Davy Stephenson

Howdy Folks-Annie

I have followed the 5G and Mark Steele debacle since the very beginning and would like to go over some old ground if I may.

I saw the original beginning of the harassment that Mark Steele caried out against Mr Johathan Wallace councillor and then aired it on youtube for all to see, I truly believe this was done to enable his name to be brought out of the limelight and to gain a wider footage from his first appearance in the council chamber excercise, which was filmed by one of his co conspirators and or handlers, this had to be done for Mr Steele to gain the publics eye, otherwise it would never have got off the ground, this I think is intrinsically linked.
Then he moved in fast to film himself driving around his local area promoting that all the birds had all diedg, knowing or not that the majority of birds simply don’t roost in trees that have no leaves in winter time, and that the winter claims up to 65% mortality as per normal, I pointed this out several times but every post was deleted within a couple of hours, same policy is still being carried out on bitchute and other platforms today.
Then I pointed out that insects also don’t survive the winter, every kind other than my honey bees die out until the next spring hatch, so your never going to see a great number of insects at the time of year he aired the drive around video’s, and in the summer there would be thousands of dead insect around the base of the LED lights if what he said was true.
I also pointed out from his meter reading video’s that he had got the levels wrong, the settings were first done using the milliamp range, only then correcting himself in subsequent video’s, I also pointed out that the RF meter he was using was of no use for %G and gave him a link to this video for a system that was needed for 5G measurements, if their team had bought one of these with the multipe thousands they had raised from donations the answers would have been done and dusted.

Hope that helps those in any doubt that the entire excercise they have been carrying out with no credible evidence is flawed.