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Hello Everyone,

I think we all agree that we need to be more vocal on the subject of 5G technology.

I propose that we start a leaflet campaign so that every area can be covered.It has also been suggested that we change our FB photo to one that shows we oppose 5G, street events that highlight the dangers of 5G, letting off balloons and talking to others.There is also a test bed for 5G which is going to be at the 02 Arena in North Greenwich,London in the second half of 2018, it would be helpful if others could download the leaflet that I have created and agree to boycott this event.

If there is anything that you can think of that helps this issue become known to your community then please let us know. We could even collaborate on an advertisement either in local papers or on the TV, it has been done before and I was able to organise a commercial on chemtrails with the help of a strong group. Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it.

Can you let me know If you will help to secure our future and the future of our children?


Have seen this site from Goodf.forumotion.com

I am totally against this mast rollout.

A sizeable objection letter / report is on http://www.criq.co.uk which people are using to object but I don't think Councils are taking much notice.

Is it a good idea to "bombard" the planning authorities with scientific data and reports? I suppose it could lengthen the consultation process.


We have to make the people aware of the fact that these so called "safe limits" by the ICNIRP are corrupt and not reliable. ( https://www.stralskyddsstiftelsen.se/2018/02/anders-ahlbom-and-maria-feychting-mislead-about-research-on-health-effects-from-electromagnetic-fields-in-new-report/ ) They are so extremely over the top that even a child can see that this is wrong! ( https://www.home-biology.com/electromagnetic-field-radiation-meters/safe-exposure-limits ) Don't expect anything from the government for they are part of the clique. Only when the majority of the people come to realize how dangerous this 5G project is they will respond on a scale that can't be ignored.

Unfortunately, it's easier to fool people then to convince them that they are fooled...