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Many people have heard of Mark Steele, seen his YT video,s and listened to his many interviews in which he claims that he is fighting the council in Gateshead, has an ongoing Crown court case and that Gateshead lamp posts are emitting 5G.

What if you learn through evidence that none of this is true?

Before you question my views on 5G, I have been keeping this website specifically to share research on the dangers of 5G, updating it to show which areas have been testing, which companies are involved, which Govt and EU agencies have been pushing it and who has been financing the roll out of this Smart Agenda, which we all know is far from Smart and is a danger to us all.

I have also been running a 5G Mass Action campaign on my website and FB in which hundreds of areas around the UK have been reached with over 120,000 leaflets. So I can hardly be called a ‘5G denier’ which is the term used by Steele to try and discredit me, but, forget about he said, she said etc, as the following Information can be verified with evidence and facts.

5G Mass Action Leaflet available for download on this website 

The evidence in this article shows that he was chosen as a researcher for the EU funded EKLIPSE project to study the publics perception of 5G and lampposts BEFORE 5G was first tested. It also shows his connections to agencies that he claims to be fighting.

I first came into contact with him at the beginning of my campaign, at that time he was challenging the council in a YT video, I thought that it was great that someone was standing up to them, I made contact with him and after my Ritchie Allen interview, I mentioned this man to Ritchie as someone he might want to talk to about 5G.

He had many interviews after that,although he seemed reluctant to mention the leaflet campaign which was promoting his new political group called Save Us Now or SUN.

I often commented on the issue of ” how could a political party actually save us now, given that it would take a long time to establish and 5G was already upon us and in many areas.”

I decided that I should get some experts involved so I contacted members of   an EMF research group to ask about Gateshead and the 5G connection.

To my astonishment, I was informed that they had offered to go to Gateshead after talking to Mark, that they had offered to test the lamp posts and the people who had been affected, all free of charge.

This was offered several times and was refused by Mark. He called them Charlatans and was aggressive on the phone claiming later that they had made claims that were untrue, he claimed that this well known Anti EMR activist and expert had stated on the phone that Gateshead was not 5G, even before they tested it so he used that as his reason for disrespecting them.

He was abusive to them on the phone and called them Charlatans, he also accused them of working for the Govt. I would like to share with you, who these people are and evidence that they DID not state in advance that Gateshead was not using 5G. In fact quite the contrary is true.

Firstly, I will share with you, who this group are.

Alasdair Philips is one of the UK,s leading voices on Electro-Magnetic fields  and RF, he has run Powerwatch which has been researching the links between electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and health risks for about 30 years, and is completely independent of government and industry. https://www.powerwatch.org.uk/docs/aboutus.asp

Alasdair Philips is also a member of SSITA, Safe Schools Information Technology Alliance which addresses the concerns of Wi-Fi in schools.https://ssita.org.uk/about-us/

He is also known to members of BEMRI although not a member.

The Bio-Electromagnetic Research Initiative (BEMRI) has been formed to create a research portal, for the scientific community and interested members of the lay public, which helps to rapidly disseminate international research findings, best practice measures and scientific hypotheses on matters related to electromagnetic (EM) phenomena.http://www.bemri.org/

He is also an advisor to Radiation Research Trust and was once the news letter editor for Electronics and Computing for peace. He has also been involved in investigations into the misuse of electromagnetic weapons by the military.

Alasdair Philips is a scientist who has been involved in research in this area for the past 50 years.

He also is involved in two companies that supply equipment to test EMR and RF and protective shielding items.

Here is Alasdair Philips being interviewed by Dr Mercola on YT.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYV8YWESt_Y

In June 2018, he had a study published in the peer reviewed Journal of Environmental and Public Health, in which he studied the rise of brain tumours between 1995 to 2015 and concluded that one possible factor is the widespread use of cell phones.https://microwavenews.com/news-center/gbms-rising-uk

Alasdair Philips has chaired and presented at international conferences on these topics.

EMFields was established to provide high quality measurement equipment and screening products to protect people from the ever-increasing levels of Electromagnetic radiation, or electrosmog, in our environment designed by Alasdair  Philips. https://emfields-solutions.com/aboutus.asp

Alasdair Philips is also one of the 230 scientists and doctors who have signed a moratorium to stop the 5G roll out.

And yet when reports came out from Mark Steele in Gateshead that the lampposts were emitting 5G, Mark was contacted by Alasdair Philips.

