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Early last year I contacted David Webb, I asked him his thoughts on Gateshead lampposts emitting 5G signals. Davis Webb was a member of an organisation called BEMRI. He had been carrying out electrical surveys since the 70s. 

That correspondence was shared in a  YT video that I created.

Now while it is true that I did not contact the organisation via their website, all correspondence with this individual were always on behalf of the organisation according to Mr Webb and he even went as far as to ask me NOT to make his name public but to only use BEMRI in public as this would help people understand what the organisation were about.


These test results were made public in May 2018.  They shown that the lampposts were NOT 5G as Steele claimed and it was also noted that the equipment used by him was insufficient for the task. Some six months later and I contacted Mr Webb to ask him to give me the full summary of the survey as up to that point (as can be seen in the video) he stated that he wanted to keep it simple.

During the time of this survey  he informed me that he had written up a report for BEMRI and he read it out to me on the phone.

He agreed to give me that. The very next day on  the 17th October 2018 he emailed me 

After discussing this with the rest of the group it was decided it was not in the best interests of Bemri to make any public comments regarding Mark Steel. Therefore I must ask you not to publish any of the content I have just written. Sorry about this but I can’t go against the wishes of other members.

As you can clearly see he is informing me that BEMRI have asked him NOT to comply with my request. I informed him that I did NOT want any comments about Steele, just the report and that if he refused to give it then I would just make all the emails public.

In March 2019, it was brought to my attention that BEMRI had issued a public statement saying that they were NOT responsible for any survey in Gateshead.

I wrote to the founder and asked her why she had done such a thing when Mr Webb had corresponded with me as a member and also if he was acting on his own behalf, or as an independent person, why did BEMRI feel that it was in their best interests to ask him NOT to allow any public statements?

Surely they could have stated that he could release that information but only as an independent survey and NOT advised him to refuse to cooperate with me?

I was advised that should I say anything detrimental against BEMRI that I would face legal action, I am not saying anything detrimental in public, I am merely showing the emails that show that Mr Webb, as far as he was concerned was surveying as a member of BEMRI and was liaising with the group.

The request for the full survey results that he had given BEMRI was NOT met with,”What results?” It was met with, I cannot comply as the group do not wish me to.

Further emails with the founder of the group were answered with, there was no recollection of any survey results being given to them. So if there were NO survey results given to BEMRI, why was Mr Webb advised  not to comply?

I was also informed that this woman did not know who Mark Steele was.

This was an email that the founder of BEMRI was CC,d into in March 18th 2019.

Sent: Monday, March 18, 2019 2:33 PM

Subject: Re: 5G specifications


Hi Joseph,


 I believe as did Alasdair with reference to his previous outburst [email enclosed] it is best to ignore him.


We have nothing to retract unlike him who claims Bemri is  part of WHO and also connected to Cancer UK and these part of a number of false statements he personally made. Each time,  he and his brother hide behind dark specs. What are they hiding from?


Anyone viewing our website and my leaflets can  see where we stand on 5G and rest of EMF pollution which he so far  fails to mention.  One thing for  sure he is no RF expert as he claims, being unable to use a basic RF meter. His on line video of him using a meter clearly proves that part.  Anyone’ calling themselves expert in any field is suspect in my book.


He will likely get caught out eventfully, but frankly he is not worth the effort of confrontation.



So emails to me on the 29th March 2019 which is some 11 days after this email was sent,claiming that this woman does not know who he is seems rather odd. In this email Mr Webb clearly states that BEMRI have nothing to retract.


Mr Webb also sent this:

   This email arrived soon after a loud abusive and quite ridicules phone call from Mark Steel this morning. He more or less accuses Alasdair and me of being responsible for the harm and deaths 5G cause or have so far caused –  a slanderous statement [among others] from someone who had before suggested  Alasdair or I didn’t  know what we were talking about.   


 Alasdair and I have nothing to retract as we didn’t suggest 5G is not  harmful or at any time suggest it’s not tested within the UK.  The information within the attachments we sent Mark last May  contains details of the LED lighting Mark had claimed produced 5G. and incidentally, I had not denied sending it as he suggests.  It appears he listens to those who agree with him but discussion is not on the table.  


The RF meter Mark had used to supposedly ‘specifically’ measure 5G cannot pick up millimetre waves or ‘specifically’ register it as 5G-4G- 3G or 2G but simply monitor a range of  RF frequencies [app., 50MHz – 3.5GHz]   Therefore, apart from registering power density from the strongest signal, one cannot claim it came from a particular source or at which frequency.


Suggest Mark listens to others with far more experience, controls his ego –  but  keep up the good work!



So Steele is then seen to try and get the person who tested the lampposts to retract his statement in the email below.


—– Original Message —–

From: Mark Steele

To: David Webb

Sent: Monday, March 11, 2019 11:37 AM

Subject: FW: Info


David Here is the e mail that you have denied.

I demand a retraction.   5G is an indictable offence and the people will have justice. The continued deception shows INTENT to harm. The retraction so that we can post this to the public so that the statement made and now used by industry to attack our campaign to stop 5G can be halted.

No retraction from you and Alisdair will prove either way what your intentions are in relation to this..


It was during this time that BEMRI made a public statement that they were NOT responsible for the test results.

Anyone who wishes to challenge what I have written here is quite welcome to, all the emails are going to be forwarded to a legal representative.

Mark Steele and John Kitson are now making it known in public that BEMRI were NOT involved in the survey results after getting a retraction from them, and Mr Webb  retired just days after these emails.

I will leave it up to the viewer to make their minds up about what has just occurred, needless to say, no matter who was or was not involved, tests proved that Gateshead lampposts were not 5G and the equipment that Steele used was insufficient, of that there is no question. 

In the meantime 5G is being rolled out all over the place and yet all the focus is on Gateshead which is NOT 5G, now why is that? Why do all the places that ARE being tested with 5G get ignored? We have a very succesful campaign that is highlighting the dangers of 5G via leaflets etc on FB : https://www.facebook.com/groups/103607877050676/ and this website is full of info on who is responsible, where it is rolled out and who is financing it and yet Steele and co call me a 5G denier?

They claim I work for MI5 even though I have shown the work that I have been involved with for the past decade which includes charity and awareness.

Steele has been involved in selling his Smart wares on the Israeli Homeland Security website and openly advertises the agencies pushing the smart agenda and has collaborated with the local council on a smart specialisation programme for funding for 2014-2020. Does not take many brain cells to work out what is REALLY going on here. 

Posted by Ann Marie Carey on Monday, 1 April 2019




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