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The UK government are sharing confidential patient data in the  coronavirus response with a CIA funded  company called Palantir.
Palantir is a data mining company that cut its teeth working for the Pentagon and the CIA in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Some of its customers alongside our Govt and the NHS are JP Morgan Chase, Airbus, the FBI ad the CIA. They profess to uncover human trafficking rings,  child exploitation, respond to national disasters, TRACK DISEASES, prevent terrorist attacks etc.   It’s software was rumoured to have been used to track Osama Bin Laden. (Those people who are aware of the full facts surrounding Bin Laden will realise the implications of this claim.)

Palantir were so eager to be involved in the UK and the NHS that they chose to allow 10% of their workforce to work on a government data project to predict surges in the NHS demands during the CV19 pandemic from  which the company  earned one pound, despite the costs of wages for the workforce. A  BuzzFeed News investigation revealed that many of the company’s most consistent clients are entities that cannot afford to pay its high fees — which can exceed $US1 ($1) million per month — including a slew of federal agencies that, since 2007, have paid the company about $US120 ($158) million.

Palantir was co founded  by Peter Thiel, a right-wing billionaire, who has set up ‘HHS Protect Now’ in the US, which – according to Forbes magazine – won a $17 million contract on 10 April from the US Department of Health and Human Services Program Support Center to provide detailed data from a wide range of organisations on the spread of COVID-19. Thiel is publicly backing Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign.

Those recently  given contracts  within the NHS with no competion were Palantir as well as  Google, Microsoft,  Amazon Web Services, and Faculty.

Peter Thiel co owns Palantir 12%, it’s valued at $20 billion.  Set to go public this year, now it’s embedded in our NHS.
PALANTIR  is working with UN, WHO, UK ( NHS),USA, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), FBI, CIA  and   Cummings.
 Palantir software is designed to synthesise and collect data to help govt employees to stop plots before they’re executed.
 Law enforcement can use it to search for links in phone records, photos, vehicle information, criminal history, biometrics, credit card transactions, addresses and police reports.  In fact it’s been used for “predictive” policing.
Thiel co founded Pay Pal then went into create Clarium Capita a global macro hedge fund.   Thiel recently sold 73% shares in Facebook but he still owns 59,913 class A shares FB.
The name Palantir comes from JRR Tolkien –  “One that sees from afar” or “ seeing stone”.  It’s sometimes known as Palantir Gotham.  This integrates and transforms data where it’s ‘enriched’ and ‘mapped’ into meaningfully defined objects ie… people, places and events that connect them. It was formed in 2004 under a secretive veil.  Peter Thiel is one of Trumps biggest backers.   It’s secretive as many of their “customer agreements involve NDAs so they deliberately fly under the radar. 

Gotham (formerly Palantir Government) is designed for the needs of intelligence, law enforcement, and homeland security customers. Gotham works by importing large reams of “structured” data (like spreadsheets) and “unstructured” data (like images) into one centralized database, where all of the information can be visualized and analyzed in one workspace.


The company is known for three projects in particular: Palantir Gotham, Palantir Metropolis and Palantir Foundry. Palantir Gotham is used by counter-terrorism analysts at offices in the United States Intelligence Community (USIC) and United States Department of Defense, fraud investigators at the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, and cyber analysts at Information Warfare Monitor, while Palantir Metropolis is used by hedge funds, banks, and financial services firms.

Gandalf: A palantir is a dangerous tool, Saruman.
Saruman: Why? Why should we fear to use it?
Gandalf: They are not all accounted for, the lost Seeing-stones. We do not know who else may be watching.
Source: Lord of the Rings

On 10 April 2020, Palantir won a $17 million contract from US Department of Health and Human Services Program Support Center to provide detailed data from a wide range of organisations on the spread of COVID-19. 

On 12 April 2020, citing confidential documents, the Guardian reported Palantir would be involved in a Covid-19 data project which “includes large volumes of data pertaining to individuals, including protected health information, Covid-19 test results, the contents of people’s calls to the NHS health advice line 111 and clinical information about those in intensive care”. 
Despite assurances by the NHS that the medical data  will be returned to the NHS or desrtroyed after the pandemic, Palantir are notorius for making it difficult for companies to  extract from them without losing embedded software.
Palantir took over Project Maven from Google early this year after Google had concerns over its ethics, this is a Pentagon program to build an AI system that could use drones to target people.