Does this man and his background come across as a charlatan to you?

Steele claimed that they had stated that Gateshead lampposts were NOT 5G, and that is the reason he did not entertain them.

Here is a copy of the email that shows this is NOT the case.

I have been in contact with Mark Steele and also offered to visit Gateshead with a range of more professional test equipment than he used. He used a very basic “broad band” [isotropic] meter that would pick up any signal within 50MHz – 3.5GHz coming from all directions. He would need equipment that includes a Log Per [Directional] antenna and indeed covers a wider range of frequencies. Did you see the video clip of waving his meter pointing towards a street light he claimed was producing 4,000 millivolts,  but  afraid not possible coming from the small transmitter where he was pointing his meter. [Not suitable meter for the particular task]

Along with another member of our group, have phoned him several times to offer my services freely if he could arrange for me to carry out a free survey for members of the public of whom he has contact who are suffering heath issues that is suggested are coming from these lamp post transmitters that he claims are 5G.   Mark may be correct about 5G, but until proper measurements are carried out I cannot make comment. We would like to take measurements at Gateshead,  though  must ensure we have with  contact someone like Mark and  most importantly independent folk who suffer the effects of ELF pollution living in close proximity to  these transmitters.

We find it very strange he has not taken us up on our offer. I told him it could help him with his very worthy campaign and we certainly need more people like Mark to bring about  awareness.

If you know of anyone living in Gateshead please let me know.  As a scientific research group [bemri.org] we welcome people such as you sharing information mutually beneficial.

Of course, I found this information rather startling and questioned Steele, when he lied about the experts and what they had actually said, alarms bells went off for me. Why not get as many experts on side as possible?

At this point, I made contact with a member of the public who lived near Gateshead and arranged for her to meet with the expert to measure the very same lamp posts in Gateshead.

Areas tested by Steele and BEMRI for 5G

A private report was sent on the findings,here is a copy of that report.

Report on Gateshead Lampposts to investigate alleged 5G signals

In May 2018 Bemri visited Gateshead at locations where it had been suggested 5G transmitters’ were mounted on lamp posts and were operating and producing around 4,000 m/V. [4 mV/m] These were said to be found at locations such as the shopping arcade [by bus stop] at Whickham from video recordings by a certain third party. The instrument used by the third party was an isotropic RF meter that records signals received from all directions not simply the direction the meter is pointing.

We used professional Gigahertz RF test meters and spectrum analyzer and the strongest signal recorded at this location was 1.4V/m emitted from an array of mobile phone transmitters located a few hundred yards down the opposite side of the Main Rd from the shopping arcade. After testing around a five mile radius from Whickham readings ranged from 0.25 V/m to 6.5 V/m.

It could be seen from the video recordings of the said third party RF meter readings consistently ranged around a 4V/m mark wherever any measurements were taken, even from the inside of a car travelling along a main carriageway, which is really not possible unless perhaps a Smart phone was nearby or used to video the RF meter readings. Trying to monitor signals from the inside of a car [especially moving vehicles] is a rather pointless exercise.

A Smart phone easily produces readings around levels shown in these video recordings, even when it’s not in transmission mode. All RF meters monitor frequencies from sources with the highest power density, not lower, or accumulation of other signals.

We could not find 5G signals coming from street lighting at any location we surveyed.

Bemri is an independent self funded research group strongly apposed to 5G and other electromagnetic pollution, of which long proven causes harm to all biological systems.

I then contacted a lady who was part of the 5G campaign and who had also supported Steele in his early days, she was instrumental in getting him online interviews. Living very close to Gateshead, she agreed to meet up with the experts to test the same lampposts that Steele had shown in his YT videos.

The following is a statement from Lizbeth, the lady who accompanied the researcher.

UPDATE on BEMRI Involvement a year later

A year after David Webb of BEMRI completed his testing of Gateshead lampposts, I asked him for an up date and a further report which he had told me that he had given his colleagues at BEMRI.

