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How can one company have so many links to the French Attacks?


Irrefutable evidence points to the Involvement of one company with many subsidiaries in the French Attacks of 13th November 2015. Lagardere is a multi-national company spanning 40 Countries and employing over 30,000 people. It has links to the US Govt, the French Govt,the US Ambassador to France, Qatar, Military defense contractors, Entertainment, including theater, music,actors,journalists, photographers, records, films books, radio stations, TV stations, magazines, Psychology Today, Renault, EADS,Sports sponsorship including many European football teams, TV sponsorship and coverage rights, in fact, every single aspect of the French attacks has links to Lagardere.

The property magnate, financier and publisher Arnaud Lagardère , at the helm of the huge group of the same name (whose main shareholder is none other than the Emir of Qatar), which includes publishing brands as Hachette or Larousse . Lagardère – man of the Rothschild – was also Chief Executive Officer of France Telecom and Louis Vitton (property of Lazard , allies of the powerful bankers-relatives), as well as one of the leading names of the board of Le Monde . The famous Baron Edmond de Rothschild was, since 1989, honorary president of Hachette owned by the father of Arnaud, Jean-Luc Lagardère , who due to his death (in 2003), left to his son his gigantic financial empire, and among other things, was a member of Berlusconi’s property La Cinq , which then Lagardère acquired the entire control.

Arnaud Lagardere is a major donor to the IDF, the notorious Israel Defence Forces who actually exercises the military control of the Occupied Territories in Israel. Just one of the leaders of the IDF has been, for over thirty years, General Daniel (Danny) Rothschild, important heir of the powerful family of Jewish bankers, former right hand man of Moshe Levy and current Director of IPS, the Institute of Policy and Strategy of the Israeli Defense Ministry.

The Bataclan was bought by Lagardere in September, the Bands advertisers, Bandsintown are sponsored by Lagardere.

Quote here “Bandsintown is a concert discovery platform. We exist to let music fans uncover concerts happening by their favourite artists in their own cities. Because of our position in the music industry, we have direct ties to what has happened in France: Eagles of Death Metal are one of our own artists; Bataclan is owned by one of our shareholders, Lagardère group;”

The Football stadium is managed by Sportfive, owned by Lagardere and the broadcasting rights on the night were by TFI, owned by Lagardere. The French and German teams are also linked to Lagardere.

Lagardere is linked to Editis after acquiring 40% of Editis in 2004, formerly known as Vivendi/Universal. Two TV crews, TFI and M6 both linked to Lagardere were embedded in the two fire stations located in the area of the attacks, in Chaligny and Landon during the attacks, why?

The biggest shareholder of the Lagardere Empire is the Sultan of Qatar who it is reported, funds Isis.

The Band involved, Eagles of Death metal, are linked to Lagardere, the advertisers are sponsored by Lagardere, the singer is known as the Devil, his new documentary is called ” Redemption of the devil” and it has been reported that he was singing ” Kiss the Devil” when attacks happened.

EODM also recorded a song called ” San Bernadino Sunburn”.

The Christmas push to get EODM,s cover of Duran Durans, “Save a prayer” to number one is in full swing, the company who have released the tune is UMG a subsidiary of Vivendi of which Lagardere has a 40% stake.

It has been reported that the opening band at the Bataclan was called White lies, they were formed in 2007 and were contracted to Fiction records, which is also owned by Universal. Their first single was “Unfinished business” and “Death” and their debut album was in 2009, called “To lose my life”, the second album was named “Ritual”.

Witness statements from those claiming to be at the Bataclan and other areas attacked that night include:

Sophia Doran: Editor in chief of Luxury society and hospitality events, her managing director is Bertrand Otto, Rothschild’s director of non-banking activities.

Julien Pearce: Radio journalist at Europe 1, owned by Lagardere.

Antoine Leidis; Claimed to have lost his partner, he is an actor and also linked to Europe 1.Was on the news for leaving a personal message to the bombers on FB although he has not been on FB since July.(Lagardere linked)

Julia Molkhou; Reported Witness statements, Also linked to Lagardere via Radio France, actress and looks like the person seen in many False flag attacks.(Lagardere linked)

Daniel Psenny: journalist for Le Monde, provided the footage for the Bataclan.He was reported to have sustained an injury while rescuing a man called Matthew. Matthew was on the road below the World Trade Centre when a plane smashed into the iconic building in 2001 -The 36-year-old, who moved to Paris with his family in July. (Lagardere linked)

Full name is Matthew Goff,(Possibility that he is the manager at Google) Psenny 55, is a TV and media Industry member who specialises in TV fiction. (Lagardere linked)

Patrick Pelloux: columnist for Charlie Hebdo, first doctor on the scene, was given the journalist award in front of Hollande by Lagardere this year, (Lagardere linked)

Helen Wilson: Reportedly survived Bataclan (with Nick Alexander who died. She was shot in both legs). He worked for Universal.

