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Today I have happened across a most foreboding and telling research article ever.

The article was on the website of the  GNC Economics group and includes graphs by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) which  has 37 countries involved and also partners with others including China, Brazil, India, Indonesia and South Africa.

OECD drives reform around the world affecting over 100 countries.



 GNS Economics have coordinated information and come up with a scenario.
According to this influential agency who have been  forecasting the development of an economy, they were warning for years about the Chinese economy, stating that although it was influential in the past in bolstering the global economy, that that is now not the case.https://gnseconomics.com/en_US/services/

The article  goes in to great detail how China is reaching the end of its debt-driven economic model, and thus well-along in the end-game of the ‘Chinese Miracle’. Stating that this will bring drastic changes to the world economy, which will fuel the global economic collapse of 2020-2023.
This was BEFORE the ‘Corona’ event!
It asks the question, ” What will China do?”

Will it try to force debt into the economy in a desperate effort to postpone the impending recession or enact short-term “surgical” stimulus measures to keep the economy from collapsing. This would mean that the global economy would continue to sink and enter into a recession in 2020 but this could shelter Chinese economy from utter collapse.


So, BEFORE this virus magically appears, the Chinese economy was headed into disaster which in turn was going to affect the economy globally.
This group then go on to talk about the impact of the corona virus on the global economy.

They claim the  virus helps push the Chinese economy into a recession which in turn creates a global recession.

It then goes on to state that ” a global recession, a European banking crisis and a crash in the U.S. capital markets will produce a global economic collapse which will almost certainly overwhelm any attempts—massive and coordinated as they may be—to turn the tide by over-stretched central banks and over-indebted governments.


And this is, why the coronavirus outbreak should be treated for what it is: a potential harbinger of human and economic calamity.”

Has the penny dropped yet?
It then outlines the stages of the crisis and how it would proceed!


 In December 2019 they outlined the stages, which are five: the onset, counter-attack, flood, calamity and recovery.


This is BEFORE there was any talk of a pandemic or a crisis etc.

First panic in the stock markets,the chinese economy will slam,corporate bankruptcies followed by an economic crash.

Many companies and small banks will go.
They claim that the crash will likely last 4/5 years and the recovery will depend on if the central banks can be sustained.

 With the governments and the central banks assuming a much bigger role in the economy and society in this darker scenario, some form of fascism (which is, by definition, the merger of state and corporate power) would be the likely end-result of these developments.

If the European banking sector has not ‘cracked’ by this point, this tsunami of corporate bankruptcies will wash it over the edge. As Europe holds the largest concentration of Global Systemically Important Banks, or G-SIBs, the European banking crisis will “go global” in an instant.

“Massive global deflation will follow, led by an ugly chain of bank and corporate failures. Global liquidity will collapse. An utter economic crash will follow”.

It also goes on to declare :
“So, if we manage to return to the principles of the market economy including, most crucially, a return to undistorted price discovery in the capital markets, we are likely to see one of the most powerful recoveries in global economic history. It would be led by robotization and general technological innovation, which hard economic times tend to foster.


Right on Cue for Smart Cities and 5G

In the meantime the crash would mean that pensions and other social security programs would face  serious setbacks.

( Those relying on the state to stay alive would be in grave danger).


The corona virus is a great opportunity for a declining economy to go bust, to create a new order and to get rid of surplus, if you catch my drift!


  1. I am thankful to have found your site, and thankful for your brilliance! I am confident you’re on to something and much of your content is dead-on. I’m starting a new job on Monday and now wondering if that was a bad idea- guess we can only live our lives but not knowing stinks. Best website ever- which means you will probably be shut down soon by the money changers like storm front was- poof he is gone. Take care you are genius.

    Your robot checker is failing badly, spins spins, and gets check but most times the post fails as if it wasn’t checked if this fails I will try one more time. Sixth try on this comment, it’s piss me off but keep trying, lol

    1. Thanks for your comments, sorry you had problems trying to comment, hope its working properly now though and thanks for your support too.

  2. No worries, I found it works best if I click the thing before typing my name or email address; perhaps I’m on some ‘try to silence’ list but I don’t stop I keep trying and trying and never give up.

    Trying to share your piece from today on Russia Today would you believe they have a piece on front page suggesting the virus is a conspiracy and calling out the global elites? I love it! Oh no while I was typing my verification expired, so far one failure, will click it again.

    As for the whack comment thing; I’m computer programmer will provide some info and research the problem for you, I’m using Chrome Google Chrome is up to date
    Version 80.0.3987.122 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Windoze 64 bit from SE USE on Windstream network

    Did your piece get taken down from today? The really really long one? I posted a link to it on conspiracy Reddit maybe they nuked it or I’m just too would up on adderall.

    Keep up the fight I am at your service for any IT needs, or programming needs on your site free of charge. It’s a nice word press site by the way I used to have a lot of them for income (adsense) still have some but won’t post links except in website section, and they aren’t for profit- wasn’t worth the $150 a month from google

  3. Ms. Logical, sorry to spam you here, but just revisited the Reddit post I made and it’s getting some interest there- so GREAT JOB your piece is being seen by a LOT of eyeballs & it’s picking up momentum- feel free to jump into the conversation and offer up some of your genius.

    Link to the reddit is

    You deserve all the glory! And I posted your link un-adultered.

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