He then sent me an email stating that he could NOT get involved as the rest of the organisation had asked him NOT to. He told me that he would deny being a part of this which I was infuriated at this and told him I would release all of his emails. I did this and shared this YT video with the screen shots of all the emails. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMXlSlGyMVo&t=179s

This YT video was shared because later Webb either left BEMRI of his own accord or was booted out because of his involvement, but the founder of BEMRI was in a video with Mark Steele claiming that it was NOT a test that was carried out by BEMRI but rather a private test by David Webb. As you can clearly see by the screenshots of the video above, this was NOT the case at all, one can only imagine why this woman had agreed to lie on camera when the evidence shows via David Webb that BEMRI asked him not to be involved a year later.Here is the video that Steele created with the help of another known gatekeeper, John Kitson. That being said, it does not negate the fact that the test results proved negative for 5G in Gateshead.

At this point, an argument ensued between myself and Steele and I decided to use my skills as a researcher to find out more about him, his twin brother Graham who goes by the name Ben Travis and their company known as Reevu and Reevu Worldwide Ltd.

This is when I discovered that his company had been one of the many companies consulted by the : North East Local Economic Partnership Smart Specialisation Report.

The North East LEP covers the local authority (LA) areas of County Durham, Gateshead, Newcastle, North Tyneside, Northumberland, South Tyneside and Sunderland.

In this context, ‘smart specialisation’ has been described as “a process of developing a vision, identifying competitive advantage, setting strategic priorities and making use of smart policies to maximise the knowledge-based development potential of any region, strong or weak, high-tech or low-tech”. This report seeks to assist the North East LEP and its partners to define a starting point for developing a smart specialisation process and build on this foundation through ‘smart’ intervention strategies to bring the ‘international exemplar’ ambitions to a credible fruition.
The smart specialisation research project has been part-financed by Technical Assistance through the North East of England European Regional Development Fund Programme. This is part of a Technical Assistance project supporting the North East LEP to prepare for the 2014-2020 programme of European Funding.

Here we have a copy of that report and we see that Reevu Worldwide were mentioned as one of the collaborators named by the council.

This is a report https://www.ncl.ac.uk/media/wwwnclacuk/curds/files/nesmart-specialisation.pdf

This document names Mark Steele,s company as one of the collaborators that the council consulted on this Smart Specialisation report on page 55.

Page 33

According to the document, the report states the exemplars, (those companies that have been consulted, one of which is Steeles) have been assessed in light of their strategic fit with the national industrial strategy, the national innovation and research strategy, the economic development priorities of the seven local authority (LA7) and Horizon2020. The EU,s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

So, if Steele has his own company as a collaborator with the council on the smart agenda, a company that is run by himself and his brother, then this raises many questions. How can he be a collaborator on the Smart Agenda alongside Gateshead Council whilst fighting them about 5G?

It also raises questions on his story about how he came to be charged by the council which involved two female councillors, one of whom was the deputy leader of the council. He claims to have not known the identity of the women which prompted him to go back indoors twice to google who they were whilst they patiently waited outside? This is same woman who he stood in front of during his very first YT video that was filmed, of himself confronting the same council in the council chambers?

So, are we to believe that this man has been collaborating with the council on the Smart Specialisation programme yet is in dispute with them over 5G?

Now it appears that not only is he unwilling to get expert help to test Gateshead lampposts but he is actually known to have collaborated with the the council. The North East Local Economic Partnership also states that it is also part funded by the EU development fund which is Horizon2020.

This project was to prepare the North East Region to prepare for the 2014-2020 programme of EU funding for the roll out of the Smart agenda.

Horizon 2020 is the EU funding body that is pushing the Smart agenda.

Horizon2020 is the EU funding body  that has over 2300 UK organisations,agencies govt bodies,councils and education centres on its payroll.

This is part of a Technical Assistance project supporting the North East LEP to prepare
for the 2014-2020 programme of European Funding.The payroll includes the North East Combined Authority which Newcastle and Gateshead are part of.https://www.fabiodisconzi.com/open-h2020/per-country/uk/index.html?fbclid=IwAR1QSxR4oGAO3pmirPqkuDOxrSHRnBVKNVKO4RtNVSfVK1lfzHTBzcGpUW0

Horizon 2020 is no stranger to Steele, it appears, his Linkedin profile lists it as one of his chosen groups.

See his profile here:

So, whilst we have Horizon2020 being the EU,s biggest funding body for 5G and the Smart City agenda, Gateshead council are holding meetings with companies (exemplars) to discuss how to implement the next stage of funding and Steeles company is included?

This now prompted myself and many others to question his stance.

Upon further investigations, links between Gateshead council and Mark Steele were undeniable. Fo instance, Steele also shares the group Civitas Urban Mobility on his Linkedin profile.

