown court be hearing a case as trivial as this?

Even the story of the council workers that he reportedly shouted at does not ring true, why? Because he claims that he went indoors twice to google who they were whilst they patiently waited outside, this man had already stood in front of this deputy leader of the council in his so called ‘council chamber’ episode, in the first instance, when he first became known in public. Remember his first video which shows him when he first came onto the scene as a 5G activist was at the council chambers.

And now it all make sense that he has collaborated with them previously, because between the EU, Horizon2020 and Gateshead council,the Sunrise project, the SUN political party and Steele, gatekeeping starts with Gateshead.

Since this mans claims about Gateshead lampposts came out last year, many people have doubted his claims and asked for proof, people who are knowledgable about trees have stated that his claims made on YT claiming the trees have been affected by 5G are false and have explained to him why he is mistaken, others who are knowledgable on other topics have also confronted him, asking why does he post pictures of frostbite victims and claim its from 5G, or claim that Gateshead has more deaths from Brain cancers than the national average when that information is nowhere to be found via the usual channels such as national statistics or Public health England.

They are all met with the same response as the initial experts who offered to help to prove what he was saying by using expert methods or their own expertise, they are called 5G deniers, govt agents,and even worse.

I think that given the evidence presented here, the public can have a better understanding of why many people are questioning his credibility and his dubious links and hopefully this enables them to make their own minds up about Steele and his political party, Save us Now.

About Street lights and 5G

The following 48 page pdf is a document discussing the future of street lighting and how it relates to the IoT and Smart Agenda.This report will discuss the progression of smart lighting infrastructure from the adoption of LED bulbs, to the creation of a distributed smart city platform. It will investigate a number of applications that can be hosted through street lights, detailing use cases, benefits and potential business models, as well as providing examples of real-life case-studies wherever possible.



The deployment of smart street lighting infrastructure and the integration of the additional solutions described throughout this report often involve multiple vendors, numerous independent systems and complex technological interactions. This creates a number of barriers to the successful use of smart lighting infrastructure as the technological foundation of a smart city.

Cooperation of multiple stakeholders

Looking more widely at the actors involved in deploying these solutions, implementations will inevitably require the cooperation of different industries with diverse skills, competencies and working methods. In addition to manufacturers of lighting infrastructure, hardware vendors, software providers and connectivity service providers will all come together. Furthermore, business agreements will need to be negotiated with each of these providers based on the value of the service provided.


Through the addition of multiple solutions to smart lighting infrastructure, there is a real possibility that systems will become overwhelmingly complex. A lack of integrated standards, mismatched interfaces and multiple proprietary systems that are unable to accommodate third-party applications could make connected lighting systems too difficult to implement. Additional solutions will need to be easy for the city or operator to manage and will need to be easily accessible and intuitive for end-users in order to be successful. To mitigate this complexity risk, cities are deploying additional solutions in a modular, incremental fashion, ensuring they see value from one solution before adding another.

Lifespan of Lighting Infrastructure Smart lighting infrastructure is likely be in operation for at least 20 years, therefore the embedded systems need to be adaptable over long periods of time and need to be able to support new applications. Cities are having to plan ahead in order to be prepared for options that are not currently available. For example, ensuring bandwidth is left available for unknown future applications. By planning ahead, cities will be able to leverage their smart lighting infrastructure to roll out an entire smart city blueprint over a period of time.

In order to do this, cities require that software system used by smart lighting solutions needs to be remotely upgradable and based on open standards so that third-party solutions can be added over extended periods. Cities do not have the resources or money to upgrade software systems every couple of years, and are increasingly wary of vendor lock-in. Similarly, the applications developed will need to be compatible with the range of software programs that operate a city-wide lighting network.…/

There is also Ofcom auctions taking place

Some pictures of 5G lampposts

Can you notice the difference?

This does not constitute a 5G lamppost.

Harvard has an advanced and robust wireless control, management and
reporting system for outdoor lighting, named LeafNut.
Fitted either into an existing lighting system, or a brand new set up, the LeafNut system enables the user to directly control lighting levels.

LeafNut uses a TrunkNode central web server to communicate by GSM mobile phone to the BranchNode control units mounted in the light. The BranchNodes are in wireless communication with up to 256 LeafNodes, which are linked directly to an electronic ballast or driver in each
street light. The system manages the light output, allowing the dimming of street lights to match specific requirements of a location at different times of night and uniquely provides light management individually, in
groups or as a whole throughout the infrastructure. The programmable two-way process also gathers information regarding energy consumption and maintenance requirements.

Do you see the difference? The posts also have large boxes made to look like rubbish bins

No-one is denying the dangers of LED lights that are responsible for so many health problems.

In a shocking revelation, it appears that Steele was the same man who was convicted in November 1993 of the callous shooting of a young girl which happened when he was a pub bouncer/doorman.

According to these reports he was sentenced to 8 years. Not unless there are two Mark Steeles? Both the same age living on the same road?

This article shows the date in which this occurred as 1994

A link to the victims story here;…-a0140959968

And has anyone ever seen any evidence that he was ever a weapons expert/scientist?………. html………https://www.democratsagainstunagenda2………………

links PHE linked to Horizon2020… List of UK Horizon2020 projects… Link to the Sunrise project Civitas research projects Urban Mobility and the Smart Agenda…… UK Govt guarantee that Horizon2020 projects will go ahead even after Brexit. https://apply-for-innovation-funding…. grant/overview Civitas Gateshead 5G Research in Horizon2020 3 day training course for 5G which highlights Horizon2020… Steeles linkedin profile

To read full original Article

Carrier, supposedly, a greener future, the autonomous vehicle could also be an environmental fiasco, because of the explosion of induced digital exchanges …

Electric motor, shared use, driving more economical than that of the average motorist … autonomous driving carries with it all these changes, promise of less atmospheric pollution and climate. Still, the equation is not so simple.

AFP has published a report based on a study by consulting firm AT Kearney , which interviewed 150 industry executives on the consequences of developing autonomous driving. One of Tesla’s main selling points (in particular) may prove to be an environmental disaster.

Among the impacts of the autonomous vehicle, there is the footprint, in terms of energy consumption and raw materials, of the on-board electronics. Automated driving devotes the reign of the digital world: algorithms, sensors, radars, lasers analyze in real time road and surroundings (classification of lanes, traffic, car parks, weather, price of gasoline etc). Other content also allows passengers to be entertained.

Many people are admired and followed by the alternative truth community, many are also frauds and gatekeepers.

The truth must always be shared even if it is not something others wish to see/hear.

I would like to share this email that I was sent, which claims (with evidence)that Tavares has not been truthful in her claims about California fires.


More Deborah Tavares hoaxes here.

THE HOAX: In the PG&E FAKE Email Hoax, Deborah Tavares claims to have obtained emails which effectively prove that PG&E caused the recent fires in California by beaming energy beams from satellites in space at California. But, her claims about these emails are lies. They are FORGERIES.

VIDEOS OF DEBORAH TAVARES ENGAGED IN THE HOAX (Jeff Rense is not involved in the hoax) (at 11:10-20:00)–FC_oQ (at 1:05-3:40) (at 27:20-30:10)

Pacific Gas & Electric (“PG&E”) is a California electrical utility company. Over the next few years, PG&E is required by law to generate an increasingly higher and higher percentage of its electrical power without producing any carbon emissions. So, PG&E has increasingly resorted to wind, solar and thermal technology to generate electrical power.

But, PG&E’s conventional, ground-based, solar panels can only collect energy from the Sun during the middle of daylight hours in good weather. So, in 2009, PG&E announced that in the future, solar panels on satellites in space might be used to generate energy from the Sun 24 hours a day. These satellites might then beam the power to Earth in the form of laser beams or radio frequency beams. The power might then be received at receptor stations on Earth and then converted to electricity for use by its customers.

WHAT PG&E ANNOUNCED IN 2009:…se_link-energy

Solaren is a private California company which has patented the technology described above. In 2009, PG&E entered into a contract with Solaren to buy finished electricity from Solaren if Solaren is ever successful in generating electrical power using this technology. Under the contract, Solaren would own, operate and control all its satellites, rectennas and all the receiver stations. Originally, Solaren promised to provide PG&E with finished electricity by 2016. But, it ran into financial problems and still has not provided any electricity, even at this late date. The California Public Utilities Commission (“CPUC”) approved the contract on the condition that no money from PG&E customers ever be used to develop this technology.

THE CONTRACT:…/#.XHRAB1KFPIU (at paragraphs 1-5)…closer-reality(at paragraphs 8, 9 & 10)…-light-of-day/(at the final two paragraphs)…r-earth-2014-7(at the final two paragraphs)

Deborah Tavares lives in Sebastopol and has publically opposed PG&E because of its “smart meters”. So, when the recent forest fires burned northern California, Deborah Tavares wanted to blame PG&E and the technology described above for starting those fires. But, there was a problem. The scientific and economic literature indicated that this technology did not yet exist.

