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This letter I am sending to the British Authorities local and national WIRELESS POLLUTION + 5G DEVELOPMENTS

Through exposure to wireless traffic children and young people especially are being exposed to risk of jamming of their brains. The very low frequency pulses which carry information and pictures correspond with brain wave frequencies and may interfere with normal functions or affect the brain development of children and young people. People react individually but the stress caused is inevitable and universal – everyone is inhabiting an environment prejudiced by invisible pollution traffic.Everyone is being bombarded, strafed and invaded by the pulses and the microwave carrier beams. Some people according to constitution are having their brains seriously interfered with, disrupted in normal function and are being in effect taken over – they are losing their minds under the fact of assault. This can accentuate personal and temperamental traits and lead, perhaps, to loss of control of temper or sex drive and produce aggression and violence; or, in another type of person, mental confusion, states of anxiety, depression and crippling introversion.

Wi-Fi transmission at 2.4 GHz even at very low power densities affects the water molecules in our tissues and particularly in the brain and central nervous system. It causes accelerated wear and tear on our cells and dissolution of cell membranes. The result of this inevitably is illness and provocation of chronic maladies both physiological and psychological. This effect is on top of the traffic interference at 10hz from Wi-Fi transmission which disturbs and inhibits the Alpha wave resonance of the brain. What this means is – it is difficult for the person being irradiated to relax leading to stress, fatigue, cognitive inefficiency etc etc.

If the 5G deployments – already proceeding – continue without remission – we can expect rapid deterioration in the conditions described above. There will be exacerbation of brain and CNS malfunctions, accelerated cell paralysis and morbidity and thus intensification of all the pathological effects already happening – especially to children, young people and women of child-bearing age. There will be intensified synergy with the other toxic agents assaulting babies, toddlers, infants and teenagers.

We can expect increased incidence of manias and mental heath destruction, cancers and Autoimmune diseases, heart and cardiovascular debilities and progressive signs of degeneration in all biological systems – and most grievously, perhaps, of the reproductive systems in children and women of child-bearing age.

The children surviving in this pollution flood are likely to receive genetic impairments which could deliver many of them into Autistic Spectrum conditions; and in the case of females to suffer corruption of their ovaries with chromosome derangement which eventually will produce offspring with either Autism or other new conditions affecting both psychological and physiological expression. There are likely to be defects in all the biological systems of the individuals submitted to the toxic environment now being manufactured. Scarcely anyone will be healthy in the sense of the word as it was understood. Human beings are creatures of their environment. When the environment changes so do we. We are now in the process of imprinting into the human genome disorder, distortions and a consequential future where sickness and pain are ever present and inescapable.

On our present course we are heading towards a time of manifold and relatively infinite conditions of malady where our normal state will exhibit chronic pain and be marked by a consequent and irredeemable experience of both physical and psychological torture. It may then be the case that “men shall seek death and not find it and desire to die and death shall flee from them.”

The new transmission signified by the title 5G will allow irradiation of the public with so-called millimeter waves up to 60, 80 or 100 Ggz. This commission cannot other than be experimental. It is quite possible the new environment created by a millimeter wave bath in addition to the present microwave deluge with compound effect in the radiation field – will in all probability generate new diseases and new abnormalities in the expression of the subjects being treated – us humans – with pathogenic agents.

Needless to say – such a proposition in the first place and in any degree of commission transgresses the Nuremberg Code. Everyone proposing such a future – conceiving, constructing or executing plans or omitting to oppose it where they have a duty to speak – everyone of them is guilty of crimes against Man and Nature either directly or in complicity.

Paul Ursell April 1 2019


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