Another Horizon2020 project funded by the EU

Gateshead Council and Steele both share a link to this 

So the Civitas Initiative supports demonstration and research projects to implement innovative measures on Smart Cities and Communities.

So, is Steele part of a research initiative?

Civitas has many research initiatives.https://civitas.eu/projects/research

And in an extraordinary coincidence one of the initiatives is called the SUNrise project.

And the following is an extract from the Sunrise project.

SUNrise Civitas project involving living labs that use street furniture.

One of the initiatives of the Civitas projects funded by Horizon2020 involves local councils and local partners, trialling the concept of ‘Living labs’ integrating research and implementation processes. They even state that they intend to create a campaign around the project using street trial events which will involve the use of street kit. To enable local stakeholders to test the solutions of the project.

With both Gateshead council and Steele proven to be linked to this same EU funded Horizon2020 project called Civitas Urban Mobility and its agenda using neighbourhoods as street labs with street furniture to test solutions, his credibility as a 5G campaigner is now open to dispute.

And the following information should also be shown.

According to the SUN rise initiative, which stands for Sustainable Urban Neighbourhoods,

In this passage it states that each of the core group can share a similar logo resembling the mother-logo.

Then we have Steele creating a political party called SUN, Save Us Now as a platform to fight 5G.

Rather reminiscent of the SUN mother-logo in my estimation.

I then began to question the validity of the political party known as SUN. Why does Steele hardly give it a mention in his numerous interviews? Why does his party political group website never discuss all the many areas that 5G is being trialled and tested in? Why only Gateshead? (Even after the experts have shown there is NO 5G in the lampposts in Gateshead)Why is Mark Steele,s twin brother Graham, named as a candidate for the party yet he appears on FB as Ben Travis, is that not illegal? Why does Steele have another SUN party candidate who also uses several different names and verbally attacks anyone who dares to question Steele or the narrative of the non verifiable claims made by him? How can a political party establish itself within the short period that the roll out of 5G is due?

One of the noticeable traits of those who wish to complicate and create false opportunities for activism is the sharing of advice on how to campaign against it, this is apparent in the websites FOI letter that is being foisted on people to enable them to question our local councils.

This FOI letter contains requests for information that no council would even be able to answer to without massive amounts of time and manpower involved, just one of the many questions asked for every email, letter and correspondence for 2,3 and 4G, which has now been removed from the FOI as a bit too obvious in its ruse. Needless to say, people have contacted this website to state that they have been met with blanks from their council who have replied to them stating that they do not have the manpower to answer such a long winded request. Jobs a good un!

FYI There are many letters that can be utilised by this website that are short and precise and can be sent to your local council and more importantly, they are not fobbed off as being too much work for any council employee.

Here is proof that the brothers have smart technology on sale on the Israeli Homeland Security website. https://i-hls.com/archives/17145

And here is proof that they also have the same merchandise for sale on UK Defence Supplies who are openly affiliated to InnovateUK who are behind 5G technology. http://www.civil-defence.co.uk/page160.html

The Court cases

Many people have fallen for the ‘initiative’ because of the reported court cases that this man has laid claim to.

Firstly, let us return to the Gateshead/Steele Horizon2020 connection.

Recently Steele has claimed that he is only affiliated to Horizon2020 Framework because he won an Innovation award from them, one look on the Horizon 2020 project information and now also report summaries are available on CORDIS. All H2020 projects can be downloaded from the EU Open Data Portal . Shows no mention of Steeles company. Nor his name. Even though over 8000 are listed.  https://cordis.europa.eu/search/result_en?q=Awards

Horizon2020 has over 2300 institutions, govt agencies, councils, health depts, local authorities, universities, police etc on its payroll in the UK.https://www.fabiodisconzi.com/open-h2020/per-country/uk/index.html?fbclid=IwAR1SUIT8KHTSYH-TaoDlGkL35HDJE03QevfnvhjJVKx3YEUfCtV7t8GDDFQ

It transpires that the Durban,Gateshead,Newcastle upon tyne, Northumberland and Sunderland Combined Authority are on the payroll of H2020 as are the Home Office, Newcastle County council, Tavistock and the MET office, so organising a court case would not be beyond the realms of impossibility.