This technology will not be in use until the end of the decade. See the last 3 paragraphs and the final sentence here.…r-earth-2014-7
This technology did not exist in 2017. Beginning at the bottom of page 16 here.…olar-Power.pdf
This technology is not in use in 2019. See the last paragraph.…ospaceforpower.
This technology did not exist in 2018. See the FIRST and LAST paragraph here.…ser-to-reality
This technology will not be in use until at least 2019. See page 62…e_12-14-16.pdf
This technology did not exist in 2018. See the final paragraph. http://www.alternative-energy-news.i…ls-into-orbit/

SO, TO REBUT ALL THOSE FACTS, Deborah Tavares FORGED a series of FAKE emails (purportedly between the CPUC and PG&E) indicating that this beam technology already existed, that it was already in use and that it could be used to kill us all.


Afterwards, Deborah Tavares created more FORGED emails reflecting imaginary responses from imaginary experts to which Deborah Tavares allegedly forwarded her FORGED emails above. Not surprisingly, these imaginary experts agreed with Deborah Tavares that this beam technology already existed, that it has long been in use and that it could be used to kill us all.



Thus, Deborah Tavares herself actually created the very FORGERIES which she fraudulently claims CONSTITUTE “PROOF” that PG&E used this future beam technology to start the recent fires in California to kill us all in furtherance of the planned extinction of mankind.


1. Tavares did not know what “space weather” actually was (something a REAL PG&E executive would know). “Solar flares” on the surface of the Sun erupt about every 11 years or so. These solar flares extend millions of miles into space and emit extremely high amounts of radiation into space. This radiation is called “space weather” (like a “rain” or “storm” OF RADIATION in space). (It is the Earth’s atmosphere which protects all life on Earth from this radiation.). The radiation emitted during such “space weather” is so powerful that it can damage or destroy electrical power transformers here on Earth if they are linked to earth-based solar panels. Such damage can result in power outages. That is why “space weather” would be of concern to PG&E. During “damaging space weather”, PG&E has to protect its transformers linked to earth-based solar panels because some such transformers provide electrical power to nuclear power plants and to hospitals which cannot afford power outages for obvious reasons.

But, Deborah Tavares did not know any of this. She mistakenly believed that “space weather” was WEATHER HERE ON EARTH (like drought and fire) that was artificially created and controlled by lasers, radio frequencies or microwaves beamed at the Earth from satellites IN SPACE (a stupid mistake that a REAL PG&E executive WOULD NOT MAKE).


In FORGING the phrase “…then have its lawyers BLAME ITS CUSTOMERS, AKA EARTHLINGS, FOR ANY ADVERSE CONSEQUENSES RESULTING [FROM DAMAGING SPACE WEATHER]” in the 9:50 email above, Deborah Tavares was referring to the adverse consequences of FIRES WHICH PG&E CAN BLAME ON ITS CUSTOMERS (not realizing that “damaging space weather” is actually radiation in outer space caused by solar flares on the surface of the Sun every 11 years). Unknown to Deborah Tavares, the consequences resulting from “damaging space weather” is actually power outages, NOT FIRES! AND, PG&E CANNOT POSSIBLY BLAME ITS CUSTOMERS FOR ITS OWN POWER OUTAGES CAUSED BY RADIATION FROM SOLAR FLARES ON THE SURFACE OF THE SUN EVERY 11 YEARS. So, in creating this FORGERY, Deborah Tavares did not know that PG&E customers can NEVER be “blamed” for the “consequences” of “damaging space weather”, WHICH IS ONLY POWER OUTAGES (something a REAL PG&E executive would know). This mistake proves that this email is a FORGERY.

2. Likewise, Deborah Tavares did not know the terms of PG&E’s contract with Solaren (something a REAL PG&E executive would know). So, Deborah Tavares did not know that PG&E would never own, operate, manage or control any such satellites, rectennas, receiving stations or have any say in how, when or where energy from satellites in space would be directed. Instead, Solaren would be solely responsible for all of that. Under the contract, all PG&E would ever do would be to buy finished electricity from Solaren if Solaren was ever successful in generating electricity using this technology. Under the contract, PG&E is simply a future customer of Solaren. Nothing more. But, Deborah Tavares did not know this.


So, in FORGING the sentence, “WE [referring to PG&E] have changed OUR receptor site from the Mojave desert (sic) to Sebastopol” in the 10:03 email above, Deborah Tavares sought to create the illusion that she was so important to PG&E that it actually “targeted” her with radio frequency waves beamed from satellites in space in retaliation for her opposition to PG&E “smart meters”. See PROOF here. (at 18:40-19:20). Are you kidding me?! What a narcissist!

Regardless, Deborah Tavares did not know that PG&E had no ability to aim Solaren’s energy beams or to move Solaren’s receptor station from one place to another (something a REAL PG&E executive would know). This mistake proves that this email is a FORGERY.

Further, Deborah Tavares did not know that Solaren’s actual receptor site is in Fresno, hundreds of miles away from the Mojave Desert (something a REAL PG&E executive would know).

PROOF THAT FRESNO (NOT SEBASTOPOL) IS THE REAL RECEPTOR SITE:…/#.XHRAB1KFPIU (at the 3rd paragraph)…-light-of-day/ (at end of 2nd paragraph)…ospaceforpower (at the 16th paragraph)

Moreover, Deborah Tavares did not know that such receiver rectennas are up to six miles in diameter (which would make it obvious to every person living in Sebastopol if it had actually had been relocated there as Deborah Tavares fraudulently claims).

Finally, a REAL PG&E executive would not refer to Solaren’s receptor site as “OUR” receptor site, would know that Solaren’s receptor station was in Fresno (not in the Mojave Desert) and would know that PG&E had no power or ability to change Solaren’s receptor site. The foregoing mistakes prove that this email is a forgery.

3. Use your own common sense. As to the 10:03 email, how likely is it that a PG&E executive would open an email to the CPUC with a “reminder” of the ACTUAL INTERNAL MECHANICS of exactly how Solaren’s technology worked? The CPUC had just approved of PG&E’s use of Solaren’s technology provided that PG&E never invested any of its customer’s money to finance the project. The CPUC did not need a “reminder” of the ACTUAL INTERNAL MECHANICS of Solaren’s technology in which PG&E played no part and could claim no credit. This “reminder” serves NO PURPOSE.

4. Use your own common sense. How likely is it that the CPUC would refer to PG&E’s customers as “EARTHLINGS” in connection with an email about a “COVER UP” of “damaging space weather” which can cause nothing but power outages?



1. The sentence, “You as a California resident have every right to know what your “public utilities” are doing with their (sic) “RATE DOLLARS”, was not written by an expert, as Deborah Tavares fraudulently claims. Unknown to Deborah Tavares, no “rate dollars” from any PG&E customer has or will ever be used to finance the research and development of Solaren’s technology (which will be financed, owned and operated solely by Solaren). Under the contract, PG&E would merely be a future customer of Solaren and buy finished electricity from Solaren if Solaren is ever successful in generating electricity using this technology. Again, no PG&E customer money will ever be used to develop Solaren’s technology. But, Deborah Tavares did not know this when writing this FORGERY. That mistake proves that this email is a FORGERY.

2. The term, “EARTH, INC.” in “comment ONE:” a “signature” term ACTUALLY CREATED, COINED and REPEATEDLY USED BY Deborah Tavares.…iz.42h9ExblMs8

3. The phrase, “very disturbing” in “comment TWO:” is a “signature” Deborah Tavares phrase.…71.ld2pLLtGq-c

4. The term, “FOIA”, in “comment TWO:” is a “signature” Deborah Tavares term.…71.MsKCoGqM1QE

5. The term, “iceberg”, in “comment TWO:” is a “signature” Deborah Tavares term.…71.brv_lDgjd1o

6. The term, “footprints”, in “comment TWO:” is a “signature” Deborah Tavares term.…71.6jJyS4QOIyw

7. The term, “assessment”, in “comment TWO:” is a “signature” Deborah Tavares term.…iz.VQSLXAWgla8

8. BOTH “comment ONE:” and “comment TWO:” contain hyphenated terms (” – “), a writing custom rare in today’s world, suggesting that BOTH comment ONE and comment TWO were written by the same person, which of course, they were.

PG&E may actually be using laser or radio frequencies beamed from satellites in space to kill us all in furtherance of the planned extinction of mankind. But, THESE PARTICULAR FORGED EMAILS THEMSELVES (upon which Deborah Tavares HERSELF says she bases this particular claim) provide no support for that proposition, because they are FORGERIES! 

