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Occult symbology, Celeb deaths and Steel

To those who do not believe in the connections to Saturn death cults, worship and the celebrity death connections, I suggest you pass this note by. It will not resonate with your thinking in any way, shape or form. Unlike the Saturnalia death cults who rely on dates, shapes and forms to portray an event that symbolizes their agenda and beliefs.

I would first like to bring your attention to the fact that films, media, music etc have always been used by those so called, Illuminated ones, to portray their intentions or rituals. Never more so than during the celebrations of the supposed Christian holidays. Many are already aware that the dates and rituals so frequently used by the unsuspecting masses, are, and always will be, nothing more than an overlay of the rituals of those pagans and Saturn worshipers who have very conveniently encompassed the story of Jesus as the savior, to allow the unsuspecting masses to partake in their own brand of Saturn worship.

This is by no means a conspiracy theory; a little bit of research will soon uncover such a truth.

Stands to reason then, that the same Illuminated ones will use this period to portray to those deemed, in the know, messages through code and through events portrayed in the media.

A media that has been long owned and manipulated by one and the same group.

I would first like to draw your attention to a film created in 2013 called, Man of Steel, another Superman sensation,( the original superman was written by two Jewish writers called Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in 1934) the film has been reported and recognized as a religious allegory of Jesus.

For instance, Superman, real name Kal(EL) which means man -god, leaves his home, starts his mission at the age of 30, is tempted by Lex Luther and is sent to save mankind, ring any bells?

Superman’s father, who was long dead, was said to have sent him to Earth to save humanity, he was named Jor-EL which comes from the Greek name Georgios meaning Earth worker or Earth god, so then we have the death of Greek,George Michael on Xmas day, X being the letter for Saturn.

Why George Michael? Well apart fom the obvious fact that this is symbolic of the death of God, GM also fell out with Sony, hmm, now who else do we know who has fallen out with Sony and died in rather suspicious circumstances?

GM also had hits called Faith and Father Figure, not to mention Last Christmas.

Steel has been in the news rather a lot lately, the so called Berlin market Lorry was carrying a load of steel, the Birmingham, German market was reported to have thrown a ring of steel around it and London was reported to have a “Mile of Steel” planned due to the Berlin attacks! It was even reported in the media that GM celebrated the Blue Triad of steel in his Freedom 90 tour, with three models.

Funnily enough the director of the next “ Man of Steel 2” was reported to have been George Miller (he of Mad Max) who declined the offer.


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