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 This document written in 1995 is one of the most important ever written on the subject of how this world is controlled. Why do we have wars? Why is there mass unemployment? Who promotes world ‘crises’, ‘religious cults’, drugs and terrorism then promotes their solutions? Who appoints the leaders of nations? Why do you get flu? Find out who created the AIDS virus Where did all these new diseases come from? How vaccination spreads disease PREPARE TO BE SHOCKED! This document was scanned from the original newsprint and corrected for software misinterpretation but if errors have gone unnoticed we apologise and would appreciate if any are brought to our attention.

Reprinted February, 2001 Report by Rick Martin NOVEMBER 28th 1995 Depopulation of a Planet Thinning Out The “Useless Eaters” An Unspoken NWO Agenda Part I: Historical Perspective Part II: What you can’t see will hurt you! Part III: No easy Answers! Part IV: A Picture Emerges Part V: U.N. Rings the Alarm Part VI: The Final Chapter.


Part 1: Historical Perspective 11/19/95 RICK MARTIN

Many writers have spoken of intentional plans by certain Elite to thin-out the world’s population; it’s a recurring theme among so-called conspiracy theorists. There are frequent references to “useless eaters”, which includes the bulk of mankind. Most, when hearing of plots to depopulate the planet, simply say under their breath, “Yeah, right,” or more often, while shaking their head, “You’re nuts.” But when there is a careful examination of writings by prominent authors of this century, pieces of the puzzle certainly do fall into place – pieces which support the contention that there are certain individuals, if not entire governments, who have implemented a program of global genocide in an effort to salvage and corner “resources”.

What you will be reading in this series on Depopulation Of A Planet are selected writings from a wide cross-section of viewpoints and political leanings. I will be using “their” own documents, their own words, to weave a fabric which, in the end, will be a tapestry of undeniable clarity for those with eyes to see. Without the historical foundation upon which to base understanding, writing about current efforts at depopulation, through the use of viruses and microorganisms, would have far less significance. So please stay with it as you read and it will come together. I realise that some of this initial material may seem dry, but it is important for a broader understanding of this critical and timely issue.




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