Snoop4truth is a legal expert and whistle blower who exposes online hoaxes. Snoop4truth did not reveal this information to harm Deborah Tavares. Instead, Snoop4truth revealed this information solely to reduce the CATASTROPHIC DAMAGE that such intentional fraud inflicts upon the American people every single day. Had it not been for Deborah Tavares’ role in the “Judge DALE Hoax”, Snoop4truth would not have revealed this information here.

The message to all charlatans and hoaxers? Just tell the truth. The truth does not fear investigation. Only lies fear investigation. The truth can be supported by using the truth. Only lies must be supported by using hoaxes (other lies). There is no such thing as a “good reason” to intentionally defraud the American people, not even to make a popular (and sensational) conspiracy theory appear to be true. 

5G means the “5th generation” of the communications technology that are used for the mobile phones, but its a mis-nomer cos its really the infra-structure for all the digital information for smart meters, phones, mobile wifi (connecting to the internet by mobile phone}, but also its digital saturation because the 5G is a massive expansion of the range of frequencies being emitted and used by the devices, and it is connected with fibre too … which is where the smart meters and smart everything are being connected together in a two-way constant-communication system between the smart-chips in all electric devices, from automobiles to toasters and washing machines and fridges and heating etc and dolls, toys, robots, TV’s, X-Box’s etc … and security systems and government surveillance, as well as “smart dust” and sensors being used for civil engineering and climate measurement etc etc …. which is whats called the IOT, internet-of-things, now being called the Internet-of=everything, which includes what is being called the Internet of Farming …. so, because the band-width being used by the 5G is full-scale of frequencies from the low-frequency that our phones have already been using, to the highest frequencies- which only the military had been using till now …. …. these higher frequencies band-width travel faster than low-frequencies but can not travel so far and are disrupted and blocked by trees, hills, buildings etc, so the “massive roll-out” of new antennae and “phone-masts” are needed to direct the digital energy waved into every nook and cranny, starting with “SMART CITY’s” in every country, and then also intended to cover every bit of rural lands in between … 5G is being implemented all over the world, all at the same time, by every country and regime around the whole world, even Syria and Iran and Russia and Korea and China etc, who are supposed to be at war, but are all actually signed-up to the same world governing technocracy system running all developments in the technological and financial world … so overall, the entire planet will be covered in an energy system that electro-magnetically shrouds the “energy-body” of the actual planet “earth” and will obviously affect every living being on our planet ….

There are new arrays of many-but-smaller-but-smarter satellites being launched into near-earth-orbit, entirely surrounding the whole planet in an actual net … 5G seems to be a very sudden development in technology, but the military milli-meter {tiny high-frequency} waves have been used by the military since WorldWar2 … what’s going on is a massive “up-grade” of the whole techno-logical control-system … this 5G system is needed for the “full-spectrum dominance” which the world-wide-military needs for automated vehicles and driver-less vehicles, which are not just Tesla cars on the motorways, but also the drones and robots and smart-bombs, every spying sensor and measuring-meters, every-human, every home, every message- all in-forming and enhancing the Artificial Intelligence’s study of humans and Nature, all towards technology being able to replicate the Nature of everything that is living, all directed by the same “rulers” that “newsfeed” constant propaganda about war and crime and climate-change scary-sci-fy movies…. hence, why I put the link, below, to the trans-human-ist youtube channel, cos what they are doing is so science-fiction, it is un-believe-able, so it’s better to hear it from their own mouths ….things such as: the “trans” movement is a sub-set of the trans-human movement, though the kids don’t know it …. 
and here is a trans-humanist youtube channel

The letter sent to the Prime Minister on 5G risks is available to read below and as a PDF: 5G letter to Prime Minister. The blog page link or PDF can be sent to MPs, councillors, headteachers, health organisations, university chancellors, family, friends… in fact, to everybody you can think of.

Nb. I’m well aware that I have quoted Elon Musk in regard to artificial intelligence but haven’t gone into his SpaceX company’s involvement with the space satellites. This is not contradictory or deceptive, it’s simply because, within the ‘informational pecking order’ of the letter, I had to focus on what I considered to be the most crucially salient points.

28 February 2019

Dear Prime Minister,

I realise that that my timing is very unfortunate because Brexit and the recent events within parliament are obviously at the forefront of every politician’s mind. In spite of this, I am impelled to write to you regarding an issue which is of the profoundest gravity. The forthcoming deployment of 5G antennae. Letters have been sent to the Cabinet ministers, Jeremy Corbyn, members of the Shadow Cabinet, the Leader of The House of Commons, the Leader and Deputy Leader of The House of Lords and the Queen.


The unhindered rolling out of 5G technology depends on an almost invincible, collective ignorance of the facts. The aim of this letter is to pierce through the invincibility of this ignorance.


”Faster download speeds!”; ”Faster download speeds!”; ”Faster download speeds!” … ”and?”. What follows is an account of the colossal ”and” that’s missing from the current 5G narrative.  It comprises a collation and distillation of vitally important information, garnered mainly from science and technology experts, which proffers insight into the gravely serious situation we are clearly facing with the deploying of 5G.


Quick overview:

  1. Unlike the electrical industry, the motor industry, the pharmaceutical industry and other major industries, the mobile phone industry has never been held to regulatory safety standards. In line with this, there has been no regulatory safety testing on 5G radiofrequency radiation. 5G is completely untested for safety.
  2. Hundreds of thousands of 5G antennae are to be deployed on the streets and roads of Britain. Antennae will be positioned within yards of people’s homes, gardens and businesses, emitting phased array, pulsed, millimetre wave frequencies. The pulsing will be particularly harmful. Direct exposure will be unavoidable. 5G will compound, not replace, 2G, 3G and 4G.
  3. Over 200 international scientists and doctors have signed an appeal sent to the European Commission headed: ‘Scientists and doctors warn of potential serious health effects of 5G’ ( scientistsand-doctors-warn- of-potential-serious-health- effects-of-5g/). It reads, ‘We recommend a moratorium on the roll-out of the fifth generation, 5G, for telecommunication until potential hazards for human health and the environment have been fully investigated by scientists independent from industry…RF-EMF has been proven to be harmful for humans and the environment.‘ The appeal has been disregarded. Highly credentialed scientists and doctors would neither waste their time nor risk their professional reputations creating an appeal that warns of ‘potential serious health effects of 5G’ and recommends a moratorium, if they didn’t have informed concerns about the potentially serious health effects of 5G frequencies.
  4. The ongoing argument about whether radiofrequencies do or don’t cause harm is based on a cleverly upheld fabrication, not on the facts. For well over six decades science has demonstrated that RF radiation causes a range of serious, negative health effects. This has been purposefully played down.
  5. 5G frequencies are exponentially higher than 4G frequencies and will oscillate at an escalation tens of billions times higher than the naturally occurring electromagnetic frequencies of both the planetary electromagnetic field and the myriad of diverse life forms, including humans, which inhabit the earth. Such an extreme distortion is potentially catastrophic.
  6. the 5G interconnected ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT), with an estimated 75.44 billion smart devices installed by 2025. Joshua Corman: ”As we bring more connectivity and software into our homes, we’re inviting the devil into our homes. If it’s software, it’s hackable. If it’s connected, it’s exposed. The many things you use to keep the bad guys out of your house can be diverted to let them into your house and as our home appliances are more connected, or exposed, we’re inviting more and more risk.”
  7. 5G interconnected artificial intelligence (AI). Elon Musk: ”I have exposure to the most cutting edge AI and I think people should be really concerned about it. AI is a fundamental risk to the existence of human civilization in the way that car accidents, aeroplane crashes, faulty drugs or bad food were not. They were harmful to a set of individuals but not to society as a whole.”
  8. 5G antennae will overtly violate ten of our basic human rights as laid down in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.
  9. Many of the minds involved in creating and developing 5G technology are, without question, brilliant, and the 5G brainchild they’re birthing into the world represents a pinnacle of scientific and technological achievement. However, the hidden reality, the caveat to end all caveats, is that 5G adds up to a technological paradigm which, rather than serving people, has the potential to either relatively or totally destroy them. In simple terms, granting viability to 5G technology will, quite literally, imperil the viability of human beings.
  10. If the British Government cannot provide independent, peer reviewed, indubitable, scientific evidence that 5G frequencies cause no biological risk to the British people, especially considering the independent scientists’ warnings and recommendation to the EU, the deployment of 5G must not go ahead. If the government sanctions the deployment of 5G without this evidence and in denial of the warnings of ‘potential serious health effects’, it will, unarguably, be perpetrating a heinous and reckless crime against the British Population.


