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More than five decades of research by the world’s renowned and dedicated scientists and medics provide clear evidence of damage inflicted upon biological systems by electromagnetic fields. Do your own research using keywords.

The medical profession, schools, the media and other organisations are forced to follow government guidelines which claim ‘no harm’ in spite of the evidence. SAR ratings are a ploy to protect vested interests and have no clinical value. Consider the alarming rise in cancer and brain tumours which goes unquestioned with an apparent unwillingness to examine the wider causes. Why? Simply follow the money! For what reason is Cancer UK in denial over EMF pollution that cause cancer!

As the technology becomes more addictive, the public can be easily controlled, particularly through social media; for the young this level of control and compliance is becoming the norm. Things can be made safer only if the public demand it and resist the constant pressure to incorporate technology into every aspect of their lives. Do we need to stop and re-evaluate our relationship with this life threatening technology? The first step to improving your health and well- being is reducing your exposure to radiation. Try turning your mobile/ devices off to see how your life improves. Replace Wi-Fi and cordless phones with Ethernet cable and non- wireless routers. Withdraw your consent to SMART meters (link below). This is a democratic legal right and yes, one can refuse to have these meters installed.

Screening offers some protection, but be sceptical about EMF protection devices claiming to neutralise electromagnetic fields or harmonise the body. Also beware of scams using nonsensical pseudo-science in literature in order to trick sufferers of EMF pollution or other health issues into purchasing useless gadgets. In one third of cases the perceived short-term benefits are likely due to the well known placebo effect – or power of the mind.

More information. www.bemri.org Bio Electromagnetic Research Initiative –

stopsmartmeters.org.uk/ – powerwatch.org.uk/

Is Electromagnetic pollution making you ill?

More than five decades of research have linked electromagnetic pollution [EMP] to many health conditions. Microwaves, [RF] penetrate our body damaging cells and DNA. Electromagnetic frequencies [EMF’s] deplete immune systems and can bring about cancer, brain tumours and childhood leukaemia. More and more people experience sleeping difficulties, headaches, chronic fatigue, and other allergies. Additional symptoms include muscular complaints aches/weakness, irritability, nose bleeds, nausea, dizziness, flu like symptoms, tinnitus type noise, depression, sensitivity to chemical products, blurred vision, burning, itchy or tingly red skin, short-term memory loss, heart attacks, strokes, autoimmune diseases, and inability to concentrate. Behavioural problems in children are increasing and this technology is now recognised as an addiction.

Electromagnetic pollution continues rising above levels quite unimaginable, even twenty years ago. They follow a pattern linked to ever increasing cases of cancers, brain tumours, autism, childhood leukaemia and Alzheimer’s. The sudden rise among children aged below 15 years who suffer brain tumours is alarming news. The young have thinner sculls and tumours may take a while to grow.

Electromagnetic pollution affects all biological systems. Insects and some bird species numbers are declining and caused by a range of pollutants, electro and chemical. During experiments at Silwood Park Campus of Imperial Collage London, bees leaving a hive became disorientated after a DECT base station was placed about 1 metre from the hive and switched on for 5 minutes and when switched off, the bees returned to normal activity soon after. In Germany, a research team subjected bees to these signals over a longer period, found the hive abandoned and the bees never returned.

Electromagnetic Pollution within the Home [EMP]

Communities protest over the growing number of mobile base station antennas mounted close to residential properties and schools, but are seemingly unaware that a Wi-Fi router or cordless phone within their own home emit a high degree of radiation, most often far greater than those entering from external communication masts.

Wi-Fi also called Wireless LAN [wLan] Wi-Fi acts like a mobile phone mast pulsing microwaves 24/7 and not simply power levels from one device, but the cumulative radiation emitted from all units in the home, classroom or workplace. It includes transmissions from nearby cell phone masts, TETRA, Wi-Fi and radiation penetrating the building from neighbour’s devices.

IPAD’s, tablets, Wii and Xbox emits a high degree of radiation, is often placed on the lap dangerously close to the body. Babies and young children mostly at risk from any form of pollution, especially electro-pollution! Children have little choice, adults make it. The choice of wireless over Ethernet suggests everyone is affected.

Schools ban Wi-Fi The French Government and other countries have banned mobile phones in some schools and public buildings. Russia consistently set better safety standards over many years and are most concerned about EMF pollution. Some UK schools have outlawed phones, and prudently should now prohibit WI-FI.

Digital Enhanced Cordless Phone. [DECT] These produce powerful microwave radiation from their base units, 24/7, even when not being used. DECT signals can travel into adjacent buildings and gardens and often physically detected by those sensitive to this damaging radiation. Even if one is unable to feel it, our body is cumulatively responding to this radiation the same as one can have cancerous cells or other defects in the body without being immediately aware.

Wireless baby monitors. Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications is the standard used for many baby monitors and can emit radio frequency fields of 6 volts/per metre. [Twice as strong as found 100 metres away from a mobile phone mast] For comparison, the maximum recommended 2002 Salzburg indoor level for GSM is just 0.02 volts per metre. Baby monitors are not safe when placed 1 metre from the child as some suppliers claim. Digital technology, due to its ‘pulsed’ nature becomes more harmful at lower levels of power than the older analogue technology.

Energy-saving CFL bulbs & fluorescent tubes. The EU ban on incandescent lamps may leave hundreds of thousands of vulnerable sick and disabled people in the UK unable to safely use electric light in their homes. Light sensitivity can arise from a range of health conditions, including the genetic disorder Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP), the auto-immune disease lupus, forms of eczema and dermatitis, photosensitivity, ME, electro-sensitivity and many more. Some common symptoms are severe stinging, burning and itching of the skin, along with red rash. CFLs each contain mercury and when broken present a health hazard. Vast numbers will be dumped on landfill sites risking contamination of future water supplies.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is on the increase and some victims are also electrosensitive. [All biological systems are electro–chemical]. Sufferers may experience excruciating pain and sleep deprivation and unable to escape to a safe haven or have to endure family and friends failing to understand their condition and often believe the GP’s regular diagnosis, “It’s all in the mind’ who perhaps decide to pass the patient on to a psychiatrist. Neither receives training along these lines of investigation and drugs are the last thing sufferers need. Suicides are on the increase for these reasons.

Wireless Smart Meters. The plan is to replace electric and gas meters in all homes and business in the UK with smart meters under pretext they save energy and money. Costs in the USA and Australia increased after meters were installed, and people soon reported having headaches, insomnia, nausea, and dizziness, glaucoma, and heart palpitations.

As with other EMF sources, transmissions from wireless smart meters operating 24/7 can cause serious health issues. Apparently, the UK role out is estimated to cost over £12 billion and the consumer, as always, picks up the tab. Smart Meters are not compulsory [2018] and those already fitted will need replacing probably around 2020. Smart Meters also invade our privacy and are easily switched off remotely by the utility, hacked, [as with computers] or via other wirelessly linked devices. A route ripe for terrorists and hackers with little way to protect ourselves.

Courtesy of BEMRI – New-Awareness-1


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