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There is an old saying,”follow the money!”

In 2020 it would be wise to say, ” follow  the money, technology and the over all plans!”

No time has been lost during this ‘plandemic’ as many companies flex their muscles and showcase their equipment, thanks to CV.

Robots are covering for humans in hospitals, helping to track cases, whilst facial recognition is tracking people even in masks,  whilst  drones are used to spray the public.

Futuristic technology powered by artificial intelligence is helping to identify coronavirus symptoms, find new treatments, and track the spread of the disease.

Self-driving vehicles are even delivering supplies to medical workers in Wuhan.

One company in S. Korea claimed that the testing kits were created using AI with no actual Covid-19 just generic coronavirus. 

The same tests being used in Italy and Germany.



What else has CV enabled?

In  China  it has created  a mass experiment in remote work and showcase  of digital tools and networks.


Whilst the cessation of real live events for entertainment will be a chance to push virtual reality as the way forward.


Google gets a chance to roll out its new advanced conference videoing capabilities.


And what about Wuhan?

Evidence shows us that Wuhan, central China’s most populous city , has been used as a test bed for smart city studies since 2018. It has also been a strategic ‘Independent Innovation Model Area’ since 2009.

Wuhan has been the pioneer of smart city projects since 2010 and is seen as the indicator of planned future development at a national level.

Implementation has been coordinated by the Wuhan Research Institute for Smarter Cities (WRISC), established in 2012 by Wuhan Information Industry Office (a government agency) and the city’s Land Resources and Planning Bureau.https://www.smart-eco-cities.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Wuhan-accepted-manuscript-March-2018.pdf

With a smart health initiative since 2014/15.


Many of the pilot projects are described on WRISC’s website which include RFID chips, video cameras across the city into a centralised traffic information system and a surveillance system connected to all the city’s police stations.

Wuhan is a pilot location in the China-wide ‘863 Smart Cities’ programme.


Many countries have consulates in Wuhan including France, South Korea,UK,US while the Netherlands opened a trade office in Wuhan as early as 1996, several other countries have followed suit since 2010, including Singapore, Japan, Canada and Australia.

Wuhan’s smart city agenda is directly influenced by a longstanding and active ‘twin city’ arrangement with Manchester. Wuhan works on smart cities with Manchester’s flagship smart city area – ‘Corridor Manchester.’’

The national government has a long standing interest in using new smart technologies in health.


On November 1, 2019, Chinese Minister of Science and Technology Wang Zhigang presided over the World Laureates Symposium in Shanghai.

And of course that technology includes AI and Smart cities.


The EU funding and research group that is behind smart technology, Horizon 2020, is also working with China to implement the new world of technology and security.

Now the question is, what are the odds that a pandemic would come along just when all the smart technology Industries in the world are ready to showcase the technology  and work together world wide?

Even the test kits that are being used by Italy and Germany were created in South Korea using AI but no actual Covid 19 virus!


Not only is this CV pandemic convenient for the smart agenda roll out, but it happens in an area that has been at the forefront of smart technology testing.

The consequences of this pandemic created by the measures in place, will cause massive economic problems that can be solved by the smart agenda and the use of digital money.

The pandemic will also help to introduce the strict security measures proposed and the smart technology will be welcomed.

The pandemic gives birth to AI and the Smart agenda…

Meanwhile companies such as Moderna are set to become very rich from the new vaccines. Partnered with NIH, with no name for 9 months and just a number.

Moderna had been collaborating for several years with NIAID on developing coronavirus vaccines, and even had been preparing for a 2020 “pandemic test” whereby it would see how quickly it could design, develop, and mass manufacture a global vaccine.


This company has many ex Pharma executives, bankers and FDA members on its board. Even a former member of the NIH.

The company claimed to have created a vaccine two days after being given the genetic sequence.


Moderna calls mRNA “the software of life.” Cells use mRNA to translate DNA into the proteins the body uses to function. Moderna believes it can use mRNA to spur the body to produce its own therapeutic proteins, essentially putting a drug factory inside of the patient.

As one might guess, it’s not an easy task. Moderna’s scientists have a big job ahead of them: For each potential drug, they need to figure out how to safely get the mRNA therapy into the appropriate cells, make sure the mRNA actually yields sufficient amounts of protein to have a therapeutic effect and ensure the therapies won’t trigger an immune reaction in patients.

No mRNA-based drug has ever been approved by the FDA nor any other regulatory agency.


The company has an ex FDA member on its board.

Bancel, who has been CEO since 2011 and previously worked at Eli Lilly & Co. LLY, 1.804% , owns 10%of the company ahead of the IPO. He has the second-largest stake in Moderna, behind venture investor Flagship Pioneering Inc., which owns 19.5% of pre-IPO shares. AstraZeneca PLC is the third-largest investor, with a pre-IPO stake of 8.4%, and also has a collaboration agreement with Moderna.

This is the company that is injecting vaccines for human trials even before animal trials. . https://www.cbsnews.com/news/coronavirus-vaccine-jennifer-haller-seattle-first-patient-injected-with-covid-19-shot-in-clinical-trial-cure/


This company started trials on using mRNA vaccines on healthy adults in November 2017 and the trail will continue till July 2020. The trials involved Exclusion Criteria.


Imperial College has been working on its mRNA vaccine since the middle of January when Chinese scientists released the genetic information about the virus. Yet it is the same University that is at the forefront of all the facts and measures associated to the pandemic.

The same University who formed the new UK vaccine manufacturer, VMIC due to be up and running soon.


Imperial College scientist Professor Robin Shattock said his team and others are creating vaccines ‘at a speed that’s never been realised before’.


All a bit too convenient really!

A private vaccine company was also created just a week before claims of CV were mentioned by members of the VMIC.


Why would a ‘Not for profit’ organisation create a ‘for profit’ company a week before the CV was made public?

And then, after being given the free reign to draft in measures of a pandemic on behalf of the govt, show themselves to be working on a vaccine, whilst a private vaccine company stands to gain.

I think we can deduce that there is far more to this than meets the eye.

Whilst the figures being claimed as factual of the actual cases of CV have been changed by the WHO and CDC to allow ‘assumptions’ of the possibility to be recorded as factual.


Add that to the CV being used to test out many technological ‘Smart’ programmes and applications, surveillance, security and themes.

Changes in laws to allow less freedoms.

Curiously, Moderna, the vaccine company have sponsors |Horizon2020, the biggest EU funding R&D programme to usher in the ‘Smart Agenda’.

One could be forgiven for wandering if there is more to this pandemic than meets the eye.

For instance the link between Imperial and WHO.

The woman responsible for pandemic graphs at Imperial is this woman who is also working for the WHO.


In America, the telehealth is proving a big hit with the CV. According to the Centre for connected health policy.


Changes to include waivering Medicaid to allow home telehealth.

This was clearly proposed very shortly before a national emergency was proclaimed.


Proposed 30th October 2019



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