Before I continue, the point must be made that the content of this email is not in any way taking issue with technological advancement. It is obvious that technology ‘in the right hands’ has the potential to increasingly transform our world for the better and to bring advances and benefits which are as yet unimagined. This email is about technology which is ‘in the wrong hands’ and which is capable of transforming our world for the worse and creating unthinkable levels of harm, i.e. 5G technology.

(Throughout the email, the bold emphasis and underlining are my own.)


The forthcoming deployment of hundreds of thousands of 5G antennae onto British streets and roads is barely being registered on the consensual map, yet it poses a threat to the millions of people living in Britain. These antennae will emit intense, phased array, pulsed, millimetre wave frequencies within yards of our homes, schools and places of work. 5G frequencies will not only be exponentially higher than the current 4G levels but will be used in concomitance with the existing 2G, 3G and 4G technology, thus compounding, not replacing, the already harmful frequential cocktail. Exposure will be mandatory and relentless.


Many scientists from around the world have been warning world health authorities about the health risks radiofrequency radiation levels pose (even before the 5G ‘upgrade’ is implemented). Their urgent warnings have been rendered impotent by a wall of intransigent bureaucracy which has failed to pay heed and take appropriate action.

This is the 2015 appeal to the UN, WHO, UNEP and all UN member states, regarding the known dangers of radiofrequency radiation (https://, and the subsequent 2017 5G Appeal to the European Commission ( which reads: We recommend a moratorium on the roll-out of the fifth generation, 5G, for telecommunication until potential hazards for human health and the environment have been fully investigated by scientists independent from industry…RF-EMF has been proven to be harmful for humans and the environment.’. ‘The EMF Call’, November 2018, is the most recent appeal ( emf-call/) It begins: ‘Scientists and NGOs Call for

Truly Protective Limits for Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (100 kHz to 300 GHz)’ ‘ICNIRP’s opinion and guidelines are unscientific and protect industry, not public health. (ICNIRP: International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection).

Here is a vocal warning, given in 2015 by one of the EMF Appeal signatories and author of the book ‘Overpowered’, the late Dr Martin Blank, Department of Physiology and Bio-physics, Colombia University: I’m here with disturbing news about our favourite gadgets, cell phones, tablets, Wi-Fi etc. Putting it bluntly, they are damaging the living cells in our bodies and killing many of us prematurely… I am here to tell you that we have created something that is harming us and it is getting out of control. … Wireless utility meters and cell phones are blanketing our neighbourhoods with radiation. …radiation from our telecommunication technology is damaging the DNA in our cells.

It is clear to many biologists that this accounts for the rising cancer rates.

Future generations, our children, are at risk. … Although we are in the midst of a great technological transformation, the time to deal with the biological and health effects is long overdue. … To protect our children, ourselves and our eco-system, we must reduce exposure by establishing more protective guidelines.’


George Carlo PhD, former Chairman, International Association for the Wireless

Telecommunications Industry (CTIA) Wireless Technology Research Program (WTR) :  Severe and potentially deadly diseases have been associated with the use of wireless technology for at least two decades, yet the truth about the risks has never emerged in mainstream media outlets due to the telecommunications industry being one step ahead of the ‘game’.’

The mobile phone industry has never been held to the regulatory safety standards that the motor industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the electrical industry, and most other industries are forced to comply with. Robert C Kane PhD, Motorola Senior Research Scientist, who worked in the telecommunications industry for a total of thirty years, from his 2001 book, ‘Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette – a Historical and Scientific Perspective‘: ‘…the manufacturers of portable and mobile transmitting communication devices then lobbied the IEEE/ANSI standard setting committee. The industry convinced the committee to exempt portable hand-held communications devices from the safe exposure limits of the safety standard’. George Carlo PhD: ”Ordinarily, in a regulatory context, new technologies would be tested extensively before they reached the market place in order to make sure they didn’t present any danger to consumers. In the case of cell phones and the wireless industry as a whole, this crucial stage was bypassed”. In line with this, there has been no safety testing whatsoever carried out on 5G frequencies.

In June, 2016, Tom Wheeler, then FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Chair and former senior lobbyist CTIA, declared, ”…we do not believe that we should spend the next couple of years studying what 5G should be or how it should operate. Turning innovators loose is far preferable to expecting committees and regulators to define the future. We won’t wait for standards…”, the unspoken corollary being? George Carlo PhD: ”Had there been premarket testing, mobile phones would never have made it into the market place.  Joel M Moskowitz PhD, Director, Family and Community Health, University of California, Berkeley:  ‘‘Some of the claims that were being made about health effects were so severe that had there been pre-market testing, cell phones would never have made it into the market place.”

Robert C Kane PhD:  ‘Never in human history has there been such a practice as we now encounter with the marketing and distributing of products hostile to the human biological system by an industry with foreknowledge of those effects. … The telecommunications industry would never have grown to the global force, with the virtually unlimited power that we know it to have today, if it accepted the scientific research. So the industry did as has been done throughout history. The industry developed a “belief” system. The  wonderful thing about a “belief” system is that it doesn’t require any scientific findings. And any contrary findings that do develop are easily dismissed as being unbelievable.

The British media are virtually silent about the true implications of 5G. They are reporting a one sided, ”faster download speeds!” perspective which omits any coverage of the potentially serious harm the deploying of 5G will impose on the British people. It is imperative we listen to the expertise and concerns of highly qualified, independent scientists regarding 5G technology and that we don’t fall into the trap of dismissing their warnings as ‘unbelievable’ simply because the media are promulgating a corporately contrived belief system which excludes the scientific findings.


Dr Devra Davis, epidemiologist and toxicologist, from her book ‘Disconnect – the Truth About Cell Phone Radiation’: ‘After all, I reasoned, cell phones must be safe. Some of those complaining about health problems had the intense passion about the matter that one tends to dismiss as not credible. If there were really any serious problems, I reasoned, the governments of the world would not blithely underwrite the global spread of this technology. Having spent the past six years learning what some have known for four decades, I now understand I was mistaken.

My local MP, William Wragg, recently posed a written question to the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, asking what assessment his department has made about the safety of 5G with respect to human health:  5G: Health Hazards:Written question – 176372 ( business/ publications/written- questions-answers-statements/ written-question/ Commons/2018- 10-08/176372/)

In the answer, given by Margot James, is the sentence‘A considerable amount of research has been carried out on radio waves and we anticipate no negative effects on public health.’ She also writes, ‘These standards draw on the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNERP), which takes into account the well-researched effects of radio waves.’:

Some government sources of information on RF radiation:

HPA (now Public Health England):

2012 AGNIR (Advisory Group on Non-ionizing Radiation) report ‘Health Effects from Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields’. If you read it, perhaps take time to compare the data with the conclusions (https://assets. uploads/attachment_data/file/ 333080/ RCE-20_Health_Effects_ RF_Electromagnetic_fields.pdf).

HPA response to the 2012 AGNIR report on the health effects from radiofrequency electromagnetic fields ( publications/radiofrequency-electromagnetic-fields-health-effects/healthprotection-agency-response-to-the-2012-agnir-report-on-the-health-effectsfrom-radiofrequency-electromagnetic-fields).

Public Health England:

Mobile phone base stations: radio waves and health – 10th July 2013 (https:// publications/mobile-phone- base-stations-radiowaves-and- health/mobile-phone-base- stations-radio-waves-and- health).

Smart meters: radio waves and health – updated 28th June 2017 (https:// publications/smart-meters- radio-waves-and-health/ smart- meters-radio-waves-and-health).

ICNIRP (international Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection):

ICNIRP Guidelines (100 kHz ti 300 GHz) 11th July 2018 ( cms/ upload/consultation_upload/ ICNIRP_RF_Guidelines_PCD_Appendix_A_2018_07_11.pdf).

SCENIHR (The European Commission’s ‘Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks’):

SCENIHR 2015 report ‘Opinion on Potential health effects of exposure to magnetic Fields’ health/scientific_committees/ emerging/ docs/scenihr_o_041. pdf).

In assessing the potential health risks of 5G, the government has, according to Margot James, sourced information on RF radiation effects from the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection’s (ICNIRP) safety guidelines which claim that:  1. There are no proven health effects from current levels of radiofrequency radiation.  2. There are no health effects other than thermal effects. From these positions, the government concludes that radiofrequency radiation, including 5G RF radiation, poses no perceived threat to health. I would contend that this is totally incorrect and that it has been scientifically proven, repeatedly, that radiofrequency radiation well below ICNIRP guidelines, and related to non-thermal effects, can inflict biological harm. A large body of research, going back at least as far as the 1950s, has shown that RF radiation causes negative biological effects. From the introduction to Robert C Kane’s book: ‘…what you will find here is a commentary that presents a litany of past research studies, hundreds of research studies from the 1950s through the mid-1990s. But don’t be misled. These older studies are equally alarming in their findings of radiation exposure, DNA damage, chromosome damage, tissue damage, radiation absorption, cataract formation, tumour formation, memory loss, motor skills degradation, and more. There are many more studies, hundreds that might have been added.


