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Those with long term memory problems would do well to cast their minds back to a time when the government informed them via the media, that Iraq had ‘weapons of mass destruction’.

We were scared into the false belief that they had the power to kill us all in half an hour!

This campaign of lies helped along by the TV in the corner or the newspaper at our breakfast table, created the myth to allow millions of Iraqis to be murdered.

All for the greed of those who wanted the resources in Iraq but also wanted to be able to control the people in the future.

Those who were at the forefront of those lies included govt agencies, think tanks, universities, politicians, scientists, etc all in agreement that there actually was  a threat.

These same people had vested interests in companies that would profit from a massacre and a take over of resources.

There was much profit to be made from the lies being spouted from those with titles before their names,  people believed, purely because they put their blind trust in anyone attached to the establishment. 

The mouthpieces who made claims in favour of death and destruction yet profited, have never been brought to task.

This is the reality of those we put trust in.

The CV is no different.

Those who are pushing the narrative of this new ‘weapon of mass destruction’ in the form of a virus, also have vested interests in the solution.


From those who are behind the pandemic models at Imperial college, to govt health agency members, to politicians, the list is endless.

Just as those who profited from the massacre that took place in Iraq claimed war was needed, so do those who claim a pandemic is happening, have the solution in the form a vaccine that they will profit from.

Meanwhile all the infrastructure for the smart new world is being laid out before us, the  destruction of what we know as the world we live in.

This means millions of jobs will go, millions will be working in poverty. The control system will get tighter and before long it will all just be the norm. Maybe at some distant point in the future, the TV will blurt out how experts made a mistake in calculations. 

Those who have lost millions of loved ones over a mass deception would know all too well how painfully inadequate that apology would be. 

This is a global  lesson in mass deception.

Now it is  us they want to control and it is our resources they will steal.

If this was a real pandemic, they would have no need to be inflating  the number of cases and creating a completely new system to define the uncertainty.

Nor would the ‘scientific advice’ be coming from Imperial college, which formed a vaccination manufacturing centre. 

A pandemic made possible from the announcements of the UN group, World Health Agency whose past false claims, corruptions and revelations of the agency being completely compromised have all been forgotten by those with long term memory problems. 

Fool me once?

For evidence of  this corruption please read articles published on this website.



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