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‘Why should we be the human guinea pigs for EE’s 5G trial in Shoreditch’ ask angry residents

The Gazette asked EE if any 5G safety trials had been completed, but EE said to get in touch with Ofcom.
Ofcom meanwhile told the Gazette: “Assessing health impacts is not in our remit, so we do not have any further research on this.

“The UK Government has set out its vision for the UK to be a world leader in 5G, and Ofcom shares that vision.”

The potential dangers of 5G have prompted 230 doctors and scientists from 80 countries to call for a moratorium.

Liza Evers, who lives off Old Street, has questioned whether 5G could turn out to be the next big public health scandal, like air pollution or asbestos. She is angry that EE never notified her about the experiment.

“The effect of this radiation on public health is yet to undergo any rigorous scientific testing,” she said.

“The [American] Department of Defence uses this technology for crowd dispersal and disruption. It’s much stronger than 3G or 4G.”

Ms Evers and her neighbours are now distributing leaflets warning about the dangers of 5G technology.

“If you read what scientists say, why should a densely populated area be the guinea pigs for this? Why should any human being be the guinea pigs of this?” she said.

“It’s a completely different system and all over the world scientists are saying: ‘Don’t do this.’”

“Marc Allera, the CEO of EE has said he’s looking forward to the experiment, but he doesn’t live here. It’s shocking he’s not asked anyone. We obviously don’t factor in.”

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