Dr Devra Davis: ‘‘Sometimes you can set up a study so that it’s designed to fail …or you can feign replication of an experiment that shows harm by strategically introducing variables designed to negate the findings of the original experiment…  or you can simply choose to exclude any ‘inconvenient’ research findings… then, by these means, you can glibly deny harm.


FROM ‘THE EMF CALL’ APPEAL:  ‘ICNIRP’s opinion and guidelines are unscientific and protect industry, not public health.’ (ICNERP GUIDELINES, JULY 2018 cms/upload/consultation_ upload/ ICNIRP_RF_Guidelines_ PCD_Appendix_A_2018_07_11.pdf):

‘In order to protect the public and the environment from the known harmful effects from electromagnetic fields (EMF) we ask the United Nations, the World Health Organization and all governments not to accept the ICNIRP guidelines. They are not protective, rather they pose a serious risk to human health and the environment since they allow harmful exposure to the world population, including the most vulnerable, under the unscientific pretext that they are “protective”.

Background: The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) issued draft Guidelines on 11th July 2018 for limiting exposure to electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields (100 kHz to 300 GHz). 1. These guidelines are unscientific, obsolete and do not represent an objective evaluation of the available science on effects from this form of radiation. They ignore the vast amount of scientific findings that clearly and convincingly show harmful effects at intensities well below ICNIRP guidelines. 2. The guidelines are inadequate to protect humans and the environment.

ICNIRP guidelines only protect against acute thermal effects from very short and intense exposure. The guidelines do not protect against harmful effects from low-intensity and long-term exposure, such as cancer, reproductive harm, or effects on the nervous system, although these effects are convincingly shown to appear from chronic exposure at intensities below ICNIRP limits.’

DR NEIL CHERRY, (Associate Professor of environmental health, Lincoln University, NZ) published papers and articles (http://www. document- downloads.html)


‘It is simply not scientifically credible to claim that there are no established non-thermal effects and hence it is wrong to adopt a guideline such as the ICNIRP guideline as a public exposure standardThe ICNIRP assessment is grossly biased by selectively choosing studies, consistently misrepresenting the results, the significance of results, the implications of the results of cellular experiments, animal experiments and human studies. … There is compelling and consistent evidence of cancer, especially leukaemia and brain cancer. There is very strong evidence, from multiple, independent studies, …  that radio frequency and microwave radiation is a genotoxic carcinogen. Therefore it causes cellular mutations, and increased rates of cancer and Apoptosis in exposed populations, with no safe threshold level. This is backed up by a massive body of epidemiological studies.’



‘SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE ON EMERGING AND NEWLY IDENTIFIED HEALTH RISKS’ (SCENIHR) REPORT (link to the report in the government science list above):

  1. 5G: GREAT RISK FOR EU, U.S. AND INTERNATIONAL HEALTH! Compelling Evidence for Eight Distinct Types of Great Harm .Caused by Electromagnetic Field (EMF). Exposures and the Mechanism that Causes Them’ written by Dr Martin L. Pall, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, Washington State University.  BA degree in Physics, Phi Beta Kappa, with honors, Johns Hopkins University; PhD in Biochemistry & Genetics, Caltech ( attachments/article/ 130/2018- 04_EU-EMF2018-5US.pdf). This is an exerpt from the report:

‘The document that follows was, in its original form, sent to many of the authorities of the European Union, in conjunction with other documents sent to the same people by a group of European scientists. … There is a vast literature, both in the review literature and in the primary literature studies, that disagrees strongly with the SCENIHR (European commission, Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks) positions and are completely ignored by SCENIHR. In a few cases, such 45 studies are cited and very briefly discussed by SCENIHR but then they have no impact on the assessments that SCENIHR makes in the SCENIHR 2015 document [73]. The situation here is similar to an organization that has two sets of books, the fake books that are used in public and then a genuine set of books that includes all of the data that are too inconvenient to be included in the fake set of books.’… ‘What is clear is that SCENIHR is wittingly or unwittingly serving as a propagandist for the industry and in that process, SCENIHR has no difficulty in putting forth seven devious, individually important falsehoods.’

 … ‘SummaryWe know that there is a massive literature, providing a high level of scientific certainty, for each of eight pathophysiological effects caused by non-thermal microwave frequency EMF exposures….

  • Attack our nervous systems including our brains leading to widespread neurological/neuropsychiatric effects and possibly many other effects. This nervous system attack is of great concern.
  • Attack our endocrine (that is hormonal) systems. In this context, the main things that make us functionally different from single celled creatures are our nervous system and our endocrine systems – even a simple planaria worm needs both of these. Thus the consequences of the disruption of these two regulatory systems is immense, such that it is a travesty to ignore these findings.
  • Produce oxidative stress and free radical damage, which have central roles in essentially all chronic diseases.
  • Attack the DNA of our cells, producing single strand and double strand breaks in cellular DNA and oxidized bases in our cellular DNA. These in turn produce cancer and also mutations in germ line cells which produce mutations in future generations.
  • Produce elevated levels of apoptosis (programmed cell death), events especially important in causing both neurodegenerative diseases and infertility.
  • Lower male and female fertility, lower sex hormones, lower libido and increased levels of spontaneous abortion and, as already stated, attack the DNA in sperm cells.
  • Produce excessive intracellular calcium [Ca2+]i and excessive calcium signalling.
  • Attack the cells of our bodies to cause cancer. Such attacks are thought to act via 15 different mechanisms during cancer causation.

There is also a substantial literature showing that EMFs also cause other effects including life threatening cardiac effects (Chapter 3). In addition substantial evidence suggests EMF causation of very early onset dementias,including Alzheimer’s, digital and other types of dementias (Chapter 3); and there is evidence that EMF exposures in utero and shortly after birth can cause ADHD and autism (Chapter 5).

The European Commission has done nothing to protect European citizens from the very serious health hazards and the U.S. FDA, EPA and National Cancer Institute have done nothing to protect U.S. citizens. The U.S. FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has been worse than that, acting in wanton disregard for our health.’

Please read this again:

‘The European Commission has done nothing to protect European citizens from the very serious health hazards and the U.S. FDA, EPA and National Cancer Institute have done nothing to protect U.S. citizens. The U.S. FCC has been worse than that, acting in wanton disregard for our health.’

  1. ‘COMPLAINT TO THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION concerning the 2015 SCENIHR opinion on potential health effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields’, created by The International Electromagnetic Fields Alliance, IEMFA ( wp-content/pdf/Complaint-to- the-EuropeanCommission- SCENIHR-2015-08-31.pdf): ‘The European Commission has once again failed in setting up an expert group on the health effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields that meets its own principles of “of excellence, independence and impartiality, and transparence” (COMMISSION DECISION of 5 August 2008).

The experts behind the report blatantly fail in their main mission: to identify “potential health risks”. There is evidence that clearly, convincingly and increasingly establishes that there are many potential negative health effects and health hazards: brain tumours, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, damage on foetuses and stress related diseases … The SCENIHR report ignores the scientific evidence of health risks from levels of exposure to electromagnetic fields that practically everybody is increasingly exposed to, including small children, in most countries in Europe today.’

RF radiation effects on nature:

There is a large body of independent research showing negative effects of RF radiation on life forms throughout natureHere’s a very short list to demonstrate:

Translated German report: ‘Birds, Bees and Mankind – Destroying Nature by ‘Electrosmog’ – Effects of Wireless Communication Technologies‘ ( 7521097894.pdf?fbclid=

IwAR1175srGrsJ66nBRUJ4hjGPnNxa d1-C_YcGoA4VxQXUPXAMfL3KfptHis).

The Bioinitiative Report Conclusions (http://www. ) which begin: ‘Overall, these 1800 or so new studies report abnormal gene transcription (Section 5); genotoxicity and single-and double-strand DNA damage (Section 6); stress proteins because of the fractal RF-antenna like nature of DNA (Section 7); chromatin condensation and loss of DNA repair capacity in human stem cells (Sections 6 and 15); reduction in free-radical scavengers – particularly melatonin (Sections 5, 9, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17); neurotoxicity in humans and animals (Section 9), carcinogenicity in humans (Sections 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17); serious impacts on human and animal sperm morphology and function…’.