In the first instance, a case was heard in the magistrates court and was reportedly adjourned because the magistrate was familiar with the local councillor, a witness in this case claimed that his counsul was Ian Crane although this has never been reported.

A second case was then reported in which he was reportedly fined for his actions against the councillors. In this case he reports that he earns only £5000 a year, really? A man with his own company?

And this is where it gets highly unbelievable, he then asks for the same case to be heard in a Crown court case,which is reportedly heard in front of Judge Nolan who proclaims that he is a 5G expert.

According to Ian Crane, whom I corresponded with about the authenticity of this case, when I asked for the crown court case number, he sent me this.


Now, the problem with this information is that this is NOT a Crown court case, in fact, every Crown court case has to be listed in the law pages, this case nor any other case involving Steele is listed for the date they claim that it occurred. It also transpires that the Judge in question is also a known advocacy trainer named Judge Nolan, which means that he is used to sitting in front of cases that are used as training exercises.

And let us be honest here, why would a Crown court be hearing a case as trivial as this?

Even the story of the council workers that he reportedly shouted at does not ring true, why? Because he claims that he went indoors twice to google who they were whilst they patiently waited outside, this man had already stood in front of this deputy leader of the council in his so called ‘council chamber’ episode, in the first instance, when he first became known in public. Remember his first video which shows him when he first came onto the scene as a 5G activist was at the council chambers.

And now it all make sense that he has collaborated with them previously, because between the EU, Horizon2020 and Gateshead council,the Sunrise project, the SUN political party and Steele, gatekeeping starts with Gateshead.

Since this mans claims about Gateshead lampposts came out last year, many people have doubted his claims and asked for proof, people who are knowledgable about trees have stated that his claims made on YT claiming the trees have been affected by 5G are false and have explained to him why he is mistaken, others who are knowledgable on other topics have also confronted him, asking why does he post pictures of frostbite victims and claim its from 5G, or claim that Gateshead has more deaths from Brain cancers than the national average when that information is nowhere to be found via the usual channels such as national statistics or Public health England.

They are all met with the same response as the initial experts who offered to help to prove what he was saying by using expert methods or their own expertise, they are called 5G deniers, govt agents,and even worse.

I think that given the evidence presented here, the public can have a better understanding of why many people are questioning his credibility and his dubious links and hopefully this enables them to make their own minds up about Steele and his political party, Save us Now.

About Street lights and 5G

The following 48 page pdf is a document discussing the future of street lighting and how it relates to the IoT and Smart Agenda.This report will discuss the progression of smart lighting infrastructure from the adoption of LED bulbs, to the creation of a distributed smart city platform. It will investigate a number of applications that can be hosted through street lights, detailing use cases, benefits and potential business models, as well as providing examples of real-life case-studies wherever possible.



The deployment of smart street lighting infrastructure and the integration of the additional solutions described throughout this report often involve multiple vendors, numerous independent systems and complex technological interactions. This creates a number of barriers to the successful use of smart lighting infrastructure as the technological foundation of a smart city.

Cooperation of multiple stakeholders

Looking more widely at the actors involved in deploying these solutions, implementations will inevitably require the cooperation of different industries with diverse skills, competencies and working methods. In addition to manufacturers of lighting infrastructure, hardware vendors, software providers and connectivity service providers will all come together. Furthermore, business agreements will need to be negotiated with each of these providers based on the value of the service provided.


Through the addition of multiple solutions to smart lighting infrastructure, there is a real possibility that systems will become overwhelmingly complex. A lack of integrated standards, mismatched interfaces and multiple proprietary systems that are unable to accommodate third-party applications could make connected lighting systems too difficult to implement. Additional solutions will need to be easy for the city or operator to manage and will need to be easily accessible and intuitive for end-users in order to be successful. To mitigate this complexity risk, cities are deploying additional solutions in a modular, incremental fashion, ensuring they see value from one solution before adding another.

Lifespan of Lighting Infrastructure Smart lighting infrastructure is likely be in operation for at least 20 years, therefore the embedded systems need to be adaptable over long periods of time and need to be able to support new applications. Cities are having to plan ahead in order to be prepared for options that are not currently available. For example, ensuring bandwidth is left available for unknown future applications. By planning ahead, cities will be able to leverage their smart lighting infrastructure to roll out an entire smart city blueprint over a period of time.