The Canary reported that Palantir:

was awarded contracts to handle vast data sets on UK citizens for British spy agency GCHQ. The company also helped develop an aid for the spyware XKEYSCORE programme. And a 2010 presentation on the joint NSA-GCHQ ‘Mastering the Internet‘ surveillance programme recommended running Palantir software on Android handsets (smartphones and tablets). Palantir was also used as part of a GCHQ project which sought to improve the agency’s ability to collect tweets, blog posts and news articles.https://www.thecanary.co/discovery/analysis-discovery/2020/04/29/claims-that-gchq-advised-coronavirus-track-and-trace-app-has-security-and-privacy-flaws/

Dominic Cummings is heavily involved  in affairs of the UK as the chief adviser to Boris Johnson. 
He has embedded himself in the new role created to  replace the chief of staff position (which was vacant since the resignation in February 2020 of Chancellor Sajid Javid) Javid had resigned after refusing to follow orders from Cummings.
Cummings was also the special adviser to Micheal Gove from 2007 to 2014 and the man behind the ‘Vote Leave’ campaign.
A blog written by Dominic Cummings in 2017 references Palantir and Peter Thiel, it also states that it was possible back then to :
Deploy a drone with facial recognition to identify a relevant face and blow it up!


Peter Thiel was also on the board of Facebook during the Cambridge Analytica data gathering of FB users which was reportedly helped by  members of Palantir. Thiel was an initial investor in Facebook.

Cambridge Analytica was formed by a white house chief strategist and had people filling in a seemingly innocent facebook survey (masquerading as a quiz) only to find out that the data of 87 million FB users and all their contacts was made available to the company with no permission granted.

Big Data is the name of the game, it is dangerous and has the potential to effect every part of our lives.

AI may be good at finding trends in raw data and correlations in diverse data sets but the correlations it finds are not based on the best outcomes for the public but rather the best outcomes for those in control of the data which is at best discriminatory and at worse, potentially diabolical.

Data security within the health service was once its number one priority, especially after a series of high level breaches.

In the US the top three breaches of data-security were from the health care industry.

The most valuable data is pharmaceutical and biotech intellectual property. According to a “Health Warning” report by the Intel Security McAfee Labs, cyber-criminals are putting more time and resources into exploiting and monetising health care data.

In 2017 the Information commissioner in the UK was investigating concerns that the medical records of 26 million patients were embroiled in a major security breach amid warnings that the IT system used by thousands of GPs was not secure.

The Information Commissioner was investigating concerns that records held by 2,700 practices – one in three of those in England – could be accessed by hundreds of thousands of strangers. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/03/17/security-breach-fears-26-million-nhs-patients/

Palantir, who are one of the companies given access to our medical records,  won a contract for $876 million  to provide the the US army with software.


So despite the fact that Palantir are working with UN, WHO, UK (NHS), USA, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the FBI and the CIA as well as Cummings, by putting themselves in  position by claiming  that they are only providing the tools to help assess the data from hospitals, they have embroiled themselves into our NHS  by offering  for free, to assess how bad the situation is? 

Given the background of Palantir, notorious for its heavy involvement in military and security contracts and its CIA connections, this is NOT in the best interests of the public in UK who should have been involved and informed on who was given the contract, made even more scandalous by the blogs of  the Prime ministers adviser, Dominic Cummings and his obvious ‘admiration’ for both Thiel and Palantir as evidenced in his 2017 blogs.

FedScoop: Inside Palantir’s work with the CDC, HHS to synthesize COVID-19 data

It would not be the first time that patient data has been sold unknowingly to the US.


Another quote from Cummings/Thiel blog from 2017:


This quote shows that he has globalist leanings despite the fact that he headed the campaign to leave the European Union.


Palantir created Investigative Case Management (ICM) to help deport immigrants from US.

This gave access to information on a subject’s schooling, family relationships, employment information, phone records, immigration history, foreign exchange program status, personal connections, biometric traits, criminal records, and home and work addresses.