Of particular concern is the effect of RF radiation on the physical body’s microorganisms, which outnumber human cells by 10 to 1. Research increasingly shows that the microbiome, comprised of trillions of micro-organisms, plays a vitally important role in both the maintenance and the degradation of health. This is a study, from the Journal of Microbiology, involving the cultured skin bacteria Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Staphylococcus epidermidis: ‘The response of human bacteria to static magnetic field and radiofrequency electromagnetic field’( ). From the report: ‘The bacterial isolates of skin microbiota from 4 subjects with different cell phone usage history also showed inconsistent growth responses. These findings led us to hypothesize that cell phone level RFEMF disrupts human skin microbiota‘. The implications of these findings are extremely serious.

NCBI: EU (ESF) co-financed fruit fly study: ‘Mobile-phone radiation-induced perturbation of gene-expression profiling, redox equilibrium and sporadicapoptosis control in the ovary of Drosophila  melanogaster‘ (htt ps:// articles/PMC5406167/).

Environmental Health Perspectives, vol 111 no. 7: ‘Nerve Cell Damage in Mammalian Brain after Exposure to Microwaves from GSM Mobile Phones‘ (https://www.ncbi.nlm. PMC1241519/pdf/ ehp0111-000881. pdf).

Researchgate: ‘Radiofrequency radiation injures trees around mobile phone base stations‘ (https://www. 306435017_Radiofrequency_ radiation_injures_trees_ around_mobile_phone_base_ stations).

NCBI: ‘Weak radiofrequency radiation exposure from mobile phone radiation on plants‘ (https://www.ncbi.nlm. Abstract).

Oxford Academic: ‘Exposure to 915 MHz radiation induces micronuclei in Vicia faba root tips‘ (https://academic.oup. com/mutage/article/31/2/187/ 2622776).

Bio Electro Magnetics: ‘Reduced growth of soybean seedlings after exposure to weak microwave radiation from GSM 900 mobile phone and base station‘ (https:// abs/10.1002/BEM.21890).


Kevin Mottus, Outreach Director of the CA Brain Tumour Association, speaking about 5G: ”We are literally microwave radiating our population and we’re wondering why there’s so much cancer and chronic illness. … We already know the lower frequencies cause cancer and neurological problems. We expect this to be much worse, much quicker. We are literally experimenting with people’s lives. .. We need to start pushing back and stop allowing them to use us literally like rats in an experiment. … 56 billion dollars to roll out 5G (in the US), zero money to look at the health effects.”

The frequencies of mobile phone technology:

2G operates between .825 – .960GHz

3G operates between 1.800 – 1.990GHz

4G operates between 2.620 – 2.690 GHz

5G (the first wave) operates between 24.25 – 27.5GHz at the upper frequency level of a combination of two other levels of frequency, the middle being 3.4 – 3.8GHz and the lower range  .7 GHz. The FCC has already opened up the

64GHz to 71GHz frequency bands for 5G.

The frequencies of average human brains:

From Delta to Gamma, 0 – 100HZ (this can escalate to 400Hz in an epileptic’s brain).

The frequency of the planetary electromagnetic field, the ‘electromagnetic home’ which all biological lifeforms have evolved in synchronization with:

Schumann resonance 7.83Hz (fundamental) fluctuating between 3Hz and 60Hz.

The higher range electromagnetic frequencies the first wave of 5G will pulse through the planetary electromagnetic field and into our bodies at very close range:

24,250,000,000Hz – 27,500,000,000Hz. These are tens of billions of times higher than the natural planetary and human frequencies.


All life pulsates in time to the Earth and our artificial fields cause abnormal reactions in all organisms. Increasing electro-pollution could set in motion irreversible changes leading to our extinction.’ The late Dr Robert Becker, researcher and author of ‘The Body Electric’.

Our physical bodies, from the realm of sub-atomic particles right up to the agglomerated, walking, talking human being, operate through electrical/ electromagnetic activity, therefore physics and bio-physics are fundamentally implicated in their ability to function. In certain contexts, physical benefit can be derived from the application of highly specific, targeted, short term, radiofrequency exposure. This, however, is very different from the situation we are currently facing in which our physical bodies are to be permanently immersed in an inescapable cacophony of intense 5G (plus 2G, 3G and 4G) frequencies. It is not difficult to rationalize, through even a rudimentary understanding of physics, that this cacophonous, unabated bombardment of frequencies so extremely foreign to the body’s inherent frequencies will, almost certainly, evoke unnatural entrainment and/or interfere with the predetermined electrical balances and functions within the cells, the mitochondria and the DNA. Such deviation or dysregulation could be biologically (especially cumulatively) catastrophic.


If, for whatever reason, you are unconvinced by the science, perhaps Lloyds of London’s financial interests might speak louder: ‘The Electromagnetic Fields Exclusion (Exclusion 32) is a General Insurance Exclusion and is applied across the market as standard. The purpose of the exclusion is to exclude cover for illnesses caused by continuous long-term non-ionising radiation exposure i.e. through mobile phone usage.’ From an article written by journalists Mark Hertsgaard and Mark Dowie: One key player has not been swayed by all this wireless-friendly research: the insurance industry. In our reporting for this story, we found not a single insurance company that would sell a product-liability policy that covered mobile phone radiation.


From Verizon Communications Inc., United States Securities and Exchange

Commission Form 10-K, Annual Report, fiscal year ended December 31st 2014: ‘We are subject to a significant amount of legislation which could require us to pay significant damages or settlements. Our wireless business also faces personal injury and consumer class action  lawsuits relating to alleged health effects of wireless phones or radio frequency transmitters …  In addition, we may be required to pay significant awards or settlements.’ AT&T annual report 2014: ‘As we deploy newer technologies, especially in the wireless area, we also face current and potential litigation relating to alleged adverse health effects on customers or employees who use such technologies.


The introduction of 5G is being heralded as, and widely understood to be, a major step in human progress. Throughout the media tech entrepreneurs, academic/industrial technophiles and government representatives wax eloquent about the wonderful technological future 5G will open up to humans whilst Birmingham boasts the accolade of winning ‘the 5G battle’ for the privilege to be the first UK city with 5G coverage. So, let us objectify this next step in human progress.

To enable this progress, not only will millions of close proximity, 5G phased array antennae be deployed world-wide, but upwards of twelve thousand satellites are to be installed in space to radiate 5G frequencies down onto every square inch of the planet. Dr Martin Pall, on some of the 5G frequency effects ‘We can expect humans to suffer from massive increases in blindness, from cataracts, macular degeneration and retinal detachment. Large increase in hearing loss, very large increase in male infertility. Melanoma skin cancer; peripheral nervous system impacts with neuropathic pain. Impacts on immune cells; impacts on red blood cells leading to very low oxygen in the tissues and impaired transport of nutrients in the tissues. The impact on insects, including bees and other pollinators, on birds, small mammals, almost all the plants, will be even more severe than the impact on humans’.

The antennae are just the beginning… then, facilitated by the low latency, ever increasing interconnectedness of 5G, come the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The Internet of things:

The prospect of an interconnected, informational ‘Internet of Things’ is being touted as something that will, in its growing ‘smartness’, transform our lives, businesses and homes by bestowing increasing numbers of smart benefits. Here’s what some tech-savvies have to say about this prospect. The following is from Joshua Corman’s Ted Talk in which he likens swimming with apex predators (sharks) to swimming in the technological ocean: ”I made another call to Dr Charlie Miller… he had hacked two automobiles at the largest hacker conference in the world known as DEFCON (together with Chris Valasek). … These things should really bother you. They could deploy airbags without a crash… and almost certainly cause one. They could turn the steering without your consent. And for their final act, they disabled the brakes. … As we bring more connectivity and software into our homes, we’re inviting the devil into our homes. If it’s software, it’s hackable. If it’s connected, it’s exposed..… and what’s to be done? I honestly don’t know, I worry about the future. I hate to say this, but sharks patrol these waters and we’re already behind. The difference is, when you go to the beach and you see sharks, you can choose to stay on dry land, but in this swarming Internet of Things we’re almost out of dry land. We’re adrift in the Internet of Things and the blood is in the water.”

Bryan Lunduke speaking at the ‘Open Internet of Things Summit & Embedded Linux Conference’:  The reality is, no matter how secure you make these (Internet of Things) devices, it doesn’t matter, they will be compromised. There is no way to secure them, it simply is not possible. … If you give a global consciousness, the Internet of Things, complete access and control to your security system, your front door lock, all the lighting in your house, your oven, your toaster, your internet frigging enabled crockpot, it can destroy you completely, literally.”

Rose Barker, risk management consultant and expert on identity theft: ”I don’t own a smart fridge and I hope that I’m never forced to. When you’re considering buying a new device, please weigh the costs and benefits. Ask yourself, is it really worth it to have a smart phone fridge app to see your grocery list if you could lose your most vulnerable possession… and that is your identity?”