In order to do this, cities require that software system used by smart lighting solutions needs to be remotely upgradable and based on open standards so that third-party solutions can be added over extended periods. Cities do not have the resources or money to upgrade software systems every couple of years, and are increasingly wary of vendor lock-in. Similarly, the applications developed will need to be compatible with the range of software programs that operate a city-wide lighting network.https://www.vigiliae.org/street-lighting-the-progression…/

There is also Ofcom auctions taking place https://www.vigiliae.org/5g-uk-auction/

Some pictures of 5G lampposts: Notice the difference between real 5G lampposts and those reported to be 5G by Steele.

Can you notice the difference?

Inside a base station
This does not constitute a 5G lamppost. These are being reported as 5G lampposts by Steele

Harvard has an advanced and robust wireless control, management and
reporting system for outdoor lighting, named LeafNut.
Fitted either into an existing lighting system, or a brand new set up, the LeafNut system enables the user to directly control lighting levels.

LeafNut uses a TrunkNode central web server to communicate by GSM mobile phone to the BranchNode control units mounted in the light. The BranchNodes are in wireless communication with up to 256 LeafNodes, which are linked directly to an electronic ballast or driver in each
street light. The system manages the light output, allowing the dimming of street lights to match specific requirements of a location at different times of night and uniquely provides light management individually, in
groups or as a whole throughout the infrastructure. The programmable two-way process also gathers information regarding energy consumption and maintenance requirements.

No-one is denying the dangers of LED lights that are responsible for so many health problems. https://www.vigiliae.org/the-dangers-of-led-lights/

In a shocking revelation, it appears that Steele was the same man who was convicted in November 1993 of the callous shooting of a young girl which happened when he was a pub bouncer/doorman.

According to these reports he was sentenced to 8 years. Not unless there are two Mark Steeles? Both the same age living on the same road?

This article shows the date in which this occurred as 1994

A link to the victims story here;https://www.thefreelibrary.com/REAL+LIVES%3A+I+was+shot+in+the+head%2C+paralysed%2C+in+a+wheelchair+and…-a0140959968

And has anyone ever seen any evidence that he was ever a weapons expert/scientist? This is what he advertises. Studied Open University Psychology and Social Sciences at College. So where is the mention of his qualifications that make him a scientist or can you become a scientist now from Open University courses? Surely with such amazing achievements you would happily share those qualifications?

On the 24th November 2017, Mark Steele was filmed at Gateshead council chambers ‘reportedly’ claiming that Gateshead lampposts were 5G, yet on the 4-5 December 2017, the European Parliament under the the Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council (under the Estonian Presidency) signed a 5G roadmap setting out precise deadlines for the harmonisation of the spectrum necessary for the rollout of 5G. http://www.europarl.europa.eu/legislative-train/theme-connected-digital-single-market/file-5g-action-plan

This roadmap from the European Commission also presented a non-legislative measure in its Communication ‘5G for Europe: an action plan’, which foresaw a common EU calendar for a coordinated 5G commercial launch in 2020, as well as joint work with Member States and industry stakeholders to identify and allocate spectrum bands for 5G, organise pan-European 5G trials as of 2018.

How was it possible for Gateshead to be testing 5G BEFORE the rest of the EU including the UK had decided on the spectrum to be used?

Ofcom’s first 5G spectrum auction was completed in April 2018, with EE, O2, Vodafone and Three all winning some spectrum. So how could Gateshead lampposts have been using 5G before the spectrum for its use was even on sale?


Given that Steele was first introduced to the public via his council video and that he was also known by council members after being a exemplar for the smart specialisation programme via his company, is it not rather odd that none of the councillors told him that the spectrum for 5G had not even been decided upon at that point?


During the last ‘reported’ court case, Steele sat in front of a Judge Philip Kramer in a supposed civil case. This man is a member of the Trinity Chambers who represents the local authorities and Trinity Chambers has even given seminars at Gateshead Council.

Barristers from Trinity Chambers’ Judicial Review and Licensing teams were speakers at an all-day event held on 19th June 2013 at the Main Chamber of Gateshead Council. The event was attended by Local Authority Councillors, Licensing Officers and Solicitors, as well as representatives from the region’s Police forces. The event, held in conjunction with Balance, the North East Strategic Licensing Group (NESLG) and North East Public Protection Partnership (NEPPP), was chaired by Trinity specialist licensing barrister, Charles Holland and introduced by Councillor Kevin Dodds.

