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The latest reported shooting in Florida gives us a prime example of how false flag events are accomplished.
  1. The shooter is reported to have been an orphan who had funds to purchase a firearm that more than 50% of America’s full time income cannot afford, was able to slip past all the Police, FBI and Law Enforcement “Army People” at the scene , (A drill was reported to have been taking place that involved the Army) shoot 17 people , drop all firearms and calmly walk out the school, and all the police and employees of school were tricked, no one saw Nickolas shoot anyone, however he was named the lone shooter within an hour of the alleged Crime!
  2. Security cameras were removed prior to the event.
  3. Florida was due to hold a vote on a bill to relax background checks on guns the following day.
  4. So called witnesses laugh and show no signs of distress whilst others contradict the media reports to further confuse the public.
  5. According to Broward County Sheriff Association, the Sheriff went to FBI academy. (just like Vegas Sheriff did)
  6. There were five cop cars from out-of-town cop’s jurisdiction, sitting and waiting, 2 hours before they busted the patsy they all “knew” was the one.
  7. BROWARD county, the last couple of months everyone has been noticing the police doing drills all over the county, black helicopters and different cities joining together their police departments.
  8. His lawyer appeared on tv less than 24 hours after this happened. He stated that “he’s very remorseful”. This is not normal procedure for lawyers.
  9. He reportedly wrote on youtube “I am going to be a professional school shooter”, and the FBI tells the very bold lie that they could not trace the message.
  10. The reported shooter quickly pleads guilty,the prosecution takes the death penalty off the table and he’s transferred to federal custody with no outrage from so called murdered family members.
  11. Cruz does not know the police are after him and decides to go get something to eat at McDonald’s/Subway without knowing he is the pre-selected patsy.
  12. Superintendent Robert Runcie of Broward County Public Schools came to Broward from Chicago Public Schools in 2012, and is a friend of Obama.
  13. School has a demolition in aftermath, to hide the evidence, (just like Sandy Hook).
  14. CBS filming from a helicopter of the event, how long would it take for TV or News company, to be informed and get cameraman into helicopter?
  15. The school was only accessible via a buzzer at that time of day, according to some parents, so how did he get in?
  16. Why would someone who has been expelled be unknown or allowed to enter?
  17. There is footage where the SWAT comes into a class where the children are with DRAWN GUNS and tell the children to get off their phones.
  18. When these events happen, the public buy more guns! Remington just filed for bankruptcy. Sales has been really slow for Remington before this shooting.
  19. There are 4 people named Nikolas Cruz in FL. But ages are 25, 28, 38 and non-disclosed. The non disclosed guy lives WAY up the coast towards Jacksonville. It lists relatives for all of these people except for the 25 yo. Nowhere does Lynda or Roger Cruz (parents) show up. BUT – if you look up Lynda or Roger (both now conveniently dead) they show up near Parkland – but no Nikolas listed as a relative. If it turns out that this kid is real and went by that name, then his public records were obviously scrubbed.
  20. The school was named after a woman whose major cause was the eradication of the local Everglades for housing. She was against “draining the swamp”. {Emphasis on Trump} The school was also awarded a presidential medal of Freedom.
  21. The reported use of the AR15 in staged events. (The gun they most want banned).
  22. According to the Broward County Sheriff Dept Twitter it was Law Enforcement Day and there were special events in the district for cops and teens. Earlier in the day they had been posting pics of cops and teens learning about tactical equipment, etc.
  23. Doctored pictures;look at Cruz eyebrows in his tee shirt pic, both bushy eyebrows are growing backwards, or both inwards toward centre of forehead?
  24. This event went against protocols for gun attacks in schools. Lock downs, stay in classroom, get on floor away from doors and windows.
  25. Girl claims she talks to Nikolas Cruz while they walk out of the building and she hears gun shots.
  26. Police claim they responded to incidents 39 times at his home, If police respond more than once to a domestic incident someone was going to jail.
  27. Not one photo on fakebook showing him holding a real gun. The only photo they have of “him” showing his face from the nose up is showing “him” holding an air soft.
  28. Broward County was also the site of the Ft. Lauderdale Airport mass shooting Jan 6, 2017? Presided over by the same Sheriff Israel.