5G technology will generate enormous profits by selling detailed data about us which will be constantly collected, via close range antennae, from our smart homes and our smart lives, because 5G is, amongst other things, a monitoring system. Almost fifty years ago, in his 1970 book, ‘Between Two Ages – America’s Role in the Technetronic Era’, the late Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote, ‘The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. … Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen.

UN Declaration of Human Rights, Article 12:  ‘No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks. It is ‘imposed interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence.’

Artificial intelligence (AI):

This is a complex and controversial subject. James Barrat’s ‘Our Final Invention – Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era‘, and Richard Dooling’s ‘Rapture for the Geeks – When AI Outsmarts IQ’, are two highly readable and informative books on artificial intelligence. The titles, in and of themselves, are profoundly meaningful. In James Barrat’s introduction he writes: ‘Our species is going to mortally struggle with this problem. This book explores the plausibility of losing control of our future to machines that won’t necessarily hate us, but that will develop unexpected behaviours as they attain high levels of the most unpredictable power and force in the universe (intelligence), levels that we ourselves cannot realize, and behaviours that probably won’t be compatible with our survival.‘. Here are some more perspectives from AI’s intellectual vanguard:

Elon Musk: ”I have exposure to the most cutting edge AI and I think people should be really concerned about it. AI is a fundamental risk to the existence of human civilization in the way that car accidents, aeroplane crashes, faulty drugs or bad food were not. They were harmful to a set of individuals but not to society as a whole. AI scares the hell out of me, it’s capable of vastly more than almost anyone knows.

Vernor Vinge: ”Once we create smarter than human intelligence, artificial superintelligence, all bets are off, I don’t think we’ll be able to control it. I don’t think many people think we’ll be able to control it

The late Prof. Stephen Hawking: ”“The real risk with AI isn’t malice but competence. A superintelligent AI will be extremely good at accomplishing its goals, and if those goals aren’t aligned with ours, we’re in trouble. You’re probably not an evil ant-hater who steps on ants out of malice, but if you’re in charge of a hydroelectric green energy project and there’s an anthill in the region to be flooded, too bad for the ants. Let’s not place humanity in the position of those ants.”  –  “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.”

Sam Harris: ”I’m going to describe how the gains we make in artificial intelligence could ultimately destroy us, and in fact, I think it’s very difficult to see how they won’t destroy us”.

Jay Tuck: ”Survival is an issue for artificial intelligence. It needs to exist to be able to do the things it wants to according to its programmes. So it lays, like, insect eggs, backups and computer programmes all over the world, thousands and thousands of them, so that if we destroy part of it, it’s still alive. My job to you is the wake up call to make you aware of the problem. Your job is to figure out how we’re going to stop this before it kills us.”

Geordie RoseAI in the work place: ”Imagine, for 10 dollars I could build a machine like a little robot that had fingers and eyes and all that, and it would do your job better than you, no matter what it is, and I could sell that to your employer for say 15 dollars, instead of having to pay you 100,000 dollars a year. Now, imagine that was true for every single job, because that’s what we’re talking about here … we are right on the verge of that transition now.”

Peter Haas: ”You see, right now, there are people, doctors, judges, accountants who are getting information from an AI system and treating it as if it is information from a trusted colleague. it’s this trust that bothers me, not because AI gets it wrong, AI researchers pride themselves in accuracy on results. It’s how badly it gets it wrong when it makes a mistake that has me worried. These systems do not fail gracefully.”

A quick summary of risks involved in providing faster download speeds, driverless cars, ‘smart’ interconnectedness and artificial intelligence:

  1. 5G antennae…  ‘We can expect humans to suffer from massive increases in blindness, from cataracts, macular degeneration and retinal detachment.

Large increase in hearing loss, very large increase in male infertility. Melanoma skin cancer; peripheral nervous system impacts with neuropathic pain. Impacts on immune cells; impacts on red blood cells leading to very low oxygen in the tissues and impaired transport of nutrients in the tissues. The impact on insects, including bees and other pollinators, on birds, small mammals, almost all the plants, will be even more severe than the impact on humans.’

  1. 5G interconnected Internet of Things… ”The reality is, no matter how secure you make these (Internet of Things) devices, it doesn’t matter, they will be compromised. There is no way to secure them, it simply is not possible. … If you give a global consciousness, the Internet of Things, complete access and control to your security system, your front door lock, all the lighting in your house, your oven, your toaster, you internet frigging enabled crockpot, it can destroy you completely, literally.”
  2. 5G interconnected artificial Intelligence… ‘Our species is going to mortally struggle with this problem.’; ‘AI is a fundamental risk to the existence of human civilization’; “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.”; ”These systems do not fail gracefully”.

Dr Ian Malcolm (Jurassic Park)…  ”Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.”

TRUE HUMAN PROGRESS should not rob people of their basic human rights or allow them to become the collateral damage of the exploits of unconscionable profiteering. TRUE HUMAN PROGRESS should not corrupt the entire electromagnetic field of the earth in ways which are unequivocally known to be injurious to life… and completely disregard the science which clearly warns of the dangers. TRUE HUMAN PROGRESS should not technologically intrude upon and monitor people’s lives and homes or render them permanently vulnerable to cyber-attack. TRUE HUMAN PROGRESS should not usurp and imperil people with selfreplicating artificial intelligence which is described by many leading AI experts as an existential threat. There are descriptions for such things but ‘human progress’ is not one of them. 


The shrouding of the truth in all-encompassing propaganda/spin is absolutely pivotal to the ‘5G Future’, as is the marketing of its ‘smarter’ lifestyle.

PR (public relations)… orchestrating 5G information in the media. A few fundamental tactics:

  1. Eulogize/avoid. Avidly eulogize about the benefits of 5G technology whilst carefully avoiding the subject of potential risks. If the issue of risks rears its head, call on the chosen experts…
  2. Chosen experts. Strategically call on favourably biased experts who can pontificate on favourably biased perspectives and extinguish any unfavourable perspectives. If someone left of field questions the veracity of these chosen experts, dismiss or discredit them…
  3. Dismiss/discredit. Blithely dismiss or attempt to discredit anyone who candidly opposes the official narrative and/or speaks the inconvenient truth. This may or may not include sarcasm, ridicule or the word ‘conspiracy’.
  4. Obfuscation. Muddy the waters to create confusion or ambiguity.
  5. Simplify/complexify. Either overly simplify or unnecessarily complexify an issue in order to detract and deceive.
  6. Plausibility. Sound convincingly plausible about what you want the public to believe whilst smudging the facts or blatantly lying.

Advertising agencies… Freud’s unplanned progeny:

The fundamental modus operandi of advertising is to powerfully influence people by bombarding them with concepts and messages that have been devised and produced in line with the human psyche’s desires, dreams, wants and needs, as well as its fears. Influencing minds also involves omitting information which is counter to the advertiser’s aims. For example, in the case of the long term advertising of cigarettes, the omission was obviously mouth, throat, tracheal and lung cancer together with heart and circulatory disease.

Large scale advertising, which has already served the mobile/smart phone industry admirably in globalizing and advancing its technology, will be superlatively designed and perfectly timed to kick in the instant the 5G product market is ready to open upIn the meantime, upbeat ‘teasers’ are emerging to whet people’s appetites (https://www. xfQ8tsEXjMI).

Concealing the unthinkable:

This is an insidious, overarching implementation of propaganda that calls on many tactics. Propaganda creates an ‘inclusive’ milieu which shapes people’s perception of events and of the world. It simultaneously instates ‘exclusive’ parameters beyond which even the bravest journalists know not to venture. ‘Concealing the unthinkable’ weaves between the two. With regard to 5G, it is unthinkable that the British government is prepared to expose the British population to an invasive, pervasive technology that’s untested for safety. This is compounded by the fact that assurances from the government implying RF radiation causes no harm are not only strongly contested by highly qualified scientists but contradicted by decades of research proving harm.  It is unthinkable that the unwitting British population is being kept in a state of propaganda induced ignorance and is fundamentally clueless and questionless about the actual facts of 5G (apart, of course, from ”faster download speeds!…and possibly ”driverless cars”), thus the deployment of this extremely hazardous  technology is forging ahead unquestioned and unimpeded. This demonstrates how effectively ‘concealing the unthinkable’ is being achieved in relation to 5G.

Astroturf methods:

The internet is an incredible tool, but navigating it in search of factual information can be highly problematic. To add to the difficulty, ‘astroturf methods’, which few people are currently aware of, are now being widely used. Astroturf is a form of special interests propaganda that involves creating or seizing opportunities to infiltrate the internet with influential information. This can make ascertaining the genuine truth about 5G extremely challenging.