Coincidentally Steele first appeared giving a talk on 5G at this University and his next appearance was at the Gateshead Council Chamber. Northumbria University are also being funded by Horizon 2020. (See link above)
Proof that members of Trinity Chambers take part in Mock trials including Inquests for training purposes.

Gateshead council also complained that they had been overlooked for 5G funding by DCMS back in September 2018.

Unfortunately for our region, the recent DCMS funding for the Testbed and Trials Programme  “Urban Connected Community Project” was awarded to the West Midlands, but that does not dampen our ambition.

The North East recognises that it is in a strong position to promote the advancement of 5G technology in this region and is interested in talking to private sector partners about opportunities in this area.


He was reportedly hit with a SUSPENDED £250 fine on the basis that he’s broke… only gets £500 a month.. has no rent to pay and does not own his own house.

So why would he need to beg over £6000 off the public in a Gofund me page which claimed that he was fighting a jail term? He was found guilty and given a suspended fine? This was a civil case and once again, an obvious advocacy training case as a phone call prior to the case had no mention of Steele on the computer.

The last accounts for Steeles Reevu company shown a turnover of £211,000.

The solicitor for the council was Roderick Curry who was also a witness for the claimant. So a case in which the witness and the solicitor were one and the same, have you ever heard anything so ridiculous?

So when the solicitor was a witness did he jump into the witness stand and answer himself by jumping out to become the solicitor??

And witnesses to the case stated that the discussion was about whether he had caused harassment to the councillors and the solicitor, yet all the evidence discussed was from last November/December which can only mean there was NO new evidence so why was a case even being held?

A case in which Steele was advertising for supporters to attend via Event Brite?

The truth is that 5G has been turned on in many places but NOT in Gateshead as we can see by this signal checker app https://www.signalchecker.co.uk/?fbclid=IwAR0aPGAXJuByv3SIax1XflZK9kv8uXS_O0wyFuuQNfSHo3WSS-RZEBx1YE4

Adding his postcode shows no 5G signals.

There are MANY areas that are 5G already, the media is quite happy to inform us about those areas so why would Gateshead have to pretend NOT to have funding and not to have been chosen? Surely they would quite happily state that they were also chosen?

Who pays for funding the tests and trials? Department Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. A man named Alan Welby was appointed as the Innovation Director for the North East Combined Authorities (NECA) in 2018,which includes Gateshead council.

In this article dated June 2018, he states that in the next few weeks, a city will be chosen for the 5G testbed and trial and that the combined authority had applied for funding.

They clearly lost the bid!

There is also a council meeting with the overview and scrutiny committee involving all the combined authorities that was dated 20th September 2018 in which they discuss making a bid for funding for 5G tests and trials for the next round.


The truth is there never was any 5G in Gateshead lampposts. WHO IS FUNDING IT? NOONE!

And we can see by this article that Gateshead still have NO plans for 5G.

Steele is being paid to become a leader of the 5G campaign. Which will inevitably be controlled opposition.

Gateshead Council also have reports showing that they were actively involved in training sessions in how to deal with anti social behaviour.


Update : 7th Oct 2019

In a recent YT video, Steele claimed that his court cases had been removed from public scrutiny by those in Govt who were trying to silence him.

This is clearly damage control and does NOT explain why they were never in the public domain in the first place and why it has taken him over a year to come up with this poor excuse. Many have questioned this man from the beginning about the lack of evidence of court cases, apart from those that appear to be mock cases for advocacy training purposes, all were accused of being govt agents and blocked, now he finally admits they are not listed.

This video explains that the injunction form that Steele has used was served on him without any seal of the court  which means it is fake. ( This article has been updated-below you will see the evidence that proves that he was chosen by the EU research group, Eklipse.  to be a researcher on 5G and lampposts BEFORE the 5G spectrum was agreed upon.)


Update November 2019

There is an organisation named EKLIPSE who are involved in ‘identifying research needs’ on behalf of govts, planning depts and others and they are funded by Horizon2020 which is the biggest EU funding body for research to implement the smart agenda.

A deadline was set of October 23rd 2017 for the first round for applicants to apply to which a number of capacity building events were to be held between 2017 and 2020.

According to this organisation these events could be facilitated by Town hall meetings. 

This included Transversal research needs, one of which was identified as :

Initiate research into 5G technology and LED lamps.

