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The following is a study that has concluded that Non-ionizing EMF radiation could provide the tipping point of multiple harmful agents.

There appears to be sufficient data among diverse research groups that adverse health effects from non-ionizing EMF radiation combinations exist in at least selected ‘windows’ of parameter space. Overall, the number and extent of these ‘windows’ need to be identified, to ascertain their overlaps with the operational  Modified Health Effects of Non-ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation Combined… non-ionizing EMF radiation parameter space. This overlap would provide some indication or estimate of potential real-world health effects.

Resolving Differences
The first step in this process would identify major areas of disagreement, where strong adverse effects have been shown or predicted by the proponents, and typically no adverse effects have been shown or predicted by the opponents. The above studies, focused on the conditions that produced these adverse effects, would be re-done with multiple performers participating, representing diverse viewpoints.
The study criteria would match objectives, methodology, and operational environment as closely as possible. Any differences in results could be examined on a uniform basis.
The second step would involve expanding the parameter values to understand the boundaries of the ‘window’ in parameter space in which adverse health impacts can occur. The third (and most difficult) step is the inclusion of other potential co-promoters to reflect more closely the following real-world conditions. People are not exposed only to non-ionizing EMF radiation in isolation, or non-ionizing EMF radiation combined with one potential co-promoter. People are exposed to many potentially harmful agents, either harmful in their own right, harmful only when combined with non-ionizing EMF radiation, harmful only when combined with non-ionizing EMF radiation and one or more other agents, and so on. For example, there could be three agents which, by themselves, would exhibit no harmful effects, and in any combination of two might exhibit no harmful effects, but in combination of three would exhibit harmful effects.

Unfortunately, to identify these potential harmful combinations experimentally would require astronomical levels of effort. In a recent eBook (Kostoff 2015), the first author identified ~800 pervasive foundational causes of disease; i.e., 800 tangible contributing factors to myriad diseases, and these results were viewed as an extremely conservative estimate.

The number of potential combinations of these pervasive contributing factors to disease would be determined by the binomial coefficient. For example, the number of combinations of three potentially toxic stimuli from the list of 800 is 800!/(3!*797!), or approximately 85 million, and the number of combinations of two is approximately 320,000. Thus (in the latter case), we would need to perform 320,000 experiments to identify potentially harmful effects of any two toxic stimuli (from the ~800 identified in (Kostoff 2015)) combined with non-ionizing EMF radiation.

Given the problem of ‘windows’ in parameter space described above, each experiment would be fairly complex, involving examination over large ranges of parameters such as non-ionizing EMF radiation frequency, intensity, duration, etc. Realistically, we would need to prioritize the pool of potential toxic stimuli, and then examine their effects in very small combinations with non-ionizing EMF radiation.



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