Spread the word far and wide.

Written by Paul Fitch

A day of Action is planned for all subjects in need of awareness.

On Saturday 15th Sept 2018 at Hyde Park – 12pm -3pm

A day of coming together raising much needed awareness into the many dangers humanity and indeed all life on earth face .
A day of bringing all activists together under one umbrella.
A day to finally unite the troops , for all causes,and concerns, from Fracking, Chemtrails, Vaccine damage,5G, EMF and so on.
All towns and cities,up and down the land taking to the streets and having much needed interactions, with our brothers and sisters,who are still under a sleepy spell .
Time to end the censorship on social media.
Flyers are being made ,and will be available shortly on pdf download ,on the event page on FB for all of the above mentioned and more.
Mass awareness,and knowledge are key,if we are to stand any chance of success,in taking back mother earth ,and our power .
You are key
You can affect change
Time to believe in yourself.
Time to step away from the keyboard.



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