One of the Immigration Case Management (ICM) data collection tools by Palantir is Falcon. Documents also state that FALCON includes access to services provided by Cellebrite, an Israeli company that specialises in software used to breach cellphones.

Giving Palantir access to confidential NHS patients data is outsourcing with no scrutiny whilst giving health duties from the NHS to the private sector and can be seen as crossing a red line according to civil liberties groups.

In 2013, Investigative journalist Lee Fang explained that:

Palantir’s rise to prominence, now reportedly valued at $8 billion, came from initial investment from In-Q-Tel, the venture capital arm of the CIA, and close consultation with officials from the intelligence-gathering community, including disgraced retired admiral John Poindexter and Bryan Cunningham, a former adviser to Condoleezza Rice.

In 2010, Palantir, along with firms HBGary Federal and Berico, were solicited by the US Chamber of Commerce to target its critics. The group began “plotting a campaign of snooping on activists’ families and even using sophisticated hacking tools to break into computers”.

As Fang notes:

The tactics described in the proposals are illegal. However, there were no discussions in the leaked e-mails about the legality of using such tactics. Rather, the Chamber’s attorneys and the three contractors quibbled for weeks about how much to charge the Chamber for these hacking services. At one point, they demanded $2 million a month.


Jim Killock of the Open Rights Group (ORG) civil liberties organisation has warned The Canary that surveillance and analytics firm Palantir is “not a company you want handling sensitive personal data”

Killock warns that, as a result, Palantir may become impossible to remove [from public service contracts], and increasingly [become] involved with personal data. They have already been granted access to ‘anonymised’ personal data – this is usually data than can be relinked to people in practice, so already promises that they wouldn’t handle personal data have been broken.

‘Surveillance firms have no place in handling sensitive data’ – Killock

Killock’s position is clear: when personal data is handled, [Palantir] should be excluded while they have a surveillance business, in much the same way as companies like Lockheed Martin which sell surveillance tech as well as business tech must be treated with caution.

In reality, Palantir’s offer of help for the NHS should probably not have come as a surprise.

The company has been courting the UK health service – and its £120bn annual budget – for years and its software has already won a place on the Government’s online catalogue for civil servants to pick from. Access to NHS data is among the most lucrative centralised data sets in the world.

Global partnerships have been at the forefront of the UN Sustainable goal models for decades. https://www.un.org/ga/search/view_doc.asp?symbol=%20A/RES/55/215&Lang=E

All the information involving statistics and spreading of the alleged virus from the CDC is from data collected by Palantir who are also reporting to public health agencies around the globe including UK. https://www.forbes.com/sites/thomasbrewster/2020/03/31/palantir-the-20-billion-peter-thiel-backed-big-data-giant-is-providing-a-coronavirus-monitoring-tool-to-the-cdc/#31ad7b81595a

Whilst commercial manufacturers and government agencies are using Palantir collaboratively to meet demand for supplies.

Palantir allowed 10% of its workforce to work in the NHS in the early stages of CV. Even though it cost the company anywhere between tens and hundreds of thousands of pounds in wages, they offered to charge the NHS £1. allowed surveillance experts Palantir to be in control of the ‘claims’ made of the demands on the NHS during the pandemic because of predictions they made.

Predictions and statistics regarding the CV pandemic in the UK and US has been collaborated by a team from Palantir. Questions have arisen in the past from false data that “predictive-analysis” systems like Palantir’s can generate. https://www.sfgate.com/business/article/Palantir-technology-used-to-verify-Iran-12898619.php

Palantir who has clients that mostly consists of military and intelligence outfits and large financial institutions has embedded itself in our NHS.

Documents show how Palantir applies Silicon Valley’s playbook to domestic law enforcement. New users are welcomed with discounted hardware and federal grants, sharing their own data in return for access to others’. When enough jurisdictions join Palantir’s interconnected web of police departments, government agencies, and databases, the resulting data trove resembles a pay-to-access social network—a Facebook of crime that’s both invisible and largely unaccountable to the citizens whose behavior it tracks.


