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The hypocrisy of the UN Development Programme and its Agenda 20/30, claiming to be working towards ending poverty and maintaining human rights, (when the only way they intend to do that is to get rid of the poor) came to light this week whilst they openly advertise the wonderful partnership they have had for a decade with Mohammed Bin Rashid, Ruler of Dubai.

Proclaiming that the shared venture between them on the Knowledge Foundation has produced the innovative Global Knowledge Index to help us to navigate a world where data are bigger and faster than ever before, and seize these opportunities for progress.


Whilst presenting himself to the world as a dynamic visionary who embraces western values and human rights, he has abused his own daughter since she was a minor, which resulted in her trying to escape early this year, by sea.
Latifa had made contact while at sea, sent a panicked call saying that the boat was under siege amidst gunfire. Communication ceased at this point, and ‘Detained in Dubai’ filed missing persons reports for all onboard, and brought the disappearances to the attention of the United Nations.

Whilst this week the UN praise the decade long partnership!




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