Given that the deadline was 23rd October 2017, this was 6 months before any agreed spectrum/bandwidth had been agreed upon nationally or internationally. 

One of the people chosen to take part was Mark Steele.

Page 33 of 36 page PDF http://www.eklipse-mechanism.eu/documents/15803/0/EMR-WebConferenceReport_FINAL_27042018.pdf/b5117399-2231-473e-b25c-ee24e6b78342

So according to the research document, those chosen would be informed by mid November 2017 and the research could include the inclusion of Town hall council meetings.

Steele makes his debut just a week later at a council chamber meeting.

  1. Steele was chosen as a researcher BEFORE 5G was allocated a spectrum, before Ofcom sold off the spectrum and before UK funded councils in trials and tests. (Page 33 of a 36 page PDF) http://www.eklipse-mechanism.eu/docum…
  2.  Proof that Steele,s company Reevu, was chosen by the council as partners to prepare funding for the Smart programme. (Page 55) https://www.ncl.ac.uk/media/wwwnclacu… 
  3. Proof that Horizon2020 fund 2300 UK agencies. https://www.fabiodisconzi.com/open-h2… 
  4. Link to YT video with evidence that Baker is running all 5G groupshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTk91… 
  5. Link to Steele video claiming that he was unable to like a (removed post) claiming that that proves it is the cabal trying to to stop him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJNaV…
  6.  Link to Steele video claiming to have invented things that he has not whilst claiming to be a messenger chosen by a prophet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eC0d

links PHE linked to Horizon2020https://assets.publishing.service.gov… List of UK Horizon2020 projects https://www.fabiodisconzi.com/open-h2…Link to the Sunrise project http://civitas-sunrise.eu/ Civitas research projects http://civitas.eu/projects/research Urban Mobility and the Smart Agenda http://ec.europa.eu/research/particip…https://cordis.europa.eu/project/rcn/… UK Govt guarantee that Horizon2020 projects will go ahead even after Brexit. https://apply-for-innovation-funding…. grant/overview Civitas Gateshead http://civitas.eu/content/gateshead 5G Research in Horizon2020 https://5g-ppp.eu/european-5g-actions/ 3 day training course for 5G which highlights Horizon2020 http://www.snt.co.uk/training_courses… Steeles linkedin profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/reevu1



  1. Well Annie

    Thank you so much for all this info about Mark Steele

    its taken me 2 days to go thought as Im dyslexic but it is soo interesting and I feel very true

    The work that you have put into this is amazing and must have taken forever to do the research so I do really thank you so much
    What I do not understand is Why has he lied and cheated about all this as it is a very important issue
    Would you be able to explain this if you have the time in simple terms please

    Anyway wishing you a lovely evening
    Brenda :}}}}

  2. Wonderful investigative work Annie. Thank you for your hard and time consuming work on this subject. The Israel link is particularly interesting!
    The lengths these people go to to install controlled opposition is incredible. Just goes to show that it has all been planned a long long time ago. If it wasn’t for your diligence, the whole 5G campaign would have been tainted and discredited had this man sneaked his way into a leadership role.

    Thanks once again

    Rosco & Stevie

    1. Have you actually had a look at that Israeli web site ? Its an article about a smart helmet, designed and manufactured by Mark Steele. This smart helmet provides the following very useful, and not at all sinister in any way, facilities : a rear view image just above the wearer’s view of the road ahead (a rather useful thing for any motorcyclist you would think), GPS information, diagnostic engine data, information for motorcycle sports use, or just about any other kind of information useful to the cyclist that you can imagine. Explain to me where that promotes a 5G ‘smart agenda’. Explain to me what is in the least bit harmful about Mark’s invention. And are all Israelis bad ? Does that then mean because WE went into the Iraq War we in the UK are all bad ? This woman Annie is working for government, the very criminals she purports to oppose. The reason you know this is because she is mercilessly attacking Professor Dolores Cahill, Kate Shemirani, and the whole Trafalgar Protest Group. Like Boris Johnson her personality noticeably changes, as she has a ‘handler’. She said in her interview with Richie Allen on 13.3.2018 that government is trying to shut down protests and protest groups – and she has now turned turncoat 180 degrees and is doing that very thing : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmWsWEyPQRM

  3. How do you know it’s his twin brother? Do you have proof he has a twin?
    The name is completely different so it would be difficult to find out.
    It’s very serious so we must be sure.

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