Another company given the ‘uncontested’ contract to mine confidential data from NHS patients is Faculty.


Cummings based his Brexit models on ‘Faculty’ created ideas. Faculty were known as Advanced Skills Institute as this time. Faculty have also been involved in the new AI lab created in partnership with the NHSX since March 2020.


Faculty is responsible for turning the data Palantir collates into actionable insights for hospitals, as well as government officials and ministers. 

Faculty has until recently remained largely unknown outside of the data science community, but claims to have “Europe’s most experienced team of AI and machine learning specialists”, having poached some of the UK’s best data science PhD students through its fellowship programme.

However, the spotlight has turned to the company after its chief executive’s brother, Ben Warner, was named as one of the two political advisers who attended the SAGE meetings in March. The other was the prime minister’s chief adviser Dominic Cummings. Warner and Cummings worked together on Vote Leave and the former has been appointed as a data science adviser to Downing Street in recent months.

Palantir’s NHS data project “may outlive coronavirus crisis”

Interestingly, the UK Government signed a year long contract with Faculty just a short time before the CV was claimed to be a pandemic. One has to beg the question:

“How did many contracts with universal  players occur just PRIOR to CV?”


Data harvesting is nothing new for Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings as they also turn GOV.UK into a “platform to allow targeted and personalised information to be gathered, analysed and fed back actively to support key decision making”  just as happened during Brexit. 


More than 8,000 people have signed a petition for the government to “release details of the secret data deals.” The Department of Health said on the 14th of May that it would need another 20 days to consider whether to release the data-sharing agreements, while assessing the balance between public and “commercial interests”.


The risks and costs associated with health care data security breaches are too high, and the confidential, personal health data of millions are at risk. This makes data security health care’s biggest concern today and allowing it to fall into the hands of unscrupulous companies should be stopped by everyone who uses the NHS.


Everyone in the UK!

In the past, data about millions of NHS patients has been sold to the US and other international pharmaceutical companies for research, raising new fears about America’s growing ambitions to access lucrative parts of the health service after Brexit.

US pharmaceutical giants, including Merck (referred to outside the US and Canada as MSD, Merck, Sharp and Dohme), Bristol-Myers Squibb and Eli Lilly, have paid the Department of Health and Social Care, which holds data derived from GPs’ surgeries, for licences costing up to £330,000 each in return for anonymised data to be used for research.

“Do patients know – have they even been told by the one in seven GP practices across England that pass on their clinical details – that their medical histories are being sold to multinational pharma companies in the US and around the world?””

“Patients should know how their data is used. There should be no surprises. While legitimate research for public health benefit is to be encouraged, it must always be consensual, safe and properly transparent,” said Phil Booth, coordinator of medConfidential, which campaigns for the privacy of health data. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/dec/07/nhs-medical-data-sales-american-pharma-lack-transparency

How did Palantir have knowledge of the CV before other companies, as evidenced by its actions of recalling staff from abroad?


An annual report released in September 2019 by the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board released a report. This was a joint effort between WHO and the World Bank.

In this first annual report, members of the board (who also include those involved in CV) call for tests globally on the global prepardness for a pandemic caused by a lethal pathogen.

They call for a cost effective plan from more than 53 countries to be included and sent by July 2019, with a view to run tests from Sept 2019 to Sept 2020.

Members of the board.

This means that an action plan costed and  developed  by July 2019 from over 53 countries was due to begin for a year from Sept 2019 to Sept 2020. 


The report openly discusses having multisectoral simulation exercises.


What are the chances/odds that a global pandemic prepardness exercise involving WHO and the Chinese CDC, Fauci, Wellcome and Gates foundation would be simultaneously occuring in which contracts were being signed PRIOR to the CV pandemic, a prepardness exercise happening at the same time is exactly the MO during the London bombing 7/7, 9/11, Boston marathon, to name but a few.

It is not beyond the realms of possibilty for the whole event to be created, with the help of the board members such as the Director-General of the Chinese CDC and Fauci, monitored by government insiders such as Palantir and Faculty. 

Implemented by all the countries who are members of the WHO and used as a further tool to create the desired UN agenda of  technological advances that offer less freedom to the public whilst achieving a tighter control system for governments and agencies.

