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Have you noticed airplanes leaving long white plumes in the sky that do not dissipate like normal vapour trails? Look up at the sky daily and you will soon notice that planes are spraying the sky leaving trails that at first might look like the exhaust trails left by jets. Often in grids, these trails with toxic chemicals linger, and expand out across the skies creating a layer that looks like clouds. Soon the previously blue sky is hazy from chemicals and metallic particles in the atmosphere. These are called chemtrails.

This spraying is known as Geo-engineering and can also drastically change weather patterns across the globe such as we’ve been witnessing in recent years.

CHEMTRAILS contain biological agents, ALUMINIUM and BARIUM. The agents are poisonous to humans, plants, and animals and are being deliberately sprayed into the environment around the world. Several Scientists have linked recent plant & animal deaths to aluminium, barium and heavy metals poisoning. (Currently spraying the public is legal under U.S. Public Law 105-85. This law allows chemical & biological agents to be sprayed on civilian populations, even if they are harmful)

Soil is now testing off the chart for Aluminium and arsenic. Food producing farmland is currently being sprayed. Long term local farmers in NZ are noticing crops ailing.Over time, the toxic spray will have a devastating effect on the food supply chain as it changes the pH levels needed to produce good food crops. Many trees will die and fruit bearing trees will not produce good fruit, which is already happening worldwide.

The known medical side effects of Aluminium and Barium are liver disease, meningitis, breathing disorders, (including Pneumonia & Bronchitis), significant increase in asthma especially children and Alzheimer’s disease. The short term effects are allergies, anxiety, brain fog, unexplained breathing difficulties, chronic sore or raspy throat, dizziness, eye and skin irritations, flatulence (gas), flu-like symptoms, headaches, itching (unexplained), nausea and vomiting, unexplained nose bleeds, panic attacks, persistent coughing, respiratory problems, stomach aches, tinnitus (distant ringing in ears or high pitched sound after spraying).

Presently we do not know the reason for this our environment being deliberately altered. Governments and military are not telling us anything, however these programs are going on without our informed consent.

Have you seen the unusually persistent jet trails, often in parallel or X-shapes, a hazy, metallic-looking sky at sunrise and sunset, odd-shaped or rainbow-coloured clouds, or experiencing abnormal tiredness and illness?

Have you looked at the various websites and seen the extent of documented evidence and video footage that supports the theory of these chemical and geo-engineering aerosol spraying operations are taking place?

If all the facts presented have convinced you of the truth, then please become involved in putting pressure on our governments to halt any further degradation of public health and the environment.


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