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The test is a manufacturing technique, and is NOT intended or well suited as an infection diagnostic tool.

 The test is called a RT PCR test – Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction, invented by Nobel Laureate Kary Mullis in 1993.

 Its sole purpose is to replicate tiny DNA sequences millions and billions of times, through a process of amplification – in order to help with research.

 Mullis, who died last year, was VERY vocal during his lifetime that his test was NOT to be used as a diagnostic tool in detecting viruses – as the amplification process creates many integrity issues – and yet during the HIV crisis, it got commissioned for exactly that.

 If you read the  article below, you’ll see why this is a very contentious issue.

 Its made much worse by the fact the  virus HAS NOT been purified!

The gold standard for evaluating a virus and a test is to isolate a virus from all other matter, sequence it, and then make sure it passes the 4 Koch’s Postulates tests – eg that the purified virus when introduced to a non-infected person exhibits identified symptoms.

 None of this has been done. 

  Four of the most prominent research efforts on SARS CoV2 have all admitted that they have NOT purified the virus in their sequencing of the RNA, and that they have not fulfilled the Koch Postulates tests.


 The test uses a process of amplification – over 30x and the output is highly distorted and unreliable.

 There are serious noted false positive and consistency issues – eg result inconsistencies on the same patient!

 Positive and Negative results can be created by reducing or increasing the amplification.

 As the virus has not been purified, we are likely testing for debris too – other self, prior infected viruses and medical RNA make up the sequence being matched for! 

 As the virus itself has not been isolated, we’ve yet to prove clinically that it can induce the symptoms and infection.

As you can see it’s a bloody MESS!

 This is why we need to take positive cases and CV related deaths with a large pinch of salt.

 Data analysis from AdapNation and everywhere else relies on this unreliable data.


Bulgarian Pathology  Association show tests are meaningless: https://bpa-pathology.com/covid19-pcr-tests-are-scientifically-meaningless/?fbclid=IwAR3jaVLQvDsK85yaP1a8yoih3eQOrCuYMM1kZv-taZpX36mryj8UgnLiqbg


The following was written by Andrew Johnson.

An Independent Investigation



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