Thiel is on record stating: ‘I no longer believe that freedom and democracy are compatible.’

The Global Prepardness Report thanks the John Hopkins University for help with the background paper, the same organisation who are at the forefront of the CV pandemic.

The Global Pepardness Report also thanked Dr. Bernhard Schwartländer.

Schwartländer is a WHO Representative in China and a member of the World Economic Forum who hosted the online pandemic mock up called Event 201.


Michale Ryan was also thanked.

 Ryan is Chief Executive Director of the WHO Health Emergencies Programme which is tasked with the international containment and treatment of COVID-19.

Some other names who have contributed to the Global Prepardeness Report include:

Peter Salama was also thanked for his work. Salama died suddenly in January.

He was a member of GAVI since June 2019 and despite being the Executive Director for Emergency Preparedness and Responses at WHO, he was downgraded by WHO to Executive Director of Universal Healthcare in March 2019.

Months later in June 2019, he joined the board of GAVI.
Then during the time that GAVI were celebrating 20 years in business on January 2020 in Geneva, he died of a heart attack aged 51.

GAVI was created at the World Economic Forum 20 years ago.

Dr. Jaouad Mahjour is Assistant Director-General for Emergency Preparedness. Acting WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean.

Gabriella Stern.

The report states that the UN and WHO conducts at least two system-wide training and simulation exercises, including one for covering the deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen.

We have very strong grounds to be suspicious of a planned global response the same time as the CV pandemic.

This report from Gulf news on March 2020 claims that 194 countries have contracted the CV.  


The same number of countries that are bound to implement the WHOs International Health Regulations (2005) (IHR). This binding instrument of international law entered into force on 15 June 2007. 



GAVI to which the UK Govt is one of the biggest donors, has on its governing board many pharma industry representatives.

This group sets the price for vaccines, stimulates needs and using public money and money from “donors” is highly involved in the vaccine process.
The pharma industry sell vaccines to other countries, which is paid for by GAVI, the pharma companies can then collect that money back from a special fund called the Advance Market Committment.
So they can set the price of vaccines involving the same companies that stand to profit; a clear example of conflicts of interest.

Global health organisations like this are complicit in ensuring corporate welfare at the expense of the public and the public’s health!
In July 2017, Madagascar had an Economic Development Document drawn up by the IMF. This was to involve the country in the UNs Agenda 20/30 to develop its natural resources.
One of the steps for implementation includes, “Promotion of Innovative financing such as those used by GAVI”.
Six weeks later, Madagascar were reporting a plague!


You have heard of DARPA, what about ARPA?

Dominic Cummings, the PM’s aide, has been forging ahead to create ARPA, the UK version of DARPA. In his 2017 blog, Cummings discusses the values of ARPA, laughed out of Whitehall in previous years. The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) invited academics to a meeting at 10 Downing Street on the 25th September 2019 to discuss plans for the agency. Cummings was present at the meeting.


A similar plan to the Advanced Research Projects Agency was also mentioned in the Conservative Manifesto in discussions about high reward research agencies. https://www.computerweekly.com/news/252474526/General-election-2019-the-Conservatives-technology-policies-and-digital-plans

The budget in March 2020 included £800 million for the new agency.


ARPA made its first formal appearance in the October 2019 Queen’s Speech, which stated that:

“My Government is committed to establishing the United Kingdom as a world leader in scientific capability and space technology. Increased investment in science will be complemented by the development of a new funding agency, a more open visa system, and an ambitious national space strategy.” The background briefing document went on to elaborate that this would involve: “Backing a new approach to funding emerging fields of research and technology, broadly modelled on the US Advanced Research Projects Agency.

ARPA was also featured during the General Election campaign. In the accompanying press release to a speech given by Boris Johnson in Coventry on 13 November 2019, the Conservatives committed that they would: “Set up a British Advanced Research Projects Agency- investing £800 million over five years for a new research institution in the style of the US ARPA- to support blue skies, high-reward, research and investment in UK leadership in artificial intelligence and data.”


