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The Drosophila is the fruit fly, this simple insect has been instrumental in genetics research from 1910 when a man called Thomas Hunt Morgan and his wife began to research this fly and discovered its links to the human genes. The understanding of genes and the connections to the fact that genes are carried on Chromosomes began the basis of heredity.

It also began the whole genetics, bacteria, virus,s and stem cell research that gave two top biologist the Nobel peace prize later on in 1995 when 27,000 mutant fly lines were established of which 139 mutations affecting embryogenesis.

After studying the Olympic games  in 2012, I was able to see the connections to the 2012 Olympics and past opening ceremonies to virus,s by linking the imagery of the virus,s to the props and imagery used in these ceremonies.
The Paralympic games was not about Newton, it was not about gravity and it was not about showcasing “Individuality”…it was showcasing microbiology, neutrons,voltage potassium channels, polymerase chain reactions.RNA from so called virus,s, copying them, converting them into double stranded DNA,gene therapy, demyelination..its about the whole genome program.

This was never about the achievements of those who have lived with disease or injury, this was about showcasing the “Brave new world” that they intend for themselves and they used the disabled people in such a way that is both degrading and disrespectful but in such a way that not many realised what they were actually doing.

The “Brave new world” that has the answer to ageing,injuries and disabilities that they intend to save for themselves after they have implemented the programme for annihilation.

The fruit fly (Drosophila) has enabled the microbiologists to use fat stem cells, harvest them,activate them and return them into the body. The Paralympic theme which shows the characters Miranda and Prospero who are supposedly daughter and father from “The Tempest” are linked via a biological website that has ties to many big names in research that shows a genetic map calling the gene “Miranda” which interacts with “Prospero” to screen a Drosophila DNA library.

This even shows the narrative of the story to be about the interaction of cells in genetics and Stem cell research.
The stage that is used by Coe, Hawkings and others is clearly an adaption of a Neuron along with its Axon leading to the Axon terminal which is the “cauldron”.  

I have made a video that will show these links, pictures and connections.

The apples that were part of the show also have a significance, 62,000 apples were given to the public and the body has 62,000 miles of blood vessels.This is a link to the site that discusses using the Miranda and Prospero in the DNA coding for the Drosophila. http://www.sdbonline.org/sites/fly/neural/mirnda1.htm 

Miranda was identified in a search for proteins that interact with Prospero.

Prospero was used as bait to screen a Drosophila library of cDNAs using a yeast two-hybrid system (Shen, 1997). In the yeast two-hybrid system two hybrid proteins are used. The first hybrid protein, termed the ‘bait,’ is a hybrid between the DNA binding domain of yeast transcription factor LexA, and in this case, the Prospero protein. The bait lacks a transcriptional activation domain. The second hybrid protein is derived from a Drosophila cDNA library (containing sequences that may code for proteins interacting with the bait) tagged with a transcriptional activation domain. Protein interaction between the bait and the second hybrid protein gains the ability to activate transcription of a reporter gene. Miranda, the protein identified as interacting with Prospero protein, is named after Prospero’s daughter and companion in exile, characters in Shakespeare’s play, The Tempest.

*A reporter gene…Miranda is sent to go on a journey after interacting with Prospero during the opening ceremony*
*The second hybrid protein is derived from a Drosophila cDNA library……this explains the books used in the Paralympic ceremony*

The shaker (Sh) gene, when mutated, causes a variety of atypical behaviors in the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster. Under ether anesthesia, the fly’s legs will shake (hence the name); even when the fly is unanaesthetized, it will exhibit aberrant movements. Sh-mutant flies have a shorter lifespan than regular flies; in their larvae, the repetitive firing of action potentials as well as prolonged exposure to neurotransmitters at neuromuscular junctions occurs.
In Drosophila, the shaker gene is located on the X chromosome. The closest human homo-log is KCNA3.
*The people reading from the books on the stage turn to the audience and say SH! a number of times.* 

*The people who were strapped to poles that swung around were signifying what happens when signals are passed through the Myelin sheet or Schwann cells,this is called a Saltatory conduction creating an action potential(positive plus positive charges repel each other.*

*This is a picture of an open reading frame at the Paralympics*

Upstream open reading frames (uORFs) are elements found in the 5′-region of an mRNA transcript, capable of regulating protein production of the largest, or major ORF (mORF), and impacting organism development and growth in fungi, plants, and animals. In Drosophila, approximately 40% of transcripts contain upstream start codons (uAUGs) but there is little evidence that these are translated and affect their associated mORF.


The previous Olympic and Paralympic games also show the same imagery over and over again which proves that none of this is being recreated by individual ideas etc but by a theme put together many years ago that involves depopulation of the so called less than “important” mutant genes and cells..US!

The history of bio molecular studies has never been about giving all mankind the treatments that could benefit the whole world, it has been instrumental in creating virus,s and diseases that would wipe out the lesser important…US!







the wHO STereophonicS PAolo Nuttini durAN Duran snOW patroL spells out THE HOSTS PAN AND OWL.

These were chosen because of their Albums titles;






JAY SEAN ALBUM…..ALL OR NOTHING *All or nothing principle of Neurons, the resting and active potential is called the All or nothing principle.*

  • 8,000 torches with 8000 holes carried by 8000 people….wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that Israel is 8000 miles.. would it??No more than likely its like they say as a tribute to the 8000 torch bearers..the fact that 8ooo figures dominates the games is not an issue!!

  • There are 8000 ambassadors,hotel rooms available,tickets bought by govt,free tickets,london buses,tickets snapped up in first hours,performers in Beijing opening ceremony,jobs offered by shopping mall,athletes involved,new homes to be built in Olympic village,entertainers in Greek opening ceremony in 2004, competitors in Barcelona,journalists in winter olympics..bean bags ordered!!!The list goes on and on, find some 8,s and add to it to show how ridiculous the idea that its all down to the torch bearers!

  •  Now when you look into the Beijing Olympics which incidentally is 8000 Kilometres from London you find that the organising committee consists of 8000,8000 volunteers,8000 maintenance staff,8000 construction sites,used 8000 tons of steel,8000 athletes,8000 items of merchandise,8000 drivers to transport people to venue,8000 referees,8000 police working,8000 temp seats,8000 working on site, 8000 new solar powered street lights,8000 performers in opening ceremony,added 8000 new ATM,s .

8000 technicians,replaced 8000 buses.

  • The fact that they have the ending from a guy called Marcel D2 which using the code that I have on other performers makes it MD2 which just so happens to be cryptography!

It came as no surprise that 8 years later came the Corona virus. 

Boris Johnson described the 2012  Olympics as:

During the 2012 Olympics, reports were claiming that Ebola was a concern.

A headline in many papers claimed on the 8.8.12 that there was a ‘Pesky bug problem at the Olympics.” No such problem occurred in reality.

The 8th of August ( 8.8)  2014 WHO declared the  Ebola epidemic to be a “public health emergency of international concern.”

During the 2012 Olympics this image was shown:


The man who claimed responsibility for the opening and closing ceremonies was also known for his production of films about viruses and pandemics, Danny Boyle.

In this video I show how the Mittal tower at the stadium was a depiction of Ebola. 


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