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Humanity must join together and rid the planet of this evil parasitic hold that’s destroying not just only our freedoms and free will but all life on Earth as we know it.

  • Hundreds of thousands of species becoming extinct every year.
  • Depletion of the planets natural resources.
  • Radiation still leaking into the planets seas, oceans, land and skies at an alarming rate globally.
  • Destruction of the atmosphere under the guise of saving the planet using the cloak of GEO ENGINEERING and global warming.

When there is simply no need, because the technology is available to provide safe, environmentally friendly solutions and is being suppressed.

There is a dark force at work here, a hidden hand, a hand that is controlling things from the shadows with ill intent.

Controlling the decision makers, decision shapers and leaders of this poor excuse of a society, a society that seems hell bent on the slavery, murder, mind control manipulation, and inhalation of the human race alongside every living thing on earth.

If only the people knew their true power, the power of oneness and perception, the power that every single one of us has within.

World without war, a world without the corporate enslavement of mankind, a world that lives in harmony and balance with nature and all living things, a world that has no fear of tyranny and evil, a world that loves thy neighbour instead of wanting kill them.

Imagine a world free from that!

That’s a world worth fighting for, a world worth fighting for the future generations yet to come!

So just for a moment stop and have a word with yourself and ask yourself this, while your only here for that short dash in time, maybe your purpose In Life is to make the world a better place than to pass it on to the next generation, while enjoying the paradise it once was and can be again. And maybe just maybe humanity can and will find the true nature of itself. (Words written by Jason Nota-founder of REAL CHANGE)


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