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Official Government Publications and Bills - waking up loved ones

I found family members generally saying things like 'here you go again' or 'stop crazy talking' but when the government actually publicises and acknowledges bills or laws which facilitate and effectively legalise manipulation of the atmosphere and the distribution of unknown materials.


So before talking about potential theories of mass application of nano-technologies or poisons, I'd like to try to point to facts which cannot be argued by the average mainstream news consumer.

Starting off with:


(report produced 2010!)

Official government document which with a simple 'they are funny clouds' and 'why does the government need to create this publication' it invokes people to begin to question.


The key parts I have found in this document so far being (page numbers are with the pfd not the numbered pages to make it easier for people to skip):

Page4, paragraph3 - "in the future some geoengineering techniques may allow a single country unilaterally to affect the climate" consider the document has been created with input and collaboration from/with the US. - does this now lead normal people to ask about HAARP/5G...

Page4, paragraph3 - "some—albeit very small scale—geoengineering testing is already underway" we are nearly 10 years on from this statement

Page16, table&point47 - "Space-based Reflectors Termination effect H, Stratospheric Aerosols Termination effect H, Cloud Albedo Termination effect H, point 46 - Termination effect - could lead to a relatively rapid warming which would be more difficult to adapt to than the climate change" so an interpretation can be that there is a high probability of failure which ultimately would cause more warming...?

As an aside we can all rally and email the Good Professor Nick Pidgeon of Cardiff university with our concerns and questions -

http://www.nerc.ac.uk/about/whatwedo/engage/engagement/geoengineering/geoengineering-steering-group/  -  Professor Nick Pidgeon

+44 (0)29 2087 4567


He is the nice guy who is part of the steering committee and also seemingly the PR guru 🙂 happy digging.