  29. Reported shooter appears to have ‘fragile x syndrome’ . He seems to have the characteristics of this genetic disorder (e.g. outward facing ears, pronounced chin and jaw, autistic qualities etc…).
  30. Reported shooter could NOT have left the school with his group unnoticed if he was expelled.
  31. This fabricated story then goes on to claim that his mother died of flu complications(giving a heads up to Big Pharma vaccines) New laws to microchip people with mental health problems, cut down on free speech on the Internet and of course, gun control.
  32. This is not the only Nikolas Cruz thats hit the headlines in Florida though, as we have seen the Elon Musk Nikola Tesla car https://www.space.com/39699-astroph… reportedly cruising in space, see link: many media reports talk of the Tesla car cruising in space.Hence the link between Nikola,s cruise and Nikola Cruz is hard to ignore. Both, of course, linked to Florida. Other links are just as strange, the car was said to have a starman robot and David Bowie,s hit was being played. Whilst decoding of the name of the school shows a link to Major Tom, the fictional astronaut that Bowie made famous. Majory Stoneman=MAJORy sTOneMan.( David Bowie also had a single called Valentines day which was about a school shooting.)
  33. Predictive programming comes in many forms, including music and films, the film, Parkland was released in 2013, it is centred around Kennedy,s assasination and the hospital involved, named Parkland. https://screenshots.firefox.com/QKa… The link above is the image of David Hogg, son of a retired FBI agent who claims to have been at Florida school and at California 2017. Here is a video of him trying to get his story straight. https://153news.net/watch_video.php…
  34. When public officials profit from disaster scenarios, we really have to consider the credibility of such people. The Public Legislator for the area is Jared Moskowitz. He claims to have been informed about this event whilst at a senate meeting in which his wife contacted him to inform him that his 4yr old childs school was on lockdown. He also stated that his childs teacher had lost her daughter at the event. Firstly, its rather strange that he was informed in this manner. But, his connections to disaster events is suspect and warrants further investigation. Moskowitz is the Executive Vice President of a company called AshBritt.Inc. It is a disaster planning and recovery/response govt contract company that works with Fema and Emergency services. This company was given contracts to clear up several of the Hurricanes. They were given a suspect no bid contract to clean up after Hurricane Sandy. A contract to clean up after Hurricane Irma in which they were also accused of price fixing and slow performance. They were also given the job of cleaning up after Haiti and formed the Haiti Recovery group. Other than rebuilding the international airport and clearing the principal urban arteries of rubble, no major infrastructure rebuilding — roads, ports, housing, communications — has begun. Despite the Billions awarded in contracts. The disaster profiteering exemplified by AshBritt is not just the result of quick decision-making in the midst of a crisis. These contracts are awarded as part of a corporate agenda that sees disaster as an opportunity, a tool for furthering policies that would not be possible in other times. They were also involved in the clean up after Katrina and were given their first contract by Haliburton in 1992 to clean up after Hurricane Andrew. They were also charged with double billing the Broward School District after Hurricane Wilma. The fact that the school was ear marked for demolition just two days after this event (We know who will get the contract for the clear up!) is highly suspect when these decisions take meetings and time to decide, not likely unless a govt agency tasks a govt linked company to hide the evidence and in this case, one and the same. State legislator and EVP of AshBritt.Inc.
  35. One particular character has been constantly shown in the media, David Hogg, the son of an FBI retired agent. The above link shows him rehearsing his lines but this video actually recording the event and discussing it with another person at 9.32 am on the morning of 14th Feb whilst the event took place at 2.30 in the afternoon. https://www.facebook.com/sandra.snelltreece/posts/1855366214535857?hc_location=ufi
  36. This video shows a picture of a reported dead victim at a funeral https://nodisinfo.com/dead-hero-coach-parkland-shooting-hoax-found-alive-funeral/
  37. There are no mentions of any of the victims in the Obituary columns of the local paper and no mention of anything on the website or FB page of Chabad parkland, even though at least seven of the victims are reported to be Jewish.
  38. This video shows David Hogg again and a clear green screen image which means the video was editedhttps://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=G82UM8UD892U
  39. No mention of fire drills on the school Notice board for that day either. 
  40. Crisis Actors!   


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