In a 2020 paper, co-authored by Boris Johnson’s brother Jo and published by the right-wing thinktank Policy Exchange, another co-author argues that ARPA could work closely with the NHS, at least in terms of procurement:

At the very least ensuring procurement teams are engaged with ARPA mission leads right from the start and that they are empowered to think beyond the parameters of existing solutions and performance measures. If it is to go beyond central government to involve the NHS, local government and other major spenders, it may require new nationwide guidance or legislation to ensure that innovation is actively considered as a factor in procurement across the wider public sector.

NHS “procurement” in this context implies NHS privatisation.


Cummings blog dated 2nd January 2020, entitled ‘Game Theory ‘in which he discusses the requirements for ARPA :

The same blog again quotes Peter Thiel.

Another proponent of the science of prediction. An unhealthy fascination with Thiel appears to thread through the prime minister’s aides blogs. https://dominiccummings.com/category/economics-finance/game-theory/

In this blog he also speaks of: Tetlock/IARPA prediction tournaments.

IARPA is interested in methods that can be used to generate probabilistic forecasts for events of interest to national security decision makers, including political, social, and military events on one-month to one-year time horizons. https://www.iarpa.gov/index.php/newsroom/iarpa-in-the-news/2015/439-the-good-judgment-project


Superforecasting, the ability to predict the future. Proffessor Philiph Tetlock wrote a book called The Art and Science of Prediction.

Tetlock co-wrote the book after he was involved in a project that he also co-created called the ‘Good Judgement Project’ which launched as a competition by IARPA in 2011 for four years, to identify methods to  forecast events.

“harnessing the wisdom of the crowd to forecast world events”.


 Parallels could be drawn in how both Thiel’s  powerful moves to instill some of his ideas into the US administration, and Cumming’s similar powerful moves into the UK govt and NHS, certainly gives credence to the idea that they are both on a mission to bring about the destruction of the respective systems.

On May 21st 2020 IARPA, the US intelligence community research labs, put a call out for rapid diagnostic tools including tools to track and predict CV as well as diagnostics.

They include offers of funding contactless test methods to test CV such as breath test analysis to be used in shops and public transport, contact tracing for those with no mobile phones, via other means such as the Internet of Things and wastewater testing.

They also offered funds for data tools to ‘predict’ CV spread. If you read the PDF embedded below, you will see that IARPA want to fund even more outlandish diagnostics. (Please make sure to read the  document below to understand the diagnostic tools being requested by IARPA for CV.)


Trump proclaimed his withdrawal from the WHO to the world via the media.  According to this report, he does not have the jurisdiction to just pull out of funding in this way. He has to bind by the agreement to fund them for another year AFTER he declares his withdrawal. https://www.justsecurity.org/70493/trumps-empty-withdrawal-from-the-world-health-organization/

Palantir and Contact Tracing.

Janet Daley asks this question in the Telegraph:

“Should a free society tolerate the introduction of a witch finder surveillance system in which anyone who happens to test positive for a virus is permitted to trigger the incarceration of any other person for 14 days, possibly in solitary confinement if he or she is the sole member of the household, simply by naming them, without any fear of being identified as the “accuser”?”

Look at the below graphic. The death rate is 0.26%. Most people will have either no symptoms or a mild illness. And if you say “yes but they could spread it to other people…”, well, the answer is the same, most of them will also have no symptoms or a mild illness. In fact the death rate is about the same as flu.

So anyone who comes into contact with someone who tests positive (and remember that the test has an up to 80% false positive rate), will have to isolate themselves for 14 days, when they are very likely to be fit and healthy.

Palantir has two contracts for CV tracking with Human Health Services. https://www.theverge.com/2020/4/21/21230453/palantir-coronavirus-trump-contract-peter-thiel-tracking-hhs-protect-now

A tool called ‘HHS Protect NOW’.

A study was performed in May 2020, a study funded by the Wellcome trust, which determined that digital contact tracing could play a critical role in avoiding or leaving lockdown.

The Wellcome Trust study also used the original study by Ferguson in its appraisal and concluded that contact tracing alongside social distancing and quarantine were required to combat the virus.

