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Hurricanes and 258

On the 23rd October 2015, Hurricane Patricia made land as a Category 5 Hurricane, please make note of the numbers involved here, 2,3,5,and 8. 2+3= 5 5+3=8. According to reports 258,000 people are going to need shelter. Let me just share some coincidences and research on Hurricanes.

Crime against humanity

Hurricanes are symbolic of Chanukah, in 258 BC, the Torah was translated into Greek, Chanukah happens on the 25th of the month, after 8 days they played games using a spinning top/the hurricane. 23rd day is Sabbath of blessing. Chanukah Monorah is an 8 day holiday that begins on the 25th, Chabad Lubavitch is an orthodox Jewish sect that has direct influence over 3,300 institutions in the US govt depts. They are a sacrificial cult that believe that in order to fulfil prophesy they must go back to sacrifices to rebuild the temple. Every hurricane has links to 258.

For instance Hurricane Gustav started on the 25th August, every change linked to 258, It started exactly three years to the day of Hurricane Katrina. I googled past Hurricanes and came up with this. Hurricane =H…. H Charley sharp turn at 258kph, H Andrew 258 kph, H Rita 258 drinking samples taken by EPA, Hurricane Sidr kills 258, H Stan kills 258, H Isabel winds of 258kph, Hurricane Mitch 258 dead in Guatemala, Hurricane Dean left 258 homeless, Hurricane Katrina 258 managers, 258 reported dead in first instance, Hurricanes were reported at 2am 5am 8am 11am 14.00 hrs 17.00 hrs and 23.00hrs.

Bare in mind that these are figures reported these episodes and not always the final figures. The Hurricane Patricia seems to have acted like no other Hurricane ever!  It went from a Tropical Storm to a Major Storm in record time, them took a break, then went from a Major Hurricane to a superstorm in record time, It is plausible that Hurricanes can grow into monsters quickly, but overnight from TS to Cat5 is rather suspicious.
A UK Climatologist stated that it shown the Hurricane weakens just past Mexico then as it goes in to Texas it joins with 2 other systems then strengthens.

In the Jewish religion, in 258 BC, Jews were not allowed to study the Torah, they used to hide in caves and when approached would pretend to play with spinning tops. The Chanukah is a victory celebration involving the overthrow of the Greeks , which involves Oil and 8 days. Hurricane Gustav was predicted to light the Oil on the Coast and last 8 days. The food eaten during this time are Doughnuts, (Hurricane shaped) and Oily food. Hurricane Gustav was reported at 2am-5am-8am-11am-14pm-17pm-23pm which is all pertaining to 2,5 and 8, is this just pure coincidence? What is strange is that fluctuations:

Hurricane Gustav started on 25th August=258 at 11am as a Tropical Depression (on Torah Day) and becomes a Tropical Storm at 2pm, at

Man Made Hurricanes
Man Made Hurricanes

5am it changes from a Storm to a Hurricane 1, two days later its a Storm again at 5am. On every link to the numbers 2,5 and 8, the Hurricane changes. Is this just coincidence? At 5am when it changes from Storm to Hurricane, is the exact time that candles are lit to celebrate the victory of Chanukah. Is it just coincidence that this celebration also involves oil and each Hurricane has an oil connection?

All the phone numbers for Relief donations have 258 in the middle no matter where they are.(Remember that it is the reporting during the events that is significant, not the final reports.) It was reported that 258 shelters opened in Texas. That the jobless figures due to Harvey, rose by 258 in Louisiana. Harvey began as a TD on August 23-(23=5 August=8).8 Refineries were reported to have closed. Harvey is the 8th named Storm and 71 fatalities were reported. The numbers of displaced was reported as 32,000 (5) with the largest shelter said to have a capacity of 8000. The Texas Governor stated that damages will be between 150 billion and 180 billion (258 once again comes into play) and Operation BBQ relief was reported to be expecting to give 25,000 to 30,000 meals a day. A curfew was created between 12am and 5am, can you see how these numbers all link to 2,5 and 8?

As usual, the Oil and Gas productions are affected, as Shale in Southern Texas claims that production of 300,00 to 500,000 barrels per day are, whilst Burlington Oil and Gas claims to have spilled 300,000 gallons in Dewitt County. Two Exon refineries reported to close while 14 (5) crude oil tankers delayed and 8 chemical plants failed. Still think its all just coincidence? AGC reported that construction expanded by 258 in Oklahoma. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, Natural Gas production has been reported to have declined by…….25.71% …now how much more specific can they get?

The Army Corps of Engineers was reported to have released 258 Million Gallons of water from Lake Okeechobee. Hurricane Irma was reported to have been a Cat 4 with 258 Kilo per hour winds and Jose close behind with 258 Kilo pr winds. I have not even looked at the 258 connections to these as yet but you can guarantee there will be many. Or is it all just highly coincidental?

Research by Annie


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