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Written by Tasha Krett

I strongly urge All who value their health, privacy, liberty, security and the very survival of humanity as we know it, along with the protection of all animals, trees and all organic life on our beautiful planet, to REJECT 5G/ The Internet of Things/The Smart Grid/Smart Cities (as are being pushed through the Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 21/2030 and the Green New Deal).

And I strongly implore all the critical thinkers reading this to do your own due diligence by not blindly believing what ER and the fake ‘green’ NGO industrial complex, the cabal controlled governments, the IPCC and mainstream media propaganda etc is telling you, without doing any research (from independent/unbiased sources), and please ask yourselves why doesn’t ER talk about the beyond urgent need to Halt the omnicidal 5G and Smart Grid roll out (a total Surveillance and carcinogenic/physical and mental health destroying mass irradiation prison)!?! And why do they have such strong links with those pushing this beyond nefarious global Smart Grid agenda?

And why did they appear out of nowhere last Halloween with such slick PR and far reaching msm and social media connections and a larger than life global presence with so much MSM coverage, so many anonymous donations, and more recently a carte blanche to take over keys sites in London and world wide virtually unimpeded for so long? (apparently even the vast majority of those who are arrested to support the charade of being a legit ‘anti establishment movement’ are quickly released without charge).

And why are their objectives/demands so aligned with the (morally bankrupt war mongering, ecocidal and eugenicist) Globalists, Technocrats and Central Banks pushing Agenda 21/2030/The SDGs?!

And why don’t they ever mention about how extreme weather is actually often a direct result of deep state sponsored Geo-engineering!!? (often to force people out of rural areas into pre-designated Agenda 21 ‘human settlement zones’ whilst conveniently blaming the engineered extreme weather, and UN-natural disasters such as droughts, hurricanes, floods etc (and ‘forest’ fires – many of which have been attributed to the covert use of DEWS) on the (invented) Anthropogenic Climate Change (Mega Hoax)!

And although ER is right (to some extent) about one thing,

In the sense that its very possible that we don’t have much time left, but certainly NOT due to the (invented) Anthropogenic Climate Change theory, but instead due to the planned imminent global 5G/Smart Grid roll out, and because of the fact that they and the enormous network of other Common Purpose organisations pushing the same covert agenda globally are actually fake ‘green’ organisations, NGOs and controlled opposition movements promoting the man made global warming mega hoax and the long planned ‘solutions’ of the Globalists (using the Hegelian dialectic, starting with the Invented Problem (duping the masses about the fabricated man made climate change emergency, followed by a Socially engineered/manipulated alarmist Reaction including through the use of controlled opposition movements such as ER and Greta Thunberg’s climate mobilisation of the youth, who are all clearly (mostly unknowingly, except in the case of the upper echelons of the compartmentalised structure of these movements) being used as unwitting political pawns by the globalists to engineer the publics’ consent using a combination of apocalyptic climate alarmist/ and theatrical stunts and scare mongering, and using the IPCC unscientific SR 15 document based on faulty premises and computer models along with fluffy sounding green wash and using pre-decided/undemocratic objectives to get people to demand the long planned end goals of the cabal.

Followed by the Globalists’ diabolical and deeply nefarious pre-planned ‘Solutions’ including a ‘Green New Deal’, under the guise of saving the planet), and which includes (the socially engineered) demands that world leaders acknowledge and act on the (fake) climate change emergency (which they don’t advertise but will include pushing the global deployment of 5G and the Smart Grid including Smart Cities, Smart Meters and Smart Tech, the IoT). And will also involve the destruction of many more trees to facilitate the 5G roll out, which any fool should realise is the polar opposite of being environmental and sustainable in the genuine/non inverted sense!

As well as of course enforcing more crippling Carbon taxes, energy rationing, power cuts, and the insane plan to reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2025, (despite the fact that C02 is the gas of life that sustains the oxygen producing trees and plant life on our planet which we all directly rely upon for our our very existence)! And with no sufficient viable energy alternatives in place effectively creating the conditions for wide spread democide due to fuel poverty and lack of adequate energy supplies for every ones’ essential needs. Also and i quote from the article in the link below:

”Smart Growth and Smart Cities are also part of the ‘sustainability’ plan as evidenced by their lofty-sounding goals, which somehow fail to look at ‘new’ energy or even non-industrial hemp as a soil-rebuilding, environment-friendly way to provide a sizeable portion of the nation’s energy needs; which fail to understand the crucial importance of restoring carbon-rich humus to the soil via holistic livestock management and other forms of regenerative agriculture; which somehow rely on the big banks and a flotilla of ‘investors’ rather than doing the obvious by reforming the nation’s monetary system; and which, as Koire and others correctly assert, can only lead to totalitarianism in the end.

The explosive, worldwide roll out of 5G networks “makes Smart Cities a reality,” despite recognized and significant associated health risks. By September of 2018, thanks to an FCC ruling and carrier lobbying, twenty states, seemingly under cover of night, had already passed legislation to strip their cities of the power to regulate 5G rollouts. The FCC ruling in particular has sparked considerable push-back, because not only will the FCC’s move force taxpayers to subsidize industry access to publicly-owned infrastructure but, as chief information officer for New York City Samir Saini declared: “the FCC is threatening the public’s right to control public property, and dozens of cities, states, and towns from New York City to Lincoln, Nebraska, to Anchorage, Alaska, are ready to defend that right on behalf of our residents and taxpayers.

On top of all this we now find that the “tsunami” of data collection enabled by 5G could consume one fifth of global electricity by 2025. As most know, wind and solar (both of which also have significant environmental and land use problems) just won’t cut it, and especially so with 5G.”

And to add insult to injury (and another important part that unsurprisingly they don’t advertise) is that the Central Banksters will be given a carte blanche to steal peoples hard earned pensions (all because they’re such caring people who just want to ‘save the planet’ of course! which (on top of the existing austerity) will obviously all lead to untold suffering and poverty/ a Hunger Games Society.

Along with introducing a totally undemocratic system including Communitarian law and using the Delphi technique to eliminate any dissenting voices and close down any meaningful debate based on actual facts Vs propaganda) and to enforce all of the above through ER’s demand # 3 that:

”Government must create and be led by the decisions of a Citizens’ Assembly on climate and ecological justice.

Anyway please don’t take my word for it, and i strongly encourage everyone who is really interested in the Truth (in the non-Orwellian sense of the word)) to research carefully before jumping on ER’s Trojan Horse for pushing Agenda 21/30 which is effectively contributing to enabling our collective demise!


  1. Finally someone talking some sense. All i see are people being played, again. I live in community with protesters. If i pursue my opinion vocally i am angrily told i am a conspiracy theorist. I am a soil biologist type breeding bees…. This eco fascism is guiding us towards the techno lockdown that has been planned for so long and i am finding it difficult to find anyone to discuss this with. Thank you…

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