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Hi, I am a resident of Hastings and I am conducting research on the effects of phone masts on the health of children, I notice that there is a T Mobile phone mast in very close proximity to the school and wonder if you would answer some questions for me please?

Many people living near masts are experiencing increasing health problems at levels as low as 0.05 volts per metre, especially sleep disruption, headaches, tiredness, behaviour changes in children, epilepsy, nosebleeds, skin complaints.

There is a long-running, ongoing, dispute between the UK Information Commissioner, Ofcom and T-Mobile about whether the full Sitefinder database should be downloadable.

T-Mobile still is not supplying updated information and have joined Ofcom in court as a representative of the rest of the mobile industry.
In the meantime, Ofcom has been holding discussions with operators, which have now resulted in a resumption of voluntary provision of this data. 3, O2, Orange, Vodafone, Airwave and Network Rail all supply data to Ofcom at approximately three month intervals (T-Mobile has refused to do so since 2005).

Members of the public who have written to the Department of Health in England in relation to RF exposure have reported a variety of distressing symptoms including dizziness, fatigue, chronic headache, irregular heart beat, nausea and vertigo, and loss of memory and concentration.
These and the other symptoms are reported to result from exposure to a range of EMFs, including RF fields, encountered in everyday life.
Similar symptoms were reported to IEGMP at open meetings. Many people also consider that there are serious long-term risks associated with such exposures. In Sweden electromagnetic hypersensitivity has been addressed nationally, accepted as a physical impairment, and a scheme in a place to improve home and working conditions for people who consider themselves to be sufferers.

Can you please tell me how many, if any, have children been diagnosed with cancers? I would like to compare it to other schools with no phone masts near by.

Mrs Carey


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