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In recent articles, I have pointed out the links between ‘reports’ of mass shooting and the link to the testing or implementation of 5G in its many forms.

Here is a link to that article : https://www.vigiliae.org/false-flags-undeniable-links-to-5g-testing/

Despite concerns from Virginia Beach  leaders about 5G  antennas,dozens of small cell tower applications are currently being approved each month in Virginia Beach. More are expected.

Virginia Beach has five wireless provider franchises and was one of the first cities to adopt laws to allow the roll out.https://www.govtech.com/network/Virginia-Beach-Leaders-Have-Concerns-About-5G-Antennas.html

The office that oversees the applications and permits for the roll out of the small cell towers has 60/90 days to allow the permit for small cell towers and after this any delay means that it can be granted under state law.

Cue the need to stall for time!

The very office that grants the permits was reported to have a mass shooting that slowed down the process for some time afterwards.

The lengths they will go to, to get 5G rolled out?


And we have the obligatory drill taking place at the same time! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmT_T2_Mzuk&fbclid=IwAR2zMq_yl0WmROCCa0Ma0muRt2MBXbn6wjjBbLsqW961O2LYN9cJJvoCfSs

Meanwhile the top 3 executives of the Virginia state government were being investigated at the same time. Avoiding resignation in order to be complicit in a false flag event. And using the media to  put more coverage and attention on mass shootings to help them push their anti-gun agenda?

Clearly the timing of this event was crucial for political reasons but the venue? An obvious bonus for the 5G pushers !



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