A mobile phone app can make contact tracing and notification instantaneous upon case confirmation. By keeping a temporary record of proximity events between individuals, it can immediately alert recent close contacts of diagnosed cases and prompt them to self-isolate.

Apps with similar aims have been deployed in China.

Public health policy was implemented using an app that was not compulsory but was required to move between quarters and into public spaces and public transport.

The app allows a central database to collect data on user movement and CV diagnosis and displays a green, amber, or red code to relax or enforce restrictions on movement. The database is reported to be analysed by an artificial intelligence algorithm that issues the colour codes. The app is a plug-in for the WeChat and Alipay apps and has been generally adopted. https://science.sciencemag.org/content/368/6491/eabb6936

Funding: This work was funded by the Li Ka Shing Foundation. A.N. is funded by the ARTIC Network (Wellcome Trust Collaborators Award 206298/Z/17/Z). The funders played no role in study conception or execution.


The study paper is clearly influenced by Wellcome trust despite the claims in the study that it had no conception or execution of the study.https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/app-based-contact-tracing-may-significantly-reduce-pandemic-spread#Ethical-considerations

15,000 calls centres are set to be opened up with a days training for staff for the new Corona phone app.

Whilst Apple and Google have joined forces to create an app for contact tracing, others have warned of the dangers.

An open letter, published on 19 April 2020 and signed by professors from 26 countries, urges governments and public health authorities to evaluate the potential dangers of developing contact-tracing technology.

Some of the Bluetooth-based proposals would enable (via mission creep) a form of government or private sector surveillance.


Phil Booth, coordinator at privacy group medConfidential, which has previously called on NHSX to be upfront about how the app will be used, said: “It’s time for them [NHSX] to stop talking and blogging about being transparent, and actually be transparent. Where are the DPIAs, the other Impact Assessments, the Data Sharing Agreements, the contracts? We were promised they would be published over a month ago, and still nothing.

“The lack of transparency is beyond an embarrassment. The real danger is that this undermines trust – for if they can’t show that they are and have been competent, honest and reliable throughout, then NHSX just failed the three pillars of trustworthiness. Not good for an experimental app that demands 60% of the population risk their lives to it.”

It comes as the privacy and security of contact-tracing apps has been called into question by a number of experts.


As of 1 July 2019, NHSX, which brings teams from the Department of Health and Social Care, NHS England and NHS Improvement together into one unit, is responsible for driving digital transformation and leading policy, implementation and change in this area.

The Open Rights group are campaigning for more transparency on the centralised app being built by govt.


In the UK a centralised app will mean that anyone reporting symptoms will go into a database and that will use AI to decide who to alert amongst contacts.

Health authority’s servers and the government could end up with an enormous database cataloguing everyone’s social interactions.

The proposed system by the UK involves Oxford University who have also been funded by the UK government. They also founded a vaccine manufacturing initiative with Imperial College.


Here is a list to all the countries using the contact trace apps.


In 2019, Privacy International.org and others asked for information regarding the contract between the Dept of Health and Amazons Alexa app which the Dept of Health were reluctant to discuss, but finally after many FOI requests they released the contract with many parts redacted.


On the 5th June 2020  Privacy International, Big Brother Watch, medConfidential, Foxglove, and Open Rights Group received answers from the 10 questions they sent Palantir about their work on the project to seek clarification and assurances. The conclusions were that the answers fail to clarify the extent of the project and what protections exist.


In June 2020 the NHSX app which cost tax payers  nearly £12 million was scrapped by Hancock in favour of another app.


Meanwhile AI will dictate who needs to attend hospital appointments.https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-artificial-intelligence-to-rank-nhs-patients-to-help-clear-post-covid-backlog-12014339?fbclid=IwAR1ctvW0CkhdO9mujZgDIQmSeKhhtl2rxbozK_wSp4aRmtKzrMNME1GrkMc

How can the UK Imperial college professor have got away using an outdated data modelling and predictions software from 13 years ago intended for Influenza and then refuse to allow that to be scrutinised?

His supposed ‘resignation’ from the top job for not sticking to his own guidelines appears highly likely to be a ‘get out clause’ before the SHTF.

