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Small cell towers have appeared on the busy high street in my town, they are approx 100 metres apart and number about 10.
I have written this freedom of information (FoI) request to the council and the highways dept for Info on them, should anyone see towers popping up, I suggest you do the same. It is your neighbourhood after all!

Under the FOI Act, I would like to find out the following information.

Re-The cell towers on Queens Road in Hastings.

Are these cell towers experimental ?

What is their purpose?

What is their link to 5G testing?

Were the public informed of the implementation?

If so, when?

Are they connected to a central management system?

Do they have a wireless data connection?

Do they have a wireless remote control?

Do they have sensors that enable smart city connectivity?

If they do not have smart city applications capabilities, are there plans to create them in the future?

Given that cell towers have a wireless link to the base station which can be up to 6 miles away and can capacitate 5000 cells towers, where is the base station for the area?

Who was given the contract?

If testing has already begun, when was this? if not, when will it be forthcoming?

Has there been any studies on the impact of public health of these towers?

Can you provide me with Information that shows when these cell towers Infrastructure were agreed upon and by whom.


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