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SCIENCE One of the first arguments people make when they are introduced to the idea that vaccines could be causing harm is, “That isn’t so, check the science.” THE GREATER GOOD Team fully agrees with this premise.

This compilation of research contains over 180 papers published in peer reviewed medical and scientific journals that explore and discuss injuries linked to vaccines.

We have compiled this catalogue of science to help parents, lawmakers, medical practitioners and scientists understand several important points about the vaccine issue:

• there is abundant science published in mainstream medical and scientific journals suggesting cause for concern about the safety of vaccines;

• the vaccine debate is not a debate between parents and doctors but rather amongst scientists with opposing views;

• vaccines may be linked to a host of chronic illnesses and conditions such as asthma, allergies, learning disabilities, behavioral problems, autism, unexplained infant death and autoimmune diseases such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, MS, and others;

• there are connections between the gut, immune, and neurological issues often seen in vaccine injuries. This compilation does not contain all the science on vaccines but rather the science that suggests cause for concern.

Readers should understand that the research cited here does not prove all the conditions mentioned are caused by vaccines. Rather, this research demonstrates that vaccine safety concerns are valid and warrant further investigation to fully evaluate the true long-term impact of vaccination.

To use this resource, simply browse all the different categories to familiarise yourself with the scope and breadth of the possible adverse reactions to vaccines.

Once you have decided which topic to explore, simply click on the category and you will find links to the research that pertains to this category.

If there is a great deal of research on one topic, you may also find sub-categories to explore. We have included the full text of any paper that is publicly available.

If the full text is not free to the public, we have linked to the abstract and you may either purchase the paper or go to your library to gain access.

We hope this information is useful to all as you work your way through your own personal decisions and Think Again!


Link Between Neurologic and Immune Disorders Brain Inflammation (encephalitis)

Post Vaccination Autoimmune Disease

Gut-Brain-Immune System Connection and Function Autism

Unexplained Infant Death

Chronic Illness

Other Complications

Post Vaccination Vaccination Efficacy, Failure, and Disease Transmission

Questionable Science and Policy Viral Infection and Neurologic Dysfunction Vaccine Contamination

Veterinary Research Interesting Articles and Such:





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