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5G – A5 – Leaflet No3 – bigger text – for website

The above is a leaflet for download and printing to highlight the 5G dangers, please use in conjunction with the mass action campaign. It fits onto A5 paper for bulk printing and also A4 for home printing.


  1. I think Leaflet Real-Leaflet-5g-2-02 is clearly the best (the one with the International ‘No’ red circle and slash over 5G).

    1) The graphic conveys the issue immediately. It increases curiousity. But wordlessly!

    2) Everyone is overloaded with information — I think a striking clear graphic like this is very important when you are trying to engage the public.

    I think the other graphics with the ‘real change’ logo with hands around it broadcasts ‘do-good lefty organisation, maybe a charity, maybe they are going to ask me for money’.

    So, I think Real-Leaflet-5g-2-02 is head and shoulders the winner for me 🙂

    Is there a “.gov” petition about this yet? These are the petitions to Parliament. If they get 10,000 signatures it has to be responded to by Parliament. If it gets 100,000 it has to be discussed in a Parliamentary session. Let me know if we at Global Justice Bournemouth can help with this?

    I will be donating via paypal, too. 🙂

    So glad to find out about your work!

    Kind regards,
    Sara Pasoce

    1. Thanks Sara, It is my favourite too but I have had to ask others to vote on it so it is between number 2 and number 6 at the moment. I do not think there is a petition as yet but you have to be very careful in your wording as they allow only one. Thanks for the offer of a donation too, thats great! Glad to have you guys on board. Annie x

  2. Hello, Great work as always. I wouldn’t have a preference on the design of the leaflet but I wonder, though I know space is limited, given we need to convince a lot of unreceptive people if some links to sites that are not campaign groups would be good. ??? Love to you. Susan.

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