This could be evidenced by magazines like the ‘Spectator’ asking serious questions of his ability to be taken seriously when he has got it wrong dramatically on so many occasions. https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/six-questions-that-neil-ferguson-should-be-asked

Which is all well and good but when you factor into the equation that the commissioning editor of the ‘Spectator’ is Mary Wakefield, the wife of Dominic Cummings, then we can see how Ferguson plays into the story. 

This was the story in the same magazine April 2020:


Jack Wakefield is the  brother of Mary Wakefield, the brother in law to Cummings, Cummings and Jack were friends then Jack introduced him to his sister and they later married.

Jack Wakefield launched Firtash in the UK. He was the director of Firtash 2008 – 2013. The company was directly involved in the scandal involving the Ukrainian oligarch at the centre of the Donald Trump-Ukraine scandal.


The COG-UK Consortium is an innovative partnership of NHS organisations, the four Public Health Agencies of the UK, the Wellcome Sanger Institute and more than 12 academic institutions providing sequencing and analysis capacity.

It is supported by £20 million funding from the UK Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) and the Wellcome Trust.

The goal of the COG-UK Consortium is to deliver large-scale SARS-CoV-2 genome sequencing capacity to hospitals, regional NHS centres and the Government that, when combined with epidemiological and clinical information, will inform interventions and policy decisions during the current UK COVID-19 epidemic.

Various partners listed here include universities,including Ferguson at Imperial college, genomics and  public health bodies.


One of its aims include to:

Drive the development of advanced research techniques and insights through greater data integration (for example by combining health records, virus genomics, human genomics and metagenomics).


All the labs collecting CV samples  throughout the UK are overseen by the Wellcome lab and it is seen as the project manager.

This means that a pharmaceutical company (Wellcome) and a CIA fronted data mining company (Palantir) are not just at the forefront and centre of CV information, statistics and data but they also stand to profit from that position.

Collecting DNA from samples is another avenue that needs serious consideration and the implications fully understood. 

Ferguson along with others, should be made to face independent tribunals in which all the evidence that he has used should be publicly scrutinised, his conflict of interests, of which there are many, should be analysed and if necessary, criminal charges brought. 

A week before the WHO announced the CV to the public, members of Imperial College created a private, for profit offshoot of the Vaccine Manufacturing and Innovation Centre UK called VMIC UK SERVICES LTD.

Numerous links to various organisations and profit making enterprises that cover both contact tracing, data mining and vaccines are linked to Imperial College, CDC, Big Pharma, WHO and the Gates Foundation, which means that the evidence for corruption is apparent yet ignored by main stream media in favour of a fear induced coma that seeks to indoctrinate the unsuspecting public into a complete relinquishing of all hard fought for human and personal rights, whilst echoing false alarmist figures that do not stand up under scrutiny.

Anyone who dares to share any information that can contradict the mainstream and its constant repetitive and  false information is being demonised online.

A selective amnesia seems to have blanket covered the entire world when it comes to some of the false news that governments and corrupt agencies have been previously involved with.

How many people died in Iraq after a false statement was made by the PM, backed by ministers, in which the media was fully complicit in spreading those lies? 

Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results.

CV numbers have been padded; this was the only reason that the CDC changed the way it collaborates the number of deaths recorded. Making it  feature highly amongst other comorbidity deaths has blurred the line between what is reported and what is real.

The crossroads that we face is obvious, we cannot look to a time years in the future, to assess and scrutinise what happened over CV claims, like we were able to after the Iraq war because by then it will be too late.

The difference between then and now is that civil surveillance is being ushered in on the back of CV allowing selective enforcement and vaccination will be final solution.

This is an extremely dangerous game being played with the future of humanity. Giving private information to companies that train and build AI models for use in future war fare models, such as the contract Palantir   have taken over from Google, to build drones that can attack the public, gleefully blogged about by the PM’s adviser is nothing short of an impending nightmare. 

We must all take responsibly for any information that we come across regarding events that affect us and learn to discern truth from lies.

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How Cummings (Tories) recruited Wakefield. https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1231758679055257600.html

This article has been made possible with information collaborated between Annie Logical Uncensored and Deborah Evans. The author of this website wishes to thank Deborah for her hard work in research.


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