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By Anna Stormcrow

A while ago I wrote about Extinction Rebellion and the support of some core team members of the agenda 21 smart city 5g roll out. And last week I wrote about their connections to money laundering boiler rooms.

“A connection between Charlie Waterhouse (who was responsible for the Extinction Rebellion name and logo and marketing) and Temple secretaries registered at 788-790 Finchley Rd and the infamous Barbara Kahan of 2 Woodberry grove (same address Blairs Windrush ventures was at)..


Well here’s something to add.. Charlie Waterhouse has another company called Aqueduct Design and Advertising ltd which has Brighton directors as one of its directors. 
Now I’ve been looking into the company CIVICA which has its finger in many pies.. Software and data management for government, local authorities, national security, public safety and law enforcement. 
This is a NWO agenda 21 company if ever there was! They are the company that delivered you the Brexit referendum, NHS data, social housing payouts, libraries, pensions, education defense, DVLA and fines and used by 90% of the police force. ANPR and facial recognition tech . 
But the most important thing to note is their involvement in the roll out of smart cities and 5G! 
There are many branches and over 20 CIVICA companies with mostly the same directors including CIVICA CONNECT LTD. 
Which guess what? Also has on its board of directors Brighton Directors 🤔

This is another conduit money laundering boiler room acting as director for over 9,000 companies!

Another thing to note is that Mathew Paul Jowett a director of many Civica companies including CIVICA SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS is also a director of many of the U Ks major theme parks and attractions…. Alton towers, Thorpe park, Chessington world of adventures, London planetarium and aquarium, London eye, Warwick castle, Madame Tussaud’s… And many more. (In fact he has 192 positions in all these companies!🤔)
Places where many people get their photo taken whilst on rides etc…
places with CCTV everywhere..
Where it would be perfect to trial facial recognition software perhaps? 
How strange that he should have his finger in both those pies !

Ok now here’s another connection to Civica software solutions and the following shady dealings as researched by Gareth Williams ) As they also have Swift Incorporations as a director!!!!

“Hugo James Rifkind, Times Journalist and son of ex Tory MP Sir Malcolm Rifkind is keeping it in the family with his links to Swift Incorporations and Instant Companies (linked to 1 Mitchell Lane, Bristol) I see:


It’s all a distraction, of course, this Brexshit thingymajig. Just a cover for the dodgy handshake brigade.

Here is Sir Malcolm linked to the Dulverton Trust at 5 St. James’s Place:


He shares the Directorship with Tara John Douglas-Home from the fox-hunting group the Countryside Alliance, which had Lady Heseltine and Lady Dulverton on it:



Also at the Dulverton Trust there is also Lord Charles Andrew Hemphill linked to 21 St. James’s Square:



The Dulverton Trust also links it to Dr. Catherine Mary Hamilton Wills and Chipping Norton…David Cameron territory:


It also links it to Dominic Grieve MP:



I wouldn’t trust any of them.”

Video created by Annie Logical on the subject of Civica and Brexit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLhsrVJqODY&t=4s

“Establishment Rebellion” – why the protest movement is fullheartedly embraced by governments, big money and celebrities

An establishment rebellion
Why the elite loves the eco-warriors.

Fraser Myers
8th August 2019
An establishment rebellion

London’s Victoria and Albert Museum has acquired a number of artefacts associated with Extinction Rebellion (XR), the protest group campaigning to reduce Britain’s carbon emissions to ‘net zero’ by 2025. Apparently, just nine months since Extinction Rebellion’s first public stunt, its paraphernalia deserves to be housed alongside some of the world’s best art and design works of the past 5,000 years.

It is hard to think of any supposedly radical protest movement in history that has been so readily embraced by the establishment as Extinction Rebellion. And the love-bombing isn’t just coming from the usual luvvies like Dame Emma Thompson and activist celebs like Lily Cole and Charlotte Church. Recently, XR attracted the attention of wealthy philanthropists. Last month, three wealthy Americans (one of whose family wealth comes from the oil industry) donated nearly £500,000 to XR and vowed to raise millions more. Other wealthy backers include a hedge-fund manager, who remains anonymous.

Then, there is the literary establishment – from heavyweight authors like Margaret Atwood and Phillip Pullman to big-name publishers like Penguin, it has thrown its weight behind Extinction Rebellion, too. This Is Not A Drill, XR’s protest handbook, was recently rushed out for release by Penguin. Penguin’s editor breathlessly declared that climate change was so pressing that XR’s book needed to be published several months before its initial release date: ‘This is an emergency, and we have to react like it’s an emergency.’ The book even features a contribution from Rowan Williams, former archbishop of Canterbury – the former head of the established church.