Sharyl Attkisson, journalist, current affairs presenter and author of the book ‘Stonewalled’: ”But what if all isn’t as it seems? What if the reality you found was false, a carefully constructed narrative by unseen special interests designed to manipulate your opinion, a Truman Show-esque alternate reality all around you? Complacency in the news media combined with incredibly powerful propaganda and publicity forces mean we sometimes get little of the truth. Special interests have unlimited time and money to figure out new ways to spin us while cloaking their role. Surreptitious ‘astroturf methods’ are now more important to these interests than traditional lobbying… .

Astroturf is when political, commercial or other special interests, disguise themselves and publish blogs, start Facebook pages and twitter accounts, publish ads and letters to the editor, or simply post comments online, to try to fool you into thinking an independent or grassroots movement is speaking. The whole point of astroturf is to try to give the impression there’s widespread support for or against an agenda when there’s not. They attack news organizations that publish stories they don’t like, whistle blowers who tell the truth, politicians who dare to ask the tough questions, and journalists who have the audacity to report all of it.  Sometimes, astroturfers simply shove, intentionally, so much confusing and conflicting information into the mix that you’re left to throw up your hands and disregard all of it, including the truth. Drown out a link between a medicine and a harmful side effect by throwing a bunch of conflicting, paid for studies, surveys and experts into the mix, confusing the truth beyond recognition.

And then there’s Wikipedia, astroturf’s dream come true. Billed as the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. The reality can’t be more different. Anonymous Wikipedia editors control and co-opt pages on behalf of special interests. They forbid and reverse edits that go against their agenda. They skew and delete information, in blatant violation of Wikipedia’s own established policies, with impunity. Try adding a footnoted fact or correcting a fact error on one of these monitored Wikipedia pages and ‘poof’, sometimes within a matter of seconds you’ll find your edit is reversed.”

The cleverest 5G propaganda ploy of all:

Perhaps the cleverest 5G propaganda ploy of all is to have incrementally created dependence on, and addiction to, the very means by which you can optimally propagandize people… their screens. Infiltrate an engendered climate of entitlement to faster download speeds, whilst keeping mute about risks, and the job’s done.

5G propaganda has many faces and operates on many levels, but the bottom line is that it’s being implemented across the board to market a technology that poses ‘unthinkable’ risks of harm whilst simultaneously concealing these risks in every way possible.


In all of this we might ask the question, what makes humans thrive? What do most humans seek in life? Do they seek to be sick or cancerous from radiofrequency radiation poisoning? To live out each day in a hackable, exposed Internet of Things in which everyone and everything is vulnerable and monitored? To be increasingly engaged in more and more screen-bound, nonhuman connections carried at faster and faster speeds? To be superseded by AI technologies which could potentially rob them of not only their livelihood but their life? This is the future which the 5G trajectory is primed to carry the human race along… without either its informedawareness or its informed consent.

There were two world wars last century which brought devastation and loss of life on a massive scale, yet by the time most of us were born, there was no evidence of these horrors. Humans had valiantly managed, as they always do, to ”pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and start all over again” with the insuppressible hope that ‘springs eternal’. In the wake of such protracted and resounding atrocities, this was remarkable, and testament to the strength, resilience, creativity and enterprise the human spirit is capable of. Humans are worthy of a better world, they are deserving of progressive technology which is as safe as possible and which will improve and optimise their lives in all the ways that can be achieved. They absolutely do not deserve the imposition of a series of dehumanising, deleterious, technological inventions which, whatever the 5G propaganda currently promises, are going to change their lives for the worse.

Humans are worth more than this… much, much more.


Many highly qualified scientists have been actively warning world health authorities that RF radiation from mobile phone/wireless technology is physically harmful and asking for more protective guidelines to be implemented. Instead of this being acknowledged and acted upon in order to protect people, the radio frequencies that are already known to be causing harm are about to be exponentially amplified via millions of close proximity, 5G antennae plus upwards of 12,000 thousand 5G space satellites. The infiltration of these alarmingly intense and harmful frequencies is going to saturate and corrupt the entire planetary electromagnetic field to a degree which not only defies reason but begs serious, targeted questions.

Specific questions must be asked of the government and also the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport regarding the purported harmlessness of 5G antennae which the words ‘we anticipate no negative effects on public health’ imply. The physical safety of millions of British men, women and children, not to mention animals, birds, insects, trees and plants, rests on exposing, and acting on, the truth within the dichotomy between the government’s scientific stance claiming no harm and the perspective of a large scientific consensus warning of the risk of serious harm. Bear in mind that, as with cigarette smoking, RF radiation effects have been shown to be largely (as well as lethally) cumulative, thus remaining hidden in latent forms for many years. This must be taken into account.


Bureaucracy serves as one of the greatest players in the 5G scenario. It has already methodically rejected, and perhaps even concealed, the scientific facts of RF radiation health risks and is now, in its cold, faceless, collective utilitarianism, on course to put every life form on earth in a position of potential jeopardy by allowing the telecommunications industry to impose a risk of harm that is unparalleled in the entirety of recorded history.

So, what’s to be done? Are bureaucrats simply going to inertly and unquestioningly comply by ”just following orders” within the disparate departments involved in the bureaucratic trickledown of this appalling imposition? Are those of us who are privy to the facts simply going to allow this inhuman force to continue by cowing under its, and the telecommunications industry’s, massively inflated authority? Are we, as regular, decent people, simply going to relinquish our inviolable human rights and let the frequencies of this technology attack our eyes, ears, skin, nervous system, brain, endocrine system, reproductive organs, heart, cells, DNA … and worse still, those of our children? Or are we going to wake up to the horrendous reality of what’s taking place and do something, in some sort of human solidarity, to address it?


I am looking to you to protect the well-being and the human rights of the British people; to realise that propaganda abounds on many levels and the truth about 5G RF radiation effects is only to be found amongst independent scientists with no vested interests; to take the warnings of these scientists very seriously; to ask the voices of government who ‘anticipate no negative effects on public health’ if they can provide indubitable scientific evidence, approved by a trustworthy, independent, scientific consensus, that 5G technology is safe; in the absence of such evidence, to call for a moratorium on 5G so that independent, integrious scientific studies can be carried out to ascertain 5G health effects…  including  the long term, potentially lethal, cumulative effects.












The neurosurgeon and researcher, Dr Jack Kruse, recently warned, ”5G is going to be the biggest assault on the human race that we’ve ever seen”. World expert on RF radiation health effects, Dr Martin Pall, has described potential 5G health effects as ”chilling”. These two men are not conspiracy theorists or wielders of hyperbole, they are scientists firmly grounded in the science of 5G.


The 5G future is just one of many possible futures the minds of humans could innovate. It has been devised by an unrepresentative, extremely small minority of individuals who are now foisting it upon the entire world. The future they’ve set out to create amounts to a full-scale aberration that is underpinned by their own, not humanity’s, interests and it is glaringly obvious, under even the slightest scrutiny, that the risks posed by this 5G future astronomically outweigh the benefits.

This is a gravely serious situation. Those sanctioning and supporting the roll-out of 5G antennae must be held entirely… and I mean entirely… accountable. The deploying of 5G technology is not only an economic or a political matter, it is a humanitarian one.

Dr Martin Pall ends his document on 5G risks with this message: ‘Let me close, as follows. There have been certain points in our history where people have stood up to strong destructive forces against what often appeared to be insurmountable odds. Those people are THE most honoured people in our history. The people who failed to do so are among the most despised people in our history. I am not at all sure we will have historians to record us 100 years from now or even 30 years from now, given the direction in which we are heading, but if we do, rest assured that these are the standards by which you will be judged.

Thank you for your time.

Your sincerely,

Jane Gregory

Excellent lecture starts at 1.00 min. – Jerry Flynn is a former Captain in the Communications Electronics Engineering Branch of the Royal Canadian Navy. Jerry studied virtually every aspect of wireless radio communications, including radio theory, antenna theory (both transmitting and receiving antennas), the ionosphere and radio propagation, solar storms and solar flares, the electromagnetic frequency spectrum – specializing in the radio frequency spectrum, electromagnetic radiation, cryptography, communications security, radar systems, and satellite systems. Jerry Flynn’s presentation from Oct 4, 2012 – the National Day of Action – powerfully illustrates the harm which smart meters and pulsed microwave radiation are doing to human beings, and all life.

Questions asked:

What actions have you taken regarding the appeal sent to you by scientists
regarding 5G?
Do you have experts in the field of EMF radiation and the effects on actual human tissue?
If so Where and what did your experts study and what are the qualifications of your
experts regarding EMF exposure? What are the studies that you have used that
would show the exposure levels for 5G are safe? What are the risk assessments that
you have performed regarding 5G on the general public? Are any of your studies
based on actual biological exposure? If so what were your findings? If not then how
do you know it is safe?
What will you now do with all the above studies and references to studies above?

The following answer was sent back

Another FOI request