Her catering company just bought her a huge mercedes the day before (pic on her fb page) Her catering company was doing the catering for U2 which is Mercury records. Justin Beiber in March.Madonna in July This was posted on her fb page 12 Nov! (Links to Lagardere via Universal)

The GF of Nick was stated to be Polina (Volkova) Buckley, 25 – who was seen in a touching performance for the cameras at the French Consulate in New York. The Actress is a student at the revered Lee Strasberg Institute of Theatre.( Lagardere link)

Marion Ruszniewski: Claims to be the first person shot, she was the pro rock photographer credited with some pictures of the EODM concert at the Bataclan that night.On her Facebook page, she is writing “Oui, ça va!” – (i.e., that she’s ok) … at 22:40 of November 13. That is to say, within about 45 minutes after she was allegedly shot in her lower back. Plus while the shootings were still on-going! (Lagardere linked)

Journalist Jean-Marie De Peretti is a veteran board member of the “Reporters Sans Frontières” organization.Mr De Peretti claims to have lost his daughter Aurélie in the ‘Bataclan attack’.(Lagardere linked)

Michael O Connor 30 yrs old survivor with GF Sara Badel Craeye, from South Shields, works for Entertainment One and TFI International.(Lagardere linked)

Patricia San Martin Nunez, reported to have died along with her daughter, Elsa Veronique Delplace, claims that they took a five year old to the concert who escaped. Patricia is reported to be the niece of the Chilean Ambassador to Mexico.

Mattieu Hoch reported to have been killed, 37yr old cameraman for France 24 and Channel 7.(Lagardere linked)


As the story goes, 5 other TV journalists / employees lost their lives in the Bataclan:

-Cédric Gomez: journalist at TV Monde

-Mathieu Hoche: journalist at TV France 24

-Grégory Fosse : journalist at TV Canal D17

-Fanny Minot: journalist at TV Canal+

-Maxime Bouffard: TV technician / filmmaker

Germain Ferey reported dead, 36 yr old photographer and film artist.(All Lagardere linked)

Ginnie Watson : Reported to survived Bataclan,Actress, made a record with Universal, (Lagardere linked)

Mark Colclough. A Psychoanalyst witness to Caffe Bon Biere. Claims to have been to a conference, is a member of EFPP which is a Federation for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in Public health Services. Lagardere owns the website and magazine Psychology today.

The Lagardere group has appointed Susan Tolson on its supervisory board in 2014. Her husband is Charles Rivkin who was the former Ambassador of US in France,he also was an Intern at Renault which was owned by Lagardere. He was made a Commander in Legion by Hollande.

He was the Finance chairman for Obama,s 2008 presidential campaign, he was awarded the rank of commander in 2013 by Hollande, he is now the Assistant Secretary of State for Economic and Business affairs in US. Here is a clear link between Lagardere and the US Govt.

On October 6th, the French magazine, Elle, which is owned by Lagardere and the US owned Elle, shared a birthday party at the home of Jane Hartley who is the current US Ambassador to France.

Jane Hartley is married to Ralph Schlosstein of Evercore.

Evercore jointly owns six newspapers in the USA named AMI. American Media Inc.

Evercore partners was founded by the Blackstone group.It was involved in the Bio Attacks Anthrax scare, Swine Flu and Big Pharma.The Senior Managing Director is also the Vice President of the Save the children fund which is asking for people to give money to keep Syrian kids warm.

They also have links to Matra which is a defence contractor.

Lagardere bought out Blue entertainment in 2010, giving them full TV rights to the Boston marathon coverage.

Why has every witness and all the people reported to have been injured or died, have links to this company? Either through Sport, TV, Radio,Entertainment or Govt.

How is it possible that this company has links to the venues, the media, the football stadium, the sponsors, the band, the bands advertisers?


This link proves that Qatar has invested in St Denis since 2012, hence linking Lagardere with St Denis.http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/3…



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