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The Truth Behind the ‘Dash for Gas’

A Documentary by Marco Jackson

In December 2012 David Cameron lifted the moratorium (temporary ban) on the process known as Hydraulic Fracturing. A moratorium which had been in place since June 2011, when it was acknowledged that two minor earthquakes in the Blackpool area, had been triggered by Hydraulic Fracturing in the vicinity.

The process of High Volume High Pressure Hydraulic Fracturing is an integral part of the extraction process for Unconventional Gas & Oil, found in Shale deposits and Coal Seams. The UK reportedly has sufficient Unconventional Gas resources to provide the Country with Energy Security for many decades into the future.

You can purchase this DVD for just £5.00 from here a trailer for this video can be found below.

Spreadsheet of Fracking Chemicals below. Downloadable Version here

Ian R Crane at http://www.frackingnightmare.com along with many other dedicated protestors could use some help and support at Kirby Misperton Yorkshire. For more information on their progress and current status at stopping Barclays Bank from proceeding with the drilling you can visit the website here Facebook Page here support for the campaign is growing daily but more is needed. Please take some time to support them.


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