The reason for this establishment love-in is that Extinction Rebellion represents no rebellion at all. It has the appearance of a rebellion, certainly – protesters glue their hands to buildings, block roads and get themselves arrested. But the message is one that affirms and flatters establishment opinion rather than challenging it.

Parliament, for instance, was quick to heed XR’s demand to declare a ‘climate emergency’. More significantly, the group’s main aim of reducing UK emissions to ‘net zero’ is one that is shared not only by the Conservative government, but also by MPs of all stripes. The ‘net zero’ target for 2050 was nodded through parliament with just an hour and a half of debate and without a single vote needing to be cast. XR is only more impatient in its demand, calling for a 2025 deadline.

Many have tried to compare Extinction Rebellion’s climate crusade with past movements for progressive change. Justifying the V&A’s decision to acquire Extinction Rebellion artefacts, senior curator Corinna Gardner compared their punchy colour palette to that of the Suffragettes. Similarly, XR leader Roger Hallam claims his protesting is in the ‘tradition of Gandhi and Martin Luther King’.

These comparisons are delusional, pretentious and insulting. But they unwittingly highlight something important. Whether it was the Chartists, the Suffragettes, the civil-rights movement, or the gay-rights movement, these genuinely progressive campaigns were all despised by the elite at the time. These were campaigns that sought to expand human freedom, to wrest rights and resources from the establishment. By contrast, environmentalist campaigns like Extinction Rebellion are, by their very nature, against freedom. They seek to place new limits on human activity: on industry, on economic growth, on our travel, on our diets, and on childbirth.

For many years, the great and the good have been in broad agreement that something must be done about climate change. But they also seem to agree that the bulk of the costs should not be shouldered by them. Only last week, celebrities, business leaders and politicians descended on Sicily for the 7th annual Google Camp, which this year was dedicated to tackling climate change. After arriving in their private jets, mega yachts and sports cars, delegates were treated to a lecture on climate change by Prince Harry, who delivered it in his bare feet. Earlier this year, 1,500 individual private jets flew to Davos. The highlight of the summit was a conversation between Prince William and Sir David Attenborough… on climate change.

The establishment only seems to care about ‘pollution’ when it is ordinary people doing the polluting. It is always cheap flights, cheap food and cheap fashion which cause the most consternation among environmentalists. In turn, climate change presents the establishment with an opportunity to manage the little people’s habits, tastes and aspirations.

Extinction Rebellion merely provides a faux-radical gloss to this depressing and stultifying prospect.

Fraser Myers is a staff writer at spiked and host of the spiked podcast. Follow him on Twitter: @FraserMyers.



  1. The “Extinction Symbol” is actually an ancient Lakota tribe “Sun & Earth” symbol which represents the phrase “As Above – So Below” (https://www.ancient-symbols.com/symbols-directory/lakota-symbol.html) used by the Freemasons (https://www.google.com/search?q=freemasons+as+above+below&safe=active&rlz=1C1GCEV_enGB874GB874&sxsrf=ACYBGNRSQ_BbsaHlf3jxSUpU2CmTPXuHCg:1572959964530&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwik2bm_lNPlAhUCShUIHUx4B5oQ_AUIEigB&biw=1280&bih=913)
    When the children of America “spontaneously” marched for gun controll laws they were encouraged to wear “evil eye” gloves – finger-less gloves with eyes on the palms creating a sea of illuminated eyes (https://kristasuh.com/evil-eye-glove/) as used by the Freemasons (https://www.google.com/search?safe=active&rlz=1C1GCEV_enGB874GB874&biw=1280&bih=913&tbm=isch&sxsrf=ACYBGNQNH-Z_I3MbwYfU24sogKrEM_vXBg%3A1572959966968&sa=1&ei=3nbBXa_mOof4gQbCqrbQCw&q=freemasons+illuminated+eye&oq=freemasons+illuminated+eye&gs_l=img.3…32480.39311..40214…0.0..0.201.3929.3j25j1……0….1..gws-wiz-img…….35i39j0i10i24j0i24j0j0i8i30.8GrGW9PrM9k&ved=0ahUKEwivzc7AlNPlAhUHfMAKHUKVDboQ4dUDCAc&uact=5)

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