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I wonder if Canadians are aware of their part in financing 5G and Smart meters?

There is a company that owns 9/10 of the UK.s Terrestrial TV Transmission Networks as well as Security and Emergency `Communications.Along with an Australian bank called Macquarie. Through a chain of Companies including off shore tax havens.

That company is called Arqiva. 

It is controlled by the Canadian pension plan of 20 million Canadians.

From 2013-2016 it earned 822Million of which it paid Interest of 1.5Billion.
Half went to shareholders to service their loans. Over the same 3 yrs it racked up losses of 900 Million. And had a negative worth of 3 Billion.
In October it was floated on the Stock Market to raise 1.5 Billion to pay off its debts.
Once again regulators are not securing efficient services or value but are allowing unscrupulous companies to thrive by tax suppressing share holder loans with high Interest.

The company has BBC and ITV as its clients and even contributed to the Govt feasibility study/National Infrastructure recommendations to push 5G, well no surprise there then eh!

The same company is highly involved with pushing this 5G and Smart meter agenda, regardless of the impact the it has on human health.

Corruption and Take overs

In 2015, Arqiva signed a 6 year deal with Thames Water, to cover 3 Million homes with Smart meters. Arqiva is owned by seven shareholders, one of which is Macquarie who own shares in Thames water.

This is a clear conflict of Interest as it shows that an award was given to one of its own shareholder companies.

Mark Braithwaite who has worked for Macquarie since 2011 was given the job as Chief Finance Officer of Thames Water. In 2011 boardroom bonuses of which Braithwaite shared in £2 Million were soaring.He was still a Non Executive Director up until 2016.

Macquarie and the other shareholders bought Thames Water back in 2006 from the German RWE company for £8 Billion.

In March 2017, Macquarie was taken to court and fines of $20.3 Million were expected after Thames Water pumped 1.5 Billion litres of untreated sewage into the the Thames.

Just Weeks before the final hearing, Macquarie sold its 26% of Thames Water to the Canadian Pension fund and Kuwait Investment Authority.

So passing on the costs of the fine to the Canadian Pension scheme.

This clearly shows that Thames Water is incompetent and corrupt, by giving contracts for smart meters to its own shareholder companies.

This shows clearly, the take-overs in our utility sector, right under the noses of those who are meant to stop such corruption taking place.


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