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In October 1955 Lt General Thomas B. Power, Commander, ABDC, directed that responsibility for managing the development of Weapon System 117L, the Advanced. Reconnaissance System (nicknamed PIED PIPER), be transferred, from WADO to the Western Development Division.’ Brig General B. A. Schriever, Commander, WDD, was instructed, to prepare a system development plan for the weapon system. Since the weapon system was then undergoing a critical phase in design studies, General Schriever and Brig General Nowell N. Estes agreed that, in order to prevent possible program disruption, the transfer of management responsibility for the system from Dayton to WDD would be carefully phased. The intent was to effect the transfer smoothly and at a time period consistent with the workload of the program.


The facility is now Air Force Space Command.

In this video, Quinn MichaelsĀ  talks about how J.B.S. Haldane and Norbert Wiener of MIT were parts of a society he calls the 93 Society, developing advanced technology for the purposes of monitoring, tracking, and cataloguing intelligence from satellite technology